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JOHN THOMAS ROWELL MERRITT ISLAND John Thomas Rowell, 56, of Merritt Island passed away on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at the Wuesthoff Hospital in Rockledge. He was born in Sarasota and moved from there to Brevard County in 1965. Tom worked for L-3 Commu nications at Patrick Air Force Base as a machinist. He was a member of the NRA, the retired Captain of the Patriot Guard, a Vietnam Navy veteran and was also a Licensed Private Pilot. He is survived by his wife, Suzanne; his children, John D. Rowell, Michelle Riddle, Daniel Maestre; his father and mother, John V. and Margaret Rowell; brother, Charles Rowell; sister, Sandra Lance and four grand children. A visitation will be held from 9 to 10 a.m., on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at the Wylie-Baxley Rockledge Funeral Home with services following at 10 a.m. Interment will follow at the Braden River Cemetery in Bradenton, Florida.

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Published in FloridaToday from Jun. 29 to Jul. 1, 2008.
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96 entries
February 4, 2020
Ken Lance
February 4, 2020
Ken Lance
February 4, 2020
Ken Lance
June 23, 2019
I still miss you, my dear friend.
Carl Swofforf
June 23, 2019
I think of you often Tom & miss you so much. You have been in heaven for so long now but the pain of your loss is still profound. I praise God for you. I love you big brother, yesterday, today & always.❤ Sandie
Sandie Rowell Lance
July 8, 2017
Dear, Dear Tom sometimes I receive a message and declare I'll respond in a few I'm reminded
that's what I thought the last message I received from you. I'll respond in a few. If you only know
how I regret that. And what I would do for that
opportunity again. I've hesitated adding a word to you here in your/our book of memories as I search for meaningful words to express my love and deep feeling of loss. You are the miracle given to this
family who's influence is and forever will be ever
present. We thank God for you. I look forward to
our great family reunion.
Aunt Vi
Crystal River, Fl.
Aunt Vi
June 24, 2017
Remembering. xxx ooo
February 6, 2017
February use to rule for more birthdays (family) than in any other month. Yours, mine, Uncle Randall, Grand mama, Aunt Carole,....seems like there were a few more but I can't remember. Need to find my old calendar that has everyone and dates listed.
Thinking of you dear Tommy and all the ones who have joined you. xxx ooo
February 8, 2015
Indianapolis 911 Memorial
Hey Tom. It's been hard for me since I've lost a few members of my family. Mom and Dad are with you now, as you know, and I miss you all so very much. You, my brother, have been missed with your quick wit and smile. Thank you for the impact you have made to me over the many years that you have let me be a part of this family. Because of you, I have left a my mark in pictures forever now. I have a picture in stone up in Indianapolis now with my name in it. If you didn't get me into taking picture of where ever I have traveled to, it wouldn't be there. Thank you, Brother. You have been and meant allot to me as well as the rest of our family. Take care and we shall meet again, my brother. Ken
February 7, 2015
How can a heart be so heavy and a a mind be so light?
It's knowing, losing, and remembering you, Tom. The
power of faithful focus will someday bring us full circle.
'til then there are special memories of birthdays and
times past.
Love ya, Aunt Vi
Aunt Vi
February 6, 2015
Happy Birthday big brother! Wish I could sing you happy birthday the way you always did to me. :-( We miss you beyond measure!! We look forward to the day we join you in heaven so keep your eyes open for our arrival one of these days. On that day this big Tom sized hole in my heart will finally be healed. You can be sure we will be looking for you.
I love you dear Tom & could sure use one of your big "bear hugs".
Sandie Rowell Lance
February 5, 2015
Dear Tommy, the years roll on by and you are forever young.
Happy Birthday in Heaven.

xxx ooo
September 16, 2014
I just finished making a birthday card for your Daddy and thinking about your family and of course my thoughts turn to you.
I have my latest favorite prayer I want to share. It is a famous prayer by ~Cardinal Newman~

O' Lord, support us all the day long, until the shadows lengthen, and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over, and our work is done. Then in thy mercy grant us safe lodging and a holy rest, and peace at last.

xxx ooo gloria
May 30, 2014
Tom, I still think of you often and miss you, my friend.
Carl Swofford
May 28, 2014
Forever in our hearts and continually in our thoughts. ie: I have a chance to rent an apartment I have, When I explained my hesitation to Kari because "he rides a motor bike " ... she reminded me their are not all bad .. "think Tom and his group!!" Yes, you ARE apart of our daily lives.

