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KRISTIANNA "KRISTY" GOUGH, age 30, resident of San Leandro, CA, about 20 miles east of San Francisco, was a pretty, petite, unmarried female who was born on November 19, 1977 and passed away unexpectedly on March 9, 2008, when several cyclists were hit about 10:25 am by James Council, a rookie sheriff's deputy from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. He was on patrol at the time with only 18 months experience. He was patrolling on the winding Cupertino Road when his white cruiser crossed over the double yellow center line and veered into the opposite lane and struck the three leading cyclists. It is speculated in one of the later papers, that the deputy had fallen asleep at the wheel. This stretch of road is frequently used by cyclists, with a large bicycle lane that is considered safe for training that the club uses regularly. Kristy died several hours later at Stanford University Medical Center. It has been reported that Kristy died of head injuries, internal bleeding and also suffered a severed leg with other gruesome major injuries. Another of her teammates was pronounced dead at the scene, a third teammate was admitted to the hospital with "major injuries". The California Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation and Officer Todd Tuibodeau advised, "We are asking people to avoid speculation and we are avoiding speculating"; he added that the CHP inquiry could take 30 days. (Three teams of reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle contribute to this abridged, amended report as did the Mercury News of San Jose.) My other comments: James' father is also a sheriff's deputy, his son James was convicted in 2001 for engaging in a speed contest on a highway. He received 24 months of court probation. The sheriff's patrol car was facing the wrong way on the wrong side of the road after slamming into the three riding partners. The deputy was walking around in a daze, pacing back and forth along the roadway, telling witnesses that he had fallen asleep. Another deputy was taking James Council to her squad car and two witnesses stated, "She said, `don't talk to those people' then put her arm around him and took him to the car," and presumed out of the area before an investigation had begun. In the intervening time, my granddaughter stopped breathing so many times, said teammate, Brasse who was working with Kristy, to keep her alive until the helicopter could take Kristy to the Stanford Medical Center, where she died. No testing was reported on the deputy at the scene. Kristy Gough grew up in San Leandro, had been a swimmer and ran cross country at the Madeira School, an excellent boarding school in Virginia. Kristy's outlook on life was shaped in part by a childhood that included divorced parents and a lot of moving around. She was the youngest of four children. In college she became passionate for the triathlons. As an amateur tri-athlete (swimming in the ocean 2.4 miles, then cycling 112 miles and jumping off to run a 26.2 mile marathon), Kristy won in her age group, 25-29, in the 2004 Woman's Ironman World Championship in Hawaii; that is the biggest event you can win as an amateur. After turning professional, she used her athletic abilities worldwide. Friends describe Kristy as quiet and introspective, even a bit tough on herself, but full of warmth. She had a wicked sense of humor that she shared with those who got to know her. When Kristy began training, Tanya Grossman, a long time friend, said, "She was just this young girl (when she started) who was very fast and kicked everyone's butt and the guys didn't like it; she was faster than most of them." Then choking up, she added, "She has grown into a woman with depth." One of the many male friends, Bjorling, said, "When I met her, she already knew what was important in life, take it day by day." He also said, "Don't spend too much energy on details, but try to see the big picture. As we see today, life can change in a second." The Oakland Tribune also did a story on this tragedy and the headline reads, "Oakland cyclist killed Sunday was a world champion athlete" with 15 plus pages of worldwide guest book remembrances; such as, "Whenever I have a hard day racing or training, I imagine her (Kristy) down the road looking back for us saying `C'mon boy, let's go, let's go"' from New Zealand, "Her character was like no one else, always giving her best on the day and nothing less. She was a wonderful person and will not be forgotten." "She gave everything always to her expression of physical power, form and beautymy life was enriched having known her." California. "When you swan in the cold lakes of Tansen, it was one of the moments, impossible to forget." Clas and Peter of Sweden. "Her talent and power were apparent to anyone lucky enough to ride in her shadow." USA. "There are a lot of Kristy stories circulating just nowmany of them incredible, but all of them are true." Teammate, San Francisco. Please see the Oakland Tribune at From her peers, reporters stated the following: What a talented athlete who excelled at cycling. "She was the strongest rider I ever rode with." A male teammate said, "Kristy Gough was a champion tri-athlete who had been training exclusively as bicyclist in recent months, winning just about every road race she entered." "I have never seen her so enthusiastic as in the last couple of months," said a Swedish tri-athlete champion, "She was so strong physically and mentally." She wanted to pursue the Ironman triathlons, but her trainers wanted her to try out for the Olympics and to the world championships for cycling"She was on her way to something great." "Our team pre-rode the course for Brisbane, practicing team tactics for several lapson the final lap, I'm the lead man, putting out tremendous effort and it completely buries me for the finishshe passes me and says, `Good pull!' Even though she was a true star on our team, she had a quiet way of making mediocre riders, like me, feel special and appreciated."-USA San Francisco. "The first time Laura met Kristy, Kristy's shopping cart was filled to the brim with the healthiest food I had ever seen. She was so petiteI couldn't imagine how she could possibly eat so much! I learned about her devotion to being a world class tri-athlete and I would swim at the Chabot, wishing I could emulate her grace in the water and feel half the energy she radiated. She was a strong, beautiful and inspirational woman." Kristy was preceded in death by her grandmother, Marion "Bunny" C. Gough. She is survived by her father, Rip C. Gough, formerly of Houston, TX; her mother, Karen Clarkson, et vir Bill Artz of CA; and her older siblings, Valient, Gabriel and Laurissa Gough; her uncle and aunt, Robert Gough and Phyllis Gough Harris; and Brooke Fatigante Lewis; cousins and grandfather, William B. Gough. Kristy's mother's side of the family includes Karen's mother, Zelda Clarkson and her brothers.

