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DAVIES Clair "Cork", 69, died after a short bout with cancer at his residence on Dec. 29, 2006. He was born Jan. 22, 1937, in Marysville, KS, son of the late Kermit and Muriel Davies, and grew up in Vandalia, Illinois. He is survived by his former wife and longtime best friend, Janice Lipuma, and her son, Will Drane of Lexington, KY; by two daughters, Maria Worley and her husband Wayne, and Amber Davies and her husband James Adler; and by three grandchildren, Michael and Adam Worley and Sophia Adler, all of Louisville. He was preceded in death by a sister, Patricia Victoria Vallance, previously Patricia Davies. Mr. Davies was a leading authority on pain treatment and the author of the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook and The Frozen Shoulder Workbook. Through his books and workshops with his daughter Amber, he touched the lives of hundreds of massage therapists and thousands of ordinary, hurting people over the last ten years of his life. For many years, Mr. Davies was a leading piano tuner, technician, and rebuilder in the Lexington area. He had trained at the Steinway factory in New York, served as president of the Bluegrass chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild, and was a pioneer in developing the capability for individuals to perform such large-scale piano rebuilding tasks as complete grand piano soundboard replacement. Funeral services will be 12 noon Wed at Kerr Brothers Funeral Home-Main St. Burial will be in Lexington Cemetery. Visitation will be from 6-8 pm Tue and 11-12 Wed at the funeral home.

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Published in Lexington Herald-Leader on Dec. 31, 2006.
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January 24, 2016
I was saddened to read of Mr. Davies passing in 2006. My sympathy to the family.
I'll always remember Clair Davies, author of the "Workbook" that saved the function and quality of my life in 2001! Thank God
for his work and success in helping people in pain.
It's wonderful that Amber is carrying on
their work. Blessings to you all.
Ann Baran
ann baran
June 5, 2015
I have found The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook an invaluable resource, both for self treatment and for helping others in pain. In gratitude.
February 1, 2015
You changed my life.
Rick Gworek
September 4, 2013
I have sincerely appreciated your work.
June 16, 2012
Thank you Clair Davies. After many years of pain, I have hope. I'm so very grateful for your work. Rest in peace.
Andrea Christensen
June 8, 2012
Thank for your help I am a musicion and with your help and guidance I am able to play again thank you for saving my life
David Simpson
June 7, 2012
Dear Davies Family,

I wrote in your guest book for Clair back in March, 2011. I am writing again today because as time passes, I continue to use my Trigger Point Manual and I benefit greatly from this new-found knowledge. I have had my book since Nov. 2010 and religiously read and apply the information. It has taken a good year at least for me to really understand where all these muscles are, but as I fine tune my experience, I am in awe of just how accurate Clair and Amber's book is. Clair must have been meticulous because there is so much wonderfully useful information in this book, and he is spot on with the treatments. Thank you. I'm so pleased he was able to leave such an important manual for the world to better their health.
Kristin Davis
June 4, 2012
sue Eng
April 10, 2012

Your work came up again today. It's hard to believe that you presented our class with the initial draft 14 years ago this month. I can remember the exact expression on our faces when you asked if any of us might like a copy...It might have been the only time our class agreed unanimously on anything...Your gift to us continues to give as we share it with others. Rest gently. Thank you.
Scott Lea
February 25, 2012
I am really sad to learn that Clair Davies passed away in 2006. I just purchased his book "The Frozen Shoulder Workbook" last night and have already had considerable relief from the pain.

I want his family to know how much I appreciate his work. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope the fact that his books are still helping so many people brings you some comfort.
Barbara Clark
February 20, 2012
I've just been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome and found Clair's book on the Internet and it has already been of significant assistance. His work is a continuation of his life and such an amazing way of remembering him. Thank you.
Judith Brown
August 26, 2011
Hello, everyone, and special greetings to the Davies family, and co-author Amber,

You know, the Trigger Point book has really made such a difference in my life. If I maintain diligence in massaging my points, I feel like I'm 15 years younger.

After reading the trigger point website, I bought 2 new copies of the book from Amazon. One copy I sent to a friend with similar problems. I also bought the Thera Cane. I also use a walking cane with a round knob for the calf muscles.

I am always impressed with how quickly I get relief when using his techniques. After unknotting trigger points, it is much easier to then stretch the muscles.

