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Born November 5

by Legacy Staff

We remember famous people born this day, November 5, in history, including movie star Vivien Leigh.

We remember famous people born this day, November 5, in history, including movie star Vivien Leigh.



GINA MASTROGIACOMO, U.S. actress who played Janice in the movie “Goodfellas” and also appeared on “Seinfeld,” is born in Great Neck, New York.

ALAN G. POINDEXTER, U.S. astronaut who died in a jet ski accident in 2012, is born in Pasadena, California.






JON-ERIK HEXUM, U.S. model and actor who starred on the television series “Cover Up,” is born in Englewood, New Jersey.



JIMMIE SPHEERIS, U.S. singer-songwriter who worked with Jackson Browne and Chick Corea, is born in Phenix City, Alabama.





GRAM PARSONS, U.S. singer-songwriter and guitarist who was a pioneer of country rock and a onetime member of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, is born in Winter Haven, Florida.


Sam Shepard, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Oscar-nominated actor, is born in Fort Sheridan, Illinois.



FRIEDMAN PAUL ERHARDT, German-born U.S. television cook known as Chef Tell, is born in Stuttgart, Germany. Erhardt’s jolly personality, thick German accent, and wit made him a fixture on TV shows such as “Regis and Kathie Lee” and comedy skits on “Saturday Night Live,” according to his 2007 obituary by The Associated Press. He also was said to be the inspiration for the Swedish chef on “The Muppet Show.” Read more



SAM SHEPARD, U.S. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Oscar-nominated actor, is born in Fort Sheridan, Illinois. Shepard won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1979 for his play “Buried Child.” He also received nominations for “True West” and “Fool for Love.” Shepard, who penned nearly four dozen plays, also had two Tony Award nominations. Tall and handsome, Shepard played roles in films including “Days of Heaven,” “Frances,” “Crimes of the Heart,” “Steel Magnolias, and “Safe House.” He was nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar for playing the test pilot Chuck Yeager in 1983’s “The Right Stuff.” Read more





CHRISTOPHER WOOD, English novelist and screenwriter who adapted two James Bond movies, “Moonraker” and “The Spy Who Loved Me,” for the big screen, is born in Lambeth, London.



VICTOR ARGO, U.S. actor who portrayed tough guys in movies including “Taxi Driver” and “True Romance,” is born in the Bronx, New York.



HERB EDELMAN, U.S. actor known for playing Stan Zbornak, ex-husband of Dorothy on “The Golden Girls,” is born in Brooklyn, New York.



GIL HILL, U.S. police officer and actor who was in “Beverly Hills Cop,” is born in Birmingham, Alabama.

IKE TURNER, U.S. singer and former husband of Tina Turner, is born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Turner managed to rehabilitate his ogrelike image somewhat in his later years, touring around the globe with his band the Kings of Rhythm and drawing critical acclaim for his work, according to his 2007 obituary by The Associated Press. He won a Grammy in 2007 in the traditional blues album category for “Risin’ With the Blues.” Read more





JOHN BERGER, English art critic, novelist, painter and poet whose novel G. won the 1972 Booker Prize, is born in Stoke Newington, London.



RUDOLF AUGSTEIN, influential German journalist, founder and part-owner of Der Spiegel magazine, is born in Hanover, Germany.



VIOLET BARCLAY, U.S. illustrator best known as one of the pioneering female comic-book artists, is born in New York City.



FAWZIA FUAD, Princess of Egypt who would marry Iran’s Crown Prince Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, is born in Ras el-Tin Palace, Alexandria, Sultanate of Egypt.









DOUGLASS NORTH, U.S. economist who won the 1993 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, is born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.



VIVIEN LEIGH, English actress well-known for playing Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With the Wind,” who was married to Laurence Olivier, is born in Darjeeling, India. Leigh knew from the start that she’d get the part. “I’ve cast myself as Scarlett O’Hara,” she told a journalist after reading Margaret Mitchell‘s novel, when the film was in its initial planning stages. “I shall play Scarlett O’Hara,” she remarked in another conversation. “Wait and see.” Of course, Leigh was right, and the $100,000 search for the perfect Scarlett could have been avoided had the film’s makers just listened to her in the first place. Read more


JOHN MCGIVER, U.S. character actor known for his performances in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Midnight Cowboy,” is born in New York, New York.



"Baby Marie" OsborneBABY MARIE OSBORNE, U.S. actress and the first major child star of American silent films, is born in Denver, Colorado. Director Henry King launched Baby Marie to stardom in 1916 with “Little Mary Sunshine,” a film written for her. “Little Mary Sunshine” was the first in a series of Baby Marie Osborne films that captivated audiences worldwide and led to Baby Marie dolls and paper dolls. Read more



ROY ROGERS, U.S. singer and actor who was one of the most popular Western stars of his era and was known for working with his wife, Dale Evans, and his horse, Trigger, is born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though Rogers was born in Cincinnati, he discovered the Wild West when he moved to California in his teens. He also discovered his calling there, while working as a fruit picker during the Great Depression and living in a campsite along with other temporary workers. Times were hard and the work was cruel, but Rogers discovered that everyone’s spirits were raised when he played his guitar and sang in the evening as everyone sat around the campfire. He was inspired by the response and decided to pursue his fortune in music. Read more



JOEL MCCREA, U.S. actor who appeared in more than 90 movies, including “Sullivan’s Travels” and “The Palm Beach Story,” is born in Pasadena, California.



ETTA MOTEN BARNETT, African-American actress known best for her role on Broadway as Bess in “Porgy and Bess,” is born in Weimar, Texas.



NATALIE SCHAFER, U.S. actress remembered best for playing Mrs. Howell on the TV sitcom “Gilligan’s Island,” is born in Red Bank, New Jersey.



CHARLES MACARTHUR, U.S. screenwriter who co-wrote the movie “Wuthering Heights,” is born in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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