Thomas Douglas Freimark
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Thomas Douglas Freimark

Thomas Douglas Freimark, 55, passed away on May 11, 2011 in Tallahassee.

Thom was born in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1955 to Ilse Freimark, a German citizen - his father was Spanish. Ilse later married an American serviceman named Leroy Homer, and the family moved to America — Long Island in New York when Thom was 8 years old. His mother and stepfather had four other children— in addition to his stepfathers four daughters. He attended Catholic school from grade 3-11, and public high school for his senior year. He joined the Army at age 17 and served as a medic and paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. He had many adventures and travels in his youth and young adulthood. He ended up in Tampa, Florida and met a Brazilian woman, with 3 children. Tom and JoJo were married and had a son in 1985. Tom worked in a variety of positions including air conditioner/refrigeration mechanic at a VA hospital, commercial and construction plumbing, remodeling and renovation, as well as working on offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. His last seven years were spent in devotion and dedication to providing for the needs of Central Group at 909 Gadsden Street.

He is survived by his son Thomas Freimark, Jr of Cary, NC, his mother Ilse (Freimark) Homer of Hauppauge, NY, sisters Monique, Kiki, Michelle, Marilyn, Germaine, Theresa and Cheryl, and several nephews and nieces, all from New York. He was preceded in death by his brother Leroy Homer, Jr.

A memorial service will be held on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 7 pm at the Lafayette Park Community Center in Tallahassee.

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Published in Tallahassee Democrat on May 26, 2011.
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1200 entries
September 1, 2020
Good morning, Tom,
Sending you wishes for peace and eternal love.You are always on my mind and in my heart. You are loved because you were a wonderful person to be loved and treasured.
Rest peacefully in your heavenly residence.
All my love, your,
Ilse Homer
August 27, 2020
My dearest Tom,
I missed so much writing to you. I had been unable to get to your page and that of your brothers.You are always on my
mind, resting within the love of my heart.
I wish so much to have you back in the embraces of all those who had cherished you.Life is under terrible pressures for the past seven months. COVID-19 is destroying the health of millions, Killing hundred of thousands of innocent people around the globe.
Safety is a major problem for all. Neglectful people destroying our health.
May God bless us all.
Rest peacefully!
With much love,
Ilse Homer
July 20, 2020
My dear Tom,
You are always on my mind, resting in the chambers of my heart with the love I embraced you.
Rest peacefully,
Ilse Homer
July 11, 2020
My dearest Tom, love and miss you very much. Each eleventh is a day of great mourning.
Rest peacefully.
Always in my heart and on my kind.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
June 30, 2020
Hello, Andrea,
It is very kind of you to add lovely messages for Thom. I am happy that you had been friends . Sadly, he never spoke of you. Perhaps because he had so many friends and he was deeply in
Love with his long time girlfriend.
Parents at times assume things, that have no reason or substance to talk about.
I wish you well. He had been stalked for a while before his passing. It
might have been part of the reason for his dead. The police never confirmed suicide, they said it was questionable and unclear. We assumed, because we lived so far away from him and did not experience his many worries prior.
May God bless you. You appear to have been attached to him. Why did he feel so much of a stranger in return?
He was I guess a friend to too many, to give any one special attention.
May he rest in peace. Go upon your future with peace and the best of luck to your family, your husband and children.
Are there grandchildren already?
Best wishes to all,
Ilse Homer
Ilse Homet
June 26, 2020
Hey Thom. You and your family are never far from my thoughts. Ilse I'm sorry we've lost email contact. Perhaps you can find mine as the administrator of his page.

Thom, I drive by your house so often as it's just down the street from Aaron's. I think of our last phone call with regret. I did not understand the phrase you used. Not until years later when I heard those same words on a TV show. I did not know what you meant. Now I do. Could I have changed things? Saved you from yourself ? I wish I could turn back time.
I'm sorry Thom.
Happy Late Birthday.
Andrea Osadnick
June 25, 2020
My dearest Tom,
if you were still with us, a Birthday card with a gift would arrive for you during today, In heaven no one ages. There aren't any birthdays , celebrations are of kindness and love, no pain, no worries. Paradise is all goodness consuming. Every one is kind and angel like.
Happy Birthday, Tom, love and miss you, forever!
Ilse Homer
June 21, 2020
My dearest Tom,
Happy Father's Day. You never knew that you had another son by name Jason. His Mother never looked for you to tell you. Jason is forty years old and lives in PA, grew up in Ct. And does correspond with Tom, Jr. They appear to be happy tom is about each other. Miracles are prove that God is our guide and designer of our destiny.
We love and miss you beyond words. Rest peacefully and let heaven be the place of your everlasting love and happiness .
All my love, your,
Ilse Homer
June 11, 2020
My dearest Tom,
You are always on my mind with feelings of love and sadness. Today is another eleventh. Time passes way too quickly . Rest peacefully,
My love, your,
Ilse Homer
June 9, 2020
My dear Son,
With the weather getting warmer, flowers countinue to bloom and spread, I am thinking of your beautiful garden that you had created at your place of meeting and using spirituality to keep faith and strength.
You are very much loved and missed..
Rest in peace . Always in my heart and thoughts ,
Much love,
Ilse Homer
May 19, 2020
My dear Tom,
Your absence is at times more than my heart wishes to feel. You are missed daily. Remembered with a multitude of feelings , more sadness than unfulfilled questions.
We wish so much for you to be here with us. You were a good man, kindhearted and often self sacrificing. Giving more than receiving in return.
You were a positive spirit. Enriching the lives of many.
God bless you. Rest peacefully.
All my love , your,
Ilse Homer
May 11, 2020
My dearest son, you are forever missed and loved . May your peace reign always in your heart.
I can't imagine the sadness you must had felt to leave us.
Forever love , your,
Ilse Homer
May 11, 2020
Still missed, still loved my friend. Thinking of you and your family today.
Andrea Osadnick
May 7, 2020
My dear Tom,
I miss your happy, smile, your eyes, the mirror of your soul.Your interesting conversations and your loving heart.
Life is still filled with tragedies and sadnes. The Pandemic has claimed thousands of life's.
May heaven
have everything that your life sought and found,
I love and miss you forever. Rest in peace,
With all
my love,
Ilse Homer
April 5, 2020
My dearest Tom,
Days pass by so quickly . Next month you had left us ninee years ago . It is almost unbelievable , since the heart has continued mourning the loss of you. i wish and hope that you have peace in God's beautiful Paradise.
We are suffering under the strain of the Coronavirus.Most State's in this country and world wide people are under Governmental self imposed social distancing. We have been Homebound for over two weeks , but we are healthy
and thanking God for his blessings .
Thousands have died globally and those infected are nearly unable to be hospitalized . Medical professionals
are sacrificing theirlives caring for the infected victims. Several have been infected themselves and subcommand
also .
This virus is a tragedy for the world . We do not know how to treat it and have to trust each infected body to heal itself or die. So much caring is provided , but without medication killing the virus, only the bodily strength of each individual will be able to conquer the illness .
Have peace, my dear son!
You are loved and missed so much.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
March 20, 2020
My dearest Son,
Love you deeply , miss you always!
Wish you were here to visit , to laugh , to exchange questions of the mind, to have peace, no thoughts of worries , just love, happiness and stillness of the soul .
Rest peacefully!
All my love,
Ilse Homet
January 22, 2020
My dear Son,
"It is often in the silence
when I am wondering how I feel ,
or if the thoughts of deepest sorrow ,
are objective and still real.

Is is wise to ask our father ,
who in Heavem reigns in his way ,
if my weakness shows improvements
or if my mourning gets worse each day?

I so often search for something
that I have not found as yet.
Is it in the whispering voices
of kind people I have met?

Tragedies ,oft unexpected ruin a life
in several ways .
They destroy our confidences ,
our hope and wish to pray.

Yes, it's true that loss and mourning
changes us for ever more.
Very few recover fully
from the sorrow to ones core.

