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Teen dies during basketball tryouts in Frankfort By Karla Ward of the Lexington Herald-Leader

A 15-year-old freshman at Western Hills High School in Frankfort collapsed and died during basketball tryouts Monday afternoon.

Students had been practicing for just six minutes when Waseeq Shahid collapsed, said Wayne Dominick, communications coordinator for Franklin County Public Schools.

"They were doing some stretches and light exercises," Dominick said. "They said he just collapsed. He just went down."

The incident occurred at 4:06 p.m., and paramedics were on-scene by 4:10 p.m., Dominick said.

Coaches started CPR immediately, he said.

Waseeq was taken to Frankfort Regional Medical Center, which is across the street from the school. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, Dominick said.

Waseeq had been cleared to play basketball after a physical last week, Dominick said.

Waseeq was the son of Iqgal and Rohina Shahid and had attended Bondurant Middle School in Frankfort. He had siblings in first, seventh and eleventh grades, Dominick said. He said Waseeq's brother was also among about 40 students who were participating in the tryouts.

Coach Enoch Welch sent the boys trying out for the team home after talking to them about what had happened, Dominick said. He said tryouts will be suspended for the rest of the week and will resume next week.

Welch declined to comment Monday evening.

Dominick said the family hopes to hold a memorial service in Elizabethtown Tuesday afternoon.

