3rd Anniversary
Died 17th December 2015
Dear Tony,
Your needs in life were simple, your love for us was true,
As long as we were happy you were happy too.
You gave us all you had to give, gifts great and small,
But the greatest gift you gave us was your love for us all.
Your name is carved in our hearts to stay,
As we think of the things you used to say.
Those special memories of you will always bring a smile,
If only we could bring you back for just a little while.
Your journey has just begun, for men like you were not meant to die,
But like the sun that shines in the sky, you my dear are meant to warm the earth.
So while you sleep and your voice is still,
Your spirit goes on and it always will.

Always in our thoughts and prayers

Your loving partner Marian, son Ryan, Claire, Paula, Sean, Rachael and your 9 grandchildren.

Published in Derry Journal on Dec. 14, 2018