Put me on the list of those who cannot find words to thank him (and Amber) enough for their wonderful work.

Thank you Clair and Amber (and Travell and Simons) for a job extremely well done !

Michael Bucklin
Fairfax, CA
August 1, 2011
thank you Mr Davies,Your book and your words of wisdom have changed my life for ever I am able to play my guitar again ,Words are not enough Thank you.
David Simpson
March 11, 2011
I guess I'm far from being the only one who has been deeply touched by the Trigger Point book. Thank you to Mr Davies for all the help he has provided for so many of us.
Martha Colby
March 2, 2011
In November 2010 I picked up Clair's book on Trigger Point Therapy, and it has been enlightening. I am so grateful that he left such a wonderful gift for all of us in severe pain. What an amazing father and husband to have had in your lives. Thank you. And thank you Amber for also working in this field.
Kristin Davis
December 26, 2010
Mr. Davies saved my husband of many years of pain on his arms. It's a blessing for us to know about his book. We continue to tell our family and friends about the Trigger Point Theraphy Workbook. Thank you is not enough. God bless Mr. Davie's soul always!
Jo Ann Angels
December 15, 2010
It's funny how someone you never knew can set you free. 20 years of chiropractic treatment vs 10 minutes of reading. No contest really.
October 12, 2010
your father is saving me from pain.... what a great legacy he left behind!! how compassionate he was, I recently ordered his book and have to say thank you!!!

he is saving my life!!! he's helping me understand through his book that I can treat pain, that I don't have to sit and wait for insurances so I can see a doctor and get more medicine that most likely will harm my body!!!

I can not thank him enough for his book!!

you must be so proud of him!!!
Andy Obando
October 3, 2010
What a wonderful legacy this man left for his fellows. His books have changed my life and will go on to change lives for generations to come.
Randall Tumblin
July 27, 2010
Without Clair Davies "Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" I would still be hobbling about, unable to enjoy golf the way I do and even now to play tennis, a game I gave up two years ago due to pain in my feet. I have been suffering for nearly 15 years and have spent thousands on therapies - none of which worked. How easy can this be, just to massage my legs and find the pain goes away. Ok, it comes back sometimes but I now know how to relieve it straight away. Thank you Clair, may you fly with the angels. Thank you also to Amber - this book has been without a doubt the most important read of my life.
Jane Stewart
Jane Stewart
July 18, 2010
Well,this is the most empowering and amazing book I have read for years. What a truly thought-provoking and compassionate man Clair must have been.God bless and best wishes to his family and to Amber for continuing in her father's footsteps.It must be time for the world to take notice of his wisdom and radicalise our pain treatment.It has really motivated me with a desire to share this knowledge
June 1, 2010
What a wonderful, wonderful thing he's done by giving me control of my life again.
Gerald Erambert
May 20, 2010
I recently ordered the trigger point therapy workbook and i must say what an impressive, intelligent and compassionate man he must have been. I'm saddened to hear of his early departure. He surely possessed a profound intellectual curiosity and he utilized it to deal with his own suffering and to take it to a higher level he used it to help others. There is no greater legacy than this. May he rest in peace. My condolence to his family.
michael devaney
April 25, 2010
His book changed my life, thanks to his research I'm now cured of severe platar facitis and have RSI under control. Thank you Clair Davies, I'm forever in your debt :)
Kath Luxton
April 21, 2010
I am just learning about Trigger Point Therapy (via Clair Davies' workbook), and I am deeply grieved to hear of his passing. Although he and I had never met, he really stirred me with his profound care and compassion for others in dedicating his life's mission to helping people with their inexplicable aches and pains. May he rest in peace, and may God bless his dear family. Jill S.
Jill Severance
March 2, 2010
I will ever be indebted to Mr. Davies for the relationship he nurtured for me with my body. I am a professional baker and without his book I would never have survived the long hours and physical demands of the job. His legacy is tremendous, even today I was telling someone about his great contribution. No thanks can be enough.
Howard Herscovici
February 17, 2010
It's late to be writing this, but for those of us who appreciate Clair's work, it's never too late.