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Published in Lexington Herald-Leader from Oct. 19 to Oct. 24, 2009.
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103 entries
March 25, 2020
Was too young to ever write anything when i was younger, but miss you bro.
January 11, 2016
Still thinking about you :)
June 30, 2011
Dear Waseeq, this is a late entry, but i have dearly missed you. we played bball all the time and we would always hang out. you were the best friend anyone could have. with a smile that said that you were always happy. May Allah Bless You,
Kamal Ali
Kamal Ali
June 17, 2011
waseeq i dont know what to reallysay. I still remember 8th grade when we had 6th period science together and me and you would just sit and talk about how mr nicholaus was out to get you. haha still miss tht and i cried when you died i dont really know of your culture but may alah give you a nice place in heaven see you there amen
cody crockett
February 26, 2010
waseeq i remember when we used to always hang out when we were in 8th grade i still would this year but since that insadent its not going to happen..sorry dude see u in the future
justin goebel
February 16, 2010
waseeq, you will be missed dearly. i am an 8th grader at bondurant. as some of you may know, waseeq use to go to collins lane elementary where i also attended. when we were younger we use to play bball together at the A.S.P (After School Program). that was the only time we ever talked, but even though we wernt great friends i will always keep you in my prayers along with your family and friends.
kellynn Parker
December 21, 2009
wow its been 2 months and just a few days since uve left us waseeq. as i walk throught the halls at school i wonder what your doing and if your looking down on us. i miss your smile and great laugh. as a member of all the middle school teams and the one this year i will truly miss you coming out and being a part of it. we werent awesome bestfriends but i do look at the wristband on my left hand and think about you each and everyday.
Justin Frost
November 18, 2009
We have no words to describe how sad we are to hear this news. Our condolences to the family. It's a huge huge loss. May God Bless him and give you the courage to be strong at this time.
Saeed Akram
November 12, 2009
May the blessings of love be upon you, May its peace abide with you, May its essence illuminate your heart, Now and forever more.
Wazbo(Waheed) Zubair
November 12, 2009
Waheed Zubair- Uncle of Waseeq Shahid
You are alway in my thought and never be forgotten..
Wazbo(Waheed) Zubair
November 10, 2009
He was a good guy peaceful kind Even tough he is gone, he will not be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family in this time of grief. we are really sorry about this We hope his family can get through this.May ALLAH bless him peace.MAY ALLAH GIVE ALL OF YOU SABAR.
November 10, 2009
He was a very nice guy (i haven't seen him) but still i heard about him from my parents may ALLAH bless him peace and may ALLAh give his familly patent..
(Summera Altaf) LONDON (UK)
Summera Altaf
November 9, 2009
Even tough he is gone, he will not be forgotten. His memorys will stay and his moments on Earth will not be forgotten. There will always be something missing in the Heart. But always think of the good times, think of the times you have spent with him. There's time where everyone has to go. He is in a better place now. May your soul rest in peace Waseeq.
Abaiz Shahid
November 9, 2009
He was a good guy peaceful kind i just miss him im so sorry for the loss of your brother Abaiz,Fawazz,Muqeet,dont worry he will already be in heaven Waseeq will guide you on the right path to heaven I hope you all are okay Abaiz come on skype i need to talk to you
Harith Khan
November 8, 2009
Unfortunately I will miss the opportunity to coach a wonderful person and a good basketball player. I am sorry for this loss and pray that the Shahid family will find the strength to guide them through this difficult time.
Coach Devers
November 8, 2009
big loss for whole family ,May ALLAH bless him in peace.
naseem ahmed
October 29, 2009
Dad, Mum and I are in America to see Shahid bhai, Rohina Bhaji, Muqeet, Abaiz and Fawwaz.. They all telling me all the great stuff about you especially you are hook on basketball.. I am missing you extremely so much and wish i got to know you more :(.. You will be missed and never forgotten..
Waheed(Wazbo) Zubair