Missing you! Aunt Vi and family. Crystal River, Fl
May 26, 2014
Think of you so often. It is Memorial Day and I bet you are joining Rolling Thunder in Heaven. Thank you for your service dear Tommy.
xxx ooo gloria
March 8, 2014
Tom, your family continues to miss you each & every day. I'm sure it won't be too long before our sweet parents will join you in Heaven. I know they long for that day. I can't help but be sad beyond measure when I look at a picture of you or any of the other million things that make me think of you. I love you my precious brother, forever & always!!
Sandie Rowell Lance
November 11, 2012
I think of you so often and especially today when we honor our veterans. With love and gratitude dear Tommy,
Your cousin, gloria
October 11, 2012
Our Precious son, Tom.
Dear Tom, June 2012
It's been four years & the tears are still falling. If we could have a lifetime wish & one dream that could come true, we would pray to God with all our hearts just to see & speak to you.
A thousand words won't bring you back, we know because we've tried, & neither will a million tears, we know because we've cried.
You've left behind our broken hearts, but precious memories too. Thank you Tom.
Not a day goes by without you in our hearts & thoughts.
We love you-Mom & Dad
John & Margaret Rowell
March 29, 2012
I miss you so much and I know that you are in a better place. But still no one can replace you here on earth. I remember our talks and the friendship we shared. I remember it all. And I am blessed to have known you. Forever and always.....

jus me
January 29, 2012
When we look up at the night into the forever sky, we can feel that the ones we have lost are still with us...
We never stop loving them. And they are all around and inside of us...
loving us right back.
Love you Tommy, your Cousin gloria
September 9, 2011
Missing you and wanting so much to hear your comforting words...Just know that I remember and I will never forget all that we shared. I miss you..

jus me
August 25, 2011
Dearest Tom,
So very often I think.. "I'm going to email that to Tom" like I've done so often. I can still hardly grasp the loss. Though your special smile is gone forever, and your PC I can't reach, I still have some of your last words to me and memories I cherish so very much. Those words and memories are my keepsakes which I'll never loose. Our time together will come again someday,but only God can choose. You're sadly missed, but never forgotten, ever!!
Aunt Vi
Vi. Ann Watson
June 26, 2011
Our Precious Tom,
This marks 3 years. We have missed you each & every day of that time. Gosh there is so much I would love to talk to you about and get your thoughts on. I miss my big brother so much! I miss your wonderful sense of humor, your laugh, the way you could tell a story and have everyone listen intently & more often that not laughing ourselves silly. We have so many wonderful memories of you that we will always treasure and I guess we must be content and thankful for that, but I look forward to the day when I see you again and can have one of your big bear hugs. With all my love and respect, always. Sandie
Sandie Rowell Lance
June 25, 2011
remembering you.....
June 25, 2011
Dearest Tom,
I once again went to the beach today and wrote your name in the sand as I made footprints and walked on the beach with your roses in my hand I remembered our friendship and all that we shared. I miss you and our bond. I smiled as I remembered the converasations we've had I laughed at the funny ones that played in my mind and then I teared up as I listened to the whispers of the wind as the ocean once again sang to me and you were there with me as always as I carry you and your memory so close to my heart. Until we meet again. Forever and for always...

*jus me*
February 6, 2011
My Precious brother Tom,
We are missing you as always but especially today on your birthday. Your absence has left a tremendous void in the family. However, We thank the Lord for every moment we had with you but can't help but wish we could have had more. I also want you to know you would be so proud of John. He is doing so well and I know nothing would make you happier than that. In your absence the family is keeping him close and just showing him as much love and support as possible. I know he too whishes you were here and could go for a motorcycle ride side by side. The love and respect we (your family) has for you will always remain and never diminish. Love, your baby sister, Sandie
Sandie Lance
February 6, 2011
My Dearest Tom,
I listened to you harmonizing with your Dad on the song "In the Garden". I close my eyes and I could see you standing there beside him. Oh, how we miss you, our hearts ache because of your absence, but I praise God for allowing us to have you for a little while. Our memories are so precious.
Your loving Mom & Dad
Margaret & John Rowell
December 25, 2010
Hey Brother. I came across another movie clip of you the other day while I was went to Barbados on a job. Yes, I know that ole Envy Meter was working on you again, but i wish you were there also. So I put the new movie clip on a Blue Ray DVD that I got for christmas this year just to keep remembering you. You know how I like my toys. But it was sure good seeing you again. i also have a movie on my IPhone that I made of you, me and Charley playing and singing "House of the Rising Son". It sure came out really good. You remember, Sean took the movies of us while we were having fun. I sure do miss you and the fun we all had back then. Do me a favor, and get ready to help my Mom as she comes to heaven. She has cancer right now and I'm sure she will be coming home to Jesus kinda soon. Help her to be with the Lord like you are. Thanks, Brother. All my love, Ken
Ken Lance
October 14, 2010
Missing you so very much and wishing things were different. I cannot turn back the hands of time but I can keep the memories alive and cherish you now and forever more....Until we meet again my sweet "Angel".....
September 12, 2010

