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William F. Nolan (1928–2021), “Logan’s Run” author

by Linnea Crowther

William F. Nolan was an author of sci-fi classics including “Logan’s Run,” which he co-wrote with George Clayton Johnson.

Writing career

Nolan was best known for “Logan’s Run,” a 1967 novel imagining a future in which humans face mandatory euthanasia at the age of 21. It was adapted into a popular 1976 movie. Nolan also wrote in other genres including poetry, fantasy, horror, and nonfiction, publishing hundreds of novels, short stories, and biographies. In addition to several sequels to “Logan’s Run,” Nolan’s other notable works include the Black Mask and Sam Space series. He also wrote and co-wrote screenplays for movies including “Burnt Offerings” and TV movies and series including the cult classic ABC Movie of the Week “Trilogy of Terror” and a “Logan’s Run” series.

Notable quote

“Writing is great. People say, ‘When are you going to take a vacation?’ I say, ‘My whole life is a vacation!’ I love writing. I just love it! I just finished an essay last week, and a new poem this week, about a witch that lives in the forest. I don’t need a vacation!” —from a 2015 interview for Nightmare magazine


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