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Pecore, Allie Marie and Curtis G.

In Memory of

My Beautiful


Allie Marie Pecore



Curtis G. Pecore


Fifty Ways to end poverty:

#48: Guns, guns, guns; - They got us all on the run. It's hard to have a life, when you fear for your life.

I'm here to tell you now, and I do not jest; - I am sick to death of this continuous Wild West period.

We like to think we are civilized, but we are really not; -we have a macho tough-guy culture, with films like "Easy Rider" at the very top.

Most everyday you hear the cries, "Enough is Enough" and I certainly agree; - we need to strengthen gun laws in our society.

We need to expand background checks, and promote gun-safety innovation.

We need to preach the dangers long and loud, and not let guns control our nation.

We also have a multitude of social ills that contribute mightily; -so we have our work cut cut for us, to better our society.

And when is say "we", I mean everyone should contribute consciously,-to make the world a better place, where we can all live comfortably....

From their loving family

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Published in Albuquerque Journal on Mar. 1, 2017