Anthony Eaton "Sandy" Weymouth

Anthony Eaton "Sandy" Weymouth

Feb. 24, 1942-Mar. 16, 2014

The struggle with cancer for over two years has ended. Sandy upheld that strong tradition of a much earlier family member and commissioned explorer who planted the British flag on St. Georges Island in 1605.

Affirming that tradition of exploration, Sandy graduated with honors from Harvard University in 1964, then launched into new directions as a movie maker, Bible and phone system salesman, New York cab driver, Broadway musical promoter, newsman, writer for one of our largest pharmaceutical companies, and bill collector.

For the last twelve years, following his full time job retirement, he was a regional initiator, convener, and vigorous national leader of the "feelings catharsis" primal therapy movement, It was Sandy's enduring belief that an inherent shortcoming in our Country's emotional make-up was the self-inflicted restraint in expression of one's deeply seated feelings. An immediate relief was to engage in a communal or personal primal scream as a method to reach the wounds inflicted upon us in the earliest years of our lives, not only to bring relief, but optimism going forward. To those who came to Sandy's home, "The Woods Place" in Rising Sun, Maryland, Sandy provided food, temporary lodging and emotional support, all at little or no cost. Many showed up with deep emotional wounds. Sandy's friends numbered in the hundreds, and many have remained extremely loyal to him over the years. In his closing months, in spite of his weakening body, Sandy remained vigorous in the pursuit of his dream. With the last of his energy he would, typically drive his van to Athens, Ohio, upper Pennsylvania, New York City and then to Atlanta, Georgia, meeting with followers and offering counseling - all within ten day's time.

Sandy's immediate family survivors are his two older brothers, Philip, Jr. and Charlie Weymouth. He was blessed to the end by the assistance of his cousin Bill Machold, nearby Maryam Savabi, Natoyi Lively, and his closest friend and college compatriot, John Thorndike. Sandy's final resting place will be in his beloved woods. A celebration of his life will be held when full spring has come.

Published in The News Journal from Mar. 23 to Mar. 30, 2014