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Condolences are offered to the family and friends of Shaden Abu Hijleh, 50, who was shot dead in her home in Nablus, Palestine, by an Israeli occupation soldier on Friday, (October 11, 2002). Shaden Abu Hijleh was sitting in front of her glass balcony inside her house with her husband, Dr. Jamal Abu Hijleh, and her son Saed, a professor of social geography at Najah University in Nablus, when she was shot. According to her family members, an Israeli jeep stopped in front of the family's house, a soldier got out, went to the back of the jeep, picked up a weapon and opened fire at the Abu Hijlehs. Shaden Abu Hijleh died on the spot when two bullets struck her heart and neck. Her husband and son suffered shrapnel wounds and were rushed to the hospital. Shaden Abu Hijleh was famous for her love of gardening and for her meticulous embroidery. She was elected and served on the executive committee of the Women's Social and Cultural Association, Women's Affairs Center, and a number of social justice groups in Nablus. In 1967, Shaden Abu Hijleh resigned her post as a school teacher to protest the Israeli decision to alter the curriculum in Palestinian schools. Instead, she dedicated her time to activism, getting involved in grassroots organizing on a host of issues ranging from opposition to house demolitions and land confiscations, to literacy campaigns and income-generating projects for women. Shaden Abu Hijleh co-founded the Palestinian Society for the Protection of the Environment. Family members, friends and neighbors fondly remember her reprimanding people regardless of their age, gender, or social standing, for smoking cigarettes. She provided family members and friends with "No Smoking" signs in Arabic and English. More recently, Shaden Abu Hijleh was active in distributing food to the hungry in Nablus, dividing the donated flour, sugar, rice and milk into small packages and taking them to needy families who lost their livelihood due to high unemployment rates exacerbated by the Israeli-imposed 24-hour-a-day house arrest of the entire population that has continued since June 22. In addition to her husband and son Saed, Shaden Abu Hijleh leaves behind her daughter, Lana, chief engineer with the United Nation's Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People and board chair of the Palestinian Popular Arts Ensemble, and sons Raed and Rami, who are living abroad. Messages of condolence may be sent to the family by e-mail to

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Published in Hartford Courant on Oct. 16, 2002.
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244 entries
March 22, 2017
Thank you for sharing this, and for telling your story. May your mother rest in peace and may justice be served... Andrew
Andrew Dib
May 5, 2011
Dear Saed, after meeting you in Nablus, hearing about your mum. seeing and more importantly, feeling for myself what occupation means - the only word that comes close is "obscene" and I feel ashamed to be part of the west that permits this to continue. We must spread the word every way we can.
Denis Taylor
January 12, 2010
After meeting Saed in Nablus in November 2009 and hearing about the horrific circumstances of his mother's death, I felt compelled to visit this website in her honour.

Words alone cannot express my feelings.

My deepest condolences and warmest sympathies to Saed and his family.
Anne Key
June 10, 2009
Dear Saed and Family - always thinking about you. With great memories.
April 20, 2009
We remember you always and we dont forget your family.
Regards from Dr. Al Muaket and family from Spain
Susan Muaket
March 26, 2009
having met Saed in Belfast on an academic tour, i was impelled to look at the website dedicated to his mother, and found the whole episode very moving and one that will have a profound effect on me.
brian kearney
October 11, 2008
Dear Saed & family
My thoughts and prayers are with you today on the sixth anniversary of the brutal taking of your beloved Shaden's life. She will never be forgotten.
Gale Khoury Toensing
October 6, 2008
Remembering your family with love and prayer. May God keep you, comfort you, and bring healing to your hearts and lives.