You are gone without a letter,
without a call to say good bye,
did you think you were unworthy,
for our sorrow? Tell me why!

You are missed, and loved by many,
not a one left without tears,
when we gave you a last honor,
to offer peace and erase all fears."

Rest soothingly,
All my love,
Ilse Homer
January 21, 2020
Tom, we are subcoming to almost below freezing temperatures.
The weather has become like the character of people, changable, unpredictable , hot and cold, dry and wet, like the tears of a sorrowful heart or the laughter of humorous jokes.
You are daily on my mind with the longing of holding you for an embrace, welcoming your unexpected visit, listening to the beautiful sounds of your guitar and chatting, laughing or even disagreeing to your intellectual explanations about Physics, Mathematics or Science, of which I truly so little know.
Well, Mathematics I had taught inHigh School, and may know a little enough to have a positive result in our discussions .
Miss you, love you, wish you were here❤
Ilse Homer
January 20, 2020
My dearest Son,
"Limitless are time and space,
An unknown part to see.
We search to learn what lies beyond
The world to you and me.

With knowledge comes a wisdom , true,
To enhance what can't be crasped.
In Language, thought of mind we know,
Or of the storms the earth has blessed.

We sail through life so carelessly,
so often without fear,
Without the sentiments of love
Or cherished friends , quite dear.

There is so little we do know.
Earth is a mistery,
Of obstacles , detours or bliss,
A dream of destiny.

You were the man of intellect,
To whom the world of space
Was always worth of studying,
A gift from God's blessed grace.

You had a mind so few possess,
Your IQ was far above
What had been called an average quote , too high to one disprove.

Rest in peace, have solitude,
Live in a sphere of love,
Of happiness and joy, my son,
And cherish all above."

As you know, you are loved and missed by many.
Your son is doing well as is your
Love, JoJo, who has grandchildren and loves her two worlds ,from coast to coast.
Spending time with her children and their families.
I only see things in Facebook if I take a peek... Rarely , you can imagine. You and I were not much into sharing our privacy with the world.
Although, I do not fault those who do.
Life is what you make it to be . We are the designers of our earthly destiny and leave it up to God to guide our mind to be positive, involved in charities and helpful toward the needy.
At times people try to invade our lives with their own none sense ,
Not bearing any intellectual curiosity to awake our willingness to listen.
Even if data bases would bring forward relatives no one has ever heard of, who would be interested in connecting with strangers ?
None of our family, thankfully so.
Stalkers are every where and often they can be extremely dangerous to those who are foolish enough to fall for their trap.
Peace to the world .
May danger be witheld from those of a kind and gentle heart.
I love and miss your humor, your sweet personality and generous disposition .

Ilse Homer
January 1, 2020
Happy New Year with love!
Peace and happiness for eternal rest.Always thinking of you.
Ilse Homer
December 31, 2019
My dearest Thom,
How are you missed?
Beyond the words of love. You are thought of always , as your memory last forever, but the sadness of leaving us has been so very sad , so incomplete, so questionable .
Is you soul at peace?
Had God forgiven you for leaving this earth without bring scheduled?
May there be sunshine to warm you,
Laughter to please you,
Love to embrace you,
And God's forgiveness ,as you are his naughty child, loved and adored .
This evening rings in this year 2020.
You will be gone in May for nine years.
You have missed a lot .
Many beautiful years and some of sadness.
You know all of it. Heaven is your vision toward us.
We miss you so very much,
Let peace reign and be happy with Dad, LeRoy and Kristal.
All my love,
Ildr Homer
November 30, 2019
My dearest Tom,
As Autumn has turned all of the leaves a magical color of brightest auburn,yellow, brown and orange,heavy winds from up North shaved them of its beauty, almost like the hairless head of eaerly personalized men of any age.
Now we are awaiting the beauty of snow, the mysteriously in nature changing colors of yet another part of its founder, God, the Almighty,never too tired to please his children, who are able to see, and filled with love for the many gifts they receive by just seeing.
We missed you around the table at Kiki's house on Thanksgiving.
Although, we know so well, you would have stayed in Florida with friends to celebrate.
These are the losses of parents as the children become adults, getting married and having their own loving families, showing their children the traditions of years gone by at Dad's and Mom's home, house of the family in growth and learning.
We love, miss and treasure your memories.
God took you into his heavenly and loving embrace,being together with Dad and Leroy and the many relatives that you had never met in life.
Peace be yours always,
much love, your,

"Comfort and compassion is the ingredients of soothing a hurting heart, with words of kindness and the wisdom to never say too little, nor too much.
It shows that some one cares and understand sorrow."
Ilse Homer
November 18, 2019
Good Day, Tom,
"In the spirit of my life,
The memories will reign.
Capturing amazingly,
What has been once,again.

Perhaps , as we've been told at time,
That we will never die,
Nor lose a love, nor matter what,
Through dead , so why we sigh?

Those words the Bible teaches us
Bring peace and faith to last,
As long as we believe in God
And trust that we are blessed."

Have peace and know that you are
Loved and missed.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
November 15, 2019
Hello, Tom, my thoughts are with you . I wish to go back in history and start all over again as a new Mother with her first born ,you as s baby.
Many things would be different , as a now old established Mother and Grandmother, I have learned that some things are still very important in raising a child, and others are meaningless .
Love and Harmony, honesty and trust,
sharing and giving ,are the foundation in creating peace and beautiful , comfortable home and family environment.
You are loved and missed always,
Ilse Homer
November 11, 2019
Dearest Tom,
Thank you for serving this country with honor and great sacrifices. We were very proud of your willingness to serve, as many did not.
Happy Veterands Day.
Rest peacefully,
All my love ,
Ilse Homer
November 6, 2019
Hello, Tom,
"Perhaps the wind of time released
A magic picture show,
where as you turn sadness around,
To bring to me , you back now.

We search for minute memories,
The tiniest to please,
As long as they might speak of love,
add comfort , joy and peace."

Loving you,

Ilse Homer
November 5, 2019
My dearest Son,
"Where did the days of Summer go,
So quick and silently?
They rushed without a sad good bye
Towards eternity.

The months of Autumns beauty fell
Upon us with great might,
Of cooling breezes, rain and zest,
To make God's work alright.

