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Scott Wilson (1942 – 2018), “The Walking Dead” actor

by Kirk Fox

Veteran actor also appeared in “In Cold Blood.”

Scott Wilson (1942 – 2018) was an actor known to fans of “The Walking Dead” for his portrayal of Hershel Greene, a veterinarian and farmer who befriends other survivors of a zombie apocalypse. He appeared on the show for three seasons between 2011 and 2014 and remained a popular figure with fans, continuing to make appearances at conventions after leaving the show. His scenes have already been filmed for his return in the upcoming season.

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Died: Saturday, October 6, 2018 (Who else died on October 6?)

Details of death: Died of cancer at the age of 76

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A memorable career:  With a career that stretched back 50 years, Wilson is remembered for his portrayal of murderer Richard Hickock in 1967’s “In Cold Blood.” Other notable film and television credits include “In the Heat of the Night,” “The Great Gatsby,” “The Right Stuff,” “Dead Man Walking,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Junebug,” and “CSI.”

Notable quote: During the course of “The Walking Dead,” Wilson’s character lost a limb. When asked what he’d miss most about appearing on the show, he said, “Hopping around on one leg.”

What people said about him: “The character he embodied on ‘The Walking Dead,’ Hershel, lived at the emotional core of the show. Like Scott in our lives, Hershel was a character whose actions continue to inform our characters’ choices to this day. Our hearts go out to his wife, family, friends and to the millions of fans who loved him. Scott will be missed” —Official statement from AMC

Full obituary: Chicago Tribune

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