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Stephen David Roberson, 44, of Phoenix, passed away Friday, March 14, 2003. Born in Burbank, CA, he was employed by the Motorola Computer Group in Arizona. His hobbies included computers,
astronomy and high powered rocketry. He was a pioneer in rocket photography. He was loved by all and will be missed dearly by his family and friends. A service will be held at 4:00pm, with a visitation two hours prior on Friday, March 21st at Resthaven Park Mortuary, 4310 E. Southern Ave., Phoenix. Memorial contributions may be made to Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society.

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Published in The Arizona Republic on Mar. 20, 2003.
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50 entries
March 13, 2019
I miss you today,tomorrow and forever
Katie Krall
March 5, 2016
I miss you
Katie Krall
July 31, 2014
I love you.some day's are harder than others.miss you.
Katie Braman- Krall
February 3, 2013
i miss you.
katie krall
March 24, 2012
A click of the mouse has brought me here. A legacy only grows over time.
Jon g
March 6, 2012
I know its been a while. I just wanted you to know that not a day goes by when i dont think about you. I miss you babe.
Katie Braman -krall
March 15, 2011
Just wanted you to know im thinking about you.I love you.
Katie Krall
May 7, 2010
hey baby,we all miss you very getting married in 3 weeks and 1 day.i wish you were here.uncle david is giving me
away and my father the music man is going to dj.i have the most beautiful dress i have ever seen in my life.we have over 87 people coming and we are so happy.andy is a wonderful man.i know you would love him very much.he loves the rockets and is very devoted to family.he loves the kids and he loves me as much as you did.i know i have made several mistakes in my life and i know i have dissapointed you but i know your proud of me took along time to get here and i honestly never thought i could be this stepkids are amazing and the girls love andy and there new sister and brother very much.i wish you could be here with me. i miss your big bear hugs more than ever right now.i know the wedding will be beautiful but nothing is the same without you. on another note we might be on tv soon. ldrs signed a contract with the discovery channel and there is a very good chance we will get on with uncle davids patriot and my goblin.all your friends love the marvin rocket and i can feel you smile when uncle david is showing it off to your friends.even though its not the same as making you proud of me i feel the same knowing uncle david is proud of me and i love th

knowing that the family rocket traditions are going to live on through david and i.some of the kids are getting hooked on them and its neat knowing its a family tradition that will eventually be passed on to my grandkids some day.i just wanted to keep you updated.make sure you and ashley are looking down on tempe on the 29th.i know as long as you are in my heart you will never leave me but its nice to talk.i love you very much and miss you more than you will ever know.ill continue to reach for the stars and think of,katie
katie krall
March 12, 2010
Hello sweetheart, I miss you.Chris is doing good.he spends a lot of time with us and is really good with the kids.I'm getting married soon and miss you more than ever.its not the same without you here.I hope you can see me and how good were doing.I just wish you could meet Andy and my stepchildren. You would love them.Uncle David does.I just wanted to say hello and let you know you will always be in my heart and my thoughts.I love you more than you could ever,Katie
Katie Krall-Gerdes
November 27, 2009
thanksgiving was very interesting to say the would have loved the kids songs and games and i missed you more than you will ever know.i wish you could wrap your big arms around me!! i will never forget the last conversation we had and the words you said to me when i was a little girl."always know your good enough" i will cherish that forever.sometimes when i cry i can still hear you telling me its all going to be alright.its been years and i will never let the kids forget how wonderful you are.i know you still watch over me and i hope you can hear me when i say thank you.I know you are proud of me but i still miss your huge hands in mine and i will love you forever.thank you for staying with my heart on the bad days and smiling with me on the good ones.I am glad god gave me you as an uncle and i miss you.happy thanksgiving babe!love,katie
katie krall formally braman
June 15, 2009
well babe we are home from rockstock!! i failed twice third times the charm!! i swear uncle david was so proud!! he showed me off to all your friends and my Marvin the martian rocket made it the third time and i got my level one cert!! i think its the first time since you left us that i felt you hug me again.your friends thought the rocket looked great! as long as you and dave are proud thats all i care about.thank you for being there. i could feel you hangin out all weekend and i love you every day.i miss you and i hope your proud of me.i know dave is.thank you for showing me the rocket world and i promise the traditions will live on way past my kids!!!!i love you and miss,katie
katie gerdes-krall
May 22, 2009
keep watching over me babe and wish me luck. im going after my level one cert in 2 weeks and my goblin has marvin the martian on it just for you. wish me luck,tell ashley i said hello and her mom is doing a good job with lily!!much love from me and all the kids (including uncle david)
katie braman
November 4, 2008
Just found out about ashley.Watch out for her for you
katie braman
October 14, 2008
It's been hard these years not having Steve in our lives. I still hear his laugh and see his big smile. I have moved back home to Mesa which Steve and I lived at when we first got out of the Air Force and there is so much good memorys. His son Chris had turned out to be such a loving man just like his Father. It's amazing too that he even walks just like Steve. (Steve always had a unusal way of walking). I am glad Chis has followed his Fathers foot steps working with Rockets. I hope some day he will have a wonderful son to show him how great Steve was.
Carol Lawton (Roberson)
Carol Lawton
September 17, 2008
I would have like to meet you, ,thank you for your programs you left with us, mayb G-d Bless your and your Families here....