I've just recently discovered the source of what many practicioners have been doing for years. I'm very grateful for his work, compassion, and knowledge.
Brandon Nelson
January 27, 2010
I received the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook as a Christmas gift (2009) and in reading through it decided to look up the book website to find out more about Mr. Davies and possibly a lecture schedule. This book has changed so much for me in the month that I've had it and wanted to somehow convey that to Mr. Davies. I was surprised and very disappointed to learn of his passing nearly four years ago. He has left his mark - a wonderful healing book and I will be forever grateful for his sharing of knowledge.
Valerie Hill
January 27, 2010
Wanted to say thanks for saving my life as I suffered from "Cervical Dystonia" and Davies' books helped me understand what was really going on when doctors had no clue. After massage therapy and Davies suggested treatments, I am nearly cured. Will always be thankful for his books and my massage therapist Jennifer Barbosa for my recovery.
Patricia Hilliard
December 27, 2009
Thank you Clair Davies for your immense contributions to helping people in pain find relief and healing. The world is a better place of your life, your commitment, passion and work. Thank you so much and may you rest in peace.
Ellen M
November 12, 2009
Clair lives on in the minds and work of many thousands of therapists and ordinary folk around the world. His ability to translate the work of travel and simons into general use is astounding! well done Clair .
steve London
November 12, 2009
Clair lives on in the minds and work of many thousands of therapists and ordinary folk around the world. His ability to translate the work of travel and simons into general use is astounding! well done Clair .
steve London
Steve Jeffrey
October 7, 2009
I was so sorry to hear of the loss of Clair Davies. His Trigger Point Therapy Workbook is one of the most useful books I have ever read and I am so thankful to have this information for my patients' benefit. It has been a wonderful tool for people to use to help themselves at home and I have made daily use of it in my practice.

My condolences to Amber and the rest of Mr. Davies' family. I am sorry to have missed the opportunity to thank him directly for his writings. His life was cut tragically short but he left a wonderful legacy for all who work with individuals in pain.
Helen deLisser, D.C.
July 23, 2009
Sorry for your loss Davies family. In my opinion Clair was a agreat pioneer in the field Trigger Point. He fueled my quest to learn about my pain. I to, changed my career at 46 and am now refering his books to my clients. I know one thing his clients sure miss him.
John Everard LMT, TPS
john everard
July 4, 2009
Conocí al Sr. Davies a través del maravilloso libro Terapia de los Puntos de Activación, por su título en español. Al conocer su historia, me admiró su valentía al dar un giro tan radical a su vida y decidir ayudar a los demás a través de su experiencia propia y los conocimientos adquiridos con tal tenacidad. No tuve ni la mas remota esperanza de alguna vez poder conocerlo o contactar con él, pero de alguna forma quiero rendir mi tributo como agradecimiento por su claridez y entusiasmo para transmitir su conocimiento.
Descanse en paz Clair Davies
Rocío Flores
July 1, 2009

I just found out today about his passing as I was interested in taking another of his classes, went online and instead found this obituary. What A loss and what a gift he was to true medicine.
I took Mr Davies Trigger Point workshop back in 2003 and with the skills I learned from his class I have gone on to build a successful practice. Everyday I do my best to help someone with pain that mainsteam medicine can't seem to touch. His work in explaining TP Therapy to the average person takes the mystery out of selfcare for my clients as well as myself. I have all but worn out my first copy of the book.
God rest him well.
Julie Jones
June 22, 2009
Dear Davies,
Thanks for revealing the trigger-points in the layman term. It changes many people lives...for making people having less suffering. I consider your book is a gift from Heaven. With your guide book, I have removed 'pains' of many people particular my mother who suffered for many years with no cures through physiotheraphy and Chinese therapies. With your guidebook, it performed 'miracle' within one week. Thanks again and please 'come back' to this earth to reveal more 'Heavenly' secret such as prevention of cancers. ...Soonek
June 21, 2009
I'm just an ordinary citizen. Clair Davies trigger point book probably saved my sanity as well as my body. As some one with several back injuries plus a frozen shoulder and other muskuloskeletal problems all manifesting at once, the work that put my spine back together over 7 years was yoga. The work that made the yoga liveable over that difficult time was trigger point therapy. Most of all, Davies returned to me personal power in showing me how to work on myself. May he receive all the blessings he shared. Sandra Weidner
Sandra Weidner
June 2, 2009
So surprised and sad to find Clair Davies had passed, what a loss with all his knowledge. His book has been a bigger help than all the Doctors and Diagnostics I have endured. Somehow I am sure he knows he goes on helping those of us suffering from chronic pain.
Char Lehmann
April 24, 2009
I'm sad to hear that Clair Davies passed away a few years ago... as a strength and combat athlete i find myself constantly dealing with various injuries and ailments and I reference his books constantly. many times ive been really depressed about being out of the weightlifting game due to an injury that i cant seem to shake and this book helps me much of the time. what a great man, im sad i didnt get to thank him in person but i hope that his family can realize how important clairs work was to people around the world.
rav j
April 17, 2009
This morning I just discovered that a web site for the Trigger Point manual existed. I was shocked to find that Mr Davies had passed. I have used the manual since late 2006 (after a shoulder arthoscopy operation). I have found much useful information in and practice self-massage and trigger point release every day. Thank you, Mr Davies, and may you be well in your next life.
Jim Adams
April 13, 2009
I have recently graduated from massage school - a path that has changed my life and I owe a lot to Mr. Davies for that. A recommendation from my massage therapist led me to buy his Trigger Point Therapy Workbook and I found ways to help relieve my own pain, which was empowering. I really believed in this type of therapy and the book was like a Bible to me whenever I had a new pain. My desire to become a massage therapist was driven by the knowledge and faith that book gave me. Now any new pains of my own are a kind of "gift" that allows me to learn how to help my clients with treatments I have proven to relieve me of my pain. I was hoping to write to Clair to thank him personally for the wonderfully written knowledge. He really WAS a gift! I am saddened to hear of his passing and wish his family my condolences.
Heather Filgate
February 2, 2009
I never knew Mr. Davies except from his trigger point book. His efforts helped me and I've been able to help other people.