Your Friend Always,
Nancy Archibald
May 8, 2008
In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.
saad nimer agha
January 15, 2008
Allah Keep her and all of you. salaam.
Calista W.
December 16, 2007
rania kanan (nablus)

conatact me
rania kanan
October 12, 2007
Her memory and spirit lives on, as she always will, in each and every one of us!
Sam Bahour
October 10, 2007
Dear Saed & family
My thoughts are with you on the fifth anniversary of the loss of your beloved Shaden. May you all have the strength to keep love in your hearts..
Peace and love from your friend,
Gale Courey Toensing
October 4, 2007
May God bless her sole and let her rest in peace in heavens .Rehemeha Allah
Wael Abu Hejleh
September 12, 2007
osama abdulhadi
August 11, 2007
Dear Abu Hijleh Family:
While being so far away, no days goes by when we do not think about you and your great mother. We wish you strength and miss you.
October 11, 2006
My sincere condolonces for your family's loss and of the Palestinian cause. God Bless Her Soul.
Siraj Feidi
October 16, 2005
May you rest in peace. May the Creator of all bless those who seek the truth and enlighten those who live in darkness.
Barbara John
August 11, 2005
Emad Zagha
May 11, 2005
tow years ago you saw them shoot your mother dowen keep fighting for your lost wright never gave up .keep faighting for palestain.
jamal alnimer
May 10, 2005
tow reason make me love you more you died for us and you didnt ask much.rahemak allah ya seat allhabayeab ya habeaba.
jamal alnimer
April 5, 2005
You have my condolences. God Bless You.
Mohammed Al Huraimel
March 15, 2005
My condolences to the family and may Allah be with you.
Your freind forever
Fadia Kaafarani
December 28, 2004
Nader Aloul
December 13, 2004
I have just discovered your site in my quest to learn "the other side" of the story of Palestine, and not just the Jewish side. My deepest condolences to your family. At the end of the day, we are all children of God and I sincerely hope that one day your people and mine can live in peace in the homeland that belongs to both of us.
Sharon Klein
October 13, 2004
For those of us who never knew you personally, the loss to your family still touches us deeply- we continue to support your cause in any way we can by talking to our representaives in the US House and Senate. Peace to all of you.
Margaret Mackey
October 11, 2004
Two Years have passed... thousands of seconds and minutes... but you have not left... In every cell of my body and soul... in the breath that permeates all... In the spirit that transcend this rascist wall... I see your face... and touch your hands... I hear your voice calling me from your room: Mama get this or that if you are going downtown... Allah yirda 3alaik... I love you Mama...
Saed Abu-Hijleh
September 9, 2004
Your spirit lives on in the thoughts of many. May peace be with your family
Stacy Weida
June 23, 2004
Unbelievable tragedy. I feel for the family.
May 17, 2004
I love this page. It looks treally nice. Keep it up.
Asaba Owerri
May 9, 2004
god bless you
tracey waite
February 17, 2004
Happy Birthday and may God be with you.
Raouf Zaki
February 15, 2004
Abbas Hamideh
February 15, 2004
Happy birthday to Shaden, and all our best to her husband, sons, daughter, and grandchildren. She is living on in our work and activism as well as in yourselves, your work, your hearts, and your memories.
Julia Daugherty
February 15, 2004
Um Saed, the Kablawi's mark your 63rd birthday
Hani Kablawi
January 31, 2004
Dear friends
You are always in our memories
Ezana and family
Ezana Habte-Gabr
January 30, 2004
fatma alnimer
January 30, 2004
saltan sari
January 29, 2004
neil dun
January 26, 2004
3 things will never die :uuuuuuuu ,love and death
saher hadi
January 26, 2004
what more awomen can give.
gave bairth to four brave children.gaive every thing for good causes.gave here life and soul.what more awomen can give.
jamal alnimer
January 25, 2004
I Love you Mama, and I always will. You are the one who rang the bell, no more stories to tell.
Saed Abu-Hijleh
January 24, 2004
jamal alnimer
June 19, 2003
Ahmad al-Sheikh
June 2, 2003
I read about your mother in the "Christian Century" magazine. My prayers are with you in your time of anger and deep grief. May the God of peace hurry up and make things well.
Rev. Shannon Kershner
May 29, 2003
Dear Sa'ed and family,

With deepest regrets we are writing to you. We were shocked and horrified to hear of the death of your mother. May Allah (SWT) be with you in your time of need.