from a local Phoenix, "Rocket Man"

Rocket Man
February 16, 2008
I miss you babe.I still think about you all the time.I wish you were here.
Katie Braman
December 10, 2007
Its been years now since you kisssed the middle of my forhead like when i was a little girl.I keep thinking it will get easier and it wont hurt so bad as time goes by but I am wrong.I would give anything to have you back in my life. I think you would like my new boyfriend Andy,Uncle David does and so does the rest of the family. I think you would think he was good enough.I have 5 kids now and the girls are getting so big.Jamie plays guitar now and she is taller than me.We still think of you every day and Kellie still loves hearing storys of things we did together when i was a little girl.I always thought that when you were gone my kids would never truley know what an Uncle was really like. David is to the kids what you were to me.I cant even tell you with words how much you are missed. not a day goes by that i dont think of you at least life will never be the same and I miss you more than you will ever know. I will always love you,love Katie
katie braman
November 13, 2006
May Steve and Gregory Lawson forever fly high together.
September 5, 2006
It is with sincere regret that I just learned of the loss of Stephen.
I hope that you can find some comfort in your many special memories and in the thought of the happy years you shared.

NAR #86308
Southern Colorado Rocketeers
Section #632
Robby Villarreal
March 7, 2006
I just wanted to leave a note saying that I have used the Winroc program for myself and it helped me reach my Gold level in NARTREK. I have shared this program with many students from Kansas City and now in Oklahoma. Mr. Roberson and his gift will continue to bless others and I thank him for it.

Keep watching the sky...
R. Christian Bruggeman
January 12, 2006
I have been using the Winroc program since it first came about. I like it more than any other program. I am sorry to find out that Stephen passed away. He will be remembered and thought of daily. Fair winds Stephen.
J. E. Thompson
February 1, 2005
I never met Steve, but his rocket flight simulation software is my favorite. His respect for fellow rocketeers is evident in the fact that he let anyone have his software without charge. I wanted to call and thank him, and found this. I hope he is simulating much more intense, heavenly flights now. As I have been told and found true in my personal experience, the good die young...
Paul Yarnold
May 17, 2004
well its been over a year since it happened and i still miss my uncle but i just wanted to write in here again because theres really no other way for me to express how much i miss him but i can only imagine that every one out there who was close to him or even those who weren't that close know how i feel because i've read all the entries in here countless times and i'm amazed at the number of people my uncle affected in some way and that just backs up the fact that i know he was a wonderful man and i'll never forget him.
DJ Roberson
P.S. if any one needs anything from Steves family out here in Georgia just e-mail, thanks and god bless
DJ Robeson
May 16, 2004
I knew Stephen from my rocketry hobby. Stephen wrote a software program that was so good, that I still use it today. Stephen was a very generous man. The last time I saw him was at a launch on the Black Rock desert, he was making changes to his software and giving out the updates for free.