I wish you peace and rest, my Son,
As if you were alive ,
Within my heart your life goes on,
With strength of will, in strife."
All my love,
Ilse Homer
October 29, 2019
My dearest Tom,
Thoughts of you are daily experienced, as the days pass slowly and the memories refresh what once had been of greatest value.
Naturally, you are at peace , wanting nothing more, than rest your heartbroken soul.
Heartbroken, only known to you, since your laughs, smiles and many jokes, spoke only of a happy, well adjusted person.
How wrong we can be, assuming never to be attendance of a show given, by a heartbroken person.
You are loved and missed . Too many fell under your loving and caring personality,, not to miss you desperately,as we do.
May God hold you dear in his embrace .
All my love,
Ilse Homer
October 25, 2019
Dear Tom,
I neglected to tell you that this year we did not go to Shanksville to your Brother LeRoy's resting place .
The Memorial is absolutely beautiful , honoring all forty victims of this tragic 9/11/2001horror.
He must have been devastated as one of the pilots for being unable to safe the passengers , the other pilot and himself.
I cannot think of his gentle soul and loving heart to go through such heartbreaking evil action committed by foreigner,against innocent people.
I am forever a broken person, have lost so many beloved , but gratefully all of you are with God.
Kiki, has given up her law practice for awhile. She was tired after practicing law for twenty three years .She went six years ago the the culinary school of America, became a chef, went another year to school and became a Nutritionist and has her own very well doing catering business.
She has her large beautiful home in Martha's Vineyard and her Penthhouse in Manhattan .Both of my grand son's , her boys,are college graduates and doing very well, in fact all of the kids and grandchildren are, including my beloved stepchildren and their children.
Life was good, although , Dad had died when they were so young,Michelle was only eight and Kiki and LeRoy each only one year older,I had been blessed that we raised them to be kind hearted and willing to become the best that they could be.Working hard and studying for degrees and advanced degrees.They have good lives, happy and successful ones.
Most of it you knew, some of it you did not.
Bless your soul!
Much love,
Ilse Homet
October 25, 2019
My dearest Tom, I love and miss you so very much. It was somehow impossible to get to your page. I had lost it around your birthday.You are daily on my mind and in my prayers.
Oh, how I wish that we could share calls, text and visits.
You were a wonderful person, with
an intellect of extreme knowledge and a heart filled with goodness and generosity .You are loved and missed by many.
May you rest in peace and have been rewarded with the solitude you had sought.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
September 29, 2019
Thinking of you today ... The grandkids (all 3 of them) have been researching their DNA .. the results have been fascinating ... I think you would have enjoyed learning about your ancestry as they have. Wishing you peace
Sandi Mckenna
August 26, 2019
Good afternoon, Tom,
it was impossible to get to this site.
I had tried several times, unsuccessfully.Surely, it was my fault, as it so often is.
Gratefully I am aware of human faults, especially if these are of my neglect doing the incorrect procedures according to my jobs efficiency.
How are you in your Heavenly perfection?
Nothing could be more beautiful and dreamlike as the place God has offered to those who had lived life in his image.
You always had tried to be the best that you could have been.
God, I am sure, had been pleased, and if not always, his forgiveness was in a fatherly manner.
We are blessed to have our Lord guiding, loving and protecting us, his children, in a world where protection and love are required for peace and safety to achieve our highest goals we are honored to accomplish.
Thinking of you always, missing and loving you,wishing you were here among family and friends.
You have chosen your time, and I am sure that your wish and not that of illness or a tragic accident
had been the reason.
Never understood your action, worried about a reason I might had been able to erase and help you to find a solution.
God was with you and stood by. Perhaps he was lovingly willing to accept your action with his wisdom and forgiveness.
Have the rest and peace you had sought and need.
All my love,

" When the days seem gloomy,
as the clouds hang low,
God had tried recovery
of a sunny glow.

Life is more than sunshine,
rain or snow at times.
We dwell in faith and listening
to distant church bell chimes.

When our days have sorrow,
and the heart feels pain,
God will embrace us gently,
to claim our sad disdain.

I think of you with memories,
some sad and others of fun,
wish to hug you with the love,
shared,Tom, for so long."

Ilse Homer
June 27, 2019
Dear Tom,
sending few words,
but huge and meaningful in the measurements of love.
Missing you so very much.
I wish to recapture the memories we had shared during you life time.
May God's grace lull you peacefully to sleep.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
June 24, 2019
My dearest Tom,
happy Birthday in Heaven.
Today you would be sixty four.
Are there parties in Paradise?
Surely, no one is hungry for cake and ice cream.
Cannot imagine the beauty and happiness that surrounds you.
It must be magical.
Although, I do not write as frequently as in the past, my heart is longing for you, as my mind is missing the intellectual wisdom you had shared.
I am reading your religious book and truly find the different approaches toward Christianity, Hinduism,
Budism and the many other religious beliefs you had studied,
very interesting,
adding to my somewhat limited religious knowledge a great deal.
Your friend DD was very kind and generous to offer them to me,
knowing that I am a reader, lover of books and would enjoy to read what you had selected.
May you have peace and found God's loving forgiveness.

" Like an eagle,
you soar in God's Horizon,
A love you never knew before.
May God, the one who forgave you,
is always greeting you at his door.

May his arms embrace you,
as you praise his name,
promising love and honor,
as ones did Abraham.

Enjoy the beauty of his home,
in Heaven, as a gorgeous land,
He had created for us all,
in his quick, loving command."

All my love,
Ilse Homer
June 18, 2019
Dear Tom,
yesterday was your special day:"Father's Day", wish you could have been here for your son to get in contact with you.
You were loved, cherished, respected and now very much missed.
In another week you would be sixty four.
Gone for eight years, left one month short of your fifty sixth birthday. It is still a very young age for a healthy men o body and mind, but then we never know what had expired in your mind to have taken your own life.
I truly believe that people , who leave voluntarily have a heavy burden they carry, and cannot see any positive conclusion for their troubled existence.
I wish you had confided in one of your family members or friends.
You were always laughing, showing happiness, never any concern to any of us, that there might have been sadness, worries of any kind in your life.
You were an actor, and it came as a shock to us, that your life had ended, a day before we spoke, laughed, telling each other to call soon, staying in contact, missing and loving the presence of being together.
I miss you, Tom, wish I was there to soothe your troubled mind, help you with whatever had brought you sadness.
I was your Mom, the one you could have talked to about anything. I would have never criticized you ,no matter what had burdened your tender heart, your sensitive soul.
Happy Father's Day in Heaven.
Much love,

" Days are filled with many blessings,
some we cannot comprehend,
since they come quiet unexpected
in a form too hard to understand.

We might see a light through darkness,
find a path obscured before,
as we thought we had lost connections,
from a presence of it's core.

Yes, we search what lies beyond
our future, presence, past,
knowledge is not comprehensive
of God's blessings he will cast.

We must thank him, even though,
we are unable to understand,
why and when things turn out badly,
as if sinking in quicksand.

Faith, I think is what we most need,
in the times when things go wrong.
When we lose the precious loved ones,
as we feel we can't any longer go on.

May the strength that keeps us moving,
stays with us through thick and thin.
Lends the power of mind and body,
so that, dear God, we never cave-in."
Ilse Homer
June 11, 2019
My dear Tom,
thinking of you with love and prayers.
Wishing that your self imposed sacrifice had brought you the forgiveness of God's almighty love and understanding.
Rest in peace with the knowledge that you are always loved and missed.
Ilse Homer
June 10, 2019
My dear Tom,
days are flying almost as pages in a book, when lifted by a breeze, when unattended on a porch bench.
In fact, I had watched my book one day, pages being turned by the wind.
Tomorrow is the date of your and your brothers demise.
Always sadness overcomes me, especially on the special days of the year.
Your birthday is in fifteen days. You would have reached the age of sixty four. Can't imagin to have a child of such an advanced age, step,biological or adopted, the relations are unimportant , only love and caring is important in life.
In our family we have all these categories, and each child has always been special and loved deeply.
God has blessed our family with compassion , kindness and true love for those of need and caring.
May you rest and have everything to satisfy your wishes, dreams and hopes.
Much love,
Ilse Homer
June 2, 2019
Dear Tom,
It was a warm , sunny and very comfortable day. We were out Eadt, enjoying farmland and the stately country homes, some a hundred years old, other fairly new snd modern .we leave the vastness of land? Of properties to plant all of the vegatsbles and berries one wishes to eat, share or even sell.
In the summer and autumn months to come , we will feast on toasted born and home made donuts . Naturally we will
I've apples? Peaches snd berries and will carry home a good supply of vegetables, grown by our Long zi sland neighbors.
Missing snd loving you,
Peace be yours,
Ilse Homet
May 27, 2019
Dear Tom,
Thinking of you on this special day of remembering all Veterans of foreign wars..
Thank you for your service to this country , willing to sacrifice your life as medic and paratrooper, being still a teenager at the time of entering the service.
You were brave and feared not to face the enemy.
I love you for have been the person of character and conviction, honor and dignity, love and compassion.
Rest in peace,
Ilse Homer
May 22, 2019
hugs and words of love, meaning that you were special in so many ways, unforgettable to many.

"When solitude is yearned for,
where no peace surrounds a place,
where dreams find their beginning,
within an endless race.

This is where my days will greet me,
with a different deed or chore,
where my plans will meet my future,
and my heart strings sing some more.

We cannot miss the joy of life,
nor waste a moments time,
on things that are of no concern,
to what is not divine.

Yes, time , my son, is fleeting,
no day will be the same.
The sun and rain will interchange,
as if they play a game.

And time is used so differently,
by every one alive.
Some may long for the days gone by,
as others seek future strife."

