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Chris Weaver

Asheville - Chris Weaver of Asheville, educator, husband and loving father died on Sept. 20, 2017.

A native of Denver, Colorado, Chris began his career in teaching in Denver and Seattle. He moved to Asheville in 1999 with his wife, Rhett Hudson, and son Aidan, and in Asheville, they later welcomed son Noah. Chris became a beloved and renowned educator at Isaac Dickson Elementary School, Evergreen Community School and Rainbow Community School.

Chris engaged his students, their families, school communities, his friends and family, all with deep love and respect. He created and organized "Capture the Hoops," and other games that brought people of all ages together. He used play, creativity, experiential learning and a loving attitude in the classroom to educate the whole child - intellect, emotion and spirit.

Finding his greatest joy and peace in nature, Chris championed expeditionary learning, leading camping trips for students and their families, and leading school communities in outdoor ceremonies, including commemorative fire circles.

In Seattle, Chris was instrumental in starting Pathfinder, a Native American themed school. Together with Native American leaders, Chris led his middle-school students in building umiaks (sea kayaks) and taking them into open water on a multi-day expeditionary learning trip. Working to bridge racial and cultural differences was a theme of Chris' life and work.

In North Carolina, he led countless friends, colleagues and students on hikes and canoe trips. Chris also was director of the 4-H Camp in Swannanoa for four years and worked at Under One Sky camp.

Chris did not want barriers separating classrooms and the community, and he helped introduce students to everyday "heroes" in the community, and brought the community into his classrooms. Most important, Chris saw and nourished the goodness inside every student - his aim was always to help students find their own individual passions and abilities.

As a result, Chris was selected as North Carolina Charter School Teacher of the Year, and also voted Best Teacher in the annual Mountain Xpress reader poll. He used his standing to speak against funding cuts to the traditional public schools, and to speak out for the value of teaching assistants. In accepting his statewide award, he expressed his admiration for and his debt to his co-teacher, Deidre Barrett.

Chris also worked to bring people together in other ways. As a facilitator, he used the Open Space interpersonal process to help organizations settle internal conflicts and create unifying plans.

In the final stage of his life, Chris authored two books: The Heart of the Canoe: Story, Ceremony and the Transformation of Suffering, a reflection on the umiak expedition with his students and a call to cultural transformation, and an unpublished draft in which he shared his vision for creating humane, equitable, community- and child-centered schools that honor each child and each culture within the school.

Chris' love for his sons Aidan and Noah led to legendary joint projects and expeditions, including long bike and boat trips, winter camping, and 4 a.m. mountain hikes to watch the sunrise and make pancakes in the freezing cold.

Chris encouraged the boys to dream, and he would work with the boys through the night, using his skills, creativity and energy to help Noah bring into reality his ideas of a Halloween dragon costume with giant moving wings, and a bicycle-operated cello. Chris often had a flute or squeezebox in his hands and he helped foster Noah's love and talent for music.

Aidan's filmmaking got paternal support, including booms and set walls Chris built, and all-night help of all kinds during the annual 48 Hour Film Project. Chris drove to Tennessee and convinced a used car dealer to rent him an old Grand Marquis to use as a stunt double in Aidan's video series now in production. Whatever Noah and Aidan loved, Chris loved and supported with all his heart and soul. Chris similarly honored his students' visions and dreams for themselves, and he gave his heart and soul for them, for their families, their schools, and his communities.

Chris is survived by his wife, Rhett Hudson, and their sons Aidan and Noah; by parents Galen and Carolyn; brothers Mike and Tom; beautiful extended family and friends around the country. Instead of flowers, please consider donations to organizations whose work embodies Chris' values and spirit.

A memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 24, at Olivette, 31 White Rose Lane, Asheville.

