Madeline Raffe

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Madeline Raffe

Madeline Raffe (1941-2018) - RIP!

What a long, strange trip it's been!! Born and raised in New York, she eagerly moved to Florida to attend college, fell in love with the ocean and eventually moved there to chase her dreams. She often said she could never live far from the water, but her dreams carried her in another direction. In the early 1980s, she decided to drive cross country to visit an old friend in Palo Alto, stopping in Santa Fe, NM. It was there she fell in love with its beauty and, the following year, moved to the mountains to follow those dreams.

Did she ever fulfill her dreams? Well, she definitely found love with Frank...husband No. 5 - sometimes it just takes a few relationships to find the one and, in all fairness, husband three and four was the same guy. With Frank, she found a true companion - devotion, acceptance, comfort, adventure and, for the last few years with this wicked disease, a loyal caregiver!!

Maddy was extremely spiritual, always searching for just the right religion to fit her lifestyle. She practiced many, but ended up believing in herself!

She loved working, tried many careers and even loved some of them. But, her true passion was volunteering, which she found later in life and tackled with zest. She also took pursued many hobbies - traveling, hiking and, even singing. Born tone-deaf, she became an energetic voice student and belted out Broadway tunes (for

theatre audiences and


So, at the end, Maddy found what she was searching, acceptance, adventure and peace! In the infamous words of Lynyrd Skynyrd,

"If I leave here tomorrow

Would you still remember me?

For I must be traveling on, now

Cause there's too many

places I've got to see"

And, yes, will forever be remembered! Fly free!! xoxo (her husband Frank, and her children, Pamela and


Published in Albuquerque Journal on Mar. 11, 2018