He was a gift.
Kim Sommer
December 23, 2008
My husband and I have had the trigger point therapy book for about 6 months now and we can not even begin to express our appreciation Clair for bringing this into print.
It has helped us so much. I was hoping to tell him "thanks so much". So, to the rest of the family I truly do appreciate the info he brought forth and put into layman's terms. Thanks.
Now, I'm going to try and give my husband some relief from his permanent tinnitus.
God Bless you all, Sue & Jerry
Sue Tanner
September 22, 2008
So simple, so clever, so well taught and desribed, so efficient. What a wonderful way to make human beings take charge of and fix their own problems when there is no actual call for medical treatment (and that in turn will make actual medical treatment less necessary). Thank you! A runner.
August 31, 2008
I am now reading his trigger point book to self treat myself. I now have better relief and I firmly believe he has got it right. Thanks Mr. Claire Davies. I feel sad to learn of your passing through this link. I honour you as a great service to mankind!May blessings grace you always.
Lai SW Malaysia
Lai Soon WOh
August 24, 2008
My cousin Corky Davies turned out to be a kindred soul when we met as adults in 1998 at a family reunion. I miss his emails still.
He was a gentle, humorous, patient, understanding man who demonstrated the caring of a true physician. My world is smaller.
David Nicklin
August 7, 2008
profundamente agradecida a Dios por
haberlo creado y la ensenanza que
nos dejo,solo su libro me ayudo a
aliviarme de mis brazos y ayudar a
mucha gente hoy en dia.
gracias por brillar dentro de nosotros.
martha c. gonzalez
July 28, 2008
I came across Mr. Davies book in early 2005 as I had landed up incapacitated with chronic neck problems which left me bed ridden. It really helped me get to grips with these chronic neck problems I had developed over years and helped me make a water tight case for the surgery I needed - it gave me confidence in my own judgement. So much so that after my surgery and then better informed treatment, including self massage, I returned to college and studied biomechanics. My education and the innumerable other publications and journals I have read and consultants I have seen on the subject have also made me acutely aware of how accessible and geared his book is for the lay person. He and the trigger point manual helped me and encouraged me more than the medical establishment which often achieved just the opposite whilst draining my finances. I recall i received a beautifully worded and encouraging email reply from him in June of 2005 which surprised me, and further imprinted on me what a humanitarian and altruistic gentleman Mr Davies was. He gave me some informed and positive feedback on my particular neck problems, and encouraged me to share everything i had learned with others and that i didn't need to be an MD to make a useful contribution to others lives and well being. I have encountered a number of people with pain since, whom i have helped get better and shared with just that philosophy. His email deeply affected me, as this man who did not know me from Adam, took such an interest in my wellbeing and those of his fellow person. I became aware of his passing only recently, whilst helping a friend buy his book online. I had sent him a further email expressing my thanks at his kind sentiment and hope he got to read it. My dog eared copy of the trigger point manual is always on a desk somewhere handy, and has acted as a second memory since the day i got it.

