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DR. ROSS M. LENCE, a distinguished teacher at the University of Houston, died July 11, 2006. The son of Nickie and Marlo Lence, Dr. Lence was born in Whitefish, Montana, on December 19, 1943. He is survived by his mother Nickie Lence of Houston; brother John of Meadow Lake, Montana; nephew Dino Justin Lence of Seattle, Washington; nephew Mario Valentino Lence of Missoula, Montana; niece Natalee Nikkolina Lence of Kalispell, Montana; aunt Teresa Granier of Missoula, Montana; and numerous other cousins and relatives. After earning his B. A. at the University of Chicago, Dr. Lence studied at Georgetown University and later at the British Museum. He completed his Ph.D. at Indiana University, under the tutelage of the legendary teacher and scholar Professor Charles Hyneman. Dr. Lence joined the Houston faculty in 1971, where he himself became a legend. A Professor in the Department of Political Science and The Honors College, Dr. Lence was named in 1998 a John and Rebecca Moores Professor. The crowning mark of Dr. Lence¹s work came in the 1990s when hundreds of his students donated funds to establish a chair in his honor. In 2001, Dr. Lence was appointed to the Ross M. Lence Distinguished University Teaching Chair. For over twenty years, Dr. Lence taught courses at the Women¹s Institute of Houston. He was, as well, an invited participant in many scholarly conferences sponsored by Liberty Fund, an educational foundation located in Indianapolis. In Dr. Lence¹s honor, Liberty Fund, Inc., has placed a complete set of its books, many of which are classic texts in political philosophy, in The Honors College Alumni Library. Passionate about great books and ideas, Dr. Lence is remembered for the clarity of his intellect, the quickness of his wit, the depth of his soul, and the generosity of his love. A leading scholar on the thought of John C. Calhoun, he edited Union and Liberty: The Political Philosophy of John C. Calhoun, published by Liberty Fund Press in 1992. Over the eleven months of his illness, countless numbers of Dr. Lence¹s current and former students manifested their respect, gratitude, and love for their teacher by visiting and assisting him. To these and all other persons who extended their support, Nickie Lence expresses her abiding gratitude. Visitation will be held on Thursday, the 13th of July, from 5 o'clock until 8 o'clock in the evening, with a rosary at half past 7 at the chapel of The Settegast-Kopf Co. 3320 Kirby Drive. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday, the 14th at St. Anne's Catholic Church, 2140 Westheimer. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Ross M. Lence Scholarship Fund in The Honors College at the University of Houston, 212 M.D. Anderson Library, Houston, TX 77204-2001 Gaudeamus.

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Published in Houston Chronicle from Jul. 12 to Jul. 14, 2006.
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December 1, 2020
I think of you and Nickie your Mother everyday and how I thank the Kord above that we crossed paths, who would of known your memories will last forever in my heart just know we miss you and your mommy so much Ross. I treasure the book you gave me Ross you are forever missed. 2020 not the same without you both.
September 14, 2017
Out of the blue, I found myself explaining the genius of Hobbes' translation of Thucydides' opening lines today, which of course made me think of Ross.

What an incredible teacher and friend. Jason and I spoke of you to our daughter recently, but realize that we may have to revisit some of it later.

I wonder, sometimes, what you'd make of the current state of our republic. And what you'd think of me and my translation to flaming liberalism and away from religious extremity. And somehow, though I know our beliefs would align less now than when I was your student, I think you'd be proud.

Bold in thoughts, moderate in actions, courageous in pursuit of the truth, wherever it is and however it can be known.
February 22, 2017
I was sharing a Good Doctor Lence story with colleagues the other day--the first day of the first class I ever had with him (one of a number of classes to come). I was irritated because this guy with the odd voice went on and on talking about Dr. Lence (The reasonable Dr. Lence expects this, etc.). I didn't realize until the second class that this guy who was telling us all about the mysterious Dr. Lence was in fact the (wonderfully) mysterious Lence...
Ben Cunningham
February 21, 2017
Good morning Dr. Lence. Just thinking of you.
Eric Owens
July 11, 2016
GOD less you, Brother Ross.