Always wishing that you like my few lines of poetry.
They are no master pieces, but they come from my heart.
Find the rest you had sought,
loving you,
Ilse Homer
May 22, 2019
Dearest Tom,
"If we dance within the colors
of the flowers blooming bright,
laughing, as we do with passion,
to our hearts delight.

God will fill our souls with joy,
in the fragrance , in the scent,
like the birds that fly in song,
before their life is spend.

Oh, the children dance as we do,
in the garden,in the street.
Picking flowers of the colors, bright,
with scents so sweet.

We are like the seeds God planted,
reaching up to touch His face,
growing, blooming, being
trying to be of grace.

And so, my son, we keep on dancing,
to the melodies of times gone by,
in the gardens of our plantings,
to join a butterfly."
As I look at our gardens in front and back, I am being reminded of the many years of happiness we had spend, enjoying the beauty I had created.
The many lushes shrubs and glorious flowers, are still blooming, growing and continue to look grand.
Yes, we had danced in the gardens,laughed for being silly, and drank in the scents of intoxicating aroma the many flowers had offered us as thanks for our tender care.
I miss and love you,
Ilse Homer
May 21, 2019
Dear Andrea,
Always loved your messages for Tom, since you were good friends and your shared memories were precious. I hope all is well in your family and healing had taken place. Loss leaves always deep scars.
Blessings and thank you for thinking of Tom and us,
His Mom
Ilse Homrt
May 20, 2019
My dear Tom,
the days of thought of you are a constant and the love of missing you,is overwhelming to my heart.
May you have the peace you had earned and the happiness, you left behind.
Mourning your departure is still unsettling, since it came unexpected and suddenly.
Thinking of many occasions we could had shared time, if the distance,chosen by you, had not been so far from home.
I understand, that most children move away from home after their education has been completed,for job or other security reasons, but it is always sad for the ones left behind.
I love you, Tom, and remember your kindness and generosity, always.
Ilse Homer
May 16, 2019
You will always be remembered Tom. I'm not sure why some post go through and others not. Prayers for your family and especially for your Mother and son.
Andrea Osadnick
May 14, 2019
My dear Tom,
"I wish that other's took the time
to write a line or two.
To speak of what you had meant to them,
Unknown to you but true.

I've heard that memories at times
refresh sadness again ,
and that with writing a word or two ,
Sorrow,will still remain .

Perhaps as time is fleeting by
So are the thoughts of you,
when life brings forth news and events,
loved ones are urged to do .

But then there always will remain
your Mother, who loves you,
to write her notes of sentiments,
sad,tear laced and blue ."

Have peace,
much love,
Ilse Homer
May 11, 2019
My dear son,
"Today is just another day
Of heartbreak and of sorrow.
You left today eight years ago,
Why can't you be here tomorrow?"
Missing you, loving you, wishing your laughter could still be heard!
Ilse Homer
May 4, 2019
"it is the time of year again
when sorrow fills my heart,
as you left our life without
a note to say , you're part.

Eight years it was when at the door
Police knocked soft with fears,
to let me know that you had died ,
their eyes concealed their tears.

They spoke the words of sympathy,
but could not tell me much,
nor did they know the cause of it,
left with a caring touch .

I miss the wealth of what you were,
and what you had left behind...
The memories, the many books,
the letters ,sweet and kind.

The pictures of a handsome man,
a child, a teenage boy,
the guitar on which you played your songs,
and yes, a childhood toy.

Oh, how I remember life with you ,
and also great despair,
when you took up with alcohol
to cause dismay and fear.

But then discovery came your way,
you were clean and strong again,
you worked full time, had many friends,
but why came death with pain?

I miss you every day, my son,
every week, month and year
Every moment of the passing time,
because I love and care."
All my love,
Ilse Homer
May 3, 2019
May your heart rejoice I the presence of our Lord.
love and miss you so very
Ilse Homer
May 1, 2019
Dear Tom,
May the love of your relatives and friends bring you Heavenly happiness.
I love you,
Ilse Homer
April 30, 2019
Hello, dear Tom,
Wishing you peace and eternal happiness.
Still your brother's legacy page is gone, why?
Sacrificing your life for others should automatically put you upon a higher level of acceptance , do you agree ?
Love you,
Ilse Homer
April 28, 2019
My dear son,
May the Glory of our Lord touch your soul to bless it with eternal love.
Always in my heart
I love you,
Your Mom
Ilse Homer
April 24, 2019
My dear Tom,
I love you and miss you so very much .
May peace be yours always,
Ilse Homer
April 24, 2019
Dear Tom,
It is a warm and sunny day. I am out already to run some errands.
Love and miss you.
Have peace,
Ilse Homer
April 22, 2019
My dear Tom?
Love and miss you . in every moment of leisure you are on my mind.
The memories of your wonderful, kind and
generous personality are a blessing to the days when despair is overwhelming.
Wish to turn the clock back, hear your call
for help, to come to your aid and rescue.
Rest in peace.
Always in my heart with love,
Ilse Homer
April 17, 2019
Good morning, Tom,
it is great to be able to write to you via this board.
Geniuses developed it through thoughtfulness and compassion toward desperate survivors.
I wish to know what is the existence of our beloved in Heaven.
May your soul rest peacefully.
Loving and missing you.
Days fly by. Next month is your eight anniversary in heaven.
You were healthy,intelligent and a strong human being.
You could have been here with us today.
Why did you leave us?

"Since change occurs so rapidly,
has life been filled with fears?
For every choice you had made before,
had day's,my son, caused tears?

I know that worries keep us up,
and some can't be resolved.
Although, some are perceived as cruel,
over time they will evolve.

In life things grow, or they must die,
like waves that can't go on,
imprisoned by the flow of tide,
still, basting in the sun.

Through the years you had been guide,
amidst laughter, or despair.
God took your hand when sorrow struck;
Our Lord was always near.

I wish you peace in Heaven,
I wish you love and cheer,
I wish you all the happiness
that's comes your way, my dear."
All my love,
Ilse Homer
April 8, 2019
Dear Tom,
thinking of you daily.
Always in my heart. Missing you deeply.Wishing you were here.
Rest peacefully in the embrace of God.
Much love,
Ilse Homer
March 1, 2019
Thinking of Thom today
February 28, 2019
Dear Tom, so many weeks have gone since my last contribution.
Never far from my mind, always within my heart, mourning you deeply within my soul.
May Heaven embraces you, offers you peace and if needed, solitude and restoration of lost spirituality.
You are missed by many, loved by equally as much, and remembered as a wonderfully, kind and compassioned human being.
The world would be a much kinder place, if more people had your inclination to love others as themselves.
Most deaths are mourned deeply, some are wished for, if a person suffers pain, or is unworthy to live among the good societies of this world.
I have never imagined any of my children would precede me in death.
It is a tragedy and against the order of life.
I had dreams of retirement age, spending more time with relatives, especially with my two son's, and both of them are gone now.
Your younger brother due to the tragedy of September eleventh. He wanted to be a pilot since he was two years old. Achieved all of his dreams and goals, only to be killed piloting the plane, he loved so much as the tool of his great accomplishments.
Life has many detours, and often we think we have reached our destiny, only to realize that detours are part of living.
Have peace and enjoy the many offerings of paradise.
They must be like our fantasy on earth.
Can't be imagined.
All my love,

"May the time in Heaven's vastness,
make you heart rejoice with love.
May the wonder's of His greatness,
make your soul enter His cove.
Touch and taste the many offerings,
so unusual, filled with delight.
Play the music of your heartstrings,
sing and smile , you're in paradise."
Ilse Homer
January 2, 2019
Dear Son,
you handsome smile had brought happiness to many over the years.
Looking at your picture releases memories, cherished and at times bringing tears.
Mourning is painful.
It changes moods,makes us listless and at times even hermits.
We try to stay out of parties,social circles,
mingle with those who are happy and without sorrow.
It is a condition of change.
To some it last forever.
I deal with loss one day at a time.
There are happy days, when seeing grandchildren and witnessing their happiness and successes.
I am happy at Birthdays, graduations, births and can deal with the death of elderly, who have had a long and happy life.
I feel the pain of others, when they are undergoing losses, I can cry with them, pray for them and wishing for better days.
I am sure others have done equally the same for me.
I can feel their spirit,see the sadness in their eyes, and I am grateful for their compassion.
Basically we live in a good world, with good people, and we are able to forgive those who are not as we wish them to be.
It is God's Judgment and not ours, so we hope for his fairness in dealing with those who fulfill his will, and those who do not.
I wish you were here.
I miss you a lot,
Have peace,
all my love,

