Paul Hollander

Paul Hollander, scholar and nature lover, passed away on April 9, 2019 at home in Northampton MA.

His first conquest of note which affected all of his writings was his journey from Budapest, Hungary in 1956, where he was born, on foot to Austria with only his leather jacket, safely escaping the Communist regime. His good fortune then carried him to Harvard University where he continued to write while a professor there. He eventually became a tenured professor at the University of Massachusetts where he spent the rest of his career teaching sociology. His writings focused on the psychology of belief, the power of violence & the misadventures of intellectuals in the 20th century. These subjects were explored in "Political Pilgrims", "Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad" and in numerous journal articles.

His enthusiasm for writing, evidenced in more than a dozen volumes, never interfered with his dedication to the natural world and his enjoyment of kayaking, swimming, and hiking. Paul loved discovering new places full of beauty. His joy in photographing favorite locations here and in Europe was boundless.

Paul loved and cared for his daughter Sarah Hollander and his stepdaughter Laura Marie Duncan. He was a true protector of these girls, who miss him dearly. His wife, Mina Harrison, shared many of his passions and so many of his adventures, as well as his enthusiasm for preparing Hungarian cuisine.

His family knows Paul is still with them whenever they venture out in the world, needing a calm, strong spirit, which he had in abundance.

Published in Daily Hampshire Gazette on Apr. 19, 2019