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Published in Houston Chronicle on Mar. 16, 2008.
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May 23, 2013
September 9, 2012
You still find a way to my heart and soul. RIP Kristi
richard ash
April 27, 2010
your story is an emerald stone
polished smooth by the pounding sea.
i feel its weight in my breast pocket
it is with me always.
quietly it whispers
quick to remind me
that each day
each moment
is nothing less
than a sacred gift.

though i had never met you, kristy,
neither will i ever forget you...
December 4, 2009
your spirit spins along the road of life, while in this life, you won some fine races, while after this life, you've touched so many hearts...your fire, your energy burns on & is unforgettable.
November 5, 2009
your life was so full but ended so suddenly...a reminder to us all how precious life is.I love to ride and you will now inspire me when i'm on the saddle. I know your in a better place and looking down upon us...peace be with you..
June 10, 2009
i would like to express my condelencses to the family members and friends of Kristianna Gough. I can feel your grief as i also lost a daughter to an accident a little similar to yours. My daughter was also hit and killed while riding her bike. My daughter was only 12 years old. i would just like to say they are both in the same place and watching over us. My heart and prayers go out to you Kristianna. Never lost always among us. Residing In Paradise in heaven. Our deepest empathy and sorrow.
Joe Castro
March 26, 2009
Kristy's energy and excitement for the sport got me involved in triathlons. She was a great gal and an inspiration. I'll be participating in my first Ironman this summer and I'll be thinking of Kristy and her ability to suffer gracefully and still drive on.
March 9, 2009
Kristy, today as always, I am dreaming of you. Did you see us down by the river as we called out your name? Love, Mom
Karen Clarkson
March 7, 2009
Laurissa, Karen, Rip, Gabe, Valiant, and all Kristy's family....

Sending you prayerful thoughts from the ocean in South India... wishing you unconditional support, spaciousness to grieve, compassion, people to hear you, and honoring the passing of Kristy as well as honoring the continuation of your own life journies. I still find and source inspiration to follow my dreams thinking about all the stories I have heard about Kristy following her dreams.

I wish you all fulfilling care and faith that you might be needing at this time.

With love in my heart for your family,
Clayton Barker
February 3, 2009
I didn't know you...but I know your spirit and I see it every day in my sister and all who go beyond that extra mile. That spirit is a rare gift that only some will experience. Thank you for gracing this earth for a time...touching those of us left behind.
Robin Neary
January 23, 2009
A friend of mine used to tell me last year of a female on his team that had this amazing ability to suffer without showing. He would tell me " I never know when she is hurting but yet I know she is". He told me as he grew to know her she was a very complex and amazing spirit! He told me he would introduce me to her at a race or training ride someday. That someday never happened but Kristi I still feel as if I have met you. I think your presence here on earth will be remembered and admired for years to come. God bless your Family.
Derrick Hemingway
January 13, 2009
My words are clumsy next to Kristy's eloquent poetry. Not a day goes by without me thinking about her, and missing her friendship with an ache in my heart. And now not a day goes by that I don't think about you, Karen, and the rest of her family, and the gaping hole her passing has left.
December 31, 2008
I was one of the responders to the tragic accident. You touched so many lives and have a great circle of friends that will miss you. My deepest heartfelt sympathies.
December 5, 2008
que soy MAS FUERTE!! (I am stronger)
porque te llevo en me, NO MI PEQUENA VIDA... (because I bear in me not my own little life)
y ando seguro hacia delante... (and steadily I walk forward)
porque tengo MIL OJOS. (because I have a thousand eyes)

Kristy. thankyou for you.