Dr. Ross M Lence

December 19, 1942-July 11, 2006

We will never forget you; We will always love you.

Love, Brother John
John Lence
January 29, 2016
To the one and only Professor Ross Lence, it is hard for me to fathom that you have been gone from us for almost a decade now. I remember the fantastic education I gained from you in Political Science. After all, I took four classes from you, including American Political Thought and Greek Political Thought. I am thankful I had those hours of study, and of though provoking papers, to prove that I had some reasonable level of professional intelligence. G-d bless you, Ross. We all miss you.
Don Large
December 20, 2015
Remembering you and Nickie very much this season, as it is not only Christmas but also our December birthdays that are so close together. Wasn't the house lovely with Nickie's bells on the table in front of your desk? And, I'm getting ready to bake Nickie's Christmas cookies. Keeping you both in my prayers. Keep all of us enfolded in your love.
Nancy From Honors
December 19, 2015
December 19, 1942 to December 19, 2015.

Happy birthday Professor.
We all miss you.
John Lence
November 11, 2015
Not sure what made me think of Dr. Lence today but I am glad I did. So many wonderful tributes...even years after his passing. Dr. Lence was truly a gentleman and a scholar. My time with him was brief (1991-1993) but his impression on me has been long lasting. I can only hope that he is resting in peace & looking down on all of us he influenced with a sense of pride & joy. A good man he was indeed.

In Hoc & Godspeed Dr. Lence.
Alfredo Castro
August 26, 2015
Didn't know you, but would have loved to.
James Maier
May 6, 2015
not sure why, but i had a dream about Dr. Lence last night and decided to look him up this morning. I had no idea he had passed and it makes me sad that i never gave him the due he deserved for getting me back in college and pushing me to graduate. Dr. Lence helped numerous folks get back on track, enrolled into UofH and stayed in touch thru graduation. He never required anything, but deserved more appreciaton from a lot of us guys. I will go and make a donation to his foundation right now. Thank you Dr. Lence. I moved on and made something of myself.......you would be proud. Oh, I am still trying to get thru Plato's Republic, so dont shoot.
December 20, 2014
The spirit of the Reasonable Mr. Lence hovers nearby in my world often. I need say nothing more than this for any fellow Lencian to understand: It's a Saturday morning and I'm enjoying it by re-reading Thucydides. Ross once told me that he never traveled without his "The Peloponnesian War." (Which, I note with a smile and nod to the good Dr. Lence, is written in the third person)
Ben Cunningham
December 19, 2014
December 19....Happy 71 Brother Ross. We miss you.
John Lence
July 11, 2014
God bless you brother Ross. Eight years seems like yesterday.
John Lence
June 12, 2014
I did not know Professor Lence had passed, my husband and I were talking about our time spent in retail in the Houston Galleria (Alfred Dunhill & Crabtree & Evelyn, respectively) and we always enjoyed seeing both Professor Lence and his dear wife, they were always so very kind to us. He is truly missed.
shelly & alan smalllwood
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Circa 12-31-2005
February 1, 2014
Happy birthday to you Mother Nickie and your twin brother Ben.

February 1, 1922
Say hello to the good Doctor for all of us.
John, your son
John Lence
January 27, 2014
Happy Feast Day Big Mama: Four years ago today, you joined your Butch and Marlo in heaven. I imagine that you are creating an Italian feast not only for them and the family but all of heaven. I wish we could be guests again at High Star, picking up our plates in the kitchen, wandering through the great room, on our way out to the "secret garden." What care you took of your masterpiece--the Birds of Paradise, the ginger and "cocoa" plants, the cactus garden that Ross liked, and the sounds and splashings of the fountains. Can heaven be any better than a visit with you and Ross? I'll toast you both today and on your upcoming birthday with Belgian White Beer. The Ross M. Lence Master Teacher Residency Dinner will take place at the Honor College on Feb 21st this year. We will remember you both then in a more formal way!
Nancy McCaslin
December 20, 2013
Happy Birthday Dr. Lence
December 20, 2013
I can still hear his words, feel his smile, and remember "that look." His spirit still shines, and I'm sure wherever he is he has shaken things up!