What a commendable individual who has affected the lives of so many the world over and whose sensitivity and resolve to reduce highly treatable, human suffering is a model for us all. My best of wishes to his daughter and the rest of his family, who must be extremely proud of his life accomplishments.
S Qadir
July 24, 2008
I am saddened to learn of Mr. Davies' passing. I was looking to contact him with questions and I came across this guest book. My sincerest condolences to your family. I hope that you find comfort in knowing that he will always continue to live on with such an amazing legacy of helping and healing countless individuals. I am a therapist and refer to his book daily for my clients (and for myself)! What a blessing for God to send us such an amazing soul. It would have been a privilege to have met such a remarkable person. May God bless and keep you.
Holly S.
June 5, 2008
I started reading Clair's book today and found it illuminating and inspiring - and I'm looking forward to putting it into practice (to correct vertigo and neck problems)... I followed this link and was so sad to read of the author's passing. He has left an important legacy and I hope his family is able to find some comfort in that (I'm sure they do). Just wanted to pay tribute to someone who was obviously a clever, compassionate and inspiring human being. Best Wishes, Sally
Sally Grummitt
May 29, 2008
I wanted to contact Mr. Davies to thank him for all the work he has done with his trigger point therapy workbook and am sad to realize that he is no longer with us. My condolences and sympathies to his family.

After two wrist surgeries and lots of symptoms that had encompassed my arm over the course of the last three years I realized that the physicians couldn't help me. But Mr. Davies could and still does with his book.

Thank you so much.
I'm spreading the word.
April 29, 2008
I wanted to thank Clair Davies and found this instead. It is so sad that he's gone. Thank God for his books. I'm glad that Amber is there to carry on his work. My husband, a carpenter, was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and faced some grim choices of having his arm yanked loose while he was knocked out and warned that it could break his arm in the process or living with the pain and limitations, possibly for years. And then we found the frozen shoulder triggerpoint therapy book and it literally cured my husband's shoulder in a very short while. We have also bought the triggerpoint therapy book for the whole body and it always works! I have been amazed at how fast aches and pains have gone. I recommend his books to everyone I meet and have bought copies for family members. What a brilliant and compassionate man. All sympathies to his family. My heartfelt prayers for his soul to have a divine journey onward.
Leslie Lamb
April 19, 2008
3 years ago, I was in agony with pinched nerves in my neck and back. I had been a competitive weight lifter for decades, and followed that with 2 more decades of work on a computer -- lots of muscle, all of which locked up. 3 chiropractors, accupuncture and orthopedists (cortizone shots) made it worse. I was hospitalized and lost the ability to sleep (literally!), which led to deep clinical depression. My wife (bless her) showed up with Mr. Davies' book, and within a half hour, I was taking my wife out to lunch. It was a miracle! I have since recommended Mr. Davies' book to everyone I know, and they have nearly all had similar, 'miraculous' results. I have long wanted to thank Mr. Davies and his daughter for their tremendous effect on my quality of life. Bless you both!
David Feldman
April 3, 2008
I've been an MT since 2002. I found Mr Davies book in 2005 and it revolutionized my practice. I find it very helpful and understandable for everyone and recomend it often. I get regular supplies of the books from Amazon and then re-sell them to clients at the dayspa where I work. People love this book.
Velma Coontz
February 15, 2008
Hi!I am a PT here in the Philippines and had just read Clair's work. I am really touch by his ways of making things simple for common people to understand trigger point. He'll surely be missed. Our sympathy...
Leomil Adriano
January 29, 2008
I have only recently discovered the Trigger Point Therapy Book and it has opened up a whole new world to me. It has completely changed my way of thinking about pain and dealing with the health of myself, my family and friends. I am so sorry to hear that Clair Davies has passed away, but I am sure through his books he will continue to inspire people like me to change their outlook on pain and help other people.
Jen Stevenson
January 10, 2008
"Today I'm reminded once again how short life can be" my deepest expressions for your personal loss, I am fortunate to have met Amber through a seminar a few years ago you are a testament to your father's work the world has less pain because of his and your's(Amber)efforts, Thankyou Clair and Amber, one of many students,
Richard Ferrigan
January 8, 2008
A couple of years ago I talked to Mr Davies about translating his work into Swedish. I have now had the privilage to participate in the work. The book is now in print. I´m sad that I can´t share this with him. Thank you Clair. your work is outstanding.
Johnny Carlsson
January 7, 2008
I want to thank Amber and Clair Davies for the great book they wrote and for what they did to help many people.