and the joy we share
as we tarry there,
and the Joy we share
as we tarry there,


as we tarry there there,

SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

Though the night around me be falling
But He bids me to go

Now I know what this means...

They are together

July 17, 2010
Hi Tom!
All the sadness, tears, absolute pain in my heart, ache to speak to you, obvious vacant places where you should be.... I recognize all this is not you. It's for me and my coping.

Reverence for all truly patriotic sites and sounds, pride in the sight of a "bike" ride-by, breath that is held when a single bike is heard or seen, pride and pain at the site of veterans among us, and that big smile you would flash because no one has the common since to cover a hole in the ocean floor! THAT is you, Tom. And I will always remember the precious time we had with you.

In my last dream of you when I ask "what are YOU smiling about?" After a slight pause you said "Why not?"Knowing God's plan for the Rowell family you're right, again.
See ya!!
Aunt Vi
Ann Watson
July 16, 2010
To My Dear Son Tom,
It's been two years since you went home to be with the Lord. Still my heart feels like it is broken into a million tiny pieces. Some days when the storm clouds come & try to engulf me, our Lord & Savior reminds me of all the lives you touched, the ones you encouraged, & mentored & helped along the way. Also the love & respect you gave to everyone.
I remember the softness of your heart & some days, memories of you as a beautiful, sweet, little boy, always wanting to please, fill my thoughts.
I wish you could know how pleased & proud I am of the great, wonderful, man you became.
Lovingly, your Mom

P.S, The other day, Dad, said "I thought about (dreamed) Tom all night long". Thank you Lord
Margaret Rowell
July 10, 2010
Tom, I can't begin to tell you just how I miss you and your whitty remarks. I feel closer to both you and Charley then my own brothers. I clearly miss you so very much and showing you my pictures was a blast. Thanks for getting me hooked on taking pictures of all the different places that I go to because without you coaching me, I wouldn't be doing what I do with the pictures. I will continue to Honor you until I die with pictures that I feel you would take if you were still here. I feel a real need to do this for you and shall continue to do it for you. I'm still working on the song for you and will get it just right for you. You have been a real brother to me and I love you for that. I'm proud to have known you for over 40 years now and will someday see you again. Remember to keep looking at my pictures and keep that envy meter going as I have of you. Love you, Brother. Ken
Kenneth Lance
June 26, 2010
Remembering you today and always with Love.
The Rowell Family
Sandie Rowell Lance
June 26, 2010
I went to the beach yesterday and made footprints in the sand beside my footprints I wrote your name. Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of your passing. I keep you close to my heart and your memory so alive. I remember our friendship and all that we shared and all that I have learned from you. No one can ever take your place you will always & forever be with me and beside me as I listen to the whispers of the wind and as the ocean sings to me. "I will remember you" I thank you and the Lord for allowing our paths to cross and I know one day we shall me again*.

jus me
June 24, 2010
Today is the 2nd anniversary of that fateful day
that changed the Rowell family forever. The loss
today, is as deep and profound as the day we lost you.
Our love and respect never waivers. We look forward to
the day we see you again in heaven.
With undying love from your sister (and on behalf of
the Rowells).....Til we meet again.
PS. I am keeping my word and watching over/& encouraging
John and God willing I will do so until we meet again.
Sandie Rowell Lance
June 24, 2010
For Papa and Dad.

Love Always Amaya and John
June 24, 2010
Today And Alway's We Will Remember All Of Our Yesterday's of you.