Ben Cunningham
December 19, 2013
Today is your 70th birthday fine Dr.
Happy December 19, 2013.
Brother John
John Lence
September 17, 2013
I use it every year in my Gov class! And make the students label it as "Dr. Lence's Bucket of Marbles". It really creates the picture they need. Genius!!!
September 15, 2013
Anybody have a drawing of the Good Doctor's bucket full of marbles? Speaking on federalism this week.

Please send to stephen@hollingshead.com. Thanks.
Stephen Hollingshead
July 12, 2013
I still miss you, Ross! love and prayers.....
July 11, 2013
I honor you on the 7th year anniversary of your passing.
You died at exactly 8:18 in the morning of July 11th, 2006.
You heard "the owl call your name."
John Lence
June 27, 2013
Dr. Lence,

I wanted to thank you for the help you provided me back in 1989. You were the academic advisor for me via my fraternity. You had some very tough words for me back then, but I needed to hear them and I've thought fondly of you ever since. I went on to graduate UH and then earned my master's across town at Rice. While I was only one of many students you touched over the years you were the only "Dr. Lence" I ever had. I will see you again someday.

In hoc signo vinces,
Lance S.
May 7, 2013
Happy Birthday!

Lauren S.
February 1, 2013
Happy 91st birthday to mother Nickie, February 1, 1922.


Brothers Ross and John
John Lence
December 20, 2012
Happy Birthday, Ross!

(I told my daughter about this birthday last night, but didn't get online 'til today.)

Memory eternal!
December 19, 2012
Happy Birthday Dr. Lence!
Eric Owens
December 19, 2012
Dog Day Night
As promised I am going to tell the short story of how Dr. Ross was given the nickname "Butch" as a child.

As many of you are aware, "Butch" was born December 19, 1943 in Whitefish, Montana.

Our father Marlo was in the military service stationed in the mid west and was being shipped to mainland Europe during WWII.

Mother Nickie started her new life with little Ross one block from Grandpa and Grandma Lence and next door to two old sisters from the true wild west, Minnie and Bid.

The sisters were born circa 1870 in Idaho and were raised by their father who owned a saloon and gambling house post Civil War in Idaho.

Minnie was named after the "little minnie" which in the original Book of Hoyle was the 2nd highest straight in "draw poker" (ace through 5) and the highest hand in "low Ball" poker.

Bid was named after the opening play or "bid" in poker.

The sisters were Ross' first and only babysitters.

Our mother Nickie wanted to protect Ross raising him alone with a father in Europe and not knowing when, or if, Marlo would return from WWII. She asked Minnie and Bid for advice and they said to give him a tough name to grow up with as a moniker. Falling back on their days growing up in a saloon and gambling house in the wild west after the Civil War the "tough name" the sisters advised was "Butch."

Our mother agreed and hench Ross was called "Butch" by all who knew him well. Grandma Lence called him "Butchie."

Incidentally, these two elderly sisters taught Ross (and later me) how to play poker by the time we were 3 years old and how to mark cards by the time we were four.

My God, could Brother Butch play poker well as a kid with his phenomenal memory and math skills.

He was ruthless in his weekly quests for our allowances.
John Lence
December 19, 2012
Happy 69th birthday, Brother Ross.
We will never forget you.
December 19, 1943-July 11, 2006.
Brother John
John Lence
July 12, 2012
I still miss you, Ross!!!!!

