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Hank Bauer, a hard-hitting, hard-nosed outfielder for the New York Yankees and former major league manager who made his home in the Kansas City area, died today after a battle with cancer.

He was 84.

Bauer played on nine pennant winners and seven World Series champions with the New York Yankees during 1948 through 1959. He also played two seasons with the Kansas City Athletics before turning to managing with the A's in both Kansas City (1962-63) and Oakland (1969) and with the Baltimore Orioles (1964-68).

In Baltimore, he was named American League Manager of the Year in 1964 and 1966. His 1966 Orioles swept the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. In eight years as a major-league manager, he compiled a 594-534 won-lost record.

In 1993, Bauer was diagnosed with throat cancer, and his epiglottis, a cartilage flap covering the vocal chords, was removed.

Bauer, an American League All-Star during 1952-54 ("until Al Kaline came along," he said in a 1995 interview), finished his 14 major-league seasons with a .277 batting average. He reached a peak of .320 in 1950, and also batted .304 in 1953. He also had one of baseball’s best throwing arms.

Always dangerous in the clutch, Bauer helped the Yanks whip Milwaukee in the 1958 World Series by going 10 for 31 with four homers, eight RBIs and six runs. He set a record by hitting in 17 straight Series game in 1956, 1957 and 1958.

"Maybe I bore down a lot more in the Series," Bauer said. "I had my luck. I had my good days and bad ones. I played for the right organization."

The friendships formed by the Yankees of the 1950s continued long after their playing careers, and one of Bauer's closest friends was Mickey Mantle, who died on Aug. 13, 1995. Bauer was a pallbearer at Mantle's funeral.

A native of East St. Louis, Ill., Bauer moved to the Kansas City area in 1949 after playing with the Blues of the American Association in 1947 and 1948. Not only did Bauer star as the Blues' right fielder, but he married Charlene Friede, the club's office secretary. She died in July 1999.

After his time as a player and manager, Bauer was a scout for the Yankees for several years, attending nearly every game at Royals Stadium. In 1987 he became a special assignment scout with the Royals.

In the 1985 playoffs and World Series he dictated a series of analysis stories for The Star and in 1988 he was featured on a baseball call-in talk show on nationwide radio.

For years Bauer owned and operated a liquor store in Prairie Village. He sold it in 1978. An avid hunter and fisherman, Bauer said he gave up golf early. "I lost interest in it," Bauer said. "Only time I ever hit to right field in my life was on that golf course."
Published in Kansas City Star on Feb. 9, 2007.
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June 15, 2020
A TRUE AMERICAN HERO. A life well lived Sir.
Charlie Bonnar
May 24, 2018
A few years ago one of my younger brothers, Mark and I were taking our dad, Don to Augusta for the Masters Practice Rounds. We were seated at KCI and I saw Hank also seated wating for a flight. I walked over and re-introduced myself as I (and my little sister Julie) had recently visited with Hank at a autograph show at the Chiefs practice facility. He said he was going to Florida for a Bill Skowron golf tournament. I asked him if he had a few minutes to meet my dad. He said sure. Dad was also a WWII vet. He was a pilot flying The Hump. I introduced dad to Hank. Quite a thrill for dad. Being a big baseball fan and a WWII vet, they had lots to talk about. Hank also thanked me for getting him away from some odd character with a large staff that was bothering him. Second time Hank was very generous to our family, total strangers.
Dick Saale
Dick Saale
May 24, 2018
I attended a autograph show at the Chiefs practice facility several years ago and Hank was there signing and I saw him as soon as I walked in with my little sister. Hank kept Julie and I entertained for 2 hours with stories, 2 strangers. I loved Hank Bauer then and I still do. I did not attend his funeral as nobody would know me and think I was a publicity seeker. I still regret missing his funeral. He was very proud of his special ring commentating the 5 Yankee WS from '51 to '55. Said he asked Mr.Steinbrenner for permission to make one similar for his sons. Dick Saale
Dick Saale
January 21, 2017
Valenda Newell
February 10, 2016
Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni.

Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever.