June 3, 2010
Tom, it will soon be the 2 year mark since you went
to be with the Lord. We still miss you everyday. No one will
ever be able to fill the place you left in my life or our
families lives. However, I thank the Lord each day for placing you
in our family and for every moment we had with you. We have
been blessed beyond measure because of those moments.
There are constant reminders of you when we least expect it that
serve to comfort us and remind us of how precious
you were. At times it feels that God & you are reaching out to us
to let us know you are still here and that you are
seeking to comfort us. Keep these coming, we hear and feel you!
Love always from your devoted sister.
Sandie Lance
May 22, 2010
As time passes I am realizing more and more just how much I miss you. Life here on earth with out you is just not the same. I keep your memory alive in so many different ways and carry you close to my heart as always. I remember and I reflect on the words we once shared. You are like no other and I am blessed that our paths crossed and I know in my heart that our paths will cross again someday.
For now you are my forever and always and I am missing you deeply...

jus me
February 10, 2010
Tom, still missing you and thinking of you. I truly value our friendship.
Carl Swofford
February 9, 2010
Just wanted you to know that we were thinking of you on your birthday but then we think of you everyday. Sometimes we talk to you. I wonder if you can hear us? We still suffer greatly with your absence but we are comforted (at least in small measure) by our wonderful memories. I am trying to take care of the family in your absence but it is hard. Mom & Dad are still so wounded by your loss. I don't think they will ever recover until they see you again in Heaven. They do the best they can and as you know they are strong people but the wound is so deep. For the first time in my life I have seen Dad weep because his heart is so heavy. Mom just clings to anything and everything that reminds her of you. Charley and I do the best we can but we have heavy hearts too. I still say that it is just not right that you aren't here. We know that we have to accept God's will so we try very hard to do that. However, the Rowell family is not the same without you here.
When I think about you I can't help but be so proud you are my brother and I always will be.
Be at peace my dear brother.
With love forever, Mom, Dad, Charley & Sandie.

PS...since you are up there with Jesus, please petition for his help with John and we are doing the same down here.John needs God's grace.
February 7, 2010
I two am thinking of you my friend and wish everday you were here.
As my grand kids,and great grand Daughter are starting to talk i speak of you to them and telling them of what a great friend you were.

Friends allways,
Bob Lambert
February 6, 2010
Just wanting to wish *Tom* a Happy Birthday....Sandie I am so happy that you decided to keep this book going. It means a great deal. He is and will always be special.... Happy Birthday Tom forever and always my *Sweet Angel*

jus me
November 26, 2009
It's the night before Thanksgiving and I just wanted to give thanks for being blessed with your friendship. You are not forgotten and will forever be remembered and cherished. I thank you for your friendship and all that I have learned from you. I thank the Lord for allowing me to know you as I did. You are *special* and I will keep my memory of you alive always.
To his family I say Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless all of you...
And know that you are all loved.
To you Tom I say Happy Thanksgiving
as I look up to the sky. Your an Angel and your light always shines forever & always....

jus me
July 30, 2009
I am missing you more with each passing day. The friendship we shared
is like no other and these tears I cry are the tears I cry for you. You have always been so very special to me. I miss you now more then ever. I came across this poem I wrote for you about a year ago and decided to post it here.

Sweet Angel of mine
follow me where ever I go
Be with me and keep me warm
with your emrace
Shine your light upon me
and guide me
Be with me always
as I am with you......
Sweet Angel My Sweet Sweet Angel
Oh how I miss you....

jus me
July 28, 2009
The memories of riding with Tom shall not pass into that goodnight. I remember when the PGR of FL was going through a transition and how Tom was instrumental in supporting us during the tough times. I enjoyed his company, his support and mostly his friendship. Although he has left us he will not be forgotten.

Rest easy Tom. Mission complete, job well done!
Tim (talk2e) Ellenbecker
July 28, 2009
Tom - you have NOT been forgotten my friend. You are truly missed here on earth but will live in the hearts of many for eternity. I laugh and think of you every time I hear someone say, "I support the troops but not the war". If I'm feeling bold at the moment I grin and use your reply...

