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Steve Holland

Steve Holland (1954 – 2020), Molly Hatchet guitarist

by Kirk Fox

Steve Holland was a guitarist for the popular Southern rock band Molly Hatchet during their hit years. He was the last surviving original member of the band’s classic lineup.

Molly Hatchet 

Holland joined Molly Hatchet as a guitarist in 1974, a few years after guitarist Dave Hlubek started the band. The classic Molly Hatchet lineup featured the triple guitar attack of Holland, Hlubek, and Duane Roland. The band was based out of Jacksonville, Florida, same as Southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd. Molly Hatchet released their debut album in 1978 and reached the Top 20 on the Billboard 200 with their 1979 release “Flirtin’ with Disaster.” Holland left the band in 1983 and later formed Gator Country in 2005 with fellow ex-Molly Hatchet members Jimmy Farrar, Duane Roland, and Bruce Crump. 

What they said about him

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