Thank you for your service to this nation.
Harry Simpson
August 15, 2014
go yankees
toria belliotti
March 15, 2011
Memory Eternal!
Nick Gamvas
March 16, 2010
Hank Bauer was a stand up man and friend to my Grandfather John McGinty. My Grandfather talked very highly of Hank and our family was very saddend by your loss. They served together on Okinawa and Guam. I am not sure if Hank was on New Georgia, but I believe they were there together. John died one year after Hank and we still have a picture of them together in the war. Hank mentions John in the book "Semper Fi Mac," he refers to John as McGinny. From the McGinty's to the Bauer's, we are deeply sorry for your loss.
Jim Kennedy
August 17, 2009
i am writing an piece on hank .. DOES ANYONE KNOW HIS PARENTS NAMES?

thank you

and of course we all miss hank
kate brookens
November 24, 2008
Dear Bauer Family,
As a youngster I sat with my Grandfather watching the Yankees play and listening to him tell me that if I wanted to be a ballplayer than I should watch how Hank Bauer plays the game. I regret that my Grandfather did not live long enough to see Hank win the 1966 World Series. I have the feeling they are up in Heaven talking baseball.
Hank will always be a part of some very special memories for me.
May the Lord Bless you and give you strength.
Mike Simpson
June 23, 2008
May the Lord richly bless the family of Hank Bauer. I loved watching him play for Yankees when I was a small boy. Later, while serving in the Corps, I learned of his even more impressive heroism as a Leatherneck in the Pacific. I value his autograph which I obtained at a baseball show. All Americans can learn how to conduct themselves from Hank Bauer. SEMPER FIDELIS.
Bob Disch
June 13, 2008
Hank was someone whom everyone could learn a lesson from. He always made an effort to push forward and showed that he had the energy to do just that. I will miss him.
James M. Bonifas Jr.
April 1, 2008
I never knew your father, but my dad did. They served together at Okinawa. Dad said Mr. Bauer was his sergeant. Dad was severely wounded, but he must've been one of the six survivors of that platoon. We lived in the south suburbs of Chicago and I do remember when the Yanks played the White Sox, Dad would always see Mr. Bauer and on occasion they would go to Gino's Steak House in Harvey. I thank God for courageous men like our fathers, their legacy will continue as long as our nation remains free. I got to thinking about them today. April 1st is the anniversary of the invasion of Okinawa.
suzanne henley
March 30, 2008
Wanted to let the Bauer family know your Dad is still making his presence known. We are redoing our bathroom and written on the back of the drywall where a medicine cabinet would have been at one time:
"Historical Marker - Razor blades used by the Yankee Greats
Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra & Hank Bauer cleaned from this spot.
Sunday April 25, 1971
The Lowery's lived here from Nov 10 1963 to ?"
When we moved into our house, a neighbor, June Koontz, told us Hank Bauer had lived here - but we didn't believe her. I was at the same High School with Hank Jr but don't ever remember meeting your Dad.
Sorry for your loss
Jackie Catlett
January 14, 2008
I have known Hank since 1987 and had the pleasure of spending time with him for 20 years at the Fantasy Baseball Camps. He called me Polo and I called him Sarge. He will be missed. My favorite picture of him was with my dad, Joe Sr., in the dugout at the 1991 Mantle / Ford Baseball Camp. My dad passed away in July and now plays ball with Hank, Mickey, Scooter, Clete, Enos, Catfish, & Spence in that great stadium in the sky. Thanks for the memories Sarge.
Joe Bertinetti
December 15, 2007
When I first read of the passing of Hank Bauer, it immediately brought me back to a place called Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, where Mr. Bauer guided the Baltimore Orioles to a stunning 4 game sweep of the highly talented Los Angeles Dodgers. Although I was very young, my Dad explained to me that Mr. Bauer was able to bring the best out of his players, and if they believed in themselves, they could be world champions. My heart goes out to the Bauer family, and I hope that your hearts find peace in knowing you had a great man who will be fondly remembered forever.
Jack Ranallo
June 19, 2007
Never had the chance to see Hank play but did see a Baltimore game in KC when he was the mgr. I'm sure out of all his highlights and know there were many the 66 WS championship he managed was right up there. Hank was first and foremost a NY Yankee so in the eyes of this 8 year old kid he was one of the baseball gods. My condolences however we can be satisfied with the knowledge Hank,Mickey,Joe,Phil,Roger,the Babe along with all the rest are up there playing two and.....loving it. God Bless.
william roberts
April 20, 2007
My condolences to the Bauer family...I was reading some of the messages left by friends, family, and fans. Many lifes have been touched by this kind gentleman, as has mine. I met Mr. Bauer several years ago...cooking at a Ron Guidry Celeb Golf Tourney. He was reluctant to eat the "Cajun Firery stuff" (as he put it)...However, he was gracious, kind and extremely entertaining...reminding me of my grandfather. I did not know who Hank Bauer was...but after seeing him over the years at this event I am honored to have met him, shaken his hand, and have realized just how special he was to so many people. Surely a man who will never be forgotten! Thanks Hank for the laughter and memories, God Bless.
Keith Guidry
March 13, 2007
The Orioles are deeply saddened to hear of Hank's passing. Hank was very successful in his time here in Baltimore and will always be remembered for helping guide the Orioles organization to their first championship in 1966. We pass our condolences along to his family.