I'll see you on the other side of the mountain Brother...
July 26, 2009
Tom ( Flaman2u ) Thank you for the many mission we shared in prayer and honor . It was also an honor to be their , for you . You will always be their in Spirit .
Lucky1951 (Ron) Cleary
July 23, 2009
Tom, you were a gift to us. God made loving people such as you to do his work on earth. To give a hug or lend a helping hand. He gave them words of comfort, encouragement, cheer & tender hearts that care & understand. God made loving people such as you to show us day by day, how far the wonders of his love can go and you most assuredly made our world a little bit of heaven here on earth.
Tom, you were such a good example of God's love at work in the world. It showed in the kind words you had for everyone and in the thoughtful things you did for others. May god keep you in his care until we meet again. With love forever, Mom & Dad
John & Margaret Rowell
June 30, 2009
Well today i took the flag's from my bike that Tom use to fly on his Blue Machine and will replace them again next june.
I have his picture on my right arm sleve for that is the side he rode when we rode together.
I get lost up in all around me but Toms friendship still remains in my heart,mind and he ride to my right till the end of my time
Bob Lambert
June 28, 2009
Not a year, a day, an hour nor minute will take you away from me and my family. For you are framed on the wall of our homes, our hearts and memories.

You will always represent the standard by which we pray the ROWELL family will be remembered.. Honesty, a true patriot, hard working, time for others, and most of all your outward happy spirit. I believe that ourward spirit is now "at one" with the special inward peace you so surely deserved. I had always looked forward to seeing you and your encouraging smile....and so it is now!
Aunt Vi
June 25, 2009
I carried my penny in my pocket yesterday and went down to the ocean. I felt the need to be there. I smiled I cried and I remembered. You will "forever & always" be my sweet someone. I miss you.....

jus me
June 25, 2009
A year has passed. Yet, it only seems like a couple of days ago that I was riding with Tom. I still miss that grin and the company of a true friend.
Carl Swofford
June 24, 2009
A year ago today a very bright shinning light upon the earth faded into eternity. If you can imagine a shooting star in reverse up to the heavens.When you look up and gaze upon the stars notice the brightest! Smile!That's Tom. The twinkel purity and glow is the give away. His smile back to ya! Forever our gift.

January 27, 2009
What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said by so many others....

I was in the hospital when Uncle Tom passed - and though I tried hard to make it to the funeral - it just wasn't to be. This simple act has denied me the true feeling of loss - I think. Having no concrete image of him being truly gone. I suppose for that I am grateful.... though I miss Uncle Tom dearly, it seems to me like he's on another one of his great trips - gathering more awe-inspiring photographs to share with us in the future. I'm so glad that I had him in my life, and that I could not only call him "family" but also "friend." I will miss him every day of forever.... until we meet again.... =)

((and sorry for the delay on this as I just learned of it's existence))
Kristen Gillett
January 27, 2009
Our family continues to miss you but we hold on to each other and all our precious memories of you to make it through each day. For each of us there will always be a "Tom" sized hole in our family and no one else will ever be able to fill the void you left in our lives. We find ourselves still wishing that we could turn back the hands of time to that fateful day that we lost you and wishing we could be at your side in time to undo your passing. Yet we are also aware that you are in a far better place and have finally found the peace you so desperately sought here on earth. We cling to the knowledge that we will be with you again someday.
Rest and be at peace my dear precious brother. Love always, your sister, Sandie
Sandie Lance
December 24, 2008
Missing you and our friendship this holiday season but knowing our friendship is one that will last forever and always. With my penny in my pocket and yours with you in heaven.

jus me
September 1, 2008
Tommy, you were such a cute little funny cousin when we were growing up & you turned into a cute funny big cousin with a heart & grin as big as the sky. I'll miss you forever, but God & his angels sure are lucky to have you!
Sharon Jarnagin
August 26, 2008
I remember very fondly, spending summers with you all. Boy, what good times.Tom always reminded me of Hoss Cartwright in all of his kind ways.I envied Sandie and Charley because they had him as a big brother and the two best parents anyone could have.I will always be grateful to you all for the time you allowed me to spend with you and know that we will see Tom again.You are all in my thoughts and prayers.I love you more than words could ever express.
Diane Rowell Poston
August 19, 2008
Tom was more then just a friend to me he was more like a older brother and someone who would take the time to listen and help when needed.As our Kids grew up we would often tell each other of the problem's and good thing's going on in our life's and at the end we would Hug each other and shake hands.
We rode all over fl.on our bike's in weather most would not even drive there cars in,and get soken wet and laugh later about it.Tom took alot of picture's every where we went,and some of them were things you only have that one time to get and i am glad it was him who took it.
Every where i go i picture him to my left as we rode where i wear his picture on my left side so that i show him the respect i have for him.
Tho I miss him i remember him as he was and learn from the things he talt me,and will carry that till my day come's.Tom my Grand son will know of you,as will my great grand daughter,for the rest of my familey know of who you were and what kind of person you were and they will remember you forever also.
So my Brother you shared with me thing's that no other has,Showed me thing's that i can show other's and treated me as a True friend and there will never be a replacement for you in my Heart,but i will carry on as you asked and try to do for other's as you did for me,and when we meet again i have a Hug and hand shake waiting for you.
Bob Lambert
August 8, 2008
To all who loved Tom and morn his loss I extend my sincere condolences and sympathy.I too am a recipient of his many "Gifts and "Talents". I would like to take this opportunity to share with all of you some beautiful words written along "Time" ago. His outgoingness and charm were natural, easy and genuine. The depths of his being so pure,simply and sincere and as vast and deep as the ocean.I cannot own these words they must be shared. May they serve to heal, comfort and inspire from someone who was.

