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Soldiers Remembering Soldiers

by Legacy Staff

No one understands the life of a U.S. service member better than a fellow veteran.

No one understands the life of a U.S. service member better than one who has made the same commitment to our country, faced the same challenges, experienced the same hopes and fears. In honor of men and women who have died in service, we’re highlighting messages of sympathy and condolence left by military personnel in the Guest Books for their fallen comrades. The sample below represents just a small fraction of the many American men and women who have lost their lives while serving overseas.

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 Paul AndersenSpc. Paul E. Andersen

“To the family of Paul Anderson, I am very sorry for your loss. I served will Paul in Iraq in 03 04. He was a very nice and funny guy. May the peace of the lord give you comfort in the is diffcult time, and may Paul rest in peace.” – SSG Erik Packard.


 Dane BalconSpc. Dane R. Balcon

“Dane was an amazing person. He could always make you laugh. He loved to shop. Every time I’ve seen him in school he always had a smile on his face. Then we both got stationed in Texas together and every time I was at the mall I saw him shopping. Your family will be in my prayers and I know how deployment feels. My husband is due to deploy soon and I am also in the army and feel getting deployed.” – Ashton Hoffman


Rachel BosveldPfc. Rachel K. Bosveld

“I served with Rachel in Germany and Iraq. We were in the same Company different platoon. That year seems so long ago but yet every memory so fresh if I let myself think about it. I just wanted to stop by and express my condolences and let Rachel’s family know I think of them.” – Spc. Mike Forbes


 Ian GeligSgt. Ian Gelig

“May your life and your sacrifice be honored forever, Sgt. Gelig. I’ll do all that I can to honor your memory on my upcoming deployment. The Army / Navy rivalry is always a respectful one, because deep down we’re brothers in arms. Be with God, Ian.” – Mark


Richard GowardSpc. Richard A. Goward

“I served with Ric in Iraq and there is no one who was as patriotic as my fellow soldier! The ultimate sacrifice was given by him for his family and friends! It has been over six years since Ric’s passing and I too will never forget the day Cpt. Collins gave us the news of Ric’s passing. The war in Iraq became truly real to all of us in a way we will never ever forget! You are truly missed and my prayers go out to the family he has left behind!” – Tonya


Dallas KernsCpl. Dallas Kerns

“CPL Kerns, not a day goes by that I don’t think about the ultimate sacrifices you paid for our freedom and way of life and for all Americans. I love you Nephew and always will, I hope and pray that my children one day will grow and join our forces to secure America’s borders from terrorism as you did. My son Randy already talks about being a Soldier. I will encourage, coach and mentor him into a young adult one day so we can continue doing as you did. I continued over 25 years of service to keep in the fight as you did my Nephew. We love and are very, very proud of you my Brother in Arms.” – SFC Randy L. Geringer


Anthony LightfootSpc. Anthony Lightfoot

“There is nothing i can really say but that you are in me and my family prayers because i just returned from Iraq in December of 2008 and i am now station in Miami at Us Southcom. SPC Lightfoot you are my HERO and my prayers are with you and your Family and this tragedy just really shook me….” – Mia Fripp


Kenneth MackMaster Sgt. Kenneth Mack

“MSGT Mack, this is a Navy Seabee who helped fortify Timberwolf and served up there with you & CPL Palmer on that mountain top. I’ve never forgotten that day when we received the tragic news. I remember you yelling at a young Marine, instructing him to properly wear his helmet & OTV(vest), to always be on the alert and not to slack off. You always watched out for your troops and led from the front. It was an honor and true pleasure to have served with you. I always tell people about you and your courage. You will never be forgotten and I know that you are still watching over your flock. My prayers go out to your family and loves on this anniversary. God bless.” – Xavier Huerta


Vorn MackPfc. Vorn J. Mack

“I served along side Reginald Abrham as one of Macks’s squad leaders. We deployed together but did not physically return together. I still believe that Mack is walking along side us in our Army journey. Keeping us safe as we continue to deploy and redeploy. I brag to all my fellow soldiers of how great Mack was. How they should strive to be like him. We all miss you Mack and pray for your family.” – CW2 Eric Hopper


Anthony MihaloCpl. Anthony Mihalo

“Anthony served with my brother in Afghanistan. He was in charge of my brother while they were overseas. I feel i share a connection with him and you. He was my brother’s friend and a fellow Marine. I leave for boot camp in 25 days and though i face many trials and hardships ahead; I will keep Anthony in my thoughts and in my heart. A Marine is never forgotten, never lost, he lies in the hearts of myself and my brother. Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful” – James Matlock.


Shawna M. MorrisonSgt. Shawna M. Morrison

“Shawna, girl I miss you so much and think about you almost daily anymore. I remember the talk that we had at Marseilles during the SRP when you were telling me how worried you were about something happening to one of your Soldiers and how excited you were to be doing something important. I said to you before you left that you were so smart and that you didn’t need to worry and you would be fine…….I am sorry that it wasn’t. I pray for strength for your family and everyone that loves you honey. We all love you and miss you. God is not only the one who blesses us, He is truly blessed to have you and that contagious smile with him now. You will never be forgotten. I love ya chica” – Momma P (Aliska Pond)


 Isela RubalcavaSpc. Isela Rubalcava

“Sgt. Ruby was a special friend to me. Our tour in Iraq together was something I will never forget. I loved this person. Many will remember Isela because she is loving, caring, and a wonderful friend. You ment the world to me and when it got loud around us that day, You were in my prayers. I love you Isela.” – Nazario Borja


Jason SantoraSgt. Jason Santora

“I went to basic training with jason and we stayed in touch a good amount after until our deployment schedules became so hectic. i just got back from afghanistan and just happened to run into him there while i was there which was awesome!! He will be deeply missed but was a great soldier and i say thank you for the ultimate sacrafice. to the family, i hope you can find peace in knowing that jason was a great ranger and gave his life protecting the people and way of life he loved.” – Nathan Schrock


 Narson B. SullivanSpc. Narson B. Sullivan

“I like to remember Sully as the guy who I say Sully I need this done and it was done. He was the soldier that I wish I had 10 of them like him. Sully let me say that Iam retired now and still think of the Squad and Platoon at Baumholder Germany. You my fellow soldier will always be missed by me and by alot of other fellow team members. God Bless you.” – Joseph Kruger


 Laura Walker1st Lt. Laura Walker

“All of us that deployed with you the first time were very saddened by the news. I don’t know what the right thing to say is. My famliy and I send all of our prayers to your family. I know that you have earned a set of wings and that you are flying high and watching over the rest of us. Once Rugged Always Rugged.” – Michael Pariso


 George WoodCaptain George A. Wood

“The finest officer I ever served with. In more than 12 years of military service I have never known a better example of what an Army Officer and leader should be. I am an Officer and leader. He was a leader of leaders. George, I continue to serve with your memory, and one day I hope to complete that PHD in Roman Political History that you inspired me to pursue. I will always be indebted to you for …who you were.” – Erik Burris


Originally published May 2010

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