October 28, 2009
We miss him soo badly he was such a good child n he's very obidient to every one we are shocked when we heard this news we love u soo much waseeq n you are in a paradise insallah.May allah bless all the family members n allah give u patient to face this lost
Rizwana Amir
October 28, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with the family in this time of grief. May ALLAH swt give patience and strength to ure family and friends through this difficult time , May your (Wasseq) memories bring your family and friends comfort.I pray that ALLAH swt ADMITS U 2 the ranks of the ummah and that your journey is pleasent and peacfull one , and once again you will be re-joined wiv ure family in jannah inshallah.
October 28, 2009
i miss you Waseeq too much, you were like my own son. i never thought that you will leave us so soon, i m still in shock. May Allah give patience n peace to bhai, baji, Muqeet, Abaiz n Fawwaz.
Aunt Shaista
October 28, 2009
Dear Shahid Bahi no doubt it is a big and sudden loss for you and your family. Waseeq was a talented and loving person. May Allah give you strength and patience in this difficult time. May Allah bless Waseeq a place in Jannah. All our prayers are with you and your family.... Shaukat Naeem from Birmingham UK (Nephew of Raja Zabta Khan from DEVI)
October 27, 2009
He always had a smile and greeting for me when I saw him in the mosque. May Allah.swt give him peace!
October 27, 2009
May Allah bless my nephew the highest place in junnah. I am his uncle (Chachu) from Birmingham.We missed him so much. Shahid bhai, Rohina bhabhi, Muqeet, Abaiz and Fawaaz, you all are in our prayers,May Allah give you all patience, strength and Inshallah bless you with rahamat and protect you from evils. ameen.Love you all. Choudhry Ejaz+Mobeena Naz and Abdullah Ejaz
Choudhry Ejaz Iqbal
October 27, 2009
May Allah bless my nephew the highest place in junnah. I am his uncle (Chachu) from Birmingham.We missed him so much. Shahid bhai, Rohina bhabhi, Muqeet, Abaiz and Fawaaz, you all are in our prayers,May Allah give you all patience, strength and Inshallah bless you with rahamat and protect you from evils. ameen.Love you all. Choudhry Ejaz+Mobeena Naz and Abdullah Ejaz.
Choudhry Ejaz Iqbal
October 27, 2009
my prayers are with you
Jorden adair
October 26, 2009
Waseeq always had a genuine smile and attitude of happiness. I pray for blessings on Waseeq and peace for his family.
Rebecca Mansfield
October 26, 2009
May Allah bless our newphew Waseeq who would have made a great star in his field of sport he loved. I am his uncle Ishfaq from Telford UK and may Allah give peace to his parents in the states.
Mohammad Ishfaq
October 26, 2009
May Allah bless our newphew Waseeq who would have made a great star in his field of sport he loved. I am his uncle Ishfaq from Telford UK and may Allah give peace to his parents in the states.
October 25, 2009
May Allah(swt) grant Waseeq the highest place in Jannah..Ameen. I am his aunt from UK, and feel very proud of Waseeq's achievements. He sounds like an amazing person who will be deeply missed by his friends and community...I just wish I was able to come out and spend time with him and family. This is a difficult time for all the extended family...I may be physically far from you, Shahid bhai and Rohina barji and kids but you are in my prayers, my mind, my heart... May Allah(swt) give you all patience and strength...ameen. Love you all xxx
Riffet Sultana
October 25, 2009
I do not know waseeq, my son Tanner had several classes with him @ bondurant & had 2nd period class with him @ hills. and he said that waseeq was really nice. I just wanted to let you know that your family will be in our thoughts and prayers in the following days, weeks, months to come. We too know what it feels like to lose a son/brother. (tanners younger brother died in june & he was 2). we know how hard it is to lose someone that you love very much. just remember to keep your faith & let your faith guide you. remember all the good times you have had. & he will ALWAYS live in your hearts. Sounds like Waseeq was a pretty cool guy. & i am sure that he will be greatly missed. again, my thoughts and prayers go out to your family..
Belinda Marcum
October 25, 2009
we met him 4 years ago and i still remember him he was one of my favourit son in shahid bhai family INSHAHALLAH he might be very happy and satisfy in the next world may ALLAH grant him rest and peace and patience to his family we cant forget him so cant his family we just can do pray and always miss him.