tienies todo mi corazon. por siempre.
elliot Jaramillo
November 22, 2008
I happened upon this in looking for my old friend Laurissa. I am so sorry for your loss.
meggin Schiffner
November 2, 2008
I have been putting off writing since March when I found out about the accident because to write would be to admit that Kristy is gone. I knew her for a couple great and entertaining years at Madeira and then she was gone before we graduated. We stayed in touch a bit but our lives took different paths. I have thought of her often throughout the years and always thought "I should track her down and get back in touch." Now I will never get the chance but every time I go out for a run I will hear her voice telling me to "stop being such a wuss" and I'll smile.
Katy Crile
July 10, 2008
I was Kristy's cross-country coach at Madeira, and I just heard the awful news about Kristy from the Madeira alumnae magazine. I remember first meeting Kristy when she was a shy, quiet freshman...she ended up being the star of our young team: she had loads of talent and I enjoyed coaching her very much. I am not surprised that she found triathlon and that she excelled in it, as she was a determined, focused young woman, even at age 14.

My condolences go out to her family and friends. The world has lost a shining light.

Sophie Speidel
Madeira School Counselor and Cross-Country coach, 1989-94
Sophie Speidel
June 24, 2008
To Kristy's family and Clas Bjorling: Two days ago was the 2008 Coeur d'Alene IronMan competion. Although it was a beautiful day and a beautiful competion, it was a sad and painful day for me because just last week, I learned about Kristy's accident on the internet. Two years ago, my wife, Julia and myself hosted a professional triathlete for the 2006 IronMan here in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and that athlete happened to be Kristy. I only had the privelege of knowing Kristy for 6 days, but what a pleasure that was. I was so impressed with her spirit and her outlook on life. I am so sorry for the loss of Kristy. My heart goes out to all of you. James Sheeks
James Sheeks
June 20, 2008
Kristy with her brothers Val and Gabe, and sister Laurissa
Yes, it has been 3 long months. Not a day goes by in which you don't grace my memory. What a gift you were! This picture of you with Val, Gabe and Laurissa show you as a little girl. So impish! You grew into a strong and capable woman. Today, as always, I will miss you. Mom
Karen Clarkson
June 19, 2008
3 months have passed. Still deeply in all of our hearts & minds. The longest day of the year, is the best day for a long ride. Kristy's spirit lives on and on every mile, every ride, every one.
May 29, 2008
Dearest Kristy,
I had no idea you had passed on...I got a card from your mom today...I called her immediately...sweety, I can see you in my mind, or when I close my eyes...I can't believe your life here is done, but I am so thankful that you got to participate in all of the athletic competitions that you so loved to do....I am going to see your Mom tomorrow, and will do whatever I can to help her...I am blessed, we all are blessed, for having known your Mom to heal and to smile again...I know you will wait for her there, but she still has more to do in this life...Bless you, sweetheart! All my love, until I see your smiling face again someday. My love to Larissa and Gab, and to your brother Val, whom I have not met, and to your Father, Rip...We all love you, sweety!
Joyce Morte-Rose
April 15, 2008
I am glad to have known Kristy for her energy and humor. My thoughts are with her family and loved ones. What a deep loss you have suffered.
Lisa Chavez
April 10, 2008
Kristy's soul somehow has touched me, and will be in the air at next week's Sea Otter Classic. God Bless.
D. M.
April 3, 2008
Thinking of and praying for you.
love and peace
March 25, 2008
We are so sorry. Kristy was a friend of mine, one who would introduce me to some of the closest friends I now have. She was always so sweet and giving. I loved her positive outlook on life always. I used to swim with her at Black Ave pool every so often and would be so happy to see her amazing smile. We will miss you dearly Kristy!

Eileen and Reid
Eileen Swanson
March 24, 2008
My God what a tragedy. I just found out last night. I grew up with Kristy in San Leandro and went to Roosevelt and Bancroft with her.

Dear Kristy,
It has been well well over a decade since I last saw you Kristy but I feel that the world has lost someone great. Reading that you have achieved such things in your life comes as no surprise what so ever. Actually totally expected to hear that you are a champion athlete. You were always the fastest girl in the playground and was faster than just about every one of us boy's too. Being a athlete was your destiny. The world feels like a smaller place just knowing you are no longer with us. Kristy, you loom large in my memories of my childhood. You did touch many lives more than you probably ever realised. I will always remember you Kristy. Will always remember you. -Chris B.
Chris Baldwin
March 21, 2008
The more I read, the more I wish I could have met Kristy. I'm so sorry. She clearly touched many lives and I know you were so proud of her.
Amelia Ralphe
March 21, 2008
To the family of Kristy,

Words can not describe the pain you and your family are going through.
My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss.
Laurie Rankins
March 20, 2008
March 20, 2008

What a tragedy it is to know that you are not with us in person, but I know that the lives that you’ve touched will long remember you. Though we haven’t kept in touch through the years, I have watched you from afar through your victories and accomplishments. I pray that the pain and sorrow that your friends and family feel at this time will be comforted by knowing the impact you have had to those you have known both on and off the competitive field. Even though dealing with this loss is a hard time for us, I know that we will also celebrate your life and share stories about fun times of love and laughter.

