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Linda Kaye's portfolio is a history of sports in the Metroplex.
She began photographing Texas Christian University sporting events as a freshman in 1959 and never stopped. She photographed Tom Vandergriff throwing out the first pitch at the first Texas Rangers game in 1972.
But she never knew how big an impact she made until the very end, said her brother, Roger Kaye.
Ms. Kaye, a freelance photographer who chronicled the Horned Frogs, Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys for a half-century, died at 9:50 p.m. Sunday. She was 65.

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Published in Star-Telegram on Oct. 7, 2007.
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November 22, 2013
I am sorry to hear of her passing. I met her years ago when I worked in a small camera repair shop in Arlington and she would bring equipment in for service..She was such a sweet lady.
Darrell Harris
August 1, 2008
God bless you Linda. You were the consummate professional. My heart goes out to you and your family. Meeting you was an honor. Your photos were the best. You were a wonderful woman and we will see you inducted in the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.
Ronnie Joe Shewmake
February 5, 2008
Fort Worth is still a town where "they know when you're sick, and care when you die."
Linda, I enjoyed working with you and knowing you over the years. You'll be missed and not forgotten. God bless you.
Mike Millsap
January 28, 2008
I never met Linda, but she WAS everywhere at TCU's campus. I graduated from there on 1977, so I'm sure I must on some frame of film that she shot. After reading the excellent article in TCU Magazine all sorts of memories came flowing back. I immediately remember Linda Kaye walking around the campus getting ready for a shoot. Linda Kaye, a real Horned Frog.
Elias Mercado
January 24, 2008
Roger, I didn't realize until the TCU magazine that Linda was your sister. I didn't know her personally, but I enjoyed seeing her at all the athletic events I attended. I'm sorry for your loss.
Anne Hunt Barker PHS '64
January 23, 2008
I read the TCU Magazine article last evening. WOW! What an inspiration! Your work, dedication, and love for TCU and humanity will not be forgotten. I have confidence your work will inspire others to capture life, emotion, action, and the little moments for years to come. You've inspired me.
Tyson Trice (TCU '02) & W. Aaron Caraway, M.D.
January 15, 2008
I just learned of Linda Kaye's passing while reading my TCU Magazine received in the mail today. Tho never an athlete, I am an alumni ('76) who kept crossing paths with Linda for many years at numerous events....and somehow she always seemed to remember me! Go figure!! As I kept reading the beautiful tribute, all I could think was, "I hope she and her family had the benefit of hospice." I could not bear to read on and hear she had died in the hospital!! Thank goodness, the piece disclosed that Linda's final days were spent on hospice service. My sympathy and prayers go out to Linda's survivors and family members during this continuing difficult and stressful time. We heal with the passage of time, but we never forget. She was really something!!!
Janet Lawton
November 6, 2007
Dolores Johnson Shaw
November 5, 2007
The "Lady in Purple" was quite a treasure. I'm glad I was able to tell her during her illness that she was a much better photographer than I was an athlete. I loved her because of all she had done for TCU. She truly was the face of TCU for many years.
James Swink
November 2, 2007
Linda, What a wonderful woman, mentor and role model. You are one of the most modest people to walk this Earth! I remember how shy you became when I mentioned how impressed I was that Nolan Ryan requested you to photograph his induction at Cooperstown. I recall seeing you on tv at this event wearing a ball gown, carrying your camera - the ball gown threw me since I was used to your purple TCU attire. You were so quiet about your talents and connections - you were all dedication and work. I will miss you.
Julia Stewart, TCU '90
October 16, 2007
Linda's presence with her camera was always reassuring. You just knew that she would get the right shots at the right angle and with the proper and perfect light and shadow. A photograph is just a picture that captures a memorable moment in our lives. So, Linda's with us still in all of our memories and moments that she captured for us.
Larry Shannon
October 15, 2007
Linda Kaye captured more than pictures she captured memories. It seemed that she was always around the old Arlington Stadium and the Ballpark and that she always would be - long after the rest of us were gone. Rest in peace, Linda.
Our condolences to her family
Nancy and Bob Benson
October 15, 2007
I was just a kid when I went to my first TCU football game with my Dad. Down on the field, I noticed a woman photographer all dressed in purple. Later, we went to a TCU basketball game. There she was again. Then, at a baseball game. Who was this woman dressed in purple and taking pictures from every imaginable and unimaginable angle you could think of? As I grew, I learned who Linda Kaye was...seeing her at just about every sporting event I went to and seeing her pictures in the Star-Telegram. For many years I only knew Linda through her work and seeing her at sporting events. The last 7 years I was fortunate to get to know her on a personal basis at The Ballpark. I still don't know how she could take her pictures, read a book and work a crossword puzzle all at the same time from her third base photographer's well during the game, but she did. We missed her greatly last season and she will be forever missed.
Gara Stark
October 15, 2007
I never knew her personally, but I also always looked for at every sporting event we ever went to in Fort Worth. One of my fond memories of her is at a TCU basketball game. Some movement overhead caught my attention, and when I looked up, high in the top of the gym on one of the catwalks was "you-know-who" catching just the right angle for a photograph surely to be seen in the Star Telegram the next day! My condolences to her family. She will be missed.
Susan Hoskins
October 15, 2007
Linda was a delight to work with and a true Horned Frog who represented TCU with dignity, class, and a lot of laughter. Her pictures will continue to inspire future generations and she will be deeply missed.
Paige Thurmond
October 14, 2007
I met Linda while we were journalism students at TCU. She was strong willed when it came to photography. Whatever my plan for a photo to accompany a Skiff story, she had a different one. And darn -- she was always right. I'll miss our brief chats as we crossed paths at sporting or TCU events. She knew a million people ... and she loved them all.
Dean Angel '62
October 13, 2007
I remember seeing Linda on the sidelines at TCU sports events and area professional games and I was so impressed with a professional female photographer among all the men. That was during the late 60's and early 70's. She was a true professional to the end. God bless her family in their time of loss.
Jeanne Powell
October 13, 2007
Linda had a way of making everybody feel like somebody special. I was a grounds keeper at Arlington Stadium many years ago when linda came to me and asked if she could take my picture
as I was doing my job, that really made me feel very special. she was really a class act, and every one whom she effected like that is a much better person today because of he kindness to all people, this world needs more people like her.