I'm teaching Government this week and thinking of you. Quoting you lots too! =)
July 11, 2012
Today, July 11th, 2012, marks the 6th year since your passing, Brother Ross.
It seems like yesterday.
Between now and your 69th birthday, December 19, 2012, I will tell your friends how you received the nickname "Butch." It is quite an interesting and little known past of yours that I want to share with your loved ones.
God bless you, Brother. Say hello to Mom and Dad for me.
Johnny Lence
May 31, 2012
I am late seeing this and I have not seen or him mother since I was about 10 or 11 but I will never forget him. He always encouraged my intellect and often had me laughing. My deepest sympathies to his family.
Michelle Stelly
March 29, 2012
When I began teaching at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA, they assured me I'd get a politics class within a year or two at most. Five years later, no politics classes, only math. Dr. Lence and I both started as math majors in college and finished in political science. Since I left the political theory program at UVA with my Master's five years ago, I have been longing to get back to political theory. Now, I am moving to Dallas to teach math AND a philosophy course that starts with the Ancients: Plato, Cicero, &etc. and then covers "the philosophy of revolutions," into existentialism the last trimester. I am thrilled to be getting back to the material that Dr. Lence taught me how to love. I will assuredly give paper topics that begin "In what manner and to what extent..."



P.S. As many of you know, Dr. Lence signed his correspondence, "rml". In going through some emails, I found one in which he signed "Reason Means Little".
Bridger Bell
February 16, 2012
Thanks for the trivia! This is great!! What a guy. =)
February 15, 2012
This is a great page.
William Pullet
February 14, 2012
A few bits of trivia on The Good Doctor Lence.

These are from 1943-1962.

Some you may know; some you may not.

1. He was a very good clarinet player.
2. He was a very good golfer.
3. He could sing before his voice changed.
4. He was a great poker player.
5. Man could he play chess and very well though he kept people in the game.
6. He was an alter boy in the Catholic Church.
7. His first job was that of a newspaper boy.
8. He ran the "Lence Carnival" each summer at our house where he devoured all of the neighbor kids money. I was instructed to dull the darts and to under inflate the balloons. He paid 25 cents to the biggest kid in the neighborhood to act as bouncer and for security.
9. I was given a nickel each day for my two (2) days of service.
10. He visited his Grandmother and Grandfather everyday of his life while growing up.
11. He was a good photographer.
12. He was the most popular kid in town.
13. He never said a bad word about anyone until later in life.
14. He ate chicken and ribs with his hands and fingers.
15. He fell out of a car at age five (5) and survived with only a deep scar on his head despite falling at the speed of 60 mph.
15. He was a cool brother.

We only had two (2) fights in our childhood together. I lost them both.

Brother John
John Lence
January 27, 2012
Today, January 27, 2012 marks two years since our mother Nickie joined you. She will be celebrating her 90th birthday with you, Brother Ross February 1, 2012.
We all love you two.

I cannot however locate your green shirt as shown in the recent uploaded photo. I need it for St. Pat's Day.
John Lence
January 9, 2012
in-kind, Good Doctor, in-kind
Kasten Walther
December 19, 2011
John Lence
December 19, 2011
Happy 68th birthday, Good Doctor Ross.
You were born on December 19, 1943 in Whitefish, Montana to our mother Nickie who will be 90 years old February 1, 2012.
God bless you two; we all miss you so much.
Brother John.
John Lence
December 19, 2011
Happy Birthday Dr. Lence!
Eric Owens
December 16, 2011
Dr. Lence,

I remember you quite often. You always brought a smile to my face every time I saw you. Thank you for everything, I will never forget you.

