Calder Jacob "Mr. Awesome" Sloan (2007 - 2014)

  • "he sounds amazing...mostly due to you...can't say anything..."
    - michael marshall
  • "what a sweet little boy my prayers go out to the family"
    - Bethany Kleinschmidt
  • "Dear Neighbor, I read your wonderful words in The Miami..."
    - Mrs. Banks
  • "Chris, I wish I could have gotten to meet Calder. I am so..."
    - Cody Diamond
  • "Chris, I was so sorry to hear about your son. I know you..."
    - Gay Johnson

Calder Jacob Sloan, I am Chris Sloan, Calder's dad. In lieu of the traditional obituary, my wife and Calder's mom, Carla Kaufman Sloan wrote the most touching apt description of how she, our youngest Caleb, and I feel about our super hero and big hearted boy: Calder "Mr. Awesome" Sloan

"People tell you when you have a child you will never feel a stronger love. It is not necessarily instantaneous. Especially when you struggle to breastfeed and latching becomes a curse word rather than the simple way that nature takes her course. Then unaware to you a bond forms. It immerses you in a mesh-like cloth of genetics, mannerisms the smallest breathes and smiles that ensnare your heart, body and soul. Every giggle, victory, blood shed becomes a part of you as it is of your child. You become the ferocious protector and caregiver. There have been numerous incidents in the Miami Children's Museum that my friends can attest to, when I was ready to throw down. Yet these are nothing. Passing moments. Your love soon intensifies into a salve that you can't live without. Thank you Calder for being a genuinely good person and for having a moral center at age seven and years before. I hope I live my life in such a way that makes you as proud of me as I am of you. We do everything in our ability to make things right. Listen, discipline, teach good values and you pray it is enough; that you are safely guiding your loved one down a protected path. The kisses Calder was still willing to bestow with such joy remain precious, fresh on our lips, the hugs a warm victory that could have soon been fleeting when the teenage years kicked in. If you are lucky your children watch you grow old, and you become their tree stump to come to for solace, or to rest during a brief a visit. Sadly in our case tragedy and an unimaginable accident intervened to take Calder from us 7 days after his 7th Birthday. In his never ending exuberance for life he was taken from us. Calder was special with a true morality beyond his years. A day didn't go by that he didn't worry or have concern for someone, his little brother Caleb, Aron Zohar who broke his hand, Ms. Schimmel who he was sure we needed to go shopping for so she knew how much we cared for her. He wanted to be with Evan every day that he could. If Caleb hurt himself Calder created elaborate slapstick routines that would have made Charlie Chaplin envious. He would give me this special look, "Don't worry Mommy, I'm not hurt this will make Caleb laugh." Calder's little secret with me, and it worked every time. Calder thought differently. When he learned about even and odd numbers he had thoughts, "Mommy, 5 can be even," he said to me. "If I have five cookies and I have four friends and we each get a cookie. Then it's even, right?" Being a big bad soccer Mom, when Calder was on the field and he was having trouble getting by someone I made a suggestion. "Calder when you see him coming just stop the ball and he will roll right over it." He looked at me in slight disbelief, "Mom if I do that he could get hurt. I don't like that idea." I took my seat on the shame bench and kept my mouth shut. Calder was a rule follower. A moral compass. He made me laugh hard, big unexpected belly laughs. His big blue eyes pierced and warmed the hardest of souls. Every morning that I am not awakened by Calder's soft warm body and cold feet snuggling up to me before the alarm goes off, I will indulge by sobbing into my pillow for a few moments then pull myself up for a different day. A day absent from the bright light that shown from within Calder Jacob Sloan out into the world."

Services will be held Friday April 18th at 11:30AM at Temple Beth Shalom at 4141 Chase Avenue in Miami Beach.

In lieu of flowers, we are asking for donations to be made to Calder's School, Lehrman. Your donations are tax deductible and will go toward establishing a legacy foundation in his honor. Calder absolutely adored going to school and loved his friends, math, soccer, reading, and Hebrew class...really everything about it except for waking up early. His younger brother Caleb attends Lehrman and is receiving a great education. We love it that Caleb will be reminded of his beloved brother each day he goes to school.
Please make checks out to:
Lehrman Community Day School
memo: Calder J Sloan Legacy Fund
Lehrman Community Day School
727 77th St
Miami Beach, Fl 33141
Attn: Jodi Bruce, Head of School
Published in the Miami Herald on Apr. 17, 2014
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