The counted vibrations of light excited atoms.
The movement of the hands of a clock.
Short or Long,once passed,it's forever lost.
Counting everydays shadows,rise and fall,only our spirts will make it through it all.
Joined,mind, heart and hand,Two individuals sharing each others light.
"Just passin Through", not afraid of The night.

Humming Bird
August 8, 2008
In My Pocket

I have memories in my pocket.
They rattle among the change.

My memories of you are treasures I carry wherever I go.

They are stored in bits and pieces, parts of a beautiful whole
They give me comfort when I think I am alone.

Yes, I have memories in my pocket, like so much other stuff I keep there.

But of all the treasures I have, it’s the memories of you that are the most precious.

I hold you so close to my heart. I cherished our friendship from day one and will continue to do so forever and always. I know that you are that bright star that shines above me. You are that soft breeze that I feel against my skin. Your friendship was like no other and I thank you. I trusted you believed in you and well I miss you dearly. You are a hero to the many lives that you have touched. Knowing you has been a blessing. I know your in heaven and I know our paths will one day cross again. Til then I'll look up to the sky and remember always that I was blessed to know you and you will always be "My Dear Friend"..

My heart aches for Tom's family and my prayers are with you. Stay strong and know that to so many people he was amazing kind caring he has a heart of gold and a smile that could just light up the world. And now he lights up the sky above us all...

Just an Old friend that has never forgotten Tom....
August 6, 2008
Now God has you in his keeping, we have you in our hearts!
August 6, 2008
Tom's artistic side
August 6, 2008
Tom showing his caring, gentle soul.
August 6, 2008
Patriot Guard Mission-"Gathering of Eagles"
August 6, 2008
John Thomas Rowell and son John Dale Rowell
August 6, 2008
Tom watching turtle come in to lay their eggs.
August 6, 2008
Tom at Ascension Pier
August 6, 2008
Patriot Guard Rider rally to protect the Vietnam Wall
August 6, 2008
I remember meeting Tom on the island of Grand Turk in the early 80's. I valued his friendship, humor, and level-headedness. I was amazed with his machinist skills, and even more amazed in his humble nature. It seemed as if there was no mechanical/machinist problem that he couldn't solve after he thought about it for a few minutes, and then after the solution was in place, he'd say something like: "Gee, anybody coulda' figured that out."
I took him out on my 18 ft catamaran in the tricky ocean swells there, and enjoyed teaching him what I knew. I had used the word "cheeseburger" instead of the normal nautical term "Hard to Lee" as the verbal signal to cross to the other side of the boat. When I met Tom again on Antigua a few years later, he made me blush by profusely thanking me for those sailing memories. Tom said that he bought a catamaran when he returned to the states and enjoyed the bonding times he had with his son on it. I can honestly say that I never heard an unkind word said about Tom during my 28 years working on the "range", and now feel a sense of loss, yet a proudness to have known him. Tom, If you somehow have the ability to read these words, I would like to say, "Ready to Come About", and "Cheeseburger!", as you cross to the other side once more.... Until we meet again, Au Revoir, Take Care!
Mike McKinney
Mike McKinney
August 1, 2008
Tom with his blue bullet
July 29, 2008
Tom, the loss of your presents among us is so very profound. The world has lost its' luster. Only faith in the Heaven we will someday share can sustain this family.
The dedication to everything you did and every cause you championed is unmatched. Sincerest appreciation for your service to America in Viet Nam, for being a Patroit Guard, and for sharing photos of the world through your eyes that show the gentle, exemplary, giant we know and love.
My heart and mind will forever need the guidance and positive outlook you constantly offered.
Aunt Vi
Ann Watson
July 16, 2008
My Dad's passion and pride riding with the patroit guard
July 9, 2008
My thoughts and prayers are with your family as they mourn the loss of a great father, husband, grandparent, and friend!
God Bless,
Kathryn Betz
Kathryn Betz
July 3, 2008
I haven't seen Tom since we were kids. But I have always remembered him as kind, gentle and great with people. Charlie, Sandie, Ken, and the
rest of Tom's family, may you find
comfort in God's arms during your time of grief.
Kathy West-Johnson
July 3, 2008
Papa I love you and miss you.You were the best Papa in the world. I Will never forget you.