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Published in Asheville Citizen-Times on Sep. 23, 2017.
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September 17, 2019
Mr Chris!!! We miss your beautiful spirit and stong heart. Not so long ago I stumbled with a little clip you made for Isaiah when he graduated from Evergreen. I am so happy that you got to see him win the acorn to oak award of the year because you were so much part of Isaiah's blooming, and for that, i will always be grateful to you. We miss you, and oh so very much, but at the same time i feel your spirit so close. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. We love you so much!
Isaiah Matlack & Alicia Martinez
Alicia Martinez
April 19, 2019
Chris was very special to me. He was my first roommate at Colorado College and was the quintessential diplomat for mountaineering, cross country skiing, hiking and all around outdoor activities. As a student from the east coast, Chris' wonderful family included me in Thanksgiving every year and always made sure I was taken care of. Although we did not stay in touch after College, 33 years later I have to admit I am crushed to hear he passed. Rest in peace buddy. You will always be my roommate....Love to all the Denver Weavers and all who knew and loved him. -- Bill Gray, Palo Alto
May 12, 2018
This is just way too sad. My heart goes out to Rhett, Noah, Aidan and their families. I always looked up to Chris when we were in college together. What an incredible mix I saw in him of humility and a self-assuredness, of seriousness and humor, of discipline and spontaneity. Together with our college mates, we schemed political strategy, slept under the Colorado stars, and played music (and banged on pots and pans) at various house parties and rallies. I saw him two years ago in Asheville, proudly listening to Noah play in a marimba band in Asheville, and enthusiastically speaking of a curriculum he wrote and was almost ready to publish. What a loss. Love to all...
Matt Case
May 11, 2018
I too am just now hearing the news about Chris and am heartbroken, both for him and for his family. What a tremendous loss. I went to Colorado College with Chris -- he was a true leader and visionary for many of us. So many years later, I still remember his quiet thoughtfulness, goofy sense of humor, and deep commitment to making the world better than he found it. I looked up to him and am a better person because of that. The world has lost a good, good man.
Joanne Barker
May 8, 2018
I am sick just now hearing this.I knew Chris in college, and lived with him one year in an off-campus house. I have such beautiful memories of Chris. This can only sound like hyperbole, but he really was one of the kindest, most sensitive, thoughtful souls I've ever met. I said "of course" when I saw the accolades and appreciations he got as a teacher. "Duh, of course." I remember his soft laugh and smile, his poetry, and quiet leadership of the community I was a part of. I am very sad we have lost Chris. He meant a lot to me back then. My deepest condolences to the entire Weaver family.
Eric Savlin
April 22, 2018
I heard of Chris's passing a couple of months ago. My heart skipped a beat. He was a radiant soul and his presence stood as a reminder to take a gentle approach, open your heart and mind as wide as possible, love a little more, walk with the Great Spirit.
He was such an advocate for Mother Earth, and at the same time an emissary from the Heavens.
Chris, may you be in Peace. You will always be in my heart.
Stephanie Barnard
October 15, 2017
Oh, I am so so saddened to hear of Chris's heart goes out to his beloved family. I cherished Chris's openness, loving heart, generosity, creative soul, poetic mind, and deeply beautiful spirit. Though we were not in touch often over the last many years since college, I have always thought of him as one of my deepest friends. His spirit always gave me such a lift. My deepest condolences, Laura
Laura Hirschfield
October 4, 2017
I am so grateful to have known Chris and to have called him a friend. I did not spend a great amount of time with him, measured in hours and days, but the time I did spend was immense when measured in BTUs of radiant light. He was brilliant. I once asked him if he would read a very long manuscript of mine. I figured he would take a pass, as so many had. Which would have been fine. Who has the time? But Chris read the manuscript and sent me a long, handwritten review, pages and pages of thoughts, gentle suggestions, and encouragement, folded inside a purple envelope that had been hand decorated. I still have it. We all still have Chris in spirit. Peace, brother.
Marc Vassallo
October 1, 2017
Lives of good individuals all remind us that we too can make our lives divine....And departing leave behind footprints in the sands of time! Don Fogelsanger
September 28, 2017
I am sorry to hear of your loss. I am wishing you peace to face the days ahead, and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts. May you draw close to God and know that He will soon eliminate such pain and suffering by means of His Kingdom.
(Matthew 6:9, 10)
September 28, 2017
What an extraordinarily kind and generous soul Chris was. And what good use he made of his special gifts during his time on earth.

It has to be a heart-wrenching loss for all of you. May you find comfort in the love and support within and around your family in this sad time.

I will be keeping you all close in my thoughts, especially you, sweet Mike. I am away this weekend but would LOVE to see you and deliver huge bear hugs any time after Sun evening.