"There is a master gardener,
who plants the gorgeous seeds.
He watches carefully his
and protects flowers from weeds.
Each child is like a flower,
it grow's,laughs and it
It sings and dances in the sun,
and is our Creators one by one."
Ilse Homer
December 31, 2018
My dearest Tom,
so many weeks have passed since my last contribution to your page.
You were on my mind daily.
Had caused me heartaches each moment of my waking hours, especially since I cannot find closure,
due to your sudden demise.
My wishes for you include the prayers that your soul be at rest, and that God has embraced you and forgiven your mortal sin.
He is the power over our life and death.
You had no right to end yours.
I love and miss you beyond words.
You were a very good and unselfish person.
Perhaps too good for this world, but it was the will of God to end it.
However, I am grateful for the years you were with us.
Long distance did not matter, as long as you were able to be reached by any means of communication.
Christmas has come and gone. We talked of you, mourned you and enjoyed the many funny stories of you and your humor.
Tonight is New Years Eve.
Hopefully it will bring blessings globally.
How wonderful and enriching would a world of peace and freedom for all, be.
One can always hope.
One can always pray.
One can always try to make this world a better place.
Perhaps God will bless my wishes, my hopes, my prayers.
Your son is doing well, and so is his Mom and siblings.
They are not in contact with me and I do not have their addresses.
Both seem to move often, but as long as they are well their lives should be good all around.
" As long as we are able
to add a little peace,
it is a gift from God above,
who had let us live with ease.

Perhaps we are blessed more than most,
have learned to love and care,
institute learned knowledge,
to help those near and dear.

We are in a fight for freedom.
For food and health for all.
Search Governmental records,
to help, before some fall.

After all we're human,
to share an overflow
of food and goods that we don't need,
but others might need so.

Thank God, we're not subdued,
by lack of consolation,
instead we seek an inner need,
to be part of life's preservation.

May this Year of new beginnings,
add peace and joy world-wide.
Erase the thoughts and acts of hate,
from players of Jekyll and Hide."
Much love,
Ilse Homer
October 18, 2018
My dear Tom,
it has been a few weeks since my last visit to your page.
A lot of things are happening in my life, due to the fact that the house is still under construction and my help is needed in selections of paints,furniture, appliances, etc.
You are on my mind daily. Naturally, being my beloved son.
You are forever loved and missed.
We pursue our daily activities as society ruled to act and live.
If we are law abiding citizens.
May you have the peace which is often not ours.
Stressful situations just pop up at times,
leaving us struggling to deal with proper solutions,
often foreign or even outdated.
The family is well.
Educations, graduations, weddings and all the other festivities come along as timely as in the past.
Celebrations are often the only time that we see out off town relatives.
The happiness is expressed with lots of smiles, laughs, hugs and great conversations,
beside dinner and gift giving.
You have been missed so many times.
Even then when you were still with us.
You took to your job of serving others very seriously.
Never thinking of your family missing your happy personality and the many highly intellectual conversations,you had been known for.
Perhaps now your spirit is in attendance at those special times.
Sometimes I can feel your presence.
May peace be on your side,
as I leave you now with much love and missing you.

"If one ask me why I write on this legacy,
I will tell them that I love what I read and see.
Many people add a note,filled of great respect,
and compassion lace their words,some have deep impact.
Oh, I thank each written note coming from the heart,
finding words of comfort in the first lines part.
Enjoy the writings, do not laugh, as you used to do,
all of us who add a note love and will miss you"

of a person's loving thought's having found a start.
Ilse Homer
September 26, 2018
Good morning, Tom,
it is cooler today, with some rain.
You can tell the seasons have changed.
Summer had left with lots of storms,floods and some destructions,due to Hurricans and Tropical storm.
We are doing fine.
Several graduations and birthdays were celebrated in the past months.
Life keeps going in its flows of God's selections of creations.
We are unable to stop nature, but we can try to prevent destructions where ever possible.
You are very much loved and missed.
No one is able to understand your last decision, which had hurt all of those who had known and loved you.
You were never selfish,in the contrary,
however, the last act
has been very selfish, thinking of your feelings only, and regrettably it has brought so much pain especially to me , Tommy and JoJo.
I hope that God has forgiven you and that you are resting peacefully in His Paradise.
I love you, Tom, and wish so much that you were here, for comfort, visits and the great conversations only you and I could have.

"Low is the mood today and often,
when thinking of the precious time,
now lost to me,
because you had left without a notice,
I mourn your loss and what could be."
Ilse Homer
September 23, 2018
Dearest Tom,

"Giving life to add to the human race,
it often done to earn points of grace.

To see what children want to be,
has nothing to do with parental dignity.

Perhaps one seeks to duplicate,
gene pool inheritance for ones own race.

If success bears intellect,
kindness, charm and can connect,

then I think the goal was reached,
to bring forward a child to teach."

Rest peacefully.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
September 22, 2018
My dearest Tom,
I am so very sorry for not writing to you for several months.
You were in my heart always.
I had mourned you, missed you and love you so very much.
I had talked to God, making the request to return to this earth one day again and have you onces more as my child.
But this time I would be a much better Mother to you.
I have learned over the years that it is alright, even desirable, to encourage your children to reach their goals, but I had been too strict in rearing you, mainly because you were so intelligent that what is ok for most children, had not been ok for you.
I pushed you to become the best you could be, and I have learned that to let your children go with the flow, is so much better, than having them on a string to reach the moon, then pull them back for extra points.
What farce is that?
you did not complain, loved me for what I wanted you to be, but I realize now that much of your childhood was spend in an intellectual bubble.
Playing chess when still in kindergarten, reading at age three,speaking two language at six, and so on and on.
Even your Teachers on eery level of learning did not know what to do with you, because as they said, you knew much more than they did.
Its all my fault.I am so sorry.
Perhaps I had unwillingly, unknowingly contributed to your choice to leave this earth.
Please, have peace, my gentle child.
I love you.
Ilse Homer
July 30, 2018
Dearest Tom,
sending you greetings and wishing you peace.
Whenever I think of the many outings we have had either in Europe or other parts of this world, you come to mind, being a vital part of those excursions.
Your laughter still rings in the background of my mind.
You were a very inquisitive child and teen.
It was a pleasure teaching you or looking up the answers in Encyclopedia's if they were foreign to me.
You always rewarded me with the highest test scores in lower grades, high school and college.
Your IQ was almost too high for Mensa, but you never felt as accomplished as you were intellectually.
I don't know why you were humble and never talked about your extreme knowledge about any subject.
Subjects found out about how much you knew when they needed help either in school or at work.
It is therefore very questionable to me, how the end of your life came to such a violent conclusion.
You always researched subjects of interest.
You did not even took medication unless you knew all about the ingredients,side effects and interactions with other medication.
All of your life you researched and never took no for an answer,unless positive proven to be correct.
I miss the conversations,the interesting exchanges of the mind, the many times I found out how wrong some of my opinions were against your logic.
It was wonderful to learn from my child.
Although,as well college educated as you,
you observed and retained your knowledge, as I was only interested to have good test scores and then forget what had been uninterested or not useful for daily business.
My missing you brings deep sadness into my life.
Loving you becomes almost a burden, since I am unable to do anything for you.
Rest peacefully.

"At times my world is filled with sorrow,
especially when missing you.
It is so hard to keep my courage
and the strength I had, you so well knew.

Since change occurs in life so quickly,
I never know what might come next,
and hope and pray it wont be sadness,
or something huge,or even hexed.