muzammil ahmed
October 25, 2009
Waseeq is my brother. I've known him since he was born, he always played around with me, telling jokes, laughing, making me laugh where ever i go. As a little 1st grader he always told me he made up what he wants to be..he said he wanted to be an NBA player. He stuck by that principle from the beginning till the end. God took his life away on a basketball court, i realized thats a very great blessing, he always talked about NBA. i Always will remember your smile, your jokes, your social behaviors how u get everyone around u involved. May God bless you Waseeq, and grant him the highest place in heaven.
October 25, 2009
Although I didn't know Waseeq personally, Joey did. I've heard only the best things about him from Joey, and I can tell you the world wont be same without him. To all of Waseeq's family; you are in mine and Joeys prayers forever.
RIP Waseeq, you'll be missed <3
Brianna Wilson & Joey Beeler
October 24, 2009
Waseeq, I didn't know you personally & I can't say all the things about you. But from what I heard you were a great guy, and my thoughts & prayers go out to your family. RIP.
October 24, 2009
Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Waseeq was a student in my Language Arts class during his 8th grade year at Bondurant. He was an absolute pleasure to have in class each and every day. His smile would light up the room and he was so kind and caring towards everyone around him. He was one of those kids that always gave his 110% best towards his every endeavor. I know he is an angel in Heaven now. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family.
Amy Hamilton
October 24, 2009
my beloved nephew
May Allah(swt) grant him highest place in Jannah(heaven), and raise him in hereafter with Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and his companions. Ameen.
May Allah(swt)give my family the strength to pass through this hard time.
Yasir iqbal
October 24, 2009
I am really sorry about this, I hope his family can get through this
Ethan Aldridge
October 24, 2009
I Fell very Sorry for the Great
Loss of your Son. But can only say Innna Lilah hi Inna Ilay Hi Raajoon.
Inshallah Allah will Give you strength.
Qamarunnisa & Gulman
October 24, 2009
Salaam, May Allah guide you in these tough times. May Allah bless you with a ton of patience. May Allah make you closer to our deen islam. May Allah give you the strength to pass through this hard time. Ameen.
Waseeq will always be missed. The doors to Janatul Firdous are open to him. Waseeq was well loved. Your family is in our prayers.
Shahbaz Family.
Lubna Shahbaz
October 24, 2009
i just wish tht i couldve gotten to know Waseeq better.... R.I.P
caitlin moreland
October 23, 2009
I don't know Waseeq but my daughter is his friend. She told me what a great person he is. After reading these posts I can tell how much he is loved by everyone he met. Maybe he can play basketball in heaven with some of the greatest players. My prayers are with the family and friends of Waseeq. RIP. You will obviously be greatly missed.
Martha Caudill
October 23, 2009
I am so very sorry for your loss.
Ron Duvall
October 23, 2009
waseeq was such a great person. He was always happy and funny. He loved to play basketball. Its very sad that he passed away on the day of the tryouts. my thoughts and feelings are with his family and him.
Maaz Mulla
October 23, 2009
salaam mammo and family
i was really upset when i heard the news that bijan waseeq had passed away it was sad to here he had gone before i got to see him face to face, i talk to him on the phone and all he said i asked him what was his favourite sport and hobbie all he said was "basketball" i wanted to see you but couldnt, sorry mammo, but i always keep you and bijans in my prayers, and most of all waseeq bhai
love aaliya your niece
aaliya nawaz
October 23, 2009
The worst pain on earth is the loss of somebody u love. He was such a pure soul of just fifteen years. May his soul rest in peace.
Madiha Wahid
October 22, 2009
I didn't really know Waseeq much, I talked to him once or twice maybe. But from what I hear he was funny, charismatic, smart, and an amazing basketball player. I know all his friends and family love him a ton and he did back as well. Best wishes to Muqeet, Abaiz and the rest of the family.