Love, Lu
Lucie Sommer
September 28, 2017
What a beautiful man. I'm so very sorry for your loss and I am holding the extended Weaver Clan in my thoughts and heart.
- Kate Maloney Vassallo
Kate Vassallo
September 27, 2017
I worked with Chris in his classroom at Pathfinder elementary (Seattle) back in the 90's. My daughter and I grieved for him when he left for North Carolina and we grieve for him now. Reading these comments tell me it's not just us, who hurt, it's obvious he left a strong legacy of love and good works behind him. Forever in my heart, Chris. Peace to your family.
Christy McWilson
christy McWilson
September 26, 2017
Myfavorite person in the world open honest and spiritually empowering a great teacher and friend always pushing the limits on everything and challenging everyone to live bigger and learning through experience and hard work and planning even if things change he created a wealth for learning for everyone and those who really knew him know how much of a great influence he had on all of us I'm indebted to his virtues and dedicated to keep the flame of his sacred spirit alive. My friend Chris I love you deep like an ocean. I will never forget you
Elijah Mettler
September 25, 2017
Chris, you were such an amazing person. Kind, caring, supportive, energetic, you had such a wonderful presence. My family and I are heartbroken, and all our thoughts go out to you and your family. I hope you're resting peacefully, and to quote another friend, I hope you capture all of the hoops.
Madi Moser
September 25, 2017
So sorry to hear of your loss. Ed Swims, Teacher Candidate at UNCA
September 24, 2017
When you remember me,
Please do not weep.
My body may not be there.
It has chosen to sleep.
I'm not that far away.
My soul lives on,
Looking down, watching over
You and everyone.
And when you feel sad
And life seems so blue,
Just remember
That my spirit has its arms around you.
And on those special days,
Times that you wish I could see,
That cool breeze flowing past you...
Well, that will be me,
So don't be sad.
Have no fear.
God has taken me under his wing,
But I'll always be near.
I still watch you
Every minute, every day.
My love and soul are with you,
And that's where they will stay.
September 24, 2017
Me Chris!!
You will always be our hero. You picked me up when I hit rock bottom and showered me with compassion and kindness. I never felt judged, just loved. Thank you for guiding Isaiah . It was an honor getting to know you and even a greater honor having you as my child's teacher. He bloomed in your company and we will forever be grateful to you.
We fieel a huge void.
We are all with you, in your passing. You sre not alone. We love you and we will all carry you through this.
Your love and presence of your love forever
Isaiah and Eli
Alivia Martinez
September 24, 2017
Chris leaves an enormous chasm where he held his place in the physical world. He has left an equally enormous legacy of good behind himan example for us all. What a man he was! Please know that Matt and I are devastated by this news. Our hearts are with your entire family. Patty
Patty Miller
September 24, 2017
Auden and Noah, our hearts are breaking for you and for your dad. When first hearing and moving past the disbelief, Eva and Luke's first words were your names. They know how unfathomably deeply you loved him and he loved you. Anything you ever need no matter how big or small, you can come to any of us.

Chris and Deidre literally saved me as a parent. They supported me and gave me the confidence to stop searching for the perfect path others made and to believe in my own. For the past ten years I literally tear up with gratitude every time I even saw Deidre on campus at ECCS. When getting the stranger danger lectures at different ages at school, when they had to list a trusted family member or friend outside of their parents, they both wrote Chris Weaver. Chris proved that the more love you give away the more capacity you have. I know I will take the hope and faith I saw him embody into my interactions and my role as an educator with new focus.

He gave my daughter 3 adjectives as part of her 'report card' once and it was one of the most touching experiences of my life (which I realise sounds over the top but is true) and I just want to say, Chris, you are Eternal, Irreplaceable, and Real. Thank you for telling me "you are on the right track, just keep going." I love you and will miss you very much.
Deborah Hart
September 24, 2017
My son and I loved Chris-he was a wonderful teacher. Jagger admired and cared for him a great deal. Sending light to his family and loved ones.
September 24, 2017
I met Chris at 4-H camp. My son had broken his arm there and Chris never left his side at the emergency room. I never forgot his kind gesture toward my son. I would see him off and on throughout the years and he always asked about my son even remembered his name. I loved talking with him. His aura was full of genuine beauty and compassion. He will be missed. Sending light and love to his family and to those he touched. Blessed be.
Elinor Bridges
September 23, 2017
I am so sorry to hear this I helped Chris with some fund raising for the 4-H camp and loved his dedication and spirit. Prayers for the family

