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Pecore, Allie Marie and Curtis G.

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Fifty Ways to end poverty:

#49: I thought it might be nice to let my readers know what propelled me to start writing and speaking out in the first place.

I was around 30 years old before I felt I had a feel for what our country was all about: These were some of my perceptions; both then and now:

*That our country plays too rough with it's people;

*That money is important for happiness and success;

*That physicality is valued over intellect;

*That toughness is valued over kindness, empathy sensitivity;

*That instead of attempting to "nip problems in the bud", we do the very opposite; ratcheting up every problem or ignoring it until it becomes unacceptable, unbearable, or unconscionable. Is it any wonder things are such a mess?!

Throughout history,

civilizations that have exhibited a large degree of "soft power", that is a focus on the arts and sciences, as well as a generous spirit of cooperation and goodwill toward other countries, have reaped the rewards of longevity, prosperity, and high esteem. To turn our backs on this concept, would be, I believe, both immoral and unwise.

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Published in Albuquerque Journal on May 14, 2017