Salvador F. Gill
Fall 90 Sig

PS I still say "yeah" every once in a while. I think I say it to remind me of all times you corrected me. Thanks again for always making time for me.
Salvador Gill
October 24, 2011
In what manner and to what extent do I miss you sir? That is an impossible essay question to answer in words.
Eric Owens
August 22, 2011
Still unbelievable that you are not a call away, but always present. Thank you always for the love, patience, and support Good Doctor. Brother John, thank you for making your family so accessible to us! Your brother's impact was so deep and touching and you allow all of us to continue to express our gratitude and awe at such a compassionate and brilliant mentor.
Guillermo Palmer
July 11, 2011
Brother Ross, July 11th, 2011 marks five (5) years since you went to be with God. Mother Nickie followed on Jan 27, 2010.
God bless you two.
You both meant so much to all of us words cannot define.
I miss you and love you both very dearly.
Brother John
John Lence
April 18, 2011
Dr. Lence, Pro Life Cougars sponsor
April 18, 2011
Out of the blue one day one of Dr. Lenceisms popped into my head and I began to think about all of the wonderful things he taught me including to always be true to my own beliefs (whatever they are). He is the reason I am who I am today and he will never be forgotten. The impact that a teacher has on his/her students will sometimes be left unknown to that person that influenced them. If Dr. Lence were here today, I'd tell him how his encouragement forced me to expand my horizons and move abroad. He encouraged me when I was unsure. Thanks Dr. Lence. I hope you know what a great teacher you were.
Sheree Tullos
December 20, 2010
There is not a day that goes by when I am not visited by some whisper of and from the reason and reasonableness of the Reasonable Mr. Lence. He is not gone, it's only that we can not see him. But if we listen...
Ben Cunningham
December 19, 2010
Happy Birthday Dr. Lence. You are missed beyond expression.
December 19, 2010
Happy birthday Brother Ross


Too young to die. RIP
John Lence
October 25, 2010
Dear Sir,
You opened an young childs eyes to see a world that he never knew existed. To knowledge and understanding, I thank the Dios that I was able to be present and have the good fortune of attending classes taught by a truly great thinker and execptional man. Thank you once more good sir, and may you be good in the light of the Dios.
Xavier Villegas
September 4, 2010
Love the tie!!!
John Lence
September 4, 2010
Beatle Butch
John Lence
September 4, 2010
The long and the short of it
John Lence
September 4, 2010
Dr. Lence in the 1970's
John Lence
September 4, 2010
Beatle Butch
John Lence
August 24, 2010
The Reasonable Mr. Lence still whispers in our minds and psyches and hearts.

We who were fortunate enough to have him guide us to that place where thinking really starts.

A cadre of Lenceians armed with the lessons taught relating to the true intellectual arts still celebrate a master thinker who taught us that true education is much greater than the sum of its parts.
Ben Cunningham
August 23, 2010
Like so many others, I dearly miss "The Reasonable Doctor".

Even now, in an on-line tribute to him, I struggle with my words - afraid of leaving a dangling participle, or worse yet, a split infinitive behind!

He is still so present for me...his devious smile in a picture on my shelf, just a few inches away from Thucydides (the Hobbes translation, of course) here in my Thinkery.

As the good Doctor always reminded us when reading Thucydides, Second Book - in the words attributed to Pericles - "For better or worse, we leave imperishable monuments to our greatness".

I advance the proposition that we - your students, friends and colleagues - are imperishable monuments to your greatness, and that the world is a better, more “reasonable” place thanks to you and your teachings.

Enjoy some well deserved rest and when you get back in the fight, take it easy on the Big Guy!

Warm Regards,

Mr. Gilkison
John Gilkison
August 9, 2010
Dr. Lence left far too soon. I think of him more than once every day. I think of him most and most deeply when I reach turning points or points of "accomplishment" in my life. Every time I feel the slightest sense of pride, I ask, "Would Dr. Lence be proud of me and of who I've become?" Every time I find myself sad or ready to lash out in negativity at the world, I think of his joy and steady positive attitude. I studied him through very good times and what must have been very dark times--including his death--and he always put himself in a distant second to those around him. I believe that explains--at least in part--his very positive demeanor. I strive daily to follow his lead, to show his integrity, to exude love as he did, to make others better through that love. I do a shabby job of it. I could tell hours of stories to add to his myth, but that can be saved for another memorial. For now, I just want to say that his impact on my life is more significant than any other's. He is by far the most extraordinary person I have ever known. And he continues to teach me every day. Every day I realize more deeply how much genius propelled his teachings. Sometimes I believe no single human could be so perceptive, so intelligent, and so loving as to see so deeply into others and to speak to them in a way that addresses their simple question today while simultaneously answering much deeper questions they haven't even considered yet. I feel lucky to have known Dr. Lence. I'd give anything to have one more conversation with him. I'm sure he'd say "Dr. Pennington! Good to see you. Now RELAX, son!"
Shane Pennington
August 5, 2010
Hey Dr. Lence,
You taught me in 77-78.
I visited Whitefish MT last Sunday (8/1) and saw the area where you grew up. I love your home state and its people. I wouldnt mind retiring there!
Steve Spacek
July 16, 2010
Dear teacher, mentor, father, friend -

I thought of you today when I noted I'd inadvertently sent a message with a split infinitive. I still chuckle when I notice out of place commas, which you so frequently circled in red ink.