I will miss him...
Stu Barrett
April 30, 2003
Brandon Hill
April 16, 2003
When I read all the wonderful tributes to Steve and his family, I am not ashamed to say I did so through many tears. Steve was a very special type of guy, who you just wanted to give a hug to whenever you saw him. All the many visits to my wife and myself up at Mingus in the 80's and early 90's before we retired, just seeing Steve drive up in his fancy pickup, was a joy. Always volunteering to help me out in any way he could, and never expecting anything in return. Guys like Steve are few and far between, and thanks to Dave Moore, we found a truly wonderful young man who brightened our days more than a few times. God bless his family and all those who knew him.

Paul Lidbeck
Camp Manager 1963-1994 for the United Methodist Church Camps.
Paul Lidbeck
April 15, 2003
In Loving Memory of Steve
Steve was my dad and my teacher. He taught me how to build rockets, he taught me how to fix cars, he even taught me some math. Sometimes I brought such hard math problems it even took him about 35 minutes. Steve was the best dad I ever had, I will miss him alot.
Sincerely Justin Roberson
Justin Roberson
April 15, 2003
i didn't know steve very well, but from what i did know of him he was one of the most honest,helpful and nicest people i've met. when i went to arizona, steve only met me a couple times. but him and wendy welcomed me into thier home like i had been a part of the family forever. he helped me out so much. i wish i could have got to know him better and repayed him for all his help.thank you steve!
love always
april sly(jesses girlfriend)
hi steve this is jesse,wendys nephew i wanted to thank you for help me out when my van needed to be fixed. i appreciate every thing you did and try to do in my favor.i wish i could have told you in person it would of eased my guilty mind for you doing every thing and me not doing nothing for you and going to miss you.
love always
jesse hall
jesse and april hall and sly
April 15, 2003
I am only Two years old but these big people can tell you how much I loved my Uncle Steve. He was more of a father to me than an uncle. I looked up to him and loved him very much and best of all I know he loved me very much. He loved me so much he drove me to school and picked me up every day. He taught me lots of things I needed to learn, and lots of things not neccesary but took the time to teach me anyway. I miss him every day. Thank You Aunt Wendy and Uncle Steve for instilling love in my heart. I love you both.
Love Michael Shane Hall
Michael Hall
April 15, 2003
I visited Arizona often. I loved going over to Aunt Wendy's and Uncle Steves house. They were always happy and loving. Steve was always happy, loving, and funny. I'm going to miss him when I visit. You knew you were loved Uncle Steve. Thanks for the good times and happy memories.
Love Roxane Gallup
Roxane Gallup
April 15, 2003
In Loving Memory To Steve
Steve was my Uncle, a very good Uncle. If we needed help, he helped us. If we needed love, he loved us. If we needed anything, he gave it to us. He never thought about only him, he thought about all of us. So that is why I love my uncle and I hope he loves me.
Love Jonny Ward
Jonny Ward
April 15, 2003
We never got the chance to meet Uncle Steve, But from what everybody
told us we knew we would have loved him too. We wish we could have met you and we will in the better world.
Love Anthony, Sheri, and Zachery
Anthony Gallup
April 15, 2003
In memory of Uncle Steve
When I was in Arizona I loved to stay the night with Justin because Aunt Wendy and Uncle Steve were so nice. We always had something to do. We are going to miss him a lot.
Love Your Nephew Buddy
Buddy Gallup
April 15, 2003
In Loving Memory of Steven David Roberson
Steve I loved him alot. He was one of my favorite uncles, he spent alot of money on me and alot of time with me. When I found out he was gone I couldn't help but cry. And everyday, when I wake up I feel that he is still here. And it will always be something I can't forget. Steve is someone I could never forget because he was truly an angle. Who ever thinks differently, well I guess you just didn't know him. If you did know him, you would be just as happy as I was to know I had a sweet uncle like my uncle Steve. I will always love him.
Love Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward
April 14, 2003
In Loving Memory Of Steve Roberson

Steve will never know how much we loved and appreciated him.
It was hard to tell him thank you, because he never expected it.
The help and love he gave to people was because he wanted to from the very goodness of his heart.
He helped us get on our feet (never complaining).
He taught us about the moon and the stars through his telescope and otherwise.
We always made sure to give a hug and a handshake (which he wasn't fond of) when we said our good-byes.
We thank the Lord every day that we did.
Much Love From Ron and Shirley
Shirley Wilson
April 14, 2003
Here is a poem that I dedicated for both Steve and Wendy Roberson:

Your Love

Lets take a minute
Think of the past
You guys had love
And that will always last

You had Love
You had care
And now-a-days
That is rare

When he gave you the ring
You had a smile on your face
When you guys said "I do"
I saw a miracle take place

Him as a husband
You as a wife
With everlasting Love
You started your new life

The Love you had was grand
Probably more grand than you knew
You Loved him
He Loved you

All during the wedding
We were full of cheer
Now at the funeral
We all must shed a tear

No matter where you are
No matter where he is
You'll always have that Love
That's the way it is
Cynthia Ward
April 11, 2003
My husband and I managed Camp Mingus, atop Mingus Mountain in central Arizona for many years. Steve was friend and former brother-in-law to Dave Moore. Dave spent many week-ends on Mingus, helping my husband with whatever needed to done. Steve often accompanied Dave and was an equally willing and helpful friend. Steve had a quiet and thoughtful way about him and was beloved by all. He and Dave were always early arrivals to my camp kitchen where they partook of big breakfasts and were off to do work on heavy equipment. Steve was another of our beloved "sons". He was a big lovable teddy bear who never refused hugs and we always enjoyed having him around.

He and Dave were often around on July 4 and both loved fireworks. They often made me very nervous because fireworks were not allowed in the National Forest - let alone Arizona! Thankfully they were always very careful!!

Rocket launching trips in Lonesome Valley to the west of Mingus Mountain, was always a fun excursion and eventually, our grandchildren were old enough to go along and enjoy the fun.

Following our retirement a few years back, Steve and Dave visited us a couple of times here in Clarkdale. On one of his last visits, Steve brought along photos of our home that he had taken with his powerful camera from the view point atop Mingus. They are still on display on our 'fridge.

We knew his son Christopher as he came with his dad to visit when he was younger. What we did not know is that Steve had re-married and enlarged his family. We are so happy for whatever time Steve had with Wendy and the children. He deserved the happiness that he afforded so many.

Steve will be missed, but no one can replace the memories that all of us have of that big, beloved gentle man.

May God's blessings continue to all his loved ones..............

Our love, Susie & Paul
Susie & Paul Lidbeck
April 3, 2003
Steve was my big brother. He joined the Air Force when he was 18, i was 14. i didn't see him much for the several years after that. We both got married and each have a son Chris & DJ have a pretty good long distance friendship. Steve took them both to Disney when he was working in L.A. They had a great time, Steve moved back to savannah in 91 or 92, the whole family was together, while he was here he worked with our dad for a while, they both liked that. I realy enjoyed all the times we had when he lived here. Then Steve had to move back out west. He couldn't find a good job in his field out here in Savannah, so he had to move. Then he met Wendy. She made a big impretion on Steve. After all he had been single for 20 years. I really liked Wendy, Ashley, and Justinwhen we met last Christmas. They all seemed real happy together. Steve sent me, my brother John and my sisters Mary and Liz a picture of the five of us on Johns couch during that last Christmas together. That picture means more now than ever. I miss Steve. My whole family misses Steve, Thanks to all Steves friends and family out west for their love & support, especially for my mother and sister Mary on their visit
Jim Roberson
March 26, 2003
I think my last letter cut off before I could finish. I was going to say:

Jezzy Bass
March 25, 2003
I grew up on Mingus Mountain at Camp Mingus. Everyone that visited was always welcome again and again. Steve was one of those special invididuals. Remembered as a big, burley, kind, gentle man who would always accompany his brother-in-law, Dave Moore, to Camp Mingus to enjoy the mountain environment, and help in whatever needed assistance. He was good to my family, good to Dave, and never asked for anything in return. I will remember Steve for being the kind, thoughtful and sincere individual that he was and will always be. I was sorry to hear of the loss, and wish his family God's speed.
Sheryl Lidbeck Dolphin
March 24, 2003
I first meet Steve at a rocket launch. As soon as he saw I needed help he offered his services and advice, even though he barely knew me. Steve was a founding member of the Gila Monster launch crew. I know we will miss him every time we fly the rocket. Steve will be missed but not forgotten. My condolences and sympathy go out to his family and friends.
Bob Heninger
March 23, 2003
Steve was the one in our family for whom we made the "once you get in the family, you never get out" rule. He was too good to lose. He was always helpful whenever anyone needed anything. His dry sense of humor made you stop and think for a minute and then laugh as the realization kicked in. It has been very heartwarming to see how many people loved and appreciated him as much as we did. He was one of a kind. Somewhere I think he knows and his heart is warmed at all the expressions of love and appreciation sent to his family.
Sue Braman
March 22, 2003
I would just like to thank all of you for showing support to my uncle's family and i would also like to let Wendy and the rest of the family know that Steve's family in out here in Georgia will be here for ya'll if we're ever needed i would also like to say how much i regret not getting to spend more time with my uncle. But as i think back to the time we did spend together i think of the time i spent with him and Christopher out in California, i had a lot of fun with them goin to Disney Land and Universal studios and takin the trip up to San Fransisco and Steve showing me what computers can do. When he came out here here some time ago i remember he brought a computer with him and we got it from him for almost nothing, he had built this computer and it was my first real computer ever, today i still have this computer and now everytime i look at it i will think of my uncle the computer genius and guy who liked rockets so much and how much i will miss him and how i won't ever get to spend any more time with him and i would like to say thanks to all those people out there who are helping Wendy and Justin and Ashley to get through these times
God bless everyone and i hope to see everyone again
DJ Roberson
March 22, 2003
Steve was the best Stept dad that I had ever had, even though he was the only one. I considered him as a dad every day when he dropped us off at school. I was the only one to kiss his cheek goodbye. He always tried to help me with my homework even though he did not know how to do it. No offense to my own dad but Steve was the best father to me than anyone of my mom's boyfriends. It made me so happy to see that Steve came to make my mother and us happier than we already were. He always tried to make things as equal as possible. Although the happiness was here for only a little while I am sure that it will continue because he will be here to watch over us. I love him and miss him so much. I would like to thank him for everything that he has done for us because I never really did say thanks to him.
His daughter
Ashley Roberson
Ashley Roberson
March 21, 2003
My uncle was more than an uncle to me.Steve was a friend an uncle and at times he was a father figure.Steve was always here for me when I needed advice,or just an understanding loving ear.Steve loved everyone with all his heart.In the 26 years I had the pleasure of loving him he was never as happy as he was when Wendy showed her love to him.He was very proud of Justin,Chris ,and Ashley.All for very different and special reasons.Steve has always been a great man.I dont think my life will ever be the same without him.The only thing that helps me to feel any comfort is knowing I still have Wendy.She is and always will be the best piece of him I ever had the pleasure of sharing. I will always remember Steve,you can still feel his spirit when you hold Wendy. I love you Steve for everything you were ,for all the people you made better by knowing you and for all the ways you showed me how I could be a better woman.Thank you for believing in me when no one else did.and for always accepting me for who I am. You will be forever in my heart. love,Katie
katie marie braman
March 21, 2003
Prayers for all of your family.
I know there is a emptiness within and pray for God's comfort for you all.
Peggy Tenney
March 21, 2003
I am so grateful to God to have known and loved such a person as Steve who was my son-in-law. My mind is still in shock and my heart is heavy in terrible sorrow. He was always so good to me in so many ways. His generosity and kindness, his helpfulness, his intelligence and gentle soft voice will always remain in my memory. Sincerely, Dolores
Dolores Moore
March 21, 2003
You left impressions unforgettable
and when I view our moon
your image surfaces
and that love seems forever.
Roy Braman
March 21, 2003
May Steve forever Fly High!

John Van Norman
March 21, 2003
I believe Steve was the very best person possible to have come into this family. He was always ready to help anyone. If you ask him for advice he always gave you his attention and put a lot of thought into it. I couldn't of thought more of him if he had been my own son. I believe he is in the heavens he loved.
From his mother-in-law
Wendy's Mom
Shirley Hall
Shirley Hall
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