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Pecore, Allie Marie and Curtis G.

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Fifty Ways to end poverty:

#50A: Recollections of my father, Curtis Pecore, by Mary Ann Pecore.

Oh, what I'd give to have more time with my father.

July of this year (2017), marks 50 years since father died. He was 53, mom was 50, I was 24, and my brother, David was 19. And just like that from a massive heart attack, our beloved father and mom's husband, was gone.

The shock of his sudden death has lasted a lifetime, but I would like to tell you now a little about his life.

One of my earliest childhood memories was my mother telling me "your father is very bright."

And so it was. A great mathematical talent with superiors intellect, I would howl with glee when he would answer so many quiz show questions correctly. (Tucson, AZ, late 40's, early 50's.)

While he cherished his scientific mind and it's capabilities, he didn't always relish the "shirt and tie" life that accompanied it.

One time, in Tucson, a hobo crossed our yard and he said the strangest thing - "he's better off."

Father was proud of his home state, Wisconsin. Father loved animals, nature and anything scientific. Wisconsin offered him, among other things, the lakes and rivers, forests and streams, and wildlife he adored.

It was my asthma as a child that kept us out west. He was a beloved and inspiring math and science teacher at Grants High School in Grants, NM (54-61), and also taught at Jemez Springs for a short time.

The NASA space program of the sixties was pure exhilaration for my father.

He always felt scientific achievement should be applied for peaceful reasons, healing, technology and knowledge, not warfare or destruction.

Father was also very proud of his family, as evidenced by the many photographs he took of us throughout the years.

He also enjoyed his garden, oil painting, photography, fly tying, fishing, building and inventing things, and conversation with good friends.

He and mother got along well, and never fought (as far as I know), ever.

And if you look closely, you might even see them resting comfortably somewhere in the heavens, on a starry, starry night.

From their loving family and many friends...Mary Ann, David, Tamara and Shawn, Trisha, Tara, Linda, Mary, Wm, and Bede Dwyer & families, Chris and Robert Romero of 46th St SW & families...Great-grandchildren: Tara & Erik's: Kara and Tim, Tammy and Shawn's: Sierra Rose and Slade.

Published in Albuquerque Journal on July 4, 2017