You are missed by many, Waseeq.
Jordan Shankle
October 22, 2009
Waseeq was a great person. He was always very jolly and never seemed to be shy when I talked to him. He enlightened every person around him. Our community seems to be lacking without his presence. He will truly be missed. My prayers are going out to Muqeet, Abaiz, Fawaz, and the rest of the Shahid family. Stay strong and be courageous. My family and I will always be here for you. If you need anything, just give us a call.
Tyler Mahoney
October 22, 2009
Waseeq, I heard from my brother Ali that you were such an amazing person. I have also heard from other people about your wonderful personality, Mashallah. You've become a role model for all of us, and Inshallah, you will get countless sawaab for the inspiration you had, and continue to have, on people. The greatest comfort that your family and friends can get, I think, is by knowing that you're good to go, you're all set for an easy entry into Jannah, Inshallah. We will all continue to pray for you and your family. May Allah bless you all and provide guidance, comfort, and healing, Ameen. Rest in peace. And stay strong, Shahid family!
Hibah Ahmed
October 22, 2009
Hey Muqeet. Abais and Fawaz
This is a true story for you. I believe you know Jahangir khan. All time great squash player of Pakistan.
Torsam khan was his older brother. In 1979, Torsam reached a career-high ranking of World No. 13 but at the age of 27 and seemingly in excellent health, Torsam suffered a heart attack during a tournament match in Australia and died suddenly in the court. His death profoundly affected his younger brother Jahangir, who was aged 15 at the time. Jahangir considered quitting the game himself immediately after Torsam's death, but instead decided to pursue a career in the sport as a tribute to his brother and then you know. Jahangir went on to achieve unprecedented heights within the game including a 555 match unbeaten streak between 1981 and 1986 and won 7 consecutive British Open Championship, The biggest event for squash. He remains Ranked World No.1 for these eight years.
So come on Guys. Best tribute to your sweetest and innocent brother is to make his dreaam a reality.
Tund-e-bad-e-mukhalif sai na ghabra aiy uqab
Yeah tau chaltee hai tujhey ooncha uraney kai liye
(Don’t be scared by the opposite winds because it only exist to make you more stronger). Allah bless all of you and give strength to your family.
You all will always be in our prayers
October 22, 2009
Waseeq, great friend always knew how to make me laugh even if i was sad my little freshmen buddy always giving everyone such a great day having him there to cheer us all up if he was sad or not he could make our days great! man i will miss you and everyone will you were loved by everyone and you always will ur in my heart bro and you will be watched over. Bball Star Bro u had it. My love and prayers to the Shahid family...
steele rodgers
October 22, 2009
Sorry for the sad loss of your son,
brother, friend. May God grant everyone who loved Waseeq healing in
their hearts. Betty
October 22, 2009
Waseeq, I know you loved your friends, and even more your great passion for basketball. Everyday in Social Studies last year, you would tell me something about basketball, that I didn't really understand. But what I do understand is what a great person you were, and how we will always need more people like you in the world. You didn't really know how many friends you really had, I think. You were a great friend. Your smile and laugh will be missed through the hallways at WHHS, and I will be praying for you, and your family through this difficult time. I love you Waseeq, like we all did... : )
Alyssa Meece
October 22, 2009
I didn't know waseeq very good but we talked after school every couple days. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers waseeq
Charles Hall
October 22, 2009
I didn't personally know wasseq but I could tell he was a awesome person. His brother was awesome too, hope your doing ok Abaiz. R.I.P Wasseq All my prayers go out to your family.
Dallas Taylor
October 22, 2009
I didn't know Wasseq personally, but the Shahid's are my neighbors. I remember everyday I would always see he and his brother, Muqeet, outside playing basketball. He looked so happy playing the sport he loved with his brother. Muqeet, you are a dear friend of mine and I will always be here for you. Don't hesitate to ask for anything.
October 22, 2009
I didn't personally know Waseeq, but he and his family are my neighbors. Everyday I saw he and Muqeet outside playing basketball. I don't think there was a day I didn't see them out there.But I could tell that he was so happy out there with his brother playing a sport he loved. Muqeet, I am always here for you and your family.
Paige Smith
October 22, 2009
I only had 1 class with Waseeq last year. But this year Waseeq and I really started talking more especialy after school while waiting for the bus. now that he is gone there is an empty place where he should be.I miss Waseeq very much. Waseeq was one of the best friends someone could ask for,I really do miss Waseeq and the conversations we used to have .Waseeq I and all your other friends will see you in heaven when our time also comes.
Marco Fricker
October 22, 2009
Waseeq. I didn't know you very well, but you were a great guy. I will miss you so much. I know you didn't know me, but you were always a role model to me. Last year, you kept everyone smiling through the toughest times and made Ms.Crask light up in joy every time you walked into the room.You were loved, always remember that, no matter what. I'll miss you forever.
Olivia Leathers
October 22, 2009
I've only met him and talked to him once, at a tennis game. He seemed like a great guy and a great brother
Cameron Newton
October 22, 2009
My friend Waseeq, I miss you so much. I remember when you used to come to my house and we used to play on my psp. I liked you because you made me smile and you were a good friend Waseeq and I will never forget you! Muqeet, Abaiz and Fawwaz, I'm so sorry for your brother and I will keep you company no matter what.
Harith Khan
October 22, 2009
Waseeq, may Allah grant you a place in paradise,Ameen. Rohina, Shahid bhai, Muqeet, Abaiz and Fawwaz...i pray Allah give you strength and patience in this traumatic time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Farzana Khan
October 22, 2009
I remember the day when Waseeq was born, he was so cute. We all miss him too much, we wanna see u all Muqeet, Abaiz, Fawaz, Baji n Bhai, miss u all. May his soul rest in peace n enter janat-ul-firdous, Ameen. May Allah give his family a great sabar to endure this pain, Ameen
Asma Wali
October 22, 2009
may Allah send you in janat you was star of your parant we all forget star only shine at sky you will not be forgeten miss you lot lot of love
your grand dad
Mohammed Zubair
October 22, 2009
This is a photo he took for his poetry journal.
He was my brother. I just don't know how to put this. He was determined for NBA, he wanted to go there from the start. He used to watch almost every game, told alot of people about NBA. I was sure he was goin to make it. He always played basketball and whenever someone asked what he was going to do in the future he used to say NBA. When i heard this news i couldn't believe a single thing i heard. He used to be the joking type. He used to joke around with anyone. He made friends so fast. One day i remembered him tell what would you do if one of your brothers died. I said i dont know. It's just so sad just thinking about this. May God bless you and may God help you find the way to hevean.
Abaiz Shahid
October 22, 2009