Your friends from Iowa City,
Houssam Attal & Tamara Miller
Tamara Miller & Houssam Attal
April 15, 2003
Dear Family,
It is shocking that such great person, your Mother, became a victim of such terrible crime.
I cried looking thru this web site. She was doing such amazing job and could have done so much more if not....
I share your sorrow and will keep you in my prayers.

Your Chechen sister,
Amrina Sugaipova
March 15, 2003
Dear Abu Hijleh Family:
We continue think about you. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.
Ezana and Yolanda
March 13, 2003
My heart goes out to you. I only heard about this recently (due to the current antiwar here which has brought many people together) and received the news with shock. We have many fond memories of working with Saed here. Apologies for these condolences being so late. To all your family, heartfelt sympathy and solidarity.
Shalom salaam peace, Rebecca
Rebecca Rosenbaum
February 17, 2003
just want to say .. we miss you khaltoo shaden
mohammad zorba
January 29, 2003
Dear Saed and family:

I was shocked and horrified to learn of your mother's violent death. It sounds like she was an amazing woman. It is remarkable that you and your family are able to simultaneously grieve and engage in activism to bring the world's attention to what happened. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support your quest for justice.

Jean Fallow
January 29, 2003
Saed, many people in Iowa City still fondly remember your time here, and many have now heard of this terrible crime. We want to do what we can to help you and your family. I believe your mother lives on in a loving family and in all the people touched by that family throughout the years. Your life honors hers. In compassion and comradeship--Julia
Julia Daugherty
January 21, 2003
My condolences... what a terrible tragedy! This madness must be stopped. She will not have died in vain. She shall not be another statistic. She will be remembered.
Blake Robinswood
December 25, 2002
Merry Christmas my beloved Mama (Mama Habibti), Kul saneh wa intee salmeh, wa kul habaybek salmeen. Everyday I see people who tell me how much they love you, and they all miss you and send you their best greetings. Your granddaughters, Zina, Yasmeen, and Nadia are happy and in good health. They told me that Santa Clause came to school yesterday and he brought them gifts, but they whispered in my ears that they know that the one who came to school is not the real Santa, but they were happy anyway. I see your smile and I know that your are with us and this makes you happy. Good Night Mama, Salam 3alaikom wa Ra7mato Allah wa Barakato.
"Tal irti7aloki ma 3awadtina safara, Um al masakeen irji3i na7no nantathiro."
Saed Abu-Hijleh
December 18, 2002
To The Abu-Hijleh Family:
May Allah help & guid you through these difficult times.
Omar AL-Tikriti
December 17, 2002
I wish I could say something that would help.
Christine Kraemer
December 10, 2002
Raed and family,
I am so sorry to hear of your mothers death. I know that nothing that I say can take away the sorrow and despair of your loss by such a senseless act. I will continue to do my best to educate other Americans on the reality of the situation in Palestine as Jehad and Gaser keep me informed of what the media does not disclose.
Raed, I think you are right to use the energy created by this tragedy to help educate others and move for change. Change must start somewhere, with one person and then another.

I wish you and your family the best during this difficult time.

If there is anything I can do please let me know.

Sincerely, Paula Gray
Paula Gray
December 8, 2002
Dear Abu Hijleh Family and Friends,

I am desperately sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your mother, wife, and friend Shaden Abu Hijleh.I know her only through the descriptions e-mailed me by my friend Jehad Jadou. I can only wish that one day I can be remembered as having her strength, courage and caring. As long as you hold her memory in your hearts, she will not be forgotten. May God go with you.
Megan Fry
December 6, 2002
Dear Raed,

Hearfelt condolences on the tragic death of your Mother. May God grant you the strength to recover from this loss.

