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Couple married 64 years dies hours apart

by Linnea Crowther

John “Jack” and Harriet Morrison met 65 years ago, in 1955. Harriet was riding on the bus that Jack was driving, he asked her out, and six months later, they were married. For the next 64 years, their lives were entwined as they did almost everything together. 

The St. Louis couple remained inseparable when they entered the same nursing home a year ago, with rooms a few doors apart. They still spent most of their time together – and that bond didn’t break as their lives came to an end. Jack and Harriet died just hours apart on January 11. 

Side by side in their beds, Jack and Harriet were holding hands when he died in the early morning hours. Later the same day, just before midnight, Harriet followed him. Their obituaries, published on the same day in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, called it “the perfect ending to the perfect love story.” 

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