God bless you,

Derek Clarkson
Derek Clarkson
March 20, 2008
Kristy, had you had a hundred years to do the same, I would still be proud of your achievements. You touched our lives, mine was just one of many.
My deepest love and respect,
Valient Gough
March 19, 2008
My deepest sympathies to Kristy's family and loved ones.
Jason Hobson
March 19, 2008
My deepest condolences to Kristy's family. I lost a son to a similar bicycle accident at the age of 26 and I understand your pain and grief. Fourteen years later, I still feel the pain of his loss.
Dan Tupper
March 18, 2008
I could write several pages about you beacuse I have so many memories, for exampel from the competition in Germany and the times when you said something in Swedish.I can´t stop smiling when I´m thinking about it.
I liked you from the first time I met you, but i did´t realize how mutch you meant to me until now when I can´t talk or write to you.
The last thing I wrote to you where that you were our star, and you really was, a special one.

You will always be a part of our family!
Elin Björling(Mockfjärd,Sweden)
March 17, 2008
I knew Kristy and the light she brought to so many, via her 'dad' Dave Worm. It was an honor to sing at her memorial, and to be with family and friends and send her off with songs and love and a room full of people that know what a precious gem the world has lost. Her passing stabs deeply, but I keep telling myself that she'd grow stronger from this pain and revel in somehow allowing it to inspire. Karen, Laurissa, Gabe, Bill, know that you are lifted up in prayers and that Kristy continues to inspire others, and will for many years to come.
Sunshine Becker
March 17, 2008
I wish to express my deepest sympathies with the Gough family on their loss. I am a fellow rider, though never rode with Kristy, and my thoughts are with you all through this event and beyond.
Wil Klassen
March 17, 2008
I wish to extend my deepest and heartfelt sympathy in the passing of your loved one. At this difficult time many people care about what you are going through, but no one truly understands all that you are feeling. Jesus was very much touched by the death of his friend Lazarus in John 11:23-26. He tells Mary his brother is sleeping and will rise again. Then he began to weep. He also resurrected him to show what he will do for all mankind. What comfort we can draw from the scriptures.
March 17, 2008
My husband had just come home Sunday from a business trip out to California. He brought home with him The San Jose Mercury News. On the front page was the tragic story of this young woman's death. Later I read her story again in the Houston Chronicle. Though I never knew Kristy and her family, reading about her life and her spirit was so inspirational. I am a mother of three sons myself and can only imagine the grief her family must be feeling.

On the same page in the Houston Chronicle was an obit for my old piano teacher. Between the two stories, I felt a deep sense of grief.

May Kristy's spirit continue to be an inspiration to those who follow the same way my former piano teacher was to so many as well. And may her family one day know some measure of peace.
Michelle Stright-Foto
March 17, 2008
Rip - We went to Bellaire together and my daughter is 29. I cannot imagine your pain. You and your family are in my prayers.
Bill Henderson
March 17, 2008
Rest In Peace
Father we entrust our sister Kristy to your mercy. You loved her greatly in this life: now that she is freed from all its cares, give her happiness and peace forever. Welcome her now into paradise where there will be no more sorrow, no more weeping or pain, but only peace and joy with Jesus your Son, and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.
May God hold Kristy in the palm of His hand. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My deepest sympathy.
Michael Iezzi
March 17, 2008
I read about you in the Houston (TX)Chronicle. Terribly tragic to lose such a beautiful, spirited human being like this.
I was stunned and saddened, though I never knew you. My condolences to all your loved ones and many friends. Rest in peace...
Chris Elledge
March 16, 2008
Once upon a day, my young daughter Kendall and I danced with Bunny and Brooke. And what a fine time it was. May God bless your family and give you solace in this time of immense grief. Mary Wolter
Mary Wolter
March 16, 2008
To Kristy's family and friends, my deepest sympathies for this terrible, terrible loss. I remember her as an incredibly passionate and talented athlete who was a pleasure to know and this is just heart-breaking.
March 16, 2008
Im so sad.I will never forget the times we spent in Turkey and our swimming training together.
hasan saim sen
March 16, 2008
Clas, Alice & Kristy
How far away lives Klisty? Thats a question our daughter often asked when Kristy wasn´t in Sweden. They didn´t understood each others language but they get along anyway. The watching eye Alice got from you and Clas is hanging over her bed. We are so sorry it didn´t worked the other way around.
Thanks for letting us know you. We will miss your smile and laughter under the parasol in Tansen.
Our condolences to Clas and the rest of her family.
Tony Björling, Jessica Eriksson, Alice & Signe
March 16, 2008
I'm so sorry for this loss. What a wonderful person!
March 16, 2008
I am saddened to read of your family's tragic loss. I know your heart is crushed.
While words cannot begin to give comfort now, please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Jim Pierce
March 16, 2008
Our praryers are with the family
Mitzi Clarkson
March 16, 2008
Thank you for the time you spent with us in the summers.You spread joy around you with your smile and laughter. We will allways remember when you gathered raspberrys to have in your breakfast porridge,and all the competetions we watched you compete in.We will allways remember you.