Pastor Charles Williams
Charles Williams
October 12, 2007
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
Kaye Vann
October 11, 2007
So many memories: Linda taking pictures every time we did inventory at the Camera Shop, pestering her during the Nolan Ryan signing vigil every day until that day she burst into the Camera Shop, looked at me and our arms shot into the air at the same time while we grinned at each other like a couple of kids who just had the best Chrismas ever, her calling me to the rail before a Ranger's game at Arlington Stadium and giving me a ball that Pete O'Brien had just fouled past her head in the photographer's well (only major league ball I ever would up with), reconnecting with her after a decade or more at a TCU game. We'll all miss you, Linda. That picture of Nolan, bloodied and unbowed, is one of the finest in sports history. Losing you and 'Picture Pete'r Feresten in one month's time is more than this city should have to bear. I'm proud to have known you.
Bruce Payne
October 10, 2007
Dear Roger,
I am so sorry to hear of Linda’s death. I send you my deepest sympathy.

For twenty years, Linda did the photography for me at the Fort Worth Schools’ Administration Building. Her pictures made our publications look perfect.

Linda was a wonderful friend to me and my family. She will be missed by many.
Joe Sherrod
October 10, 2007
To FW, a sad loss of a great talent and someone who captured history through her camera. She was one of a kind and she will be missed.

I remember her well since our days at PHS. She fought a brave battle.
E. Jane Lorimer
October 10, 2007

Thank you for your faithfulness to your job and those you knew. Your work ethic is one to be admired. I enjoyed our media relations memories. God Bless
Christine Schmidt
October 10, 2007
Linda became part of our company's "family" as she chronicled with photos our annual company Christmas party. We'll miss her at our event this year and will miss her sense of humor and wit. May the Lord comfort her family in this time of loss. Very sincerely, Brooke Akers and the HCC/FDS family
Brooke Akers
October 10, 2007
Linda took a photo of me with Lyndon Johnson in 1972 and then again for TCU Magazine in 2001. When I told her my brother died (2001) she said the loss of a brother was worst loss she could suffer because she loved her brother so much. She was an icon and and a friend for thirty years.
David Becker
October 10, 2007
She was one of a kind. Melba and I will miss her at the games.
Jerre Todd
October 10, 2007
Linda and I were fellow AP freelancers. She had such energy and love for her job. She took the greatest photo in Rangers history: the classic of Nolan Ryan with Robin Ventura in a headlock.
Ken Sins
October 10, 2007
TO THE KAYE FAMILY:Linda was a sweet person. She was one of my vendors at TCU. I have seen her off and on since I was in high school. That was over 33 years ago. She will be taking pictures of angels and heaven. The only thing different about her angel robe in heaven-it will be purple instead of white. May God strengthen, comfort and bless all of you.
Nova Johnson
October 10, 2007
I shed tears for Linda and admire the photos she took for TCU. As an Alumni of TCU and Harris College of Nursing, I had the pleasure of being photographed by Linda. She will be missed at the school events.
Judy Walker
October 10, 2007

You made TCU a real place for me four years ago when I arrived. It will not be the same without you roaming the sidelines or hanging out on the field. Baseball mug shot day will be lonely without you there reading or doing crosswords with me waiting for the boys to filter in.