You know there are times when I feel hopeless,
when days are gloomy or filled with fear,
when I awake with deepest sadness,
and wish that you would call, were here.

Be blessed and enjoy a day quite fruitful,
in deeds and words that you might say,
let God, the Father, lead you forwards,
to bring great happiness each and every day.
Ilse Homer
July 17, 2018
My dear Tom,
For several weeks I had been unable to get to your site.
It has been frustrating, especially since I had been prevented from writing a small note on the day of your anniversary.
You are loved and thought of always.
It is still very difficult to understand the reason for your death.
So very often violent deaths remain unsolved.
Should I have neglected to be more inquisitive,
please, forgive me.
I had taken the worlds of professionals at face value.
I know that your Physicians had never seen any cause of worry, in fact they had assured me that you were one of the most highly intelligent patients they had ever encountered and without any mental or physical disabilities.
Your death had been a shock to them as well as to your friends and the rest of your family.
I am greatly in hope that you are at peace, as I miss and love you beyond words.
You had always been a source of intellectual interactions ,warmth and love.
The loss of a child is not measured by actions, but by the love from the day at birth.
Nurturing, worries and providing everything a child needs, are the benefits, and at times a setback of being a parent.
Being a parent are choices one has, and providing love and social skills are responsibilities parents have,to provide and install the development of a well rounded future human .
You were a fine young man, and did well.
Thank you.

"Today we think of yesterday
and wonder of tomorrow.
Are happy moments part of it,
or laced with yet more sorrow?

We feel as if the sun should shine
each day without the rain,
but how would life continue then,
without new growth or pain?

We would not recognize true bliss,
if hurt would never be.
Why should we thank the Lord above,
if we knew just love and glee?

Perhaps it's best we know of pain,
of ups and downs in life.
For strength to realize one stands alone,
to achieve results through strife."
All my love,
Ilse Homer
June 27, 2018
My dearest Tom,
my Internet was just restored. I had computer problems for the last several days.
I did miss your Birthday here on this board, but we did not miss the balloons, we had sent through the clouds, hopefully reaching a glimpse of you.
Wishful dreams, as we had dreamed when we were children.
All things were possible then, through faith and innocence.
Happy Birthday, my dear child.
How you are missed, loved and yearned for.
" In the hours of despair,
you are there.
In the heart of deepest sorrow,
you are there.
When the clouds hang low with moisture,
you are there.
In the spirit of our memories,
you are there."
Embrace the beauty of eternal peace and love,
thinking of you always,
Ilse Homer
June 20, 2018
Dearest Tom,
missing you today as much as seven years ago, when you suddenly and so unexpected left this earth.
I wish, as am filled with hope that you have peace, and that eternal happiness laces each day of your heavenly journey.

"Your life was hard, and oh, so dreary,
as struggling through each day in pain.
Your faith seemed weak, at times, and scary,
when circumstances were rough again.
But there are roads, that lay before us,
those roads are paved with blesses love,
if we just live with hope in glory,
and lend our worries to God above."
I wish that you had followed your daily meditations past the hours of your demise.
Have peace.
With all my love,
Ilse Homer
June 6, 2018
Dear Tom,
life is lonely at times, especially when longing for your
company or just a text message or a phone call.
In a few more weeks you would have another birthday, and now you will never age, will remain slim and handsome as the day you had left us seven years ago.
Tiffany and Laurel both had a graduation.
Laurel from High School and Tiffany from college.
Both go on the further their education.
Personal and business success will be theirs, as they are intelligent and kind of heart.
We drove to N.C. It was a very long but beautiful ride.
The scenery was pleasing and the traffic had been most of the time very lite, due to the time we had chosen to drive.
Tommy had been invited but somehow did not respond to invitations.
Perhaps he had not seen them or had business to attend.
I miss him, since he never gets in contact with us, but as long as he stays in close communication with his Mom, I am happy.
I cannot answer his reasons for not sending a card or text once in a while.
He is a grown man with responsibilities, of which I am none.
Often I believe that you where the force behind his thank you cards,he wrote, for gifts received.
It I not important as long as he is healthy and happy and has good relationships with friends
and other family members.
Worries are a waste of energy depleting our immune system.
I have always believed that no news is good news.
Soon summer will arrive. We had a very rainy and cold spring.
Flowers came to life and died shortly because of the cold temperatures.

"Little things do matter,
like bees and even flies,
like babies,drops of rain,
and small clouds in the sky.

A frog in the smallest pond,
croaking a happy tune,
or tears of a heart that is grieving;
Toward pain we are not immune.

I thank God for snow capped mountains,
for meadows and rivers great,
for flowers and warmth in sunshine,
and for all that of nature is made.

I love the slivers of moon light
when the day of chores is gone,
and the twinkles of stars at midnight,
reminding me what God had done."

Peace and much love,
Ilse Homer
May 22, 2018
Dear Tom,
greetings from New York, your home away from home, which you had made for yourself in Florida.
All is well here. The weathers getting warmer and dryer. It has been a long cold and wet winter.
Tiffany graduated from College on Friday and had a wonderful, well attended party in Kiki's penthouse in Manhattan on Sunday.
Tommy was invited but could not make it.
Sadly so, we all had hoped to see him.
He has moved to Oregon. It is a long distance from New York and it would have been very expensive for him to fly here.
Naturally he could have stayed with us to safe hotel expenses, but you know how independent he is, as all of our family members. No one accepts charity;although, staying with ones grandparents is not considered charity.
It is love, sharing, exchanging memories and being happy to be together.
I just hope that he is doing well. I do not hear from him, ever, and if we see each other it is always as if we had left off with our conversations just yesterday.
You are often in our conversations when the family gets together.
You will never be forgotten.
Next week we are going to Laurel's High School graduation in NC.
There are so many happy occasions for the family to be together.
Almost every year there is something to celebrate.
When children have graduated, a few years later their children graduate slowly from kindergarten through elementary,junior high, high and then college.
In between there are birthdays and other school related events to come together, it might be for musical awards or sport related celebrations.
You are missed at all those times.
Seats would be reserved for Dad, LeRoy and for you.
Rest your soul,
all my love,
" Rest your soul,
let your spirit fly,
embrace each moment,
way above the sky.
Heaven is so far away.
I wish to visit,
but do not like to stay.
The time will come
when God takes my hand,
carries me like my Father
into His magic land.
We will embrace ,
then celebrate,
as we meet at
God's golden gate."
Ilse Homer
May 11, 2018
My dear Tom,
the years have been touched with great sadness, due to your passing.
You had left us now seven years ago, and every feeling of loss is as fresh as when I found out about your tragic ending.
May peace have reached your heart, mind and soul.
You deserve everlasting inner harmony.
I love you, miss you, wish you be near.

"Nearness of the ones we love is Heaven made on Earth.
The love and closeness we can share is more than gifts are worth.
You had added laughter to our lives,
told jokes of true response.
The smiles you brought to relatives,
were often so, not once.
We cherished talks of Global news,
and those of private lives,
of all that mattered most to you,
a life to tranquilize.
You had loved moments of solitude.
Of Natures harmony.
Of listening to soothing streams,
to feel completely free.
You spirit lies within the air,
within the ocean blue,
within the hearts that loved you so,
in every drop of dew."

Ilse Homer
May 10, 2018
Tallahassee FL
Andrea Osadnick
May 2, 2018
Dear Tom,
"Today, the sun wok up with me
to make her Global round,
to greet the people of this world,
who are all earthly bound.
The brilliant rays touch me with warmth
I had sought for weeks and days.
As birds now fly so joyously,
I rejoice in my own ways.
Wish wishes deep within my heart
I think of you and pray,
that Heaven is a Paradise,
much more than I could say."
Peace and happiness,
always with Love,
Ilse Homer
April 17, 2018
Good evening,Tom,
Mother nature plays tricks on us.
It is Spring,but as cold as Winter.
Our beautiful flowers are too fragile to fight this unusual cold temperature.
Hopefully next Spring is a little warmer.
It would be wonderful to share conversations and pictures with you.
You were a nature lover as I am.
We love the beauty of greenery and the flowers,sun, even rain that gives us such deep feelings of thanks.
Every refreshing breeze is a gift from God to each life giving breath.
Wish you were here.
I love and miss you very much.
Ilse Homer
April 16, 2018
Dear Tom,

"There are so many things to love,
and one of them are you.
Within the world so beautiful,
you had been part of its gorgeous hue.