Mike Flanagan
Executive Vice President
Baltimore Orioles
March 6, 2007
To the Bauer Family
My father Dick Hyde pitched against Hank and I grew up hearing great stories about him and the other Yankees. His service to our country, his blue collar upbringing and his hard-nosed approach to the game are something to be admired. God bless him and our prayers are with his family.
Rich Hyde
February 20, 2007
I grew up in New York City and my big brother took me to games weekly.We always sat in Right Field- My brother met Hank Bauer on an airplane on his way for Old Timers Day I believe it was 2000. The plane was circling due to bad weather. Hank engaged him in conversation- They spoke of the good old days and players. My brother is seriously ill now, but always spoke of the friendliness of Mr. Bauer who gave my brother his autograph and took him to where Moose Skowron was seated and talked him into giving my brother his autograph. I always wanted to thank Hank Bauer, the man of the hour, for his genorosity.You brought so much joy to us Yankee Fans God Bless you, Hank, I hope you are playing in the field of Heaven. My smpathy and prayers to the Bauer Family. God Bless, Esther Siegers
Esther Grosso-Siegers
February 19, 2007
I had the priviledge of laughing and listening to Hank and Moose many times over the years.Hank was a true old school gentleman in every way.He joins so many like theMick and Carl Ryan.Fondness and sympathies to the Bauer family.
Fred Serpe
February 16, 2007

February 15, 2007
To the Bauer Family:
My father, Dr. John Caldwell, delivered the Bauer children and always felt close to the family. I was a huge baseball fan in the 1950's and followed Hank's career at that time. I even wrote a fan letter to him and received baseballs signed by the Yankees of 1950 and 1952. Needless to say, they are prized possessions of mine and in a safe place for future generations to enjoy. Our sympathy to all your family.
Virginia Caldwell Craig
February 15, 2007
To the Bauer family,
My father considered Hank a friend of his. My father, Ray Fisher,was his dry cleaner, but Hank was always so kind to him that he told me Hank was a friend of his. Indeed, my brother told me that Hank gave him a bat when he was 10 years old, that was the thrill of his life. God Bless and God speed to his eternal life.
Judy Fisher Murphy
Judy Fisher Murphy
February 14, 2007
My heart goes out to you at this time and in the days ahead.
Judy Gustison
February 14, 2007
Condolences to the family of Hank Bauer. I became a baseball and Yankee fan in the early 50's when Hank was playinig and even back then was aware of his service as a Marine. Having just seen the Clint Eastwood films about Iwo Jima, I am even more appreciative of what Hank and other Marines went through for our country. What a great baseball player and citizen. Thank you Hank.
February 14, 2007
February 13, 2007
February 13, 2007
To The Bauer Family: I visited your Dad a few times at his home in Kansas as well as talking with him at a couple shows in the Baltimore area. I told him I was his favorite Pastor in Baltimore. He was one of my favorite people and I prayed faithfully for him. Please know you all are being prayed for by many in your time of loss. I'm at your service if you ever need me. God Bless, from a friend and fan--Joe
Rev. Joe Cadden
February 13, 2007
jon foulds
February 13, 2007
kevin rooney
February 13, 2007
Kelly and Family;

So much has been said about Hank. They are all great stories.

Over the years my family has been deeply touched by you Kelly and your family, in ways never spoken. Im happy to say that Kelly is a true friend.

Hank was not the ideal "leave it to beaver" family man. He was not the 9 to 5, suit and tie kind of person. He was special. It's really rough to leave your family for the love of baseball. Then walk back into the family setting, share it again with his wife and children. The demands on professional athletes are more then most men can handle. But he did. His family was always number one. Even if Hank thought soccer was a funny sport.