Neal Ann Reeves
September 23, 2017
Oh, Aidan, I am heartbroken for you and your family. How proud and supportive of you your dad was. I remember how welcoming and happy he was at the film screening I attended and how he was always willing to do whatever it took to help you. You are on my mind and in my heart.
Much love,
Lisa Sessions
Lisa Sessions
September 23, 2017
Sending healing thoughts to Rhett and their boys and all who know them and experienced the gifts Chris shared in his life. This loss is heartbreaking and I pray some sense of solace comes to those who miss him.
September 23, 2017
Dear Chris,
You touched the soul and heart of all of us who met you. You leave a legacy of light and love.
You will live forever in us, in your work, in your inspiration.
You did make this a better world.
You will be missed.
And I do hope our roads will once again cross.
Elisabeth Tepper
September 23, 2017
The planet lost one of its finest, when this old soul departed, but his light will continue to brighten minds and hearts and communities for light years to come. Knowing Chris meant learning and growing in so many unexpected and beautiful directions. His influence in our college years so shaped and inspired me. My deep condolences to his family -- his loving parents and brothers, his strong and intelligent wife. I never knew his sons, of whom he was so proud, but saw the ingredients of a phenomenal father in him, when he was still a boy. I hope those ingredients continue to fuel them. I am so sorry for your profound loss.
Robin Snyderman Pratt
September 23, 2017
The planet lost one of its finest, when this old soul departed, but his light will continue to brighten minds and hearts and communities for light years to come. Knowing Chris meant learning and growing in so many unexpected and beautiful directions. His influence in our college years so shaped and inspired me. My deep condolences to his family -- his loving parents and brothers, his strong and intelligent wife. I never knew his sons, of whom he was so proud, but saw the ingredients of a phenomenal father in him, when he was still a boy. I hope those ingredients continue to fuel them. I am so sorry for your profound loss.
Robin Snyderman Pratt
September 23, 2017
I didn't know him but remember reading about him in MountainX and he taught several of my friends' kids. What a tremendous loss for our community...and what an incredible tribute to an amazing person who will obviously be missed very, very much. Praying for comfort for Rhett, Aiden, Noah and everyone who knew him.
Clary Pollack
September 23, 2017
May the peace of God be with you.
Phil. 4:6, 7
September 23, 2017
Chris is an inspiration to all. You will be missed.
With all of our love,
Beth, Myles, Zebulun, Quinn and Mikayla Shaffer
Beth Shaffer
September 23, 2017
Chris embodied the sprit of a true teacher, a shaman if you will. He had a natural way of.connecting with anyone and everyone. My daughter had the privilege of being taught by him, and she is better for it. His amazing and giving spirit will live on in our hearts and actions.
Karsten S
September 23, 2017
I remember Chris, Rhett and Aiden from early days at Isaac Dickson, playing soccer and such. My heart is aching for his family. The loss is unbearable to think of. May they have strength. Anything I can do for them, someone please let me know.

Mariah Waring
Mariah Waring
September 23, 2017
Sending love and light to all of you. This is heartbreaking.
Sandra Doyle
September 23, 2017
Chris Weaver is one of the most noble, kind, truly selfless, and extraordinarily beautiful hearted person I've ever had the fortune and opportunity to look up to in my life. It's tragic that his influence will no longer live on through him, but at least I know that everyone who has ever known him will pick up where he left off in making the world a better place.
Julian Wagner
September 23, 2017
I'll miss seeing Chris on a weekly basis as he sat on my porch with his laptop waiting for Noah to finish his guitar lesson with Bob. I wish I had talked to him more. Now he's gone. I hope he's at peace. Love to Rhett, Aidan, Noah, family and friends.
Ann Oakes
September 23, 2017
Chris was an amazing man. With a heart of gold. May the Good of all comfort be with his family during this time of grief.
September 22, 2017
Our hearts are heavy in Arizona as we remember a passionate, impactful educator, connector and admired man. Shelley, Rob, Jude and Haizen Tom
Shelley Tom
September 22, 2017
Chris was a beloved member of the community and staunch advocate for the power of hands on learning. He will never be forgotten. His influence has created a ripple effect that will impact generations to come.
Kate Brantley
September 22, 2017
Chris was the best at what he does. Our family has been blessed to have him in our lives. The community has lost a beautiful soul.

Victoria, Massamba, Aamon and talla
Victoria Fall
September 22, 2017
The Sagaribay Family
September 22, 2017
Rest in peace Chris. Thank you for your contributions to our community
Jeremy Sagaribay
September 22, 2017
I'm one of the thousands, maybe tens of thousands who never met Chris in person, yet I feel like i know him through email exchanges, reading his material and learning about him. I wept this afternoon when I received the news and read posts of people who loved him - oh so many. My heart breaks as I think about his anguish, and now his wife and children and others in his daily life who love him. The older I get the more convinced I am that to be fully human is to experience feelings profoundly... happy, joyful, sorrowful, anger (at injustice), heartbreak. And to embrace fully these feelings for everything they are and all that come with them. I'm mourning the loss of an extraordinary human being. I'm holding in thoughts and prayers his wife and children and others who will never be the same. But, who will be able to identify, like never before, with others who experience extraordinary losses. May we celebrate Chris and all that he stood for. I wish I would have taken him up on his many invitations to come and visit.
John Engle
September 22, 2017
To my beloved friend Chris. You inspired me during college to reinvent myself and were by my side through the loss of both my parents. We served, explored and grew together. Your fun, deep, loving, creative, adventurous soul lives on in me forever.
Gteg Gale
September 22, 2017
Genuine Contact Mentoring circle Sept 29, 2003
I lost the opportunity to meet, see and hug my beloved friend and collegue. I gained love, wisdom and inspiration to make a real difference in the World. Chris Weaver, you are not here in our physical space anymore but for sure you are with us, actually for generations to come. Your stories, your imprints on us and what you inspire us to do makes and will make this planet a better place for everyone!
I promise I will do my very best to pass it on.
I am filled up with love and thank YOU
Thomas Herrmann
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