Abraham Gioffre(1980 - 2018)

Abraham Gioffre passed away on Aug. 11, in Salt Lake City, Utah, taken away from us way too early. Growing up with his family - mother and father, and two brothers – in Girdwood, Alaska, he was the baby brother, but with a strong will of his own. The brothers would spend the winters skiing, summers fishing, and always together. With his many friends, they all grew up on the mountain, living their young dreams and building strong life-long relationships.
Abe was a man of extreme passion in everything he did: loving, serving and helping everybody he was with in any given moment, fully committed in every endeavor. He was a beautiful son, spirited and beloved brother, devoted partner to his lover and loyal buddy to his friends. He was on this planet for too short a time, but he was a brilliant light.
As a global traveler, Abe's life was packed with adventures. He lived his entire life with a zest that both inspired and amazed his family and friends. Abe loved skiing in the wildest mountains of Alaska and elsewhere. In his younger years, he competed in free-skiing world tours in Alaska and globally, and then later worked the events. He recently worked with global racing events, along with landscaping.
His work ethic was unmatchable. He was very much a physical being who liked being able to press forward and get the job done, in spite of any obstacles, often finding creative solutions or pressing forward with brute strength. He worked for his travels, his desires, to see his lover across the sea, to be with family and to have a good time while doing it.
Abe was an athlete, competitive in much of what he did; but he had a heart of gold and loved to act as mentor and coach to younger colleagues, or his friends' children. He loved to downhill ski, cross-country ski, bike, fish and hunt with his brothers, cook and savor the flavor of each culture while he traveled the globe. He was a good writer and had written about his ski experiences for outdoor magazines. Recently, he spent a good amount of his time in Austria, where he wanted to settle down with the love of his life. He was just about to make that a reality.
Abraham leaves behind many friends from all over the globe. His passionate nature left a permanent imprint on every one of them. His mother misses her beautiful son; his brothers have lost the spirit that made them a trio; his life-partner has lost her soul mate.
Abe taught us about simplicity, about enjoying the moment, living in the present and being where you are. Abraham was always where he was. He had plans, he had dreams, he had aspirations, but he always lived in the moment and to the fullest. From surprising his auntie with Italian pastries in Boston, to skiing the couloirs of Chamonix, Abe was always right there: laughing, smiling and loving, most importantly, loving. He wanted everyone around him, everyone he knew and loved to have that too.
Doing what you can with what you've got
And even when I had not a penny in my pocket
I still knew the joy of giving
I gave my time
I gave my spirit
I gave my heart
I gave myself fully to the moment
Even through my tears
I gave my smile to the world
(it needed it more than I could have ever imagined) - Cleo Wade
Abraham is survived by his mother, Dawn Rothman; brothers, Gabriel Gioffre and partner; Jamey Gioffre and partner; sister, Kayla Gioffre and husband; stepmother, Debbie Gioffre; stepbrother, Noah Hanson; Rothman stepsiblings, Jeffrey, Dara, Tamara, Todd and spouses; niece, Josey Mae Gioffre; love-of-his-life, Linn Tremmel; and many aunts, uncles and cousins.
Services were held in Salt Lake City and Girdwood.

Published in Anchorage Daily News from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, 2018