Nina Klowden, a well-known actor in Chicago in the 1940's, has died in Toronto on Oct. 13 at the age of 90. Starting her professional acting career at the age of 13, Ms. Klowden appeared in countless daytime serials, including Mary Marlin, Woman in White, Backstage Wife and Ma Perkins, in which she played the banker's daughter, Gladys Pendleton, as well as in dramas such as Chicago Theater of the Air. In 1944, she left Chicago to assume the leading ingenue role in a Los Angeles-produced daytime serial, Aunt Mary, and continued a successful career there until moving to Canada with her Canadian husband, where she continued acting for the CBC. While in Chicago Ms. Klowden was a charter member of ACTRA (then ACRA, before Television). She attended Marshall High School and Northwestern University.

Published in a Chicago Tribune Media Group Publication on Nov. 2, 2012