Madhu Pillai
Madhu Pillai
December 6, 2002
Raed & Rami,
My condolences to you and your family. May she rests in a place where peace can exist. And may God be on your side in this tragic loss.
Mirou Jaana
December 6, 2002
Raed and Rami. I am very sorry for your loss. May God grant you patience and always be with you.
Akram Mustafa Saleem
December 6, 2002
Dearest Saed, Raed, Rami & the Abu Hijleh family

With great sadness and shock I received the news of the death of your beloved mother. I can only pray on her pure soul asking God to bless her and rest her soul in Heaven.

I wish you all the strength and unity in this critical time, praying to God to grant you all the blessings, wisdom and strength.

My sincerest condolences on your loss and may God bless you all.

Yours always,
Salam Abu Sharar
Salam Abu Sharar
December 5, 2002
To the family and friends of Shaden Abu Hijleh:

From the descriptions of Shaden and her life, I have come to feel that I've lost a friend that I've never known. She indeed sounds like a person worth knowing. Now, the words of a song by Quinton Claunch, "A Man Worth Knowing", come to me. With apologies to Mr. Claunch, I've altered some of the words in Shaden's memory:

When a woman has to work
and slave for a living,
and she never complains
about what she's been given,
and she keeps on moving
like a big river flowing,
she's a mighty rare breed,
and a woman worth knowing.

When a woman plows a field
for a neighbor who's ailing,
and she toils through the day
when her own crops are failing,
and she's filled with good deeds
and her good works are showing,
she's a neighborhood blessing
and a woman worth knowing.

There's good in a woman that
turns the other cheek,
with forgiveness in her heart
shows she's strong and not weak.
When love multiplies
from the good seed she's sowing,
she's a good-hearted woman
and woman worth knowing.

I intend to do what I can to ensure that Shaden does not become "just a number".
Gary Gralton
December 4, 2002
Dear Abu Hijleh family- The murder of your beloved Shaden has not been forgotten and people of conscience everywhere will make sure that her memory stays alive. I know that no words uttered will bring any comfort to you, but please know that you have many many people thinking of you at this time of sorrow.
God bless Shaden Abu Hijleh and may she rest in peace.
Rula Khoury Borelli
Rula Khoury Borelli
December 4, 2002
Nothing can make up for your tragic loss, but I add my small voice to the thousands who send love at this terrible time. In memory of this remarkable woman I shall keep returning to Palestine so long as the conflict continues and I stay alive to stand beside peace loving people who join your struggle.
Mary Hughes-Thompson
November 22, 2002
Dear Abu Hijleh Family ,

The Bergman's wish you peace and justice on this day , the 40th since your mother's tradgedy .
Your mother ( May God rest her soul )is no statistic , and never will be ! God willing ! We love and miss you all ...
Helen Leila and Alicia Samia Bergman
November 21, 2002
Forty days have passed since my soul left the land of Canaan on a Phoenician ship. Forty days have passed since the start of this mystical trip. When will you return? Without you I will not know the road to the Land of Love. When will you return? Without you I cannot see my face in the mirror of pride and grace. You left and left your leaving in me! You left and left no one but you in me! You left and asked me to stay, "Goodbye my dear" you didn't say, For the day we will meet everyday I pray. Oh Allah creator of all, only you can return my soul. Make me my Lord worthy of her return, In the furnace of thy love my sins please burn. Shaden, the youngest deer. Shaden, the reason I am here. Shaden, the music I hear. Shaden, the death of fear. Shaden, not far but near. Shaden, my dearest dear. Shaden, My Beloved Mom. Shaden my den, Mother of Lana & three young men. Shaden the wife of Jamal, Daughter of Um Nidal, Grandmother of Zina, Nadia, and Yasmin, Mother of the oppressed and the poor, Your soul will remain free and pure. With the blessing of Almighty the ship will reach, To the desired safety of heaven's beach. Saed, (Son of Martyr Shaden Abu-Hijleh)
Saed Abu-Hijleh
November 20, 2002
Dear Dr. Jamal, Lana, Raed, Rami, Saed, and your precious families: On this, the forty-day anniversary of your beloved Shaden's murder, I send you my heartfelt condolences. We who yearn for a just peace between Palestine and Israel vow not to let your mother become "just another number in the long list of Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation." May the days of peace come soon. May your grief be gently soothed by the love that flows to you.
Dr. R. Ruth Linden
November 20, 2002
Dear Abu Hijleh family,