I think of you when often, and often when I think of my son, whose middle name was after you. I hope very much that he is with you and that you are looking after him as you looked after us until we join him. I know that's probably a lot to ask, but it's one of the things I hope for when I hope Gabe is well.

I miss you so very much,
Elizabeth Shepard
July 11, 2010
Brother Ross, today (July 11, 2010) marks the four (4) year anniversary of your passing.

I think of you everyday and miss and love you more than words can describe.

I know you and Mom, since her passing on January 27, 2010, are having a good time with God.


Your brother John
John Lence
July 5, 2010
Wow, I just found out of Ross passing. I happen to be lisenting to a radio program and the announcer mention his good friend Ross Lence and the fact they still missed Ross so much. I was wondering if I could go to his viewing. I seem to be almost 4 years toolate. I left UH Bookstore in 2005, I had the pleasure of meeting him and especially working with him at commencement along side with Dr. Curry. God Bless you and your Family Dr. Ross Lence.
Aurora Ramirez(Flores)
April 29, 2010
Uncle Ross, I was having lunch with Brenda yesterday when I happened to notice her keychain. We both got one with our names on it & one for you in Paris. I always think of you when I see it and smile. A picture of us is posted to my bulletin board in my office--I get to remember your crookedly charming smile each day! Miss you!
Natalie Merritt
April 1, 2010
I'll never forget the first time I met Dr. Lence. I was up in his office to discuss one of my papers for Human Sit that he had generously bathed in red ink for me. I was so nervous as I had heard he could be quite intimidating.
I went into his office and sat quietly looking at him. His first words were, "Son, why are you so nervous?"

"You're reputation proceeds you sir", was my response.

Dr. Lence then got up, came around the desk, faced me, punched my in the shoulder and said, "Son, calm down. You're making me nervous."

Dr. Lence hated tardiness and I, of course, was late to a good number of his classes. He was a great man, a generous man and I'm proud to have been able to say that I studied under him.

I will see you again Your Reasonableness.
Chris Hartschuh
April 1, 2010
I was a student of Dr. Lence in 1990. I enjoyed his politcal science class and many discussions we had on how to adjust to college life. I am saddened to hear about his passing away. I found this out today 4/1/10 accidently when I was talking to a patient in the hospital where I work as a medical social worker (who is also student at U of H) and asked him how Dr. Lence was doing. I had moved to Colorado for some time and came back in 2006. I am honored to have known Dr. Lence. He was not only a brilliant scholar, but also had a wonderful soul. His big smile will be misse.
Sharmeen Baria
February 6, 2010
I am saddened to hear that you've lost your mother Mr. Lence. I was a student of your brother's, and the Good Doctor and your mother blessed me with their love and friendship. Out of just a handful of the most cherished memories that I revisit from the U of H was when your brother and your mother gave me a singular honor of inviting me for Thanksgiving dinner in the late 1980's. It was singularly honorific for me because inviting a student with no family in Texas to ones house for Thanksgiving is not unusual, as with all of his other parties to which they invited Dr. Lence's students I expected to be one of many who would attend; but while I was waiting for other guests to arrive, Dr Lence, your mother and me sat before that meal as he said grace--and no one else ever came. I simply could not believe that I was asked to be a part of that day, and at the same time, I was allowed the selfish indulgence of having the wit, wisdom and ear of the “Reasonable Mr. Lence” aimed, for the most part, solely at me. The bond that your brother shared with your mother was indescribable and it was wonderful to witness. It still amazes me to this day that Dr. Lence thought enough of me to want me to share such a family holiday with just him and your mother. I have to echo so much of what you have heard and read about Ross Lence since his passing. I too learned that I could not write before I met and was taught by him. I believe I’ve always been a thinker, but I’m sure that my thinking did not have the traction that it does before I was taught by your brother. I learned there are times when I can say “It’s only money, God will send more” as he used to say, and I have found that God has blessed the times my heart has been generous. This last lesson Dr. Lence never gave a lecture on or even spoke openly about to me; but it was evident in the way he lived. I do miss him so much. May God bless and keep you Mr. John Lence.
Eric Owens
February 1, 2010
Happy birthday, Momma. It is February 1st and it would have been your 88th birthday today but you went to Ross and your husband on January 27th, 2010.

