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Tommy Tafoya

In Loving Memory


I can't believe it's been 25 years ago today that our Lord took you home. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, and other times it seems like forever.

Tom and Charlotte just celebrated their 24th anniversary on Monday. We had a nice get together at Gerald and Mary Trinnie's, steaks and all. Tomas is now a senior in college, doing well working and dancing. He's on track to graduate in May. He's applying to physical therapy schools here, in Texas and Arizona. Tatiana is in college too. She's working and teaching dance, and looking for a car. She's studying nuclear medicine and wants to get into the radiology field.

Lucretia has been in her house for a little over a year now. She enjoys sitting in the back yard listening to the pond with her new dog Gracie and watching the fish. She's been studying to become a certified Project Manager. She needs to pass a test by the end of the year. This has kept her busy.

Nep and Bianca are good. He's working in Holbrook for FedEx. He comes home on weekends. Evangelee is a senior and will graduate in May. She's becoming a barista at Starbucks. Samantha is in seventh grade. She's playing softball, and two musical instruments â€" saxophone and tenor saxophone. She's also in the jazz band. We went to her awards ceremony for Honors students. She has a 3.6 GPA. Fred is in fourth grade. He's playing football for the first time and he really likes it. He has his games on Saturdays, and is very disappointed he doesn't play on Sunday too.

Mary Trinnie and Gerald will celebrate their 21st anniversary on September 28th. Gerald is still driving for ABF and competing in the truck rodeo every year. Mary Trinnie is going back to school and works at a tax office. Gerald Paul graduated in May and we had a great get-together. He's now working and going to college with his mother. Tommy Andres is now in middle school (6th grade). He likes changing classes and having a locker. He got his school ID and wanted to know if he could drive now. He's still playing football and basketball.

My mom is still feisty as ever. She is 92 years young, still lives in her home, but did give up driving this year.

As for me I'm doing good. I went to San Diego and New York City this year. Both trips were wonderful.

These kids and grandkids have made my life happy. It would have been wonderful if you had gotten to know the grandkids. They are a joy (and sometimes and pain).

We all love you

and miss you.

Vivian, Kids

and Grandkids

Published in Albuquerque Journal on Sept. 12, 2017