The values that the Bauer children carry today are a true reflection of their parents.

I have so many fond memories. Helping Kelly home from (more then) a few soccer events or from just hangin with the guys. Hank "pops" was there to help him in. So many quick comments from Hank. And all the time Kelly was so funny that Hank would start laughing. Hank was a very supportive husband, father and a very proud grandfather. He told you what he thought and you knew where he stood. He let you fail, then would lend a hand to dust you off.

My boys to this day think of Kelly as one the best persons in the world. The Bauer values have been carried on. The torch safely passed.

Kelly's parents would warmly welcome me and my family every time we where together.

To you Hank, thanks for creating some of my best memories.

Kelly, Michelle, yours and the entire Bauer family; God speed to you all.

Much Love
Richard, Dylan, Tanner and Keenan Briggs
Richard Briggs
February 13, 2007
February 13, 2007
We are saddened by your loss.
Glenn & Karen Butts
February 13, 2007
I recently met Hank at the Heroes in Pinstripes baseball fantasy camp he ran with Moose Skowron in Fort Lauderdale. Everyone loved this man for his kind spirit and great sence of humour. He will be missed by everyone who knew him. My sympathies go out to his wife and family and all his colleagues and friends at the camp.
Steve Galianos
February 13, 2007
My prayers are with you and yours,The hours of pleasure you gave will always be with me.
Jo Ann Nunn
February 12, 2007
Hank Bauer will always be remembered as a good man and a great player.

Mary Lou Byrd
Orig: St Joe Mo now: Springfield MO
Mary Lou (Haynes) Byrd
February 12, 2007
As a kid, I made believe I was Hank Bauer when I practice snagging fly balls in the outfield as did Hank Bauer. He was a guy we kids could depend on to come up to the plate in the late innings and scratch out a base hit to keep his teammates alive. I hope your family will cherish only special memories of a real man who made greatness look easy. I share you loss. Jim Pierce, Amelia Island, FL., f-k-a Jimmy Pierce, Centerfield, #13, Correct Laundry Little League Team, North Arlington, NJ. GBA.
Jim Pierce
February 12, 2007
I met Hank at the Mantle/Ford camp and he was one of the reasons I went back several times.A great guy to sit with and listen to great Yankee stories.I will miss him.
jim rappoli
February 12, 2007
Thanks for the memories.
My whole family and I enjoyed watching you play.
February 12, 2007
I had the pleasure of meeting Hank Bauer on more than one occasion as I know some of his family. He was a warm and gracious man, one of the old school of ballplayers. He would gladly sign a baseball and joke with you. He will be missed by all, my condolences to his family.
Charmaine Leonard
February 12, 2007
I met Mr. Bauer on three different occasions at baseball card shows. At each event, no matter how busy, he always took the time to acknowledge me and even engage in conversation or joking banter. Beneath the gruff exterior was a heart of gold.

And when he gets to heaven
To St. Peter he will tell
On more Marine reporting sir
I've served my time in hell
Semper Fi! Sgt. Bauer
Andy Jordan
February 12, 2007
sorry to hear about the loss of one of baseball's greatest players. he will always be remembered!
patrick meaney
February 12, 2007
To all the Bauer family--I am most grateful for yor Dad/Grandpa's service to our nation. I am proud to say I was a fan of your Dad when he played for the K.C. Blues and married your mother from our neighborhood.My fondest memory is listening to a game on the Radio against Columbus in 1948. It,s the last of the 9th, the Blues down by 3,2 outs, bases loaded. Your Dad hits it out. I understand he went on to play with some team in New York !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Gladbach
February 12, 2007
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
Paul - A Fan
February 12, 2007
A great Yankee player,Oriole manager ,and a great person. Always a gentleman when dealing with the fans. All of baseball could learn from his great demeanor. I WILL MISS HIM.DVD'S ,CD'S AND BOOKS WILL KEEP HIS MEMORY ALIVE! SEMPER FI!
February 12, 2007
February 12, 2007
February 12, 2007
My childhood summer days and weekends were spent at my grandparents home listening to "my New York Yankees" on the radio...many fond memories of the exploits of this great baseball team of which Hank Bauer was an important part....my sympathies at the loss of your loved one.
Joe Jenkins
February 12, 2007
To the Bauer family
So sorry to read about your loss May the God of all comfort be with you and your family at this time.
Act 24:15
February 12, 2007
My condolences to the Bauer family.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine!
Yesterday, Today, Forever – Semper Fi - Marines!

