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Hair Club for Men founder Sy Sperling

Sy Sperling (2020), Hair Club for Men founder

by Kirk Fox

Sy Sperling was the founder of Hair Club for Men, a popular hair restoration company.

Sperling was recognizable for starring in the company’s low-budget television infomercials. He started the company when he was in his 20s, dealing with thinning hair. Thus the tag line in the commercials, “I’m not only the Hair Club president, I’m also a client.” 

The company later changed their name to Hair Club to cater to female clients as well. Sperling sold the company in 2000 for $45 million. He also started the charity Hair Club for Kids which provided hair at no charge to those under 18 going through chemotherapy.


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Died: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 (Who else died on February 19?)

Details of death: Died at the age of 78 at his home in Florida.

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On his motivation for starting the company: “I had no experience at all. I got in the business because of my own personal need. I tried a [natural hair-restoration process called weaving] because I didn’t want to do a toupee. If you’re dating and going to have special moments, how do you explain, I got to take my hair off now.” —Sperling told the Wall Street Journal in 2011

What they said about him: “Oh man not SY! I interviewed him back in the 90s, he was shockingly cool and unbelievably funny. His TV commercials were on the air for DECADES it seemed, with the familiar ‘I’m not just the hair club president, I’m also a client.’” — Nik Carter, Sirius XM DJ 

Full obituary: New York Daily News

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