Love you forever and always,Amaya

Amaya Rowell
July 3, 2008
Brother Tom. You told me that the envy meter was being pegged whenever I would post some pictures on the Flickr site. But you were the one that I envyed so much. You always enjoyed everyday of your life and now I will too. I am so proud that I am apart of this family and you are my brother too. I cry for the loss that we all suffered when you left us last Tuesday night. You were the best big brother for Sandie and Charley and me. My Children will miss you so much because they loved Uncle Tom dearly. We cared deeply for you and we miss you so much. I can honestly say "I loved you as my brother and will miss you at the family get together's when we get them. I Love You, Tom. Thanks for letting me be a part of your family. Ken
Ken Lance
July 2, 2008
To me, as one of Tom's cousins, he was always bigger than life with a grin and laugh that was very contageous. I am so honored and proud to have been related to and friends with such a great and wonderful man who touched the lives of so many. Tom will be so sorely missed, but never forgotten because great memories never die. May you rest in peace and may God comfort us all.
James Rowell
July 1, 2008
Tom was one of those rare individuals that instantly impacted, for the better, everyone he met. He was caring, compassionate and selfless. I will miss his friendship, his grin, and his companionship. It was an honor to have served with him in the Patriot Guard Riders.

Thank you, Tom, for your friendship. Rest in peace, my brother.
Carl Swofford
July 1, 2008
Tom, as a child you were just my big brother that I loved. As an adult I knew you not only as my beloved big brother but as a remarkable human being who had integrity and a great capacity to love and care about others. You never stood around and complained but instead took action to solve problems. You had the heart and the artistic eye to see beauty and wonder in everything and this is reflected in you beautiful photography.
You became my hero when you joined the Patriot Guard Riders and rode to honor other veterans in their times of need.
You will forever remain in my heart and in my memories. You can rest now knowing the family will look out for each other hear on earth but know that we look forward to the day when you will meet us at the gate to heaven and welcome us in.
Until that time dear sweet brother may God keep you in his loving embrace.
Love you always-your baby sister,
Sandie Rowell Lance
July 1, 2008
Sincere expressions of sympathy to the Rowell Family from L-3 Communications/Engineering & Technical Services Program Management Office. We will miss Tom in the Machine Shop.
Valarese Poole
July 1, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers for Tom's family and friends.
Doyle & Linda Hewitt
July 1, 2008

Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter #566 Pensacola FL
June 30, 2008
john Rowell
June 30, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
Randy and Teresa Pearce
June 30, 2008
We will all miss you. You have beed a wonderful son-in- law. A wonderful
husband to our daughter. A wonderful father to our grandchildren
and great-grandchildren.
Dad & Mom Jenkins & Family
Sylvia Jenkins
June 30, 2008
Daddy Tom,

I Loved you so much. You taught me how to be part of a normal family. You took me into your life when you were only 23 and were the wisest man I have ever known and I respected you more then you will ever know. My Dad for 33 years of my life, you were my Dad and I will miss you forever. Love, Big Wyndy
Wyndy Stanger
June 29, 2008
marleah camarillo
June 29, 2008
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
Ken and Susan Pendarvis
June 29, 2008
I will miss you. I know I only got to visit you a few times but it's not the quantity of time that counts. It's the quality. I love you man. R.I.P.
Bryce Stanger
June 29, 2008
Tom was a great friend.
Robert Boska
June 29, 2008
steve and wanda mako
June 28, 2008
As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life’s routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.
Jack & Lynette Carlton
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