I will miss your visits to my office when you would come in and sit down in the chair and ask how things were going.

I will miss you date book where you planned out your photo assignments. In the world of electronic calendars and such, that book was a permanent fixture in your pocket.

I will miss hearing you say "speak after the beep" on your answering maching.

But most of all, I will miss you and your purple spirit. You were and always will be what I think of when I think about TCU.

God bless and rest in peace.
Brandie Davidson
October 9, 2007
God speed Linda Kaye. Thank You for your life in the trenches with the underappreciated visual media. Your images made heroes out of the common athlete as well as the so-called stars. Your photos touched so many lives and I can only hope that people will remember you not only for the many wonderful moments that you caught with your lense but the joy you had in your work. Thank you for always stopping to say hello even though you were dragging around a hundred pounds of gear and scurrying to that next shot. I only wish that I could have said goodbye, my friend.
We'll miss you in the trenches!
October 9, 2007
Honey, we were part of your extended family for many years. It was my privlege and honor to be with you and Roger these past weeks. Rest peacefully.
Barbara Weinberg Bill Conly
October 9, 2007
Linda Kaye
We will surely miss you in so many ways. I knew you my whole life and you always encouraged me and had a good story to tell. I'll launch another rocket just for you since you always asked and think of you up there catching up with Mom. I know your pictures will remain forever but I'll always remember you for your great personality and genuineness. Christmas Eve will never be the same but we will always remember your laughter on that day and looking forward to the door bell ringing and Dad saying, "There's Linda Bird". Thanks for everything you brought to this world and we all know it will not be replaced. Love, Tom or Tommy to you!!
Tom Bartzen
October 9, 2007
Linda was a photo mentor for me. Following in her footsteps at Paschal was impossible as she was the best. She never lost her focus unless she wanted it to look that way.
Cass Edwards III
October 9, 2007
My dear Linda,
Thank you for your faithfulness to TCU and for sharing it with me. You were such a kind lady and I have been blessed by you and your family over the last two weeks. I know you are busy catching up with old friends and making new ones. Remember I told you that I was positive there would be a lot of purple up there and a new pair of purple shoes would be waiting. Was I right? I'll see you soon my friend.
Love, Donna
Donna Biasatti
October 9, 2007
She was one of a kind. She will be missed and no one could take her place.
Dave Austin
October 9, 2007
My dear "Linda Bird"
Thanks for the enthusiasm you brought to the hundreds of photos you took of my TCU teams and at our tennis camps as well as the many personal photos. We will always cherish your Christmas eve visits to our home and the little gifts you brought, which I still have. Our family will always remember you with love and affection. Love, Tut
Tut Bartzen
October 9, 2007
Linda has to be the best photographer i ever knew of. She was everywhere!! High School, College, Pro and individual. She was very giving of her time and effort and would send pictures to my dad, brother and myself during our tennis playing days. This is very sad news for our family and we will miss her tremendously. She was the best!
Doug Crawford
October 9, 2007
Linda and I were friends and neighbors and in the same class at Paschal
High, so we've known each of for more years than either of us cared to
count.  My husband and I live in Galveston, so the opportunities to get
together over the years were few and far between. But when we did, it was never dull! We always saw more of Galveston (or anywhere else for that matter) as she scouted pictures than we ever did on our own.  The best photo we have of my husband and I together is an inimitable Linda original.

Despite our distance we kept in constant touch on birthdays, each trying to outdo the other on brevity and complete use of space on a small scrap of paper.  Never anything elaborate but always stuffed with love and friendship.