Our life is a breeze, a fairytale, a dream
A drop that falls in the stream of time
It shimmers in all of the rainbows colours, a minute
But brakes and falls, and the dream ends
Lasse & Berit
March 16, 2008
My thoughts and prayers are with you. I was on the memorial ride today and it was beautiful.
Kyle Welch
March 16, 2008
My heart felt sympathy goes out to you and your family. Yes, our lifes can be changed in an instant, whether it be by a careless accident or cancer or any of the many other life altering acts. My prayers are with you at your time of grief. She and her friends will not be forgotten. God Bless, Susan Berg
Susan Berg
March 15, 2008
Thank you. Thank you for the love you shared and the injustice you acted against. Thank you for holding the hand of my Dolce Vita teammate on the podium at Merco. Thank you for being yourself wherever you went. Thank you for riding with the guys. Thank you for absolutely everything you are leaving behind. And to Kristy's family: Thank you for being there for her. It certainly showed. Much Love,
Laurel Green
March 15, 2008
My most sincere sorrow hearing about Kristy. She was my close friend's best friend, and I know he will never be the same. She was friendly, and genuine. Hella great athlete. I think back at the last time I saw her a few months back at her house with feelings of privelige to have seen her for what would be the last time. I wish I would have cherished it more that evening, but one never knows these things. I pray all will have strength dealing with such a horrible end to such a great human. To Matt W., be strong bro. To Kristy, thanks.
March 15, 2008
Dear Karen, I know your sweet angel meant the world to you. Words of comfort seem meaningless with this tremendous loss of your precious daughter. Just know Steve and I care deeply for you and your family as you endure this terrible loss of such a beautiful, special and extraordinary person. I feel blessed to have met Kristy and to have heard so many wonderful things about her over the years. Love, Barb & Steve
Barb & Steve Lewis
March 15, 2008
Restraint, boredom sitting in, think I will ride now, off the front, premiums, winning. That rock is heavy. What do you mean by odd jobs – roofing, 7 tons of tear-off. Soft hand. Wry…is it a smile. No stink: clean jersey for the road race. We’d better get to the start. Damn. Tears, more tears. Discipline, talent, sage advice. That was a smile.
Jeffrey Bramlett Third Pillar
March 15, 2008
Dear Kristy's Mom & Family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We pray you find solace in knowing Kristy touched so many lives and that she was deeply loved by many, including our son.

Our deepest sympathies,
Jeannie & David
Jeannie Jaramillo & David Shepard
March 14, 2008
When I was a newbie triathlete, I lived in New Zealand and entered the Auckland 1/2 Ironman. The race took place on a brutally hot and humid day, and I found myself way behind the lead women. The run included three out and backs, so I had plenty of opportunites to see my fellow competitors. I remember being terribly impressed by the lead woman - fit, lean, and focused. The woman, of course, was Kristy. After the race I saw her laying in the shade beneath a pohutakawa tree and she looked very pleased. Peaceful, even. She struck me as a complete studette. I later learned that she was a very accomplished triathlete and had won our age-group in Kona the previous year. I was impressed enough to follow her career ever thereafter. When I saw her name in an Inside Tri headline, I assumed that she had won a major event, and I still haven't recovered from the shock. Even though I never knew Kristy personally, I am deeply saddened by her premature loss. My heart goes out to all of those who loved her. The world feels needlessly emptier.
Haley Cooper
March 14, 2008
I am so saddened by this tragic event. Although I do not know you personally, I feel in my heart the devastation of this loss. We are a village and when the loss of one bright soul is experienced, we are all affected. I send you my sincere and heart-felt condolences. May family and beloved friends surround you and enfold you in their love.
Magdalena Cabrera
March 14, 2008
As a teammate of Matt Peterson's and a competitor of Kristy's, I am heartbroken over this loss. I can't even begin to imagine how those closer to her must be feeling. I'm so sorry.
I had the privledge of racing against Kristy three times (coming in a not-so-close second on two of them :). She is an amazing cyclist and a lovely person. It was a great honor to ride with her, and I will remain in awe of her cycling skills as well as her kind spirit.
Bergen Watterson
March 14, 2008
Karen and Bill,