You left us so soon, I cannot find a better word to express my feeling especially you are one of my first related family. You are in my prayer and now with God..

Shahid bhai, Rohina Bhaji and my 3 dearest beta Muqeet, Abiaz and Fawwaz- Stay strong and you all are in my thought and prayer..
Wazbo Zubair
October 21, 2009
Waseeq was an awesome young man. He was fun to be around and always had a smile on his face. I hope he is granted the highest place in Paradise. And hope his memories bring his family and friends peace and comfort in this time of distress. It's a major loss to lose such a decent young man. RIP Waseeq
Mishalle Ahmed
October 21, 2009
Hi I never knew you, but when i heard about the news i just started crying!! It is heartbreaking to hear such a story, but may Allah (swt.) bless him and may he be blessed with heaven amen.
October 21, 2009
Waseeq...I still remember the first time you, Muqeet, Abaiz, and Fawoz came over to our house - we had so much fun and that's when I realized that your family is made up of the most honest, loving, nice, and caring people I know.

I'm continually keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers, not being able to imagine losing my own brother.

I know that, in the end, we'll all meet again and you and your family will be reunited.

aap kare ga baqi rehna kami mehsoos karna

I don't know if that's the right translation...but you will be missed.
Augie Phillips
October 21, 2009
Im astonished as to his sudden dissapearrance. Hour after hour I wait for my best friend to get back on his favorite computer game and tell me how him and basketball went. We both loved basketball. Couldn't stop debating about who was right or wrong. Ive known him for over 4 years going on 5 and I will never forget him. To be honest this is the first real friend Ive ever lost and to see him go like this truly makes me cry. Ultimately I know where you are and imma be thinking about you everytime I play that game. Like I always say when we get off the game...PEACE AND LOVE.
Chris AKA (Nitemare51)
Chris Senn
October 21, 2009
Waseeq was a wonderful person who enlightened everyone he spoke to. He smiled no matter what you had to say, friend or foe. He had a heart full of love, and a soul full of hope and joy. His dream was to go to the NBA. I remember everyday on the bus we would engage into conversations about who his favorite player was and so on. Thats when i knew Waseeq had a love for the sport of basketball. He lived, and died to through the sport. Muqeet, Abez, Fawwaz; Keep strong for i know how hard it is to feel a gap in your heart. I know the special bond you have between your own blood brother. That of which can never be broken. You guys will always love and cherrish the memories you have had with him. Keep your perserveriance through with your loss and let it egnight your passion for anything you do in life. Have faith Shahid family. Your in my prayers
Clinton Rutledge (and family)
October 21, 2009
May GOD bless you Waseeq, I will pray for you to go to heaven.
Muqeet Shahid
October 21, 2009
Waseeq has a made it to NBA , I used to joke with him that one day when you become a NBA player do get me the front row seats. Some how he made it to our ultimate destination earlier then his time. Death of such a young boy --remind us that we all have to go back, when and where only God knows but lets appreciate everything around us, which we take it for granted and live in peace.

May God make it easy for everybody in his family.
Atif Saeed
October 21, 2009
Sooner or later Every one will go but ----- it is too soon waseeq ----. I know you are innocent (Masoom) still I will pray that Allah bless your soul and give strength to your family (aameen)
syed salim
October 20, 2009
waseeq you are a great guy i will remember you.im disapointed that i will never get to watch you in the nba but every time i think of the bad i remember that your in a better place now...God Bless
Austin Smith
October 20, 2009
As a parent of a 16 year old my heart
was saddened to hear of this young man's passing.May God bless this family
and let us all realize that life is
uncertain but Death is sure.Please know
that you are in my prayers at this very
October 20, 2009
October 20, 2009
you where a great guy, and will be missed, my prayers go out to your family.
October 20, 2009
im in 8th grade so i never knew waseeq personally, but i have heard he was a very nice guy. i just remember him and his brother playing the sport waseeq loved everyday after school. he will be missed and his family and friends will be in my prayers..i know this must have a great emotional toll on them, be strong and may you find strength in our great Lord. may waseeq shahid rest in peace. you will always be missed fellow wolverine. GOD BLESS!
October 20, 2009
waseeq u were a awsome friend u always like the sport this is the biggest shock ever and idk how this happened but now im sad and i will always remember u.this is his friend that i mett him a a hotel in tennessee while playing a computer game he played it too and we were great friends.
Kurt Freese
October 20, 2009
I will remember Waseeq as being kind to others, eager to learn, and a bright spot in my day. To the Family, I pray for comfort in your time of loss.
October 20, 2009
I just can't forget his smiling face, he always kept smiling and was loved by everyone around. He will always be in our hearts for the rest of our lives. I am his uncle. This is the biggest shock ever in my life.
Faisal Habib
October 20, 2009
Dear friends,
My heart goes out to the family and friends. We have never met the family. Pray and Hope God gives parents and brothers and friends the strength to endure the pain, sorrow and heartach during this shocking and difficult time.

