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Robin Williams’ Gift to Dying Fan

by Legacy Staff

Before his death this month, comedian Robin Williams did something very special for a dying fan.

Vivian Waller of New Zealand made her bucket list this year after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. The 20-year-old mother had just five items she wanted to accomplish, according to stuff.co.nz:

1. Get married

2. Celebrate her 21st birthday


3. See daughter Sophie celebrate her first birthday

4. Travel to Rarotonga, an island in the South Pacific

5. Meet actor and comedian Robin Williams

Waller, now 21, was diagnosed in January and married in February, but soon the cancer in her lungs, intestines and liver made it impossible for her to travel to California to meet Williams. However, a friend of Waller took a chance and reached out to Williams personally, asking for his help in making the young woman’s wish come true. Williams took the time to record a personal video to send to Waller, joking with her, sending his love to her family and telling her to “knock this off your bucket list.”

After Williams’ death, Waller’s husband, Jack, shared the video online to “show people how awesome a person he was.” He has not broken the news of Williams’ death to his wife, who is now in hospice care in Auckland.

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