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Actor Ron Silver, who won a Tony Award as a take-no-prisoners Hollywood producer in David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow" and did a political about-face from loyal Democrat to Republican activist after the Sept. 11 attacks, died Sunday at the age of 62.

"Ron Silver died peacefully in his sleep with his family around him early Sunday morning" in New York City, said Robin Bronk, executive director of the Creative Coalition, which Silver helped found. "He had been fighting esophageal cancer for two years."

Silver, an Emmy nominee for a recurring role as a slick strategist for liberal President Jed Bartlet on "The West Wing," had a long history of balancing acting with left-leaning social and political causes.

But after the 2001 terrorist attacks, longtime Democrat Silver turned heads in Hollywood with outspoken support of President George W. Bush over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Silver spoke at the 2004 Republican National Convention, bega n referring to himself as a "9/11 Republican" and reregistered as an independent.

In an interview with The Associated Press a month later, Silver said his support for the war on terror was costing him work in liberal-minded Hollywood.

"It's affected me very badly. I can't point to a person or a job I've lost, but this community is not very pluralistic," Silver told the AP. "I haven't worked for 10 months."

His switch to a more conservative image threatened to overshadow an esteemed career on stage, television and film, along with his long history of activism, which included co-founding the nonpartisan Creative Coalition, an advocacy group for entertainers.

"He was a talented actor, a scholar and a great believer in participatory democracy," Bronk said Sunday evening. "He was an activist who became a great artist and his contributions will never be forgotten."

His big-screen credits included "Ali," ''Reversal of Fortune," ''Enemies: A Love Story, " ''Silkwood" and "Semi-Tough."

Besides "The West Wing," Silver was a regular or had recurring roles on such TV shows as "Veronica's Closet," ''Chicago Hope" and "Wiseguy." He directed and costarred in the 1993 TV movie "Lifepod," a science-fiction update of Alfred Hitchcock's "Lifeboat."

Silver's Tony for "Speed-the-Plow" came in 1988, a year after he earned his first Emmy nomination, for the murder thriller "Billionaire Boys Club."

Silver still found work despite his conservative shift, appearing in episodes of "Law & Order" and "Crossing Jordan" and such movies as "Find Me Guilty" and the Ten Commandments comedy "The Ten."

He continued his recurring role on "The West Wing," joking that he faced some taunting over his views from co-workers on the show which took place in a fiercely liberal White House administration.

"Often when I walked onto the set of 'The West Wing' some of my colleagues would greet me with a chanting of 'Ron, Ron, the n e o-con.' It was all done in fun but it had an edge," Silver wrote in a Nov. 15, 2007, entry of his blog on the Pajamas Media Web site.

Silver's on-screen work rankled liberals, too. He narrated 2004's "Fahrenhype 9/11," a deconstruction of Michael Moore's Bush-bashing hit documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11."

"Michael Moore and that faction of the party was one of the factors that did not let me support the Democratic nominee this year," Silver told the AP in 2004. "He is a charlatan in a clown suit."

Born July 2, 1946, in New York City, he was the son of Irving and May Silver. His father worked in New York's garment industry and his mother was a teacher.

Earning a bachelor's degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a master's degree in Chinese history from St. John's University, Silver studied drama at the Herbert Berghof Studio and the Actors Studio.

In the 1970s, he gradually moved from theater work in New York City into television and film. His early credits included "The Mac Davis Show," ''Rhoda" and "The Stockard Channing Show."

Silver and ex-wife Lynne Miller had a son, Adam, and daughter, Alexandra.

Whichever end of the political spectrum his activism fell, Silver viewed such involvement as something of a duty for entertainers.

"I think there's almost an obligation," he said in a 1991 interview with the AP. "Many of us are very well compensated for work which a lot of people would love to do. And we also have a lot of leisure time in between jobs."

"They say that Hollywood is sex without substance, and Washington is substance without sex, so maybe the marriage of the two is mutually intriguing."

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Published in Los Angeles Daily News on Mar. 16, 2009.
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March 3, 2018
You are missed rip
Gale Peetros
January 17, 2017
Thought and prayers to Mr Ron Silver's loved ones. A great actor who could do comedy and drama. Rhoda and Veronica's Closet were so funny because of his talent. Ron is deeply missed.
A Lee
December 21, 2016
Mr Silver, a very courageous actor from lib Hollywood. His work lives on, I enjoy all his work.RIP sir, condolences to the family. You are missed.
Frank Sivie
December 1, 2016
God Bless You Patriot
Ron was one of the few actors I truly respected, for his work and for his conservatism. He was an incredible actor. He had piercing eyes which could be menacing in character and a soft gentle voice but he could flip that also to a dark menace. His acting was flawless. I am so sorry he suffered for those 2 years but grateful that he died in peace. You are loved, Ron Silver. Peace be the journey.
Vicki Brown
September 11, 2016
Valenda Newell
February 17, 2016
He always brought such screen presence to whatever role he played. I wil always remember him as outstanding
Lana Jordaan
May 4, 2015
Wow cannot believe I have only just realised that Ron Silver had passed away
I saw him in a few movies and was instantly a fan.