October 20, 2009
Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Michelle and Jalen Clark
October 20, 2009
To the Family: I have never met this family, but as a mom I cannot begin to imagine the pain or heartache they are going through. The family is in my prayers
r j
October 20, 2009
Please know your family is in my thoughts and prayers. My son was a friend of Waseeq's and he will be greatly missed. May you feel God's comfort during this difficult time and know you are in His care.
Julia Peavler
October 20, 2009
Waseeq was a terrific kid and great friend to my son and my family. He and his brothers were always a pleasure to have in our home. We will never forget him and will always be comforted by the memories of his bright and sunny personality.
Chip, Lee Anne, and Griffin Quarles
October 20, 2009
Our prayers are with your family and we hope you can find some comfort in this tough time.

Tim and Tracy Wiard, Austin Wiard, and Trey and Ellissa Badgett.
October 20, 2009
This year was my first year going to Waseeq's school but just in this time period, i have felt like he has been my friend my whole life. I remember how he was always quite in class but when we got into the hallway he never failed to make me laugh. My heart goes out to his friends and family. He is in a way better place now. Rest in Peace. He will forever be in my prayers.
Austin W.
October 20, 2009
I remeber when i first met Waseeq in 3rd grade. A quiet but friendly guy, and also very tall. He will always have a place in my heart because of his kindness and good heart. God blees the Shahid family.
Andrew Smith
October 20, 2009
We didn't know Waseeq but he was a part of our school, a fellow wolverine. We have sympathy for the Shahid family, and today we empathize with them over their loss.
Amy Winans and Blake Walker
October 20, 2009
Please know that during this tough time you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Jeff, Cookie, and Marcus Howard
October 20, 2009
Curtis Akers
October 20, 2009
God bless you Waseeq and the Shahid family too. May you find strength in your faith and in each other.
joe c.
October 20, 2009
We will miss his smiling face in the neighborhood, every day as I headed home he was outside with his brothers playing basketball. We are all so sorry for the loss of this sweet young man our prayers are with you, may God take him home and keep him safe.
Beeler/Preston Families
Your neighbors
Sharon Preston
October 20, 2009
I didn't know this young man nor his family, but I truly am sorry for your loss. I will remember your family in prayer. Ruth Webster, a grandparent from East High School-Nicholasville, KY
October 20, 2009
My heart goes out to the family and friends of this boy.

God bless and may strength be with them in this time.
October 20, 2009
As a mother, my heart breaks too at this tragic loss. My prayers go up for your family.
A resident
October 20, 2009
I understand how difficult it is for Shahid family to accept this great loss. I pray to Almighty GOD for the peace & blessing of the departed soul. May GOD aceept Waseeq in the highest palce of heaven. May GOD makes it easy for Shahid family to accept this loss.
Mohammad Motalib
October 20, 2009
I remember him as a quiet kid that always did everything asked of him. He was well liked by his peers and very smart. He will be missed. (former PE teacher)
Daniel Hill
October 19, 2009
He is a son of my good friends, I knew him as a family member. He is such a lovely and smiley boy. God bless his soul and give patiences and courage to his family...(Ameen)
Samina Aamer
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