Proud Marine Mom of an American Hero
(LCpl. Nicholas S. Perez – KIA 9-3-04 – Al Anbar Province, Iraq)
Yolanda Valdez
February 12, 2007
Thomas Widgeon
February 12, 2007
Sorry to hear about the loss of Hank. May you find comfort in these verses; Revelation 21:4 and John 5:28,29.
February 12, 2007
One of my childhood favorites . . .a true Yankee of the real glory days of major league baseball . . . God bless you Hank
Steve Townsend
February 12, 2007
My condolence to the Bauer Family

May God bless you and assign peace to the Bauer Family. Numbers 6:24,25.
B Vann
February 11, 2007
The greatest gift my Father gave me was the love of Baseball.What a present in Hank Bauer.
susan davis
February 11, 2007
My heart goes out to the family. He was a great man. I remember him playing ball when I was a kid. He will be missed. God bless you. Eddie Childs
Eddie Childs
February 11, 2007
What a wonderful life he lived, the things see saw, the people he met. We are Marjorie's neighbor,and we loved seeing, and talking with Hank. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. From a Marine family to another, we are sorry for your loss, and are thinking of you all.
Eric & Tina Smith
February 11, 2007
Dear Bauer Family,
I had the good forutne to meet Hank at a function for Mickey Mantle Sports Foundation several years ago in Highland Park Illinois....I just want to extend my deepest sympathies to the family and also my most sincere and grateful thanks to Hank for his WWII sacrifices and great contributons to America culture (Baseball)...
Paul Levine and Family
Paul Levine
February 11, 2007
To My Grandpa,

I love you and I will miss you very much. Tell Grandma I said hi and I love her.

Your Grandaughter
Whitney Bauer
February 11, 2007
To the Bauer Family,
Not only did Hank touch our lives as a great hero and baseball player, he was warm and gentle in every sense of the word.
I was fortunate to have met Hank several times in Florida, and will always remember the wonderful stories, and the wonderful man.
Jerry Payes
February 11, 2007
My father has very fond memories of Hank Bauer's playing days. He said that he would rather see Hank come up to the plate in a clutch situation than Mickey Mantle. Please receive our deepest sympathies.
Norman Phelps
February 11, 2007
The Bauer Family,
Please accept my deepest sympathies. Hank was a good man.
Paul Mascarella
February 11, 2007
Richard Herrick
February 11, 2007
We are his daughter’s neighbors here in Overland Park. We got to know Hank as Be’s dad, the nice grandpa that always waved and smiled. He came frequently for visits or to attend his grandchildren’s games and events. When our son was still an infant he held him and talked to him.

Later, as we got to know him(and who he was,) we understood why everyone liked having him around: it didn’t matter who you were, he was interested in you and what you had to say.

He had good stories to tell also. Once he said he got into baseball just a little too early before the big money came in. But you got the feeling he was doing ok for himself. He loved his life and his family. We will always remember his license plate "HB 9 RF". Our sympathies to Be and the family.

