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Dolores O' Riordan was the lead singer of Irish rock band The Cranberries

Born September 6

by Legacy Staff

Dolores O’Riordan was the lead vocalist for the popular Irish rock band The Cranberries. Known for her powerful voice, the band scored international hit songs including “Zombie” and “Linger.” We remember her life today as well as the lives of other notable people who were born this day in history.

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1971: Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer for the popular Irish rock band The Cranberries, is born in Ballybricken, Ireland.


1948: Claydes Charles Smith, U.S. guitarist who was a co-founder of Kool & the Gang, is born in Jersey City, New Jersey.

1947: Sylvester, U.S. singer-songwriter known best for his disco hit “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real),” is born in Los Angeles, California.

1942: Carol Wayne, U.S. actress known as the Matinee Lady on “The Tonight Show,” is born in Chicago, Illinois.

1942: Mel McDaniel, U.S. country music singer who had hits including “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On,” is born in Checotah, Oklahoma.

1930: Chuck Foley, U.S. inventor who co-created the game “Twister,” is born in Lafayette, Indiana.

Charles Foley (Associated Press)Foley and a collaborator, Neil Rabens, were hired in the mid-1960s by a St. Paul manufacturing firm that wanted to expand into games and toys. They came up with a game to be played on a mat on the floor, using a spinner to direct players to place their hands and feet on different colored circles. “Dad wanted to make a game that could light up a party,” Mark Foley said. “They originally called it ‘Pretzel.’ But they sold it to Milton Bradley, which came up with the ‘Twister’ name.” Read more

1928: Robert Pirsig, author of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,”  is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1925: Jimmy Reed, U.S. blues singer and guitarist who influenced rock ‘n’ roll musicians including Elvis Presley and Jerry Garcia, is born in Dunleith, Mississippi.

1908: Korczak Ziolkowski, U.S. sculptor who designed and began construction of the Crazy Horse Memorial, is born in Boston, Massachusetts.

1899: Billy Rose, U.S. impresario and lyricist whose well-known songs include “Me and My Shadow” and “It’s Only a Paper Moon,” is born in New York, New York.

1888: Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., U.S. businessman and ambassador to the United Kingdom who was the father of President John F. Kennedy and Sens. Robert F. and Edward M. Kennedy, is born in Boston, Massachusetts.

1860: Jane Addams, U.S. social worker, author, and leader in women’s suffrage who founded the Hull House in Chicago and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, is born in Cedarville, Illinois.

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