I know I am very late in this but just like to pay my respects to a great actor
Had he been around longer I am sure he would have made many more fantastic movies.
A very Sad Loss
Gary Mclean
November 4, 2014
One of my most favorite male actors. Loved his mannerisms and the way he spoke....!!! Miss him. Wish I could have met him. Seemed like such a gentle man..
September 14, 2014
i wish i had known you
kathleen burns
November 10, 2013
I only new Mr.silver briefly.I was at a restaurant in the city and had my wallet and all stolen.Mr.silver was in the same restaurant two tables away and he was upset with what happened to me.He paid for my wife and I dinner.I thought the world of him but didn't realize who he was until we got home.We now live in Florida. Thanks again Ron rest in peace.God bless your family.
MR&MRS.R.C. Macguire
February 23, 2013
To Ron Silver,
You were a very talented actor. I enjoyed watching you in the sitcoms Rhoda, Vernonica's Closet and West Wing. My prayers are with your family and you too. Lisa Weiner
Lisa Weiner
June 5, 2010
michael jarman
April 2, 2010
For Ron...You gave so many so
much pleasure. You and your
enormous talent is truly missed.


Do not weep for me when I no longer dwell among the wonders of the earth; for my larger self is free, and my soul rejoices on the other side of pain...on the other side of darkness.

Do not weep for me, for I am a ray of sunshine that touches your skin, a tropical breeze upon your face, the hush of joy within your heart and the innocence of babes in mothers arms.

I am the hope in a darkened night. And, in your hour of need, I will be there to comfort you. I will share your tears, your joys, your fears, your disappointments and your triumphs.

Do not weep for me, for I am cradled
in the arms of God. I walk with the angels, and hear the music beyond the stars.

Do not weep for me, for I am within you;
I am peace, love, I am a soft wind that caresses the flowers. I am the calm that follows a raging storm. I am an autumns leaf that floats among the garden of God, and I am pure white snow that softly falls upon your hand.

Do not weep for me, for I shall never die, as long as you remember me...
with a smile and a sigh.

© Joe Fazio
~ /Joe Fazio,
Beverly Hills, California
March 13, 2010
I just watched 'Reversal of Fortune' & was totally in awe of Mr. Silver's acting! He was wonderful! I was of course aware of his talent before this movie! He was a great actor! My condolences to his family & friends. I am a fan who will miss this man...
Bren Williams
March 10, 2010
"Living as an angel in the
Place that I was born
Living on air
Living in heaven
Giving the lie down, the line
To the......
There's my heaven
And I know
Which way the wind blows

Which way the wind blows

And the wind blows still
And the wind blows wild again"

we as fans of your acting, we just miss you still.
John Milton Jr.
March 7, 2010

God rest your soul and hold you softly in his hands...your talents will live around us, we will cherish your moments each time you are with us again when we view your movies...we love you so much....smiles and stay beautiful...and yes yes yes you are............PEACE.....

The MaCarthy Family
Boca Grande Island
October 5, 2009
For Ron...
You gave so many...
so much pleasure.


Do not weep for me when I no longer dwell among the wonders of the earth; for my larger self is free, and my soul rejoices on the other side of pain...on the other side of darkness.

Do not weep for me, for I am a ray of sunshine that touches your skin, a tropical breeze upon your face, the hush of joy within your heart and the innocence of babes in mothers arms.

I am the hope in a darkened night. And, in your hour of need, I will be there to comfort you. I will share your tears, your joys, your fears, your disappointments and your triumphs.

Do not weep for me, for I am cradled
in the arms of God. I walk with the angels, and hear the music beyond the stars.

Do not weep for me, for I am within you;
I am peace, love, I am a soft wind that caresses the flowers. I am the calm that follows a raging storm. I am an autumns leaf that floats among the garden of God, and I am pure white snow that softly falls upon your hand.

Do not weep for me, for I shall never die, as long as you remember me...
with a smile and a sigh.