Scott, Amy and Max
Scott Lawder
February 11, 2007
I enjoyed listening to the stories of "the good old days" when Hank came to Waterloo, IA several years ago. He'll be missed!
Patrick Palmer
February 10, 2007
Dear Bauer Family,
Please accept my deepest condolences. I grew up in NY hearing stories from my Dad about Mr. Mantle and your Father. As I grew older I learned more about the life Mr. Bauer lived, and appreciated him even more. I am grateful for his service to our country and for the good Lord making him a Yankee. He has lived a life that many men can only dream of. God bless you Mr. Bauer, you will always be in our prayers.
A Yankee Fan
February 10, 2007
To: Hank Bauer's Family, I am deeply saden of the loss of a great man in baseball in addition, a great man in life. Was a great figure on and off the field. I want to say thank you for letting Hank answer my fan mail over the last 18 years. Players like Hank also made my dreams come true, as I wanted to be a baseball, but couldn't do to my health problems (asthma). So the stories I've heard I will forever cherish. Than you again, for everything. God Bless
Maurice Doss
February 10, 2007
I knew Mr. Bauer as a family friend as his lovely wife Charlene was a cherished friend of my mother's. I always peripherally knew he was a baseball player which seemed pretty cool to me and it wasn't until I became an adult that I really understood and appreciated his life story. Condolences to the Bauer children and grandchildren.
Tish Olshefski
February 10, 2007
Thank you for letting me share a portion of your life over the last 20 years. I'll always cherish your generosity, your sincerity, and your kindness. You were truly a man with a big, big heart.
George Macris
February 10, 2007
My sympathy to Hank's family. Hank was a favorite of mine since he grew up in the E. St. Louis, Illinois neighborhood in which I was raised. My Father and my uncles played sandlot ball with Hank when he was young. My Father and I followed Hank's career with great interest although I have been a Cardinal fan for 65 years. Again, my smpathy to Hank's family.
Raymond Sirtak
February 10, 2007
To The Bauer Family,
My husband and I had to pleasure of spending a week with Mr.Bauer at the Mantle/Ford Fantasy Camp in the late 80's. He was having a ball and we were lucky enough to catch a lot of it on video for the camp. We may have been working, but it was a joy! We shared many funny moments and he was a very wonderful man. He has always held a special place in both of our hearts. All of you are in our prayers...
Kim & Greg Bauer
February 10, 2007
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well-lived.
February 10, 2007
As a yankee fan back in the 50;s and 60:s I want to express my deepest sympathys to the Hank Bauer family as Hank give me many thrills as a baseball fan that I will never forget.May god be with you.
dave dadekian
February 10, 2007
To the Hank Bauer Family,
I remember as a boy listening to the World Series and Hank's hitting streak on the radio. Then I learned he was a decorated Marine.
That did it!
At age 18 when it did not look like I was going to be the baseball
player, however hard I tried; I COULD BE A MARINE. So off I go to Vietnam to become the Marine like Hank. Well, to make a long story short; I got two Purple Hearts and only that. I was and continued to be inspired by Hank's example not only as a Marine's Marine but as a
man. Today, I coach young future Marines to prepare them for Boot Camp. Every day, I instill Hank's values to my charges.
To our Marine Family I enclose our
condolences and profound gratitude
for Mr. Bauer's example. Please know Hank's legacy is alive and well here in South Texas.
I remain Semper Fideis, AJ Ramirez
Sgt. (Ret.) USMC
A J Ramirez
February 10, 2007
Semper Fi Hank and may you rest in peace with Chesty ..
Del Rizzo
February 10, 2007
Baseball will never forget you.
Tracy Thibeau
February 10, 2007
Rest in Peace, Hank. Say Hi to Charlene for me. We had some great times in my Mom's house when you lived next door in Belleville, N>J> when you were the Yankees. Enjoyed visits to you and Charlene with my husband, Norbert. My prayers are with your children and grandchildren. Love, Helen
Helen Olshefski`
February 10, 2007
Thank you for giving me a chance to play baseball under you. Thank you for finding me at the Va Miami and honoring my contract with the Baltimore Orioles.

With best regards, John "Dutch" Schultz
John "Jack" Schultz
February 10, 2007
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well-lived.
Ray Young
February 10, 2007
We enjoyed our time with Hank and Marjie. Hank, himself a veteran, was so good to our veterans who reside at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy. He will be missed as a ballplayer, gentleman and a friend.
Mike & Barb Hutmacher
February 10, 2007
Dear Bauer Family,
Kindly accept my prayers and condolence with the passings of your father. As a young boy growing up in Boston during the 50's and 60's it was tough to like the Yankees, but not your father. He was a model player, and a model man. Several years ago I obtained a photo of the 1952 Yankee team and sent it to the members of the team still with us. Mr. Bauer signed my photo and wrote that I they had a great run, winning five World Series in a row, a major league record. I'm still a Red Sox fan, but today I salute Hank Bauer for being an All American Yankee. God Bless.
Mike Hanlon
February 10, 2007
I met Hank,Sr., and his children as my sister, Debby, is married to Hank, Jr. He was sweet and friendly man who loved his family. My condolences to the Bauer family.
Vicki Campbell
February 10, 2007
Grandfather Danny Menendez,had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Bauer years ago. I had never met him , but heard a lot of
wonderful things about him. May he rest in Peace. What a wonderful ball
player he was and always will be remembered as. God Bless his family.
Debbie Menendez Conti
February 10, 2007
My condolences to the entire Bauer family on the passing of Hank.

