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Tony Elliott (1947–2020), founder of Time Out magazine

by Linnea Crowther

Tony Elliott was the founder of Time Out, the print and online magazine that offers entertainment and dining recommendations in cities across the world.

London and beyond

Elliott founded the first Time Out magazine in London in 1968, when he was just 21 years old and a university student. In 1995, Time Out New York was launched, and over the years, it further expanded to reach 328 cities in 58 countries. While Time Out launched as a print magazine, it’s largely offered online now. Elliott remained the company’s chairman and part owner.

Elliott on starting a business

“I think people often think they can’t start small, you have to be of some size. I’ve always advised people to aim for a niche and establish yourself in that niche and then build from there. I think the era is over really where people have an idea that goes national and becomes enormous. It’s more a question of small and good.” —from a 2013 interview with How They Did It


What people said about him

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