I life in Austria and many people know about triggerpoints and even some physicians know about using a tennis-ball to release triggerpoints, but nobody wants to tell the patients.

I am sad to hear that Mr. Davies passed.

Great work ...
Andi K.
January 2, 2008
Dear Amber,
Today I started Googeling to find out about the man who helped me making a big step in reducing my pains. I am Dutch but I live in Germany and I am telling all my friends and neighbours about the workbook. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a German translation of it.
Thank you for continuing the good work of your father. I will do my best to tell as much people as possible about him and his book.

Happy New Year to you and your family.
Eric van Dongen
December 19, 2007
Amber,I had known your dad was sick but I just read about his death.Your dad was such an inspiration to me!I attended a workshop in Conneticut,April 2003 and that started me to continue with trigger point work in both of my careers(LMT and PTA). Amber, I still have your card you sent me about your goal of reaching the PT professionals. I wanted you to know that I have taught at the local college for PTAs and have been a CI to future PTAs. Many have received a copy of the manual at their rotation completion. I enjoyed your seminar so much and have encouraged many to attend. Amber, I'm trying to help you reach one of your goals, one PTA/PT at a time. God Bless you and our family.
Lisa Curry
December 8, 2007
I just read about all that Clair has done and am now so excited about the healing to come. Trigger point therapy is the new "pain med" fix. God Bless him and his family for all that he contributed.
December 5, 2007
Great man!
Great work, him and his daughter!
Many thanks from France.
Nicolas Husson
November 18, 2007
I feel terrible that I have just found out about Mr. Davies passing. I am a massage therapist, and his work has helped me and so, so many of my clients. He has made trigger point therapy understandable and accessible for so many people, therapists and non therapists alike. His work has left an indelible mark on me and so many of my clients and friends. His talent and dedication to relieving pain for everyone will be truly missed. My heartfelt sympathies to his family..
rachel copp
October 12, 2007
Just no word can express my feelings. Every time is not easy to lose a great colleague.
Ramutis Idika
October 9, 2007
Finally after 46 years I find a book about me healing me....I have been paralised for 1 year and now 8 years later I am moving but always in pain....Thank You so much you truely found your calling. We will miss you...hugs to your family
Sharnene Cahenzli
September 29, 2007
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
Cindy Dorris
September 28, 2007
The man who so unselfishly made plain the mysteries of pain will be sorely missed.
Recently, I began referring others to his methods and his book with great success.
I will continue to do so with gratitude deeply felt by myself and many more, as Clair continues to help others, even in death, through the work and the life he left behind.
James Johnson
September 6, 2007
I am really sad to read that Mr Davies is no more. I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for the last 13 years but got diagnosed after 12 years. Nothing helped but his book improving my shoulder and arm pains by 70% within a month to 04/09/07. I was hoping to attend his workshop to meet him and thank him personally. I can not express in words how important he has been even through his book.
Kishor Ghelani
August 29, 2007
I bought his Trigger Point Therapy Workbook in November of 2006, not knowing that he had only passed away roughly a month later. I am currently writing a review examining the mechanisms of Trigger Point Therapy and Mr. Davies has been an inspiration to my research for preparing this report. I use his teachings on myself and family members. Thank you!
Rupesh Patel
August 12, 2007
sorry to hear of clair death.
i didn't know him, but i knew of him. i'm the professional editor of the hebrew version of the book-'the trigger point therapy work book' in israel.
couple of years ago i asked him if he could come for several lectures in israel, but he said he had to go through back surgery. i didn't hear from him since. i didn't imagine his condition.
thank you clair for a wonderful book.
tal ziv - chairman of the israeli massage association.
tal ziv
August 11, 2007
I just learned about his death, your family have my deepest sympathy. He was truly a great help to me in the study of pain management.
Naseem Maat LMT
July 14, 2007
I don't know where to begin. Clair's book saved me from a life of pain; has taught me how to help others out of pain; my mission became to spread the word about the miracle of Trigger Point Therapy. I have purchased and given away several of his books. I am sorry to read of his passing. Thank you to him and to his family for sharing his life and and this amazing self-treatment that has boosted my life.
Ginny Foster
June 25, 2007
I am a massage therapist and Mr. Davies' book was the greatest teaching I ever found. I am so sorry for His passing and I will never forget my Teacher.
June 25, 2007
Mr. Davies,
Was one of my Greatest Teachers in this life time! I will forever be Grateful for his work and wisdom in Trigger Point Therapy. I pass his work and wisdom on to all that cross my path.
Thank You Clair! Fly High Brother!