A million moments quite worthwhile.
You had added to the cheer,
and to the pleasure of the days
in your special,loving ways.

A happy heart, so free
from fear,
uprooted from your dreams,
had often brought your laughs and smiles,
easy going life, it seems."

So many things to love about you.
The memories are treasures, I will forever hold dear,.
with lots of love,
Ilse Homer
April 12, 2018
Dear Tom,
a short hello from a hart filled with love for you.
Yesterday was the eleventh.
A day of great sadness, since you and your brother both had died on this date.
Next month you have left us seven years ago.
It is almost impossible to believe that those years flew by so quickly.
It almost seems like yesterday when we had our last talk.
Two days before you had passed.
You were happy,laughing, fearless,.
Courageously you had faced the possibility of what would happen in just two more short days.
Or did your plan came suddenly as you were charging both of your phones and writing on your computer,or did another person caused you to die?
The police never investigated and took your death as they saw it,by your own hand.
We never believed it.
Your friends did not believe it.
Perhaps it is another unanswered question, and perhaps someone got away with murder.
We will never know.
Have peace and let your
spirit fly.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
April 10, 2018
My dearest Tom,
my computer had been disconnected due to the water damage to the house so many months ago.
We are still waiting to get a check for loss and damages.
You cannot imagine the unfavorable condition our house is under at the time.
But I am positive that it will be pretty again in the near future.
You have been on my mind daily,as you sure know.
Sadness encircles my heart, since you had left next month seven years ago.
How many happy moments you must have lost,especially finding out about your two beautiful grandchildren.
Sadly Kristel,your daughter, their Mom had died three years ago while on her way to work.
Drowned in a pond and no one near to help her.
It was three o clock in the morning.
She just had turned forty.
She lost her young and eventful life, as her father took his own.
I am heartbroken about the many painful circumstances,which have burdened out life's during the years.
Have peace, my kindhearted child.
You deserve the best,as Heaven will provide for you.
All my love,

" In the years of longing,
in the years I would cry.
Did I ask my Lord above the many questions:

Why do some don't care,
what will do their thoughtlessness to those
who were so dear?

I have learned the lessons
of destiny unknown,
of loss and all the heartbreaks,
which at your birth were sown.

One must prepare for sorrow.
It surely will arrive.
A heart that breaks quiet suddenly,
at times will not survive."
Ilse Homer
December 21, 2017
Dear Tom,
" I had thought of you with deepest grief,
had wished that you were here.
Exchanging memories and thoughts,
of happy times and cheer.

So long ago we had dreamed the dreams
of closeness, families,
of all the things that mean so much,
as a treasured masterpiece.

You took the route of no return.
I hope that you looked back.
To smile a little, wave once more
on your so sad wrong track.

I wish the Heavens turn for you
in spiraled happiness,
with music to your hearts desire,
smooth like a looking glass."

Love and miss you so!
Ilse Homer
December 8, 2017
Dear Tom,
"The days have come,
the days had gone
when I did write to you.
So many weeks of absentee,
although, nothing was new.
The weather had been very cold,
the room without much heat.
I sat at times quite shivering,
no words to write, nor read.
Perhaps you had thought forgetfulness
or memories at loss,
or a Mother's heart had ceased to grief
the son she loved utmost.
No, nothing of this sort could be
the truth as you should know.
I love and miss your every day,
as the letters here can show.
Be well, my child,
enjoy God's peace
of all His great beyond,
give thanks because you will be pleased,
so happily, and fond."
All my love,
Ilse Homer
November 14, 2017
Dear Tom,
in one more week is Thanksgiving.
A time to reflect on the blessings we had received during the year and to share our offerings with the needy.
You were a very generous person.
There were times when you had very little, but what ever you had you had found it in your heart o share with others.
I wish that every person would have the need to ship in to ease the sufferings of others.
May peace be with you and rest is your comfort.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
November 7, 2017
Dear Tom,
always in my memory with sadness in my heart.
Wishing peace and rest for you and all of the wonders you were unable to witness on earth.
Play your music and sing your songs.
Let angels approve your love of giving.
Wish you were here.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
November 3, 2017
Hello, dear Son,
" I remember, I remember,
days of sunshine
in the past.
When your laughter,
heart and soul,
brought us greetings,
years to last.
When your worries
were minute,
as your mind and thoughts
were calm,
with your smiles
and deepest love,
my dear, Tom,
you had no qualm.
Rest in peace
and play your music,
sing a song
and send your love,
dance along with all the angels,
my dear son, with God above."
All my love,
Ilse Homer
November 1, 2017
Dear Tom,
"We listen to the raindrops,
as if we truly care.
It is only quite important
to tell us what to wear.
As raindrops might will dampen
the sweetness of your soul,
or is trying with great tenderness
to change sadness in its goal.
When sunshine reappears
and sees your happy smile,
it send nature a happy message:
"please, stay for a little while."
Rain is in the air today as dark clouds travel on the horizon.
Wishing you peace,
all my love,
Ilse Homer
October 26, 2017
Dear Tom,
love and memories are a constant in our hearts.
Missing you daily and wishing that you were here.
Have peace and keep on smiling,
all my love,
Ilse Homer
October 25, 2017
Dear Tom,
" The days are getting shorter
as Autumn leaves begin to fall.
Leaving a magic beauty
to admire for us all.
Sometimes as we journey
the highways near and far,
we getting always closer to
our God of sun and star.
Nature has a tendency
to bring us smiles and peace.
Through her precious scents and beauty
our worries will decrease.
Each day we find new blessings
and another gifted chance,
to correct the faults committed
with good will we have at hand."
I miss and love you so very much.
Peace be yours, always,
Ilse Homer
October 24, 2017
My dear Tom,
you are loved and missed.
Prayers always help a little when overcome by deep sadness.
Loneliness is often a constant companion when knowing that there is no answer should I try to call you.
You would tell me, us, to get going with our life. Just put one foot in front of the other and not dwell on questions no one can answer, don't cry, don't give in to daily sorrow.
I understand that most people would have gotten over the death of a beloved over time, but for a parent there is not such a thing as getting over the loss of a child.
I hope that you are at peace and that you have finally found eternal rest.
I love, you, Tom, and wish for you to be here.
Ilse Homer
October 12, 2017
Dear Tom,
a cloudy moist morning awoke me today, as I was looking forward to sunny, warm skies, songs of birds and smiling faces around me.
None of it came true.
Linda Lee was already on the bus for school, Michelle had a meeting and Monique was still asleep.
No smiling faces, no songs of birds and certainly not a warm, sunny morning.
It is a very cool day, but on the positive side it rained, which is good for our landscape.
There are too many negatives in this world, so I should never complain.
People suffer due to violence of nature or trough the hands of other elements and disasters.
May peace reign and recovery of food, health and housing come through for those, who had lost so much lately.
It is difficult to adjust to the sadness of others.
One feels helpless, even hopeless when it seems as if the culture and structure of our society is falling apart.
People have made so many wrong choices, mostly in Politics, that we will look chaos and destruction in the face, being unable to construct our country back where it had been since the first President resided over this country.
It seems almost impossible to understand how we could have gotten to this point of disarray and turmoil, because one person was chosen to do the best he could to lead, but has not clue what this means.
Knowledge is power.
Sadly, he has none where it counts.
You would be hopelessly dismayed over the consequence wrong choices have left us with.
Have peace and rest,
all my love,
Ilse Homer
October 11, 2017
Dearest Tom,
today is the eleventh again.
A day of great sadness, mourning, remembering you, as this was the date of you leaving us.
You are spoken of almost daily, thought of constantly and loved beyond human limitations.
You would be now sixty-two, but had chosen to make it only to fifty-five.
What had been the reason?
You were in perfect health, as the autopsy had confirmed.
You were strong, handsome and of a brilliant mind.
Perhaps too brilliant to deal with the not so intelligent norm.
But then, on the other hand you were a man of kindness, understanding and tolerance, who had never looked down on any body and had helped so many in a variety of ways.
Not knowing the cause of your absence will forever be troubling to your family.
You had left a huge hole in the hearts of those who love you.
Always missing you.
Rest in peace.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
September 21, 2017
Dear Tom,
love and memories are always about you.
There are no shadows,only a bright light reminding me of your many years among us.
You were our pride and often our worry for the safety of your courageous nature.
God had looked upon you for the protection of your body and soul.
I guess, He had wanted you in Heaven, otherwise He would had prevented your action.
Have peace and remember our love for you,
always, your,
Ilse Homer
September 20, 2017
Hello, Tom,
jus a short message to greet you with love.
Wishing you peace and the rest you had needed.
I long to hear your voice, to communicate as in the years of your laughter and happiness.
You were still young and filled with goodness and compassion of your heart.
I wish you had realized how your life would have continued to be of great value to many.
Especially now, as Hurricanes destroy homes and make people helpless, seeking shelter and nutrition, which you would had provided so generously.
Bless those who need help,if God gives you the power to do so.
Peace always,
lots of love,
Ilse Homer
September 15, 2017
Dear Tom,
A glass filled with ice tea,
a sandwich or two,
an apple so juice,
I'd love offering you.