I was so sorry to hear of your loss. From everything I've seen and heard about Kristianna, she was a very special person. I know she will live on within your hearts, and in the hearts of the many who knew and loved her.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

All our love,

The Buster Family
Catherine, Irvin, Travis & Anthony
Catherine Buster
March 14, 2008
I didn't know Kristy, but from all I've read since her passing, I would have loved her. My condolences to her family and friends during this most difficult time.
Donna Webb
March 14, 2008
I first met Kristy in 1999 when I was a new mother with a 6 month old. While my baby slept, we talked for 2 hours. She asked about my baby and motherhood and I could see from her eyes and voice that she had a strong sense of self already developed for a young woman. She told me of several of her life experiences like her attendance at a private high school and a road trip by motorcyle. Her inner spirit was so strong and calm, she made me feel like we had known each other for years. Already she knew she was an athlete and pursuing her goals. Over the years, I've inwardly cheered her progress and mourn her time to pursue them was short. My depth of sadness seems out of proportion to the amount of time I knew her, so I want to convey my deepest sympathy to her family and loved ones.
Cheryl Speaker
March 14, 2008
So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful smile and clearly a beautiful spirit!!
Brenda and Kurt (Barb Lewis' family) Jackson
March 13, 2008
Karen and family,
We were so sorry to hear of Kristy's death. I remember her as a giggly little kid when I first started going out with Dan and hanging with the Worm family. She was always playing with those little terriers of yours.Our hearts go out to you, we are thinking of all of you.
Kieren Dutcher-Worm
March 13, 2008
May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.
Brahim Satoutah
March 13, 2008
Kristy with her beloved dog Sonya
March 13, 2008
March 13, 2008
My thoughts and prayers of comfort go out to the friends and family of Kristy and Matt.

I had just come to know Kristy earlier this year. I was amazed by her talent on the bike when I watched her ride away from the field at the Early Birds. What amazed me even more was her humble nature given the huge talent she had. Easy to speak with, quick to laugh. I am honored to have spent even this brief time with her.
Brian Meiers
March 13, 2008
I worked with Kristy many years ago. I remember her biking from San Leandro to Pleasanton to get to work. We thought she was nuts but she wasn't. She always seemed so tough but she'd make you laugh. We weren't good friends but I remember her and I am truly sorry for your loss.
March 13, 2008
To Kristy's family. I've been watching Kristy with great interest all season. She had great talent and was a humble, yet driven, athlete. I had predicted a long, successful career for her.

I hope you know, even though that career was cut short, that your beautiful daughter had quite an impact on the northern california racing community.

She will be missed.

My warmest thoughts are with all of you , now and in the future.

Lorri Lee Lown, coach
Velo Girls
Lorri Lee Lown
March 13, 2008
To All - thank you for your kindness and words of condolences.

I'd like to think that the best of what was Kristy will live on in the memory of those who care.
Rip Gough
March 13, 2008
I couldn't believe the news at first. I had just met Kristy in person the week previous -- the weekend of her back to back victories in the Merco races. I too became a fan immediately and to see her taken so violently and suddenly from our lives is so very difficult to deal with.

I've spent most of the past week thinking of her. My ride yesterday was spent in silent contemplation of her great loss.

I wish her family strength in overcoming her loss.
Mark Rampton - Third Pillar
March 13, 2008
Matt was my teammate and Kristy, a friend for many years. We'd seen each other most weekends the past couple of months at the races and she was so excited to try bike racing. I'm going to miss them both so much.
Cathy Morgan
March 13, 2008
Thank you Kristy for letting us know you and for the summers you spent with us in Sweden. When you and Clas had you openwater swim in the cold lake of Tansen and I was rowing the safetyboat, that´s just one of the moments impossible to forget. You was and always will be a part of our family.
My deepest thoughts and condolences to the rest of your family.
Clas mother Gerd Björling & Peter
March 13, 2008
I didn't know you, Christy, but I grieve your loss. You have been loved by people who didn't even know you. My sincerest sympthies and condolences to your family, friends, and fellow cyclists.
Barb Hailey
March 13, 2008
Of all the people I have met in this great big world during my life, Christy Gough stood out with a strength of character that is uncommon. She approached life as she did athletic achievement with a constant smoldering desire, a quite determination and power that made those around her just love her, want to help her and see her succeed. I sponsored Christy through my bicycle shop because I just loved Christy! I didn't care about the advertising or the recognition, it was just a treat to be connected and assist such a professional and driven person. I don't think I can write much more because there are things that words cannot describe, profound things that I think only those that knew Christy will feel when they think back on the moments they spent with her. There is laughter, impish grins, and foul mouthed humor. There was victories and defeats but over the ten years or so that I got to know Christy it became apparent to me that winning to her was living her life to the fullest and thats exactly what she did. So it's with tears in my eyes that I hang my head low and say goodbye to one of the kindest, and biggest winners I've ever or may ever meet.
Jason Montano
March 13, 2008
I never knew Kristy but it is incredible how someone you never met can still touch your heart. I am very sorry for your loss.
Gabriela Markette
March 13, 2008
I did not know Kristy well. The ride last Sunday was the first time I had the privilege of going out with her. It was a humbling experience. Her talent and power were apparent to anyone lucky enough to ride in her shadow.