We wish her Godspeed and peace to Roger and her family.
Anita (Sievers) and David Aldrich
Anita Aldrich
October 9, 2007
Thank you.
God bless and rest in peace
James Lamey
October 9, 2007
From my usual perspective at the Ballpark in Arlington, there will forever be a place for Linda Kaye. As I look across home plate from the first base photo well, the third base photo well is always in the background, Linda there. It wasn't the same with her gone this summer and never will be again. But that picture will always be in my mind. She is there, virtually part of the architecture of The Ballpark in Arlington. I've been around Linda at the ballyard for nearly 25 years and occassionally at other events around town. Never have I encountered a more unassuming, pleasant individual with as much talent and devotion as Linda Kaye. I will miss her quiet smile. I know she shunned attention on herself, but I do hope she knew how respected (and envied!)her work is, how fondly she was thought of and especially how many people have been thinking of her during the past year. My condolences to her family.
Larry Allen
October 9, 2007
Linda Kaye was such a positive presence at TCU, including the Neeley School of Business. She will always be fondly remembered and loved for her spunkiness and kind spirit.
Marcia Hensley
October 9, 2007
Kenny Parsons
October 9, 2007
Crossing the path of Linda, was certainly a gift in this life of mine. I've spent the better part of the last ten years with her on my wing at the ballpark, as she documented history and read her paperbacks. We were cut from the same mold, Linda and I, and her passing leaves me with one great regret. I always thought that the day would come when Kiss Cam would catch us for that shinning moment on the big screen. She would have been a reluctant star, but she would have had a kiss, whhile left blushing like a teenage girl. I will certainly miss you my friend.
Dave Curliss
October 9, 2007
Having known Linda Kaye since 1971, when Coach (Tidwell) was on the freshman TCU football team, we go way back in knowing the Horned Frog Lady. Renewing that friendship these past 8 years as Coach T. helped with the Lady Frogs has been so special to us. What a wonderful life she had taking all those great photos of high school, college, and pro players. We loved her spirit and dedication she had for TCU. Thanks for the memories, Larry and Teresa Tidwell
Teresa Tidwell
October 9, 2007
I’ve known Linda since I was a kid. She was friends with my parents. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more genuine person. She was a real joy to be around. She was just a nice lady.

Many times I’ve been on a road trip with Linda to Austin or Waco for TCU games. The thing about those trips is we’d have to leave 5 or 6 hours before the game because she always had to stop at some out-of-the-way place to shop or get food.

She’d come over each year and take our family photo for Christmas cards. Then on Christmas Eve she’d come over and we’d all go eat dinner at Panchos, it was a family tradition.

One Christmas Eve, when I was nine Linda came over and before we went to eat, she and I played catch with an old Wogs football in the front yards. That ball was rock hard at each end (it was an old school ball my dad had acquired while back). Well later that night at my great aunts house I started feeling pains in my side. I couldn’t stand up and could only walk bent over. A visit to the emergency room revealed a badly bruised spleen, from one of Linda's hard throws. She could really wing the ball around.

She and our family continued our lunch tradition even after my father passed away. My mother collected anything with owls involved and Linda would periodically show up after one of her garage sale shopping sprees with an owl for my mom.

What a great lady. I hope she knew how many people cared about her.
Ricky Moore
October 9, 2007
As I went through TCU, there is hardly a memory that is not captured in some way by a Linda Kaye photograph. I have so many wonderful memories of Linda Kaye. I worked as an athletic trainer at TCU for a number of years, and for a period of time Linda Kaye would come in to get treatment on a back injury she had. She had so many great stories! I cherish the times I had to visit with her. She would bring picutures and bags of peanuts to thank me for my time. She is such an integral part of the TCU family, that I can't imagine going to a TCU event and not seeing her. I know the Angels are rejoicing as the welcome Linda Kaye to heaven... Rest in Pease, Linda Kaye, you will be missed!
Kim Karstetter
October 9, 2007
Linda Kaye, you have always been an inspiration to me. I started as a writer and photographer at the Irving Daily News in 1971 and your reputation was well established by then. You always had time for me when we spoke. I've always hoped I could shoot with the same passion and compassion for the common soul that your work has always exhibited. Though you have passed us mortals by, you will forever be a positive example for aspiring photographers, young and old.
Phil Stephens
October 9, 2007
Linda has been a part of our family as long as I can remember. When Dad (Tut Bartzen) started coaching tennis @ TCU she took every picture that was taken of the team and well as our special family pictures that hang in our home. There was never an event in the metroplex where Linda's presence weren't know. Linda would always stop by on Christmas eve just to say Merry Christmas and bring a little something. She was a very special lady and we will miss her. Rest in peace and God Bless!
Angela Bartzen Allin
October 9, 2007
We are blessed to have known Linda. We always looked forward to seeing her friendly smile and hear her talk about TCU and the Rangers whenever we had the opportunity to visit with her. We, along with countless others, will miss her very much.
Bill & Clara Sheppeard
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