Love and Joy
Karen Lehrke
June 12, 2007
I have only just learned of Clair Davies' passing, and would like to offer my deepest sympathy to his family. I had long meant to contact him to express my thanks for the wonderful, approachable way that he made trigger point therapy accessible to everyone, and I now regret not have written sooner. Reading his book made me feel that if I had met him, I would have liked him very much indeed. I hope it is some comfort to know how much he meant to so many people.
Vicky Holden
June 4, 2007
Dear Davies Family:

During my search for one of your upcoming workshops, I found a December 29, 2006 stop date after Clair's name. Please accept my deepest condolescences on your loss of Clair. His first work on Trigger Point therapy appears saliently in my reference library: I refer to it more than most of my other materials.

Thank you for sharing Mr. Clair "Cork" Davies with the rest of the world. And thank God for the years we had him here.

Blessings and Peace to you all.
Andrew Gaines, M.A., L.M.T.
June 2, 2007
I was just looking at your site for info on Trigger Point workshops when I learned of Mr. Davies' passing. I am so very grateful for his life and work. I am a massage therapist, and within a month or two of beginning work, I found myself sidelined with intense pain. A friend lent me the TPTW, and my life changed within a few days. This is the single most important technique I have learned for the relief of my clients' pain (and my own), and I am sure that there are many, many people whose lives have been touched and greatly improved by Mr. Davie's work, whether they know it or not. I hope that this additional testimonial to his contribution to the world might help ease your sorrow at his loss.
R. Hansen
June 1, 2007
I wish to express my sympathy and support for Mr Davies' family at this sad time. I found his book on trigger point therapy a valuable resource, which helped bring great relief to many of my patients. Its clarity, depth of detail and logical layout were impressive and I believe showed the depth of his commitment to relieving pain. I was saddened to learn of his death.
Laurie McCormack
Melbourne, Australia
Laurie McCormack
May 19, 2007
Dear Loved ones of Mr. Davies.
Please accept my heartfelt sympathies on your loss. I am sure there is a huge hole in all your hearts.
I was searching for a way to contact Mr. Davies when I ran across his obituary. I was distressed to find that he had passed. I wanted to thank him for his dedication to all of us who find ourselves in chronic pain. Although self-serving at first because of his own pain...his perseverance and dedication to mastering the science of trigger points has helped thousands I sure. 1 week ago, I felt like I just could not go on living since I felt like a cripple day and night. With no health insurance, and MD's telling me that I needed knee surgery, I was just not willing or able to accept this. Attempting to diagnose my problems myself on the internet brought me to the trigger point book site. I ordered it, have been applying its methods and have period of being pain free for the first time in 9 months. I am a true beleiver, and plan to practice Mr. Davies methods for the remainder of my life.
Thank you Mr. Davies, and to you too Amber. You have made a difference in my life.
Christa Harden
April 22, 2007
Dear Amber and other relatives. I just read as I searched for your father's email address the news about his death. I am a MT working in Sweden (Europe) and have been greatly helped by his books. I sent him a letter recently and understand now why I did not get a reply. God bless you all. Adrian
Adrian Pakvis
April 19, 2007
So, so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing.....His books have become a huge part of my massage practice and I recommend them to all of my clients. We will all miss his wisdom.
Sara Blazo
April 9, 2007
I just learned of Clair's passing. His trigger point books have truly been a great gift of knowledge to all who use them. I've recommended his books to hundreds of people, each of whom were able to learn about being a caretaker of their own muscles. His legacy of truly wanting to teach others to "heal thyself" will live on in his books.
Cris LaBossiere
April 1, 2007
To Clair Davies Family:
I was saddened to read of Clair's passing in the Piano Technicians Journal. When his articles on trigger point message were printed in the Journal, I had been suffering from years of debilitating neck pain brought on by my work on pianos. I immediately applied what he wrote on this topic and found, yes, miraculous relief! I continue to use his techniques and recommend them to others. What a wonderful service he has performed for us! What a loss for us all. Thank you, Clair, peace be with you now and forever.
Gary Griswold
April 1, 2007
My prayers and thoughts go out to your family. Mr. Davies made a tremendous impact on the massage therapy world!! I discovered the TriggerPoint book about two years ago and share it frequently with my clients. It is phenomenal!!(I am a massage and bodywork therapist in Charlotte, NC). Blessings and peace to you all.
Susan Thomasson
March 29, 2007
I just found out about Clair’s passing, all I can say is a big thank you to Clair for the life he gave back to me. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Jason Baney
March 26, 2007