© Joe Fazio /Joe Fazio
May 24, 2009
To thine own self be true. May God rest your soul and bring comfort to your family and friends. You were admired and will be missed.
Deb Collins
May 3, 2009
Mr.Silver was a great actor. In roles that others would have given only luke warm performances,he brought the heat and realism to.So sorry he's gone on.
Rhonda Powers
April 8, 2009
our heart goes out to the silver family. he was a great actor. and i'm sure a good person overall.god bless the family.
crystal kelly
April 6, 2009
homer rabideau
March 31, 2009
I appreciated Mr. Sliver's dedication to speaking his mind in an industry that was unwelcoming of such views. He was a truly courageous man. RIP
Dennis Molloy
March 31, 2009
Ron Silver was a very good actor with a lot of spunk. I enjoyed his performances and I want to express my sympathy to Ron's family and friends for his loss. He will be missed. Thank you Ron, for entertaining us.
Cheryl Pruitt
March 30, 2009
I am very sorry for your loss. I just wanted to express my sympathy because Ron Silver was one of my favorite actors. I truly did enjoy his performances and good to know he will be remembered so fondly by his fans. Its so sad to lose someone at such a young age as Mr. Silver.
March 29, 2009
I am very sorry for your lost
Kim Staten
March 28, 2009
Ron Silver is one of my most favorite actors. His intelligence and passion came through in every role he played. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I applaud his bravery for speaking his political mind in an industry that really doesn't have a clue how hard-working Americans exist day-to-day. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
March 28, 2009
We have seen Ron on TV and movies and we
will really miss him, such a great man we
wished that we could have just sat and talked with him.
Floyd & Frances Hardee
March 28, 2009
My condolences to Ron Silver's family on their loss. We his fans will miss him. He was a an excellent actor.
Raquel Solana
March 28, 2009
May the Profound accomplishments of Ron Silver outlive the memories of his film-making career.

Aloha ame' malama pono, my Bradah Ron.

Dah Halawa-Covah
March 28, 2009
May we have comfort in knowing that God promise that he will wipe out every tears from our eyes and death will be no more.
March 27, 2009
Rev. Kristopher M.Hightower and Jennifer E. Hightower
To the Silverman family: I will pray for you daily that God will grant you the strength and guidance during Ron transitioning. May God bless and keep you.A-men.
March 27, 2009
Thanks for Being You *
Bruce Plater
March 26, 2009
A good American who stood up for what he believed. You you be missed by many.
Diane Conway
March 26, 2009
What an honorable man--his children should be very proud.
Rebecca Durham
March 26, 2009
He will be missed, enjoyed his talent. I too, lost my youngest brother to esophageal cancer. It is a very cruel disease. My brother was only 33. My deepest sympathies to the family of Mr. Silver.
Barbara Youngblood
March 26, 2009
Ron you will truly be missed by many. Our prayers go out to the Family
Donna Goodwin
March 26, 2009
Thank you for sharing a part of your life us.
Harry Simpson
March 26, 2009
Truly a gifted will be missed by all.
March 25, 2009
I thought he was a wonderful actor and he will be sorely missed
Karen Puleo
March 25, 2009
Ron Silver was a great actor and will be greatly missed.

Vickie C. Columbus OH
March 25, 2009
to family of ron silver
i am so sorry to read about the lost of your love one.there is no word to say that can stop the pain.but i just want to let you know that god word the bible is like a healing to us because it give us a hope for the future.revelation,21:3, more pain.alimighty god has promise please except my deepest condolence.
Pattie C Lee
March 25, 2009
Ron Silver was a talented artist and spokesman who left us with fond memories. "Enemies, A Love Story" will always be one of my favorite books and movies. Ron was no Herman in real life, be he truly became Herman in reel life. Peace and strength to the Silver family at this sad time.
Mary Dean
March 25, 2009
sharon stuart
March 25, 2009
I thought you were a brilliant person and actor...
God Bless your family!
judy davis
March 25, 2009
Your legacy will live on. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with the rest of us. May God give comfort to the family.
Kenny Johnson
March 24, 2009
May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.
Kathy McInnis
March 24, 2009
you were one of the greatest actors of your time. you surely will be prayers go out to your family
marco tumminello
March 24, 2009
You are in our prayers. Treasure your memories.
The Wilkins Family
March 24, 2009
You were a superb Actor, a dedicated Activist, a great Republican, but most of all, a truly inspiring American. I shall miss you so very much. For many, many years I have been a devoted fan and had a long-standing crush on you. I will see you on "The Other Side". Please save me a seat by you in the "Republican Section"! With my love,
Diane Wannamaker
March 24