On behalf of the Shadid family, to whom your family is closely related, I wish to offer my sincerest condoleances. Shaden is a hero among our people for ever, and we pray that her soul has joined the ranks of the Shuhada, who enjoy eternal peace and blessing. We feel, in the deepest parts of our souls, your pain, but also your pride about the person she was, and the person she will forever remain in our memories. We pray that Allah will continue to give guidance and strength to our people, and that we will be guided along the path that leads to freedom and peace.
Dr. Tariq Shadid
November 19, 2002
God bless you.
Carlos César
November 18, 2002
Dear Raed, Saed and Rami

My sincere condolences, my God give you the strength to bear your tragic loss. It is for people like your mother, the Palestinians have such strong sprit and tremendous strength to continue the struggle for freedom. Your Mother is not another number, yet she is another reason for every Palestinian to be proud and to carry on the hard and long road to liberation.

Hatem Abumaizer
Hatem Abumaizer
November 17, 2002
The following members of the Cross Party Group on Palestine in the Scottish Parliament would like to send their condolences:
Anne Alden, Carole Alubaid, Dr. Kamal Alubaid, Pat Bryden, Liz Elkind, Hala George, Kathleen Gibb, Hugh Humphries, Margaret Mungavin, Dr Jock Mcdougal, Hasan Nowarah and Roy Paterson.
Ross Campbell
November 14, 2002
I will never forget this afternoon of September.
I will never forget your smile and your kindness.
I will never forget the noor of your soul.
May Allah bless you, Shaden.
May Allah protect your family.
Free Palestine
November 13, 2002
my deepest condolenceses to all humanity on the sad occasion of losing a wonderful peace lover who had been a victim of the Israeli occupier of Palestine . May God Bless Her Soul: martyr Shaden Abu Hijleh, a real woman that we all love and never forget."By their fruits ye shall know them", beloved friends : Lana the daughter, Saed , Rami and Raed the sons who are the real fruits of this great lady.To all the wonderful family of our dear friend Shaden allow me to say: you are not alone.May God help us all as we remember her actions that sparks louder than words.Shaden will continue to live in our hearts and the memory of all those who had the honor to know her.
Fathia Nasru(Ph.D)Birzeit university
fathiah nasro
November 10, 2002
ghada derbas
November 10, 2002
Dear Lana,
Please accept my deepest condolences for loss of your beloved mother.
Eina Ueno
November 9, 2002
May the Almighty bless the soul of our glorious martyr Shaden Abu Hijleh. We will never forget you or the many Palestinians who have kept our struggle alive and our dreams intact. You are the true heroes of Holy Palestine. May Allah watch over your family and shower them with blessings and prosperity. Inshallah, next year we will all see a Free Palestine.
Amin Alhassan
November 6, 2002
Dear Dr. Jamal, Lana, Saed, Raed & Rami,

