Felipe Perea

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Perea, Felipe

1/7/1950 - 3/14/2010

Everything takes me back to you.

The violaceous lilacs

With their sweet, sweet smell.

The leathery ocean of the dry New Mexico landscape

Under the domed, azure ceiling of youth and hope--

God's finger reaching down to touch our destiny,

The sharp thorns of a blood red rose,

Both the beauty of its blooms

And the danger of its small pricks,

Our red blood absorbed into the crimson color

of the soft petals of life.

I remember you as you were that last spring,

The beginning of the end...

The memory of you like grey smoke,

It's wisps traveling so silently outward,

Some of it no longer visible, In your eyes,

the soft twilight of a calm summer evening,

Your essence escaping and traveling away,

As you silently closed your eyes in repose.

Your arms, once entwining vines that held me,

Limply letting go of the dream.

Everything takes me back to you.

© Rita Perea

I love you and miss you.

Published in Albuquerque Journal on Mar. 14, 2017