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R.I.P. to the 'What's Your Story?' Dad

R.I.P. to the ‘What’s Your Story?’ Dad

by Jessica Campbell

Steve Dishman: a life well-lived + a story well-told = endless inspiration

At Legacy we believe that everyone has a story worth sharing. If ever an individual embodied that belief, it’s Steve Dishman of Texas, who died earlier this month

“What’s your story?” was Steve’s signature question, one he was fond of asking of anyone and everyone. Why? Because he cared about people and was endlessly curious. But there was another reason, too — Steve wanted people to think about their lives and start asking themselves, “What is my story? Is it a good one?” 


Steve understood that everyone has a unique and interesting story, and he lived that belief by encouraging others to share theirs. 

But Steve had his own story, too. A lifelong Texan who liked to laugh, his favorite song was “Jingle Bells” (because he knew all the words). Among his oft-repeated “Pearls of Wisdom” (shared ad nauseum with his family): “It doesn’t matter what floor you park on in the parking garage as long as you’re near the elevator.”

Somewhere along the way, Steve reflected on his life and realized he wasn’t satisfied with his story. So he changed it, rediscovering faith and finding redemption.

Steve Dishman believed everyone has a story worth sharing. We know this because his family took the time to share his story in this beautiful obituary. Steve is gone. I never met the man, but I feel like I know him. His warmth and humor and curiosity radiate from the loving words shared by his family. 

Reading his obituary feels like being welcomed with a wry smile into Steve’s world. It’s well worth the read — and perhaps his life story will inspire you to think about your own. 

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