I heard about your father a few days ago. A client you referred sometime ago told me.
Take care.
Katie Taylor
March 26, 2007
I've been using Mr. Davies Trigger Point Workbook for about two years now and I can't say enough good things about it. I had horrible foot pain and some days could barely walk, thanks to Mr. Davies I am now pain free. He will always hold a special place in my heart.
Laura K
March 23, 2007
I have been using Mr. Davies book for four years now. It is the most important and useful book I have ever owned (and I am a book collector). It has helped me heal myself of so much pain. Today, I was going to send him a note asking him about treating the ligamentously lax and was so saddened to hear of his passing but he has left a tremendous legacy. God bless him!
Jeanne Waful
March 22, 2007
Clair's Trigger Point book is one the most important books I have ever read. In the last year I have used it to treat my own pain and the pain of friends and family. Clair has left a legacy to be proud of.
March 13, 2007
Just a note to record my appreciation for this man. His book on trigger points has been a tremendous help to me.
Chris Highcock
March 12, 2007
Amber, I was shocked at the news of your father's passing, and offer my sincerest condolences. Through his life and yours, many other lives are constantly being affected for the better.

God Bless you and your family.
Rufus Eves
March 12, 2007
I was saddened to hear of the death of Mr. Davies. He was such a giving person and a great asset to the Massage Profession. I have used his techniques many times for my clients as well as reffered his books. I'm also a RN and have many patients benefiting from all of Clair's great efforts. I send my condolences to Amber and her family. You both had such a great practice, and I hope you will carry on.
God Bless
Teresa Patterson
March 12, 2007
For the last 12 months, `the trigger point therapy workbook' has been an almost constant companion, I was once blind to the causes of my pain, but reading clair's book brought me to understand, it gave me hope & a new direction in life. I have had an amazing journey of self discovery & enlightenment, one that I will pass on to any one who will listen. One that after all the pain, I will cherish forever! Thank you Clair! May you rest in peace & may your book help so many more!
Trevor Mossop
March 7, 2007
What a wonderful and unselfish man has died. I found his help in the triggerpoint book two years ago and the method described relieved years of my suffering.
Amy Smith
March 4, 2007
I was so saddened and surprised to just hear of this. Amber and family, my deepest condolences for your loss. His book and work helped change my practice and has helped me to help so many people. Thank you, Clair. Your work goes on....
Wendy Hoffmann
March 2, 2007
I was saddened to learn of Clair's death from the Piano Technicians Journal today. It was only last night that I recommended his Trigger Book to my daughter-in law, an artist and swimmer in Washington State. Now I find I can send her Clair's latest book, The Frozen Shoulder Workbook. I find it difficult to understand why we never got together or knew each other in all these years of our being in neighboring states. Since 1993 I have been the Head Piano Technician Emeritus at JACOBS SCHOOL OF MUSIC Indiana University, and frequent visiting Masters Swimmer to Kentucky's venues in Lexington and Louisville.
Doug Strong
February 26, 2007
I am grateful for the work Mr Davies did in his life. I have benefitted from his life thorough use of his book. Whenever I or my friends or family is in pain, we have a place to seek help.
Thank you to his family for supporting him in his life, especially in his career change.
I hope that you and your family can fully release your grief and connnect to the part of Claire that lives on in your hearts.
Mike Walker
Mike Walker
February 25, 2007
My sincere deepest condolences are sent to the family of Mr Davies. I was a massage therapy instructor, and used his Trigger Point book to teach therapists how to help others to overcome chronic and severe pain.
He will be sorely missed, but his great work will go on forever!
Kim Gowland
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