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Ella Fitzgerald, Glamour Girl

by Linnea Crowther

“I know I’m no glamour girl, and it’s not easy for me to get up in front of a crowd of people. It used to bother me a lot, but now I’ve got it figured out that God gave me this talent to use, so I just stand there and sing.”

–Ella Fitzgerald

We’ve got to beg to differ with Ella. The way we see it, not only did Ella Fitzgerald have an amazing talent; she was absolutely gorgeous too.

Maybe it was, in part, the beauty that comes with doing what you were born to do. Fitzgerald may have had stage fright, but when she took the stage, she fully inhabited both stage and song. Lost in the beautiful music she made, she was incredible:

We have a feeling that if Fitzgerald was still around today, she would still be beautiful… and she would still be singing.

Originally published April 2012

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