A porch chair in sunlight,
flowers nestling nearby,
a pillow for comfort,
your music filling the sky.

A shoulder to lean on,
words spoken softly to you,
embraces and kisses
from the love you once knew.

These are wishes I dream of,
if you were still here,
for your comfort and peace,
either from far or quite near."

Thinking of you with love, missing you daily,
Ilse Homer
September 9, 2017
Dearest Tom,
feelings and thoughts are always of mixed, but positive nature.
I love and miss you daily.
Wishing that your bravery had focused on life and not on death.
You had always been a reason of pride to me, because of your kind heart and of your intelligent mind and actions.
May my nightly prayers reach you in Heaven, so that you will be aware of how much you are loved and missed.
Time goes by so quickly.
It seems almost impossible to realize that you had left us six years ago.
Have peace.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
August 19, 2017
Dear Tom,
short greetings to let you know that your are loved and thought of with sadness. These words have been said many times over, and it is difficult to find a sentence structure, dealing with sorrow,differently than those I use almost daily.
I have been reading several of your books lately. It makes me feel close to you.
I often wonder if you had interpret subject matters equally to how I translate them.
Not too many people read the same material as we do.
Some titles lead me right into the direction as they had done for you, going out to buy these books to which we attracted to, no matter how difficult subject matters might be.
You had loved Philosophy, History and Bibliographies as much as I do, and I am so glad to have your books, given to me by your girlfriend after your passing.
Naturally, you were also deeply into Spirituality and into varied Religion of Asia and of the people of other Continents.
I find these books of great interest and can see you getting involved in their studies and ceremonies.
You were a fine and tolerant man.
I have never heard you mention anything negative about any person,race or religion.
I wish to be as kind und loving as you had been.
It would be such a wonderful world could all of us learn to be just a little better, just a little more loving, just a little more understanding.
You were a peaceful man, and I am beginning to realize that the world had been a little too harsh, too violent,too much for you to deal with.
I love you,Tom.
You, your brother and Dad were the best people I had ever known.
Have peace, you had deserved it.
All my love,
Ilse Homer
August 17, 2017
Dear Tom,
" In every language praise is sung
to Lord, the Father, dear.
Our gratitude and willingness we show in holy Prayer.

We praise Him for another day,
we glorify the sun.
We find a joy in moon, and stars,
and all that we had won.

He gave us a heart to love and care
for all creatures of this earth,
to understand the truth of things
through stages of life from birth.

He knows of our many fears
and of our ups and downs,
but tries to guide us with His love
and dries our many tears."
I think of you with sadness for your loss and with happiness for being my son.
Rest and know that you are loved,
Ilse Homer
August 16, 2017
Dear Tom,
it is a beautiful, sunny day.
A wonderful lite breeze sends greetings from Mother Nature,reassuring us that life is not always filled with sadness and without the joy of being alive.
One has to be grateful for everything that we receive and try to evaluate the reasons for the times when sorrow comes upon us.
We do not understand God's reasoning, and are often angry at Him, because we are human, with faults and with a minimum of knowledge beyond that of the sacred and gracious wisdom only God our Fathers has.
I miss and love you dearly.
My dreams are of your happiness and peacefulness in Heaven.
Ilse Homer
August 14, 2017
Hello, dear Son,
it is too often that my imagination is right there with you, in the moments of your last decisions to leave us.
I find it cruel and also courageous to bring sadness into the life of others in order to find everlasting peace.
I know that each member of the human race deserves peace, harmony, love and happiness.
But we have to handle life as it comes ,and don't check out if things are above our heads for a certain amount of time.
Everything in life will change eventually for the better, because it can't get worse if we are at the cliff looking down into the abyss of uncertainty.
With patience , faith and the support of family and friends, step by step, we can learn to get back into the place we had been at one time,
happy and confident,knowing that all small problems can be resolved through time.
I wish that you could have realized it was just around the corner, where peace and gladness would be meeting you shortly.
I love and miss you so.
Peace be yours, always.
Ilse Homer
August 11, 2017
Dear Tom,
today, as each month, I am thinking with great sadness of you.
It is the eleventh. The date of your death.
Six years have passed so quickly, but I still remember the moment we were informed of your passing.
I thought it would also be the day of my death.
My heart was racing, my mind became blank and I had felt a weakness, off balance, to my limbs.
I heard myself screaming in an unnatural sound,animal like, in stammering words of :"No,no, and why?"
The Police Officer gave me his arm for balance and had tears in his eyes,
and I assume now, that he was relieved after his duty had been fulfilled, informing me of your tragic death, and could drive off for another bad message to a loved one.
I love and miss you so very much.
Dreams do not always come true;although, I am still wishing for your safe return.
Rest in peace,
all my love,
Ilse Homer
August 4, 2017
Dear Tom,
thinking of our last conversation just three days before your passing and wishing it could have been longer and repeated, as I had promised the next day.
Too many other important obligations had prevented me from calling back, and I am very troubled about your hurt feelings, due to my missed call to you.
I only hope that I had nothing to do with your leaving us.
Those thoughts have been following me now for six years, and they are burdensome.
Nothing could be more painful than guilt,
even if these are thoughts and feelings unrealistic toward your decision to reunite with your family in Heaven and being near God, our Almighty Father.
I wish you peace and to realize how much you are loved and missed.
Peace, always,
Ilse Homer
July 26, 2017
Dear Tom,
I miss your smiles, your laughs, your intelligent words.
My heart is aching.
Have peace, my handsome child.
Too many love and mourn you,
always with much love,
Ilse Homer
July 24, 2017
Dear Tom,
my love comes to you through the few words of greetings.
Today is a cool and rainy day, but splendid compared to the heat of previous weeks.
However, I am thankful to have a home, a wonderful family, friends and fairly good health.
So many people suffer, either due to consequences off their own faults or due to life's unfairness.
It is almost heartbreaking to watch daily news, casts ,because of the many tragedies befallen innocent people due to accidents or violence by the hands of criminals.
You are at peace;although, you were too young to die, you have missed a lot of sadness of this world because you are gone.
You would have mourned and had felt so sorry for the events of nature or of violence.
You had a wonderful compassioned heart, and in a way I am pleased that you do not have to suffer any longer.
I prefer to suffer your loss for the rest of my life, than see you suffer the pain of being unable to help the sufferers of this world.
I love and miss you so,
be at peace,
Ilse Homer
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