Whenever I have a hard day, race, or training moment; I will tap the image of her down the road and looking back for us. "C'mon boy, let's go, let's go"...

See you around the bend Kristy.

Godspeed. -
Chip Gale - Third Pillar
Chip Gale
March 13, 2008
Our hearts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Emory, being a cyclist also, hurts knowing the loss of such a cyclist and has ridden that road many time when he lived in Cupertino. I, as a mother, can only cry. No bond is as great as that between a mother and child. Our deepest condolences are with you as you grieve. We need to be strong for the rest of the family. Please know that we care about you, Karen. Words cannot express how saddened we are. With sincere sympathy,
Janice Louie Chow & Emory Chow
March 13, 2008
I got to know Kristy through Gordo and Clas. She you used to live with us in NZ. Her character was like no one else. Always giving her best on the day and nothing less. My deepest thoughts go out to her family/friends/clas. She was a wonderful person and will not be forgotten.
Monica Byrn
March 13, 2008
So very sorry how could such a terible thing like this happen. All Bike riders are so sad.
Bill Katz
March 13, 2008
I just got your e-mail. I am so sorry about your loss. I cannot begin to express my sympathy. I know how proud of her you were. She was your shining light. She will be missed.
Lee Trimble
March 13, 2008
I rode that ride with Kristy several times, never could hang at the end of the short climb to the dam but always stuck to the final rise...she gave everything always to her expression of physical power form and beauty...funny, but subtle funny, with a smile that was disarming and charming...never quite knew what she really thought but when you rode with her you knew what she was doing...tap tap life was enriched having known her...and now even more...
Jeff Pallin
March 13, 2008
i have the choice this weekend of flying to the Bay Area to join the memorial ride for Matt and Kristy or attending the races in Visalia to support my friends who are racing in the women's crit. I decided to honor Kristy's memory by cheering my head off for women who ride hard and fast, celebrating women's cycling. She will be in our thoughts every moment.
kathleen king
March 13, 2008
As many already pointed out, Kristy was such a talented and strong athlete. And she had a workethic that was truly amazing!
She came with Clas to my trainingcamp in Borås (the rainiest place in Sweden) and while I wasn´t sure how much Swedish she picked up over the years, she really learned to enjoy the phrase "fy fan vad det regnar"...something like "man oh man I can´t believe all this rain..".
The last day on that camp we ran on a 40 k trail loop and whereas everyone else cut it short, Kristy and Clas ran the entire loop and I know she really enjoyed the trails beneath the lush and green forest..
The year after while we were all training in New Zealand, probably 15 of us from different parts of the world, she hung on to the pace of the guys and proved her dedication to excelling.
My heart goes out to her family and to her friends. The loss of Kristy is hard to comprehend. Through love and unity, life will go on.
Jonas Colting
March 13, 2008
My sincere condolences from Seattle.
Robert T
March 13, 2008
On behalf of our cycling shop Veloce Velo in Issaquah, WA, we are deeply saddened to learn of your tragic loss. So many of us cyclists risk our lives to share the road with cars, and we only tremble at how dangerous it really is when we hear of tragedies like this happening. We pray for your healing and for the others who knew your daughter.
Richard Willard
March 13, 2008
I guess I was one of the lucky ones, because I knew Kristy, even though only for a couple of months. It seems like so much longer. How can you develop such an attachment to another person after just a few hours spent together, and most of that on bikes? Put it down to Kristy's charisma.

There are a lot of Kristy stories circulating just now-- many of them incredible, but all of them true. Here's my favorite memory of her:

Our team pre-rode the course for Brisbane, practicing team tactics for several laps. It’s like a scrimmage; we pretend to be on two or three different teams and practice leading out, blocking, and chasing. On the final lap, I’m a designated leadout man and I put out a tremendous effort to give my guy Tony one long, last pull. The effort completely buries me for the finish and I ride in several seconds behind the sprinters, but I feel rewarded when Kristy notices and says, “good pull” as she passes me. Afterwards we climb the hill up Mt. San Bruno just to get some extra training miles in, and three quarters of the way up, I pull away from the group. Again Kristy notices: “good job, Sam.” Even though she’s the true star on our team, she had a quiet way of making mediocre riders like me feel special and appreciated.
Sam Campbell
March 12, 2008
WoW! I was blessed to spend some real quality time with kristy at merco, and talked with her a few times on the phone. In that short time I learned alot that will help guide me through the tough times and push me to succeed. she is quite the woman, and just one of the guys.
peter tousignant
March 12, 2008
My sincere condolences to Kristy's family and friends. She will be missed by so many. She was a lovely person.
Stephen Bayliss
March 12, 2008
I am very touched and saddened by the story of this amazing woman I never have gotten the chance to meet. I raced with her a couple of weeks ago....well, not with her, way behind her and I was impressed by her sheer strength, determination and willpower. She got away from the group and finished the race by herself in the wind and won it. I had made a mental note to myself to introduce myself next time and get to know her. I instinctively knew she was one of those human beings that one only dreams of encountering during a lifetime because they have that otherwordly quality one yearns for : passion for life. I am so sorry I never got to know her. i am so sorry that so many people are grieving. I can only hope that her passing will inspire many of us to emulate and adopt that life force spirit she seemed to posess so that her spirit will continue to live on. God bless her and her family. With much respect, Kadria Catalano
Kadria Catalano
March 12, 2008
Memorial Services

Sunday March 16th 2pm

Five Rings Cycling Center
297 N. Amphlett Blvd
San Mateo, CA 94401

In lieu of flowers we are requesting donations be made in Kristy's name to her favorite charity PETA

Our family would like to thank everyone of you for the kind words and thoughts. We loved Kristy so much. Everyone is invited to attend.
Gabriel Gough
March 12, 2008
Kristy was full of energy...
March 12, 2008
To Kristy's grieving mom, friends and family:

I remember the first time Alan introduced me to Kristy at Trader Joes with a shopping cart filled to the brim with the healthiest food I had ever seen. She was so petite...I couldn't imagine how she could possibly eat that much! I learned about her devotion to being a world class tri-athlete and would swim at Chabot wishing I could emulate her grace in the water and feel half the energy she radiated. She was a strong, beautiful, and inspirational woman...

No words can properly express my condolences on the tragedy of your loss and the horror of her death.

I wish you comfort and thoughts of love and support during this tragic time. The cycling family in the Bay Area is sorrowfully diminished by her death, but your loss is incalculable.
Laura Brown
March 12, 2008
I interviewed Kristy for after her 25-29 age group win at Ironman, Kona in 2004 and found her to be very honest and up front about her ability as a triathlete. She had great enthusiasm and confidence, seemingly in every part of her life. It's sad to think we'll never again hear, "Kristy Gough, you are an Ironman."

My deepest sympathy to her family, friends, and fellow athletes; and especially to Clas Björling, in their great loss.
Fran Arfaras
March 12, 2008
February 10, 2008 Krisy wins again!
March 12, 2008
I remember the first time I met Kristy was at Shadow Cliffs for an open water swim. I had fins on so I could take it easy, or so I thought. Even with my fins, I felt like I was stopped in the water while Kristy would fly by me like a missile and then zoom back by me the other way so we wouldn't get too far apart.

After the swim, I learned that she did triathlons and was going to ride her Cervelo for a brick. I mentioned that I also do triathlons and we decided to go for a run after our next swim. I'm a much stronger runner than a swimmer so I figured I'd be able to hold my own when we did the run. WRONG! Once again, I felt like I was standing still.

Of course, cycling is my best event so the next time we swam the open waters of Shadow Cliffs we decided to ride our bikes afterwards. Although I was getting a pretty good idea that I was outclassed I just knew I'd be able to hang with her now. You guessed it...wrong again.

Although we had shared quite a bit of conversation throughout our few training sessions together, it took Google for me to learn that she was a professional triathlete and had just recently won the Auburn International Triathlon! She was a wonderfully friendly person with an incredible sense of humor and I couldn't help but give her a bad time that she was making a joke out of me, a middle of the pack age grouper. :-)

She will be sorely missed. The only solace I can find is that she died doing what she loved doing and most people will live twice as long or longer and never achieve half as much as she did. I can't say rest in peace because I'm sure that rather than resting she's probably tearing it up up there like she did down here.

Bless you Kristy.
George Brumm
March 12, 2008
God just Wanted his beautiful angel back home. God bless this family i give my Condolence.
Emily C
March 12, 2008
Dear Karen, Val, Laurissa,and Gabe,
We were shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Kristy. She was a beautiful part of our family, and she will be missed. We can't imagine the pain you are going through. Her beautiful face keeps popping up in my mind and my memories of her as a happy, funny child are vivid. I wish you peace and comfort as you experience these difficult days. Our hearts break for you.
Love, Denise Armanino and family
Denise Armanino
March 12, 2008
Sunshine after a 1/2 IM in Denmark -06
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