For the loss we had,
Words do not heal;
In these hard times,
Please tell us what we can do..
that might help to soothe you
Ruba & Bilal Abu Hijleh
November 5, 2002
"For being a palestinian you were murdered, for every believer you are a martyr. Its an honour for everyone who loves you, and you will take a special place in our hearts forever.
Khaltu Shaden, angels in heaven are taking care of you and angels on earth are spreading your vital, young and lovely spirit.
May God Bless your Soul. I love you.
November 4, 2002
Shaden's violent and untimely death has compounded my feelings of loss of home and family connections in Palestine.
I enlarged a photo of Shaden dancing as a teen on the floor of my childhood home in Nablus. In the background are Shadia and myself as younger children. That is the image I want to remember. Shaden enchanted all of us with her kindness and smile. Her spirit shall live in all of us.
As I spoke to 35,000 Peace activists this last Sunday, I had Shaden and her family in my mind and heart. Our work will not end till Peace reigns in Palestine.
My deepest sympathies and regards to Gamal, her children,also to Wail, Ilham and the rest of the Saleh, Abu Hijleh and Abu Gazzaleh families.
Layla Hijab
Layla Hijab Cable
November 4, 2002
My sadness over losing Shaden was compounded by my general feelings of loss of home and family connections. I pulled out her picture dancing and enlarged it. That is the way I want to remember her. I have never stopped working for a peaceful resolution for my Palestine and my fellow Palestinians. Shaden's untimely departure has given me a bigger incentive to continue. When I spoke on Sunday to over 30,000 peace activists, I was thinking of Shaden, Jamal and their children.
Layla Hijab Cable
November 4, 2002
A piece of my heart fell away when I read the news. Saed, Raed, all were central to my awakening to the truth about Palestine, and for that I am in your debt. Your beloved Mother's death will forever be a symbol of the atrocity of occupation. There is no peace without justice. You are all in my prayers.
With much love,
Anne (Abu-Sharkh) Bacon
November 4, 2002
Dearest Rami, Jayne and all of the Abu-Hijleh Family,
Most of the people around me(in California)have not yet felt a direct connection to the terrorism that plauges or world, but when I tell my peers Shaden's story we realize that this horrible violence is closer to us than we think. As a family, when one of us is hurt, all of us are hurting. God bless Shaden and all of our families. Love, Abbi
abbi kidwell
November 4, 2002
Our sincere sympathies to Rami,Jayne and the family and friends of Shaden Abu Hijleh.
Cheri&Brian Larkowski
November 4, 2002
My deepest sympathy
Mahmoud Derbas
November 4, 2002
Deepest sympathy to the grieving family. Time will heal, but the memory will never fade.
Patricia Ryan
November 3, 2002
To the Abu-Hijleh Family:
So many words exist, but none can express this loss. I grieve with you.
Julie Ohlendorf
November 2, 2002
Our beloved aunti SHADEN

We will always remember you...
November 2, 2002
Marah Aloul
November 2, 2002
I am sending condolences from our group, Utahns For A Just Peace In The Holy Land. There are about 150 of us. Although we did not know Shaden Abu Hijleh we mourn all Palestinian deaths.
Peace and blessings,
Frances ReMillard for Utahns for a Just Peace In The Holy Land
Frances ReMillard
November 1, 2002
Let Shaden Abu Hijleh's death be a clarion call for peace and justice in the Middle East!!
Theresa Gambaro
November 1, 2002
Dear Abu Hijeleh´s
It was with great shock and sorrow to recieve the news about a wonderful mother and wife. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ezana and Yolanda
Ezana Habte-Gabr
November 1, 2002
Abu Saed, Lana, Saed, Raed and Rami: We are humbled as we offer our condolences and our admiration.
Hani Kablawi
November 1, 2002
Saed, I offer my deepest condolescences for your loss.
Betty Anderson
November 1, 2002
I always enjoyed our talks about your family. When you were getting married you would tell me about the problems involved in getting everyone to the wedding. You would tell me about the trials casted upon your parents living Palestine. From the lack of personal experience the hardships you described sounded almost surreal. Yet in spite of the emotional weight of it all you still had an upbeat and persevering attitude. I am saddened by your loss and wish you solace in your time of grief.

November 1, 2002
It is only this morning after returning from a lengthy trip that I heard of the tragic death of Shadem Abu Hijleh. My heart goes out to her family and to the families of those who have suffered at the hands of the Israelis. May her life be an inspiration to all.
Jan Bauman
October 31, 2002
Rami and Jayne and Hijleh family,
Our thoughts and prayers to you for your tragic loss. She sounds like a beautiful woman who will be greatly missed by many.
Julie and Jeff Parker
Julie / Jeff Parker
October 31, 2002
hannah souman
October 31, 2002
Rami & Family,
My deepest condolences.
You are all in my prayers.
Your friend,

Troy Frisch
October 31, 2002
Your loss will be a candle to light our way through solidarity to attain justice and peace!
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