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Winston Groom

Winston Groom (1943–2020), ‘Forrest Gump’ author

by Kirk Fox

Winston Groom was an author best known for his novel ‘Forrest Gump’ which was adapted into a popular movie starring Tom Hanks.  

  • Details of Death: Died at the age of 77.  
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His novel became an iconic movie

Groom graduated from the University of Alabama and served a tour of duty during the Vietnam War. He wrote and published a few books prior to ‘Forrest Gump,’ some based on his experiences in Vietnam. First published in 1986, ‘Forrest Gump’ achieved greatest success after the 1994 movie starring Tom Hanks. The popularity of the film propelled the book to sales of over one million copies. Groom also wrote non-fiction historical books and published his last novel ‘El Paso’ in 2016.

What they said about him

Full Obituary: The Hollywood Reporter


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