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Una Stubbs (1937–2021), “Sherlock” actor

by Kirk Fox

Una Stubbs was a British actor best known for “Sherlock” and “Til Death Us Do Part.”

Longtime actor

Stubbs was a popular longtime actor on the big screen and television. She first became known in the 1963 film “Summer Holiday.” She starred on numerous television series including her role as Rita on “Til Death Us Do Part,” as well as playing Catherine Bishop on the soap “EastEnders” and Miss Bat on the children’s series “The Worst Witch.” On “Sherlock,” Stubbs played Sherlock Holmes’ landlady, Mrs. Hudson. She was also a regular guest on the game show “Don’t Say A Word.” Una Stubbs was also a respected artist who hosted “The Big Painting Challenge” in 2015.

Notable quote

“When I think of what a lightweight girl I was, expecting roses to grow around the door, expecting everyone to be perfect… but of course, it’s the layers you grow that make you into a person. “I realise on reflection that I’m a strong person – even steely, actually – but I had no idea.” – from an interview in The Guardian in 2007


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