Ann Battrum

Mrs Ann Battrum Worksop Mrs Ann Battrum of Kilton Close, Worksop passed away on November 26, 2019, aged 76.
Ann was a lifelong Worksop resident.
She was retired and was interested in gardening and animals.
Ann was survived by her husband Michael Battrum, daughter Julie Haughton,
son Paul Battrum, grandchildren William Battrum, Samuel Houghton and Tilly Battrum.
The burial service took place on December 30, 2019 at Priory Church.
Floral tributes were from Michael Battrum, Julie Houghton and family, Paul Battrum and family and Micheal Bradshaw.
Donations raised £400 to Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.
The service was conducted by Father Willet and arrangements were by Co-op Funeralcare, Worksop.
Mourners were Mr M.Battrum, J.Houghton, P.Battrum, W.Battrum, Y.Battrum, S.Houghton, D.Houghton, T.Battrum, G.and M.Stevenson: Mr and Mrs Atherton (rep Mr and Mrs Tyrrell), Mr S. and Mrs F.Stevens, D.Rowe, D.Bell, N.Clark, V.Clark, L.Smith, Mr and Mrs Galdwin, R.and J.Galloway, S.Deleavey; J.Elwood (rep Marian), J.Spencer: Mr and Mrs Pool (rep Mr and Mrs Mede) : Mr and Mrs P.Godfrey (rep Mrs C.Godfrey), J.and G.Askew, L.and N.Willey, J.Banes, Mr D.and Mrs S.Battrum, S.and K.Tyrrell, J.Pritchard, P and G.Bernett, L.Gabbitas : M. Gabbitas (rep Roy and family), J.Gabbitas, Mr Ratcliffe, Mrs Ratcliffe, Mr P.Ratcliffe,Mrs D.Rose, Mr D.Rose : Mrs P.Panks (rep Simon), Mr Wooley: Mrs Wooley (rep Nigel and Debbie), J.Lawrence, Roy Goddard : A. Downing (rep Pete), Mr and Mrs T. White; Mrs J.Moore (rep Steve), Mrs T.Moore, N.Tindle, P.Tindle, Mr and Mrs Gigg, Mrs Slowe; D Allsop (rep The Farm Shop), G.and M.Hayes, Mr J.Jenkins : L.and M.Baxendale (rep M.Baxendale), Mr T.Mee, Mr K.Lancaster, Mrs P.Lancaster, Mr K.and Mrs J.Atkinson, Mr G.and Mrs P.Ferrarelli : Mr F.Bower (rep The family) : Mrs S.Bond (rep B.Bond), Mrs J.Tomlin, Mr P.Tomlin, A.and V.Benton, D.Bentan, H.Pemberton, T.Pemberton, M.Sharde, L.Silk, B.Drabble, M.Drabble, S.Mosgrove, K.Mosgrove, Mrs M.Tetherton, Mr B. Tetherton, Mr and Mrs Bland, K.and R.Page: K.Reid (rep Frank and Nyia): R.Page (rep family), B.Bond, J.Cooper, A.Hooley; D.Biggin (rep A.Roebuck), Mrs K.Mindham, Mr K.Mindham, Mr and Mrs S.Read: R. Inman (rep family), Mr and Mrs S.Ripley: Mrs L.Ripley (rep Miss C.Ripley), Mr and Mrs Clift, T.Westwood (rep Lee and Helen, Mr and Mrs Kirk, Mrs Whall, Mrs T.Bell, Mr M.Bell, Mr and Mrs Morris, R.Maurice, R.Searels, B.Teasdale; P Hinchcliffe (rep Rita): R.Hencock (rep Gill), M.and J.Bowler, L.and C.Hodkin, M.and D. Holding, Mr and Mrs Horton, C.Stubbins; Mr and Mrs Poxon (rep Adele and Tina), Mr and Mrs Guest, C.Jenkinson, B. and J.Jackson, R.and J.Fletcher, Mr and Mrs Fowler, M.White, A.Dawson, Megan,

Published in Worksop Guardian on Jan. 10, 2020