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Survey Says… We Miss Richard Dawson

by Legacy Staff

We’re remembering Richard Dawson’s humor… and his commitment to kissing every woman who ever competed on “Family Feud.”

When Richard Dawson died Sunday, obituaries and fan tributes alike focused on his years hosting television game show favorite Family Feud. We remembered his “Survey says!” catchphrase… and his commitment to kissing every woman who ever competed on the show.

Family Feud was Dawson’s best-known and longest-lasting gig, but it wasn’t the only thing the comedian and actor was known for. He got his start playing Corporal Peter Newkirk on Hogan’s Heroes. POW Newkirk was, like Dawson, British – and he was also the con artist of the group.


Not long after the 6-year run of Hogan’s Heroes came to an end, Dawson began a 5-year stint as a regular panelist on Match Game. The always-funny Dawson had the prominent bottom-center spot on the show’s grid of celebrities, putting his face and his laughs on display. And his co-panelists represented a delightful cross-section of 1970s celebrity – in this episode, he’s joined by Match Game regulars Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers, as well as Beverly Garland, Nipsey Russell and Betty White.

While Dawson was still regularly appearing on Match Game, the show’s producers tapped him to star in their brand-new game show, Family Feud. Dawson led the show to fantastic ratings, winning a Daytime Emmy Award and bestowing kiss after kiss upon the women who played.

We’ll miss you, Richard Dawson. We’re blowing you kisses from everyone who watched.

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