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Peter Boyle’s Greatest Hits

by Legacy Staff

In a career that spanned 40 years, actor Peter Boyle hit highlight after highlight.

In a career that spanned 40 years and included dozens of movies — plus one really notable TV show — actor Peter Boyle hit highlight after highlight. We remembering him with a look back at a few of his best and brightest moments onscreen.

The Candidate. In one of his earliest starring roles, Boyle played the campaign manager of Robert Redford’s presidential hopeful.


Young Frankenstein. Just two years later came one of Boyle’s signature performances, an inspired Frankenstein’s monster. As he said of his interpretation, “The Frankenstein monster I play is a baby. He’s big and ugly and scary, but he’s just been born, remember, and it’s been traumatic, and to him the whole world is a brand new alien environment. That’s how I’m playing it.”

The Dream Team. In the 1980s and ’90s, Boyle tended to get supporting parts rather than star turns — but he never failed to make them memorable, like the mental patient he played in this 1989 movie.

The X-Files. Boyle guested on just one episode of the ’90s TV classic, but his fantastic performance won him an Emmy. He played a man who sees the future — particularly, how people are going to die (including Mulder and Scully — sort of).

Everybody Loves Raymond. As amiably grouchy patriarch Frank Barone — opposite Doris Roberts as his wife/sparring partner Marie Barone — Boyle didn’t win another Emmy (though he was nominated seven times). But he put the perfect bookend on a fabulous career… and he sure made us laugh.

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