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Herbert Lom

Born September 11

by Legacy Staff

We remember character actor Herbert Lom’s life today as well as the lives of other notable people who were born this day in history.

Czech-born British character actor Herbert Lom was best known for his role as Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus in the “Pink Panther” movies. He starred in the 1955 black comedy “The Lady Killers” and was the star of the 1960s TV series “The Human Jungle.” We remember him best as the flustered boss of Peter Seller’s Inspector Clouseau in Blake Edwards series of “Pink Panther” movies. We remember his life today as well as the lives of other notable people who were born this day in history.

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1969: Gidget Gein, born Bradley Stewart, U.S. bassist who co-founded the alternative metal band Marilyn Manson, is born in Hollywood, Florida.

1946: John “Juke” Logan, U.S. singer-songwriter and harmonica player known best for playing on the “Roseanne” TV theme song, is born in Los Angeles, California.

1943: Jack Ely, U.S. singer and guitarist who was a member of the Kingsmen and sang their hit “Louie Louie,” is born in Portland, Oregon.

Jack Ely (AP Photo/Don Ryan)In addition to the song’s fame, Ely’s incoherent singing also made it one of the most misunderstood. The FBI was so mystified by the hard-to-understand lyrics that it conducted an investigation into whether the song was obscene. They found it to be “unintelligible at any speed.” Over the years, Ely and other band members attributed the indistinct lyrics to the microphone suspended from the ceiling, forcing Ely to shout up at it. Sean Ely said his father got “quite the kick” out the FBI’s 455-page investigative report. He said his father certainly knew the words, and wasn’t just slurring nonsense. Read more



1934: Ian Abercrombie, English actor who played Mr. Pitt on “Seinfeld,” is born in Grays, England.

Ian Abercrombie (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian, file)“Though he played a villain on our show, you would be hard pressed to meet a kinder person,” said Dave Filoni, a supervising director for “Clone Wars.” “He loved to laugh and his sense of humor always lightened our record sessions. I will miss his stories, I will miss his performances, and I will miss his contribution to our show.” Abercrombie began his career as a dancer and made his American stage debut in a 1951 production of “Stalag 17.” Read more




1930: Cathryn Damon, U.S. actress who won an Emmy Award for her performance as Mary Campbell on “Soap,” is born in Seattle, Washington.

1924: Tom Landry, U.S. professional football player and coach who set a longevity record for the NFL as coach of the Dallas Cowboys for 29 consecutive years, is born in Mission, Texas.

1923: Betsy Drake, U.S. actress and ex-wife of actor Cary Grant, is born in Paris, France.

1916: Ed Sabol, U.S. filmmaker who co-founded NFL Films, is born in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Ed Sabol (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)Working with his son, Steve, Sabol introduced a series of innovations taken for granted today: super slow-motion replays, blooper reels, reverse angle shots. They stuck microphones on coaches and players, set highlights to pop music and recorded pregame locker room speeches. And one of their most important decisions was hiring John Facenda to narrate all this. He became known as the Voice of God, reading lyrical descriptions in solemn tones. Read more




1913: Paul “Bear” Bryant, U.S. football coach who was the longtime head coach at the University of Alabama, is born in Moro Bottom, Arkansas.

Bryant remains an icon – for his houndstooth hat, stoic demeanor, and winning ways – and many still consider him the greatest coach in the history of the game. During his quarter of a century as head coach at Alabama, he led the Crimson Tide to six national championships and 13 SEC championships. When he retired at the end of the 1982 season, just weeks before he died of a heart attack at age 69, he was the all-time winningest coach in college football history. Read more




1899: Jimmie Davis, U.S. politician and singer-songwriter who served as governor of Louisiana from 1944 to 1948 and 1960 to 1964, and had country music hits including “You Are My Sunshine,” is born in Quitman, Louisiana.

1892: Vance “Pinto” Colvig, U.S. actor who was the original Bozo the Clown and the original voice of Disney‘s Goofy, is born in Jacksonville, Oregon.

1885: D.H. Lawrence, English author whose well-known novels include “Sons and Lovers” and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” is born in Eastwood, England.

1862: O. Henry, U.S. author of popular short stories including “The Gift of the Magi,” is born in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Click to discover notable people who died this day in history including the victims of 9/11.

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