Tell them "hello" and may God rest your soul.

You were a good Momma and a good person. You had soul.


Your Son and brother John
John Lence
December 19, 2009
Happy 66th birthday, brother.

December 19, 1943.

Your brother John
John Lence
September 19, 2009
Can't say what made me think of Dr. Lence this morning, as I have more than occasionally over the years, but this time I decided to check the web and see what was new in his world. Oh gosh, what a loss! Of course, reflection will soon remind that the timelessness of his gifts bestowed helps temper the sorrow. In my master's thesis (botany, of all fields, but I know Dr. Lence would see the connection), I acknowledged him as having "taught me how to write when I only thought I knew". Unspoken was that I could have substituted "think" for "write" in that sentence, for he was the one who introduced me to an entirely different way of using my mind. I lost track of Ross Lence in the 90's, as I should have - he was finished with me and had new crops of students to develop - but we conferenced many times when I was his student and I, probably as countless others, would like to think that he remembered me. After all, "personal service" was a talent of his. I'm hugely sorry that I won't be able to speak with him again; I always intended to intrude on him at least one more time. I already miss him greatly, but I am thankful for the rare blessing of his prescence in my life.

Now a selfish request: with thanks to Mr. Kirkendall for posting Dr. Lence's email chronology, does anyone have any audio or videotape of any of his lectures that they are willing to share? How I would love to hear him again and share his style and teachings with my family!
Mike Carothers
July 13, 2009
Thanks for reminding us, John. (Three years ago on this night, my birthday, I was driving back from Memphis, early, to be at the services in Houston on the 14th.)

Still missing him with you, John,
July 11, 2009
Dr Lence had a profound effect on the direction of my life. I will always be greatful for his help. What an amazing man.
Mr. Corrigan
July 11, 2009
Today, July 11, 2009 marks the three year anniversary of Dr. Lence's death.

God bless you Brother Ross.

I love you. We all love you.

Brother John.
John Lence
June 8, 2009
The Galveston Giant, Jack Johnson. Dr. Lence loved to go to Galveston. He used to always visit The Bishops Mansion and the beach.
June 8, 2009
Dino Ferrari 246 GT. Enzo's favorite Ferrari. Meadow Lake Golf Course, 1990. Where Ross held many summer conferences.
June 8, 2009
The aftermath of the Mad Professor's wrath, 1998.
June 8, 2009
The Professor's famous double chokehold on his innocent nephew and niece, ages 14 and 12.
June 8, 2009
The followthrough, Mario and Dad, 1998.
June 8, 2009
Nephew Mario, age 14, Brother John looks on. The takeaway.
June 8, 2009
Mario with friends, High School Graduation in his convertible
June 8, 2009
Nephew Mario and Niece Natalee ages 5 & 3 1/2
June 8, 2009
Mario with friend Paul, High School Graduation, 2003
June 8, 2009
Ross with his nephew and niece, Glacier National Park
June 8, 2009
Biker night still going on
June 8, 2009
Biker night out. John, Natalee and Brie
June 8, 2009
John celebrates the new century with his children, Mario & Natalee
June 8, 2009
Uncle Ross (Butch) with his brother and Nephew and Niece, 12/31/1999
June 8, 2009
Brothers in Arms, John and Ross bring in the 21st century
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