I'm sad because one of my favotite Yankee ballplayers passed away. Hank Bauer died today in Shawnee Mission at the age of 84

I'm sad not because baseball lost one of the great players from the old days. I'm sad because I lost a guy I knew, could probably call a friend becuase how many times did I go into the neighborhood liquor store and visit with him. He was there only because he owned the place in Prairie Village.

He kept me in touch with players that played before I was interested in baseball, stories he would tell of New York, being a Yankee, the World Series...he brought a game that had long passed into the present for me. Guys I looked up to as a youngster.

Farewell, Hank, heaven is better off today and we are the poorer for it. You no longer suffer on this earth, and someday we shall meet up again
Scott Matteson
February 10, 2007
My baseball idol rest in peace.
puggy Rhyne
February 10, 2007
Good bye Hank. You were great.
Rest in peace.
Jeff Robinson
February 10, 2007
Hank was one of the last great Yankees hero's. Hank was what every man wanted to be..... a hero, a player loved by his teammates and idolized by the fans.
I was fortunate to know Hank from attending three Mickey Mantle/Whitey Ford Fantasy Camps and
his life, stories and his love of baseball will always have a lasting impression on me.
Thanks for memories!
February 10, 2007
February 10, 2007
I had the pleasure of meeting Hank at two Mantle-Ford Fantasy Camps. Hank was my "Coach" both times. It was said that the first time anyone went to the camp it was to meet Mantle and Ford but if they came back again, it was to be with Hank. He was a great guy and his autographed picture hangs proudly in my "Yankee Room." He will be missed.
Carey Marder
February 10, 2007
I wish the Bauer family much peace. Growing up around Mr. Bauer was always so fun- he was such a tall and handsome man and had such a great laugh and smile. My biggest memory was "double-dating" to the Father-Daughter Banquet for my high school--Bebe, Mr. Bauer, my dad and me. I felt so important and he made it a lot of fun for all of us! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you- your father was very nice to me and apparantly touched the lives of many people over the years.
Donna Lemmons-Kunz
February 10, 2007
Our family sends its condolences to the Bauer family. Hank and Charlene and my parents were friends. I didn't realize until years later how special it was when Hank invited us into the Yankees' locker room after they played the A's. We followed Hank throughout his career. My folks sent him him a telegram the night the Orioles won the Series, wishing him good luck. He was a funny and very genuine, nice man. Hank, Jr. is a fraternity brother of mine, and is his father's son. Our prayers are with the Bauers.
Craig Anderson
February 10, 2007
Major League Baseball has lost one its dearest brothers.

Rest in peace Hank and may the good Lord give your family comfort at this most difficult time.
Mike Dugan
February 10, 2007
God Bless you Hank Bauer. You were one of the great ones!
Richard Brown Life Long Yankees Fan
February 10, 2007
Hank Bauer was my hero, from his days with the KC Blues through his time with the Yankees. I have wonderful memories of those days down at 22nd and Brooklyn.

RIP, Hank.
February 9, 2007
Casey Stengel has his favorite platoon of Hank Bauer and Gene Woodling together again. A great Yankee and a great Orioles manager. My deepest sympathies to Mr. Bauer's family.
Dave Howell
February 9, 2007
I enjoyed talking to Hank years ago when he did a Card Show in So. Burlington, Vermont. I hve a picture of Hank & myself.
He told us some great stories about when he played for the Yankee's.
Hank we will always remember you in Vermont
Bob Cota
February 9, 2007
Thanks for your Military Service.
Past Commander V.F.W.
Bill Fead
February 9, 2007
As a boy in NY, Mr. Bauer was part of something very special to me-something that shaped the entire way I view life and my place in it-I don't mean to sound melodramatic here, but being a young Yankee fan in the late 50s and early 60s taught me all I needed to know about what it took to be the best, and although I have consistently fallen short in my life, I still hold that ideal out as an example of something good to strive for-something wholesome to believe in. I want to express my thanks to Mr. Bauer for being a part of that, and for sharing it with me and the millions of other kids who took that "Yankee" attitude with them as they grew into women and men.
John McMurray
February 9, 2007
So long Hank. Although we never met, I'm going to miss you. In fact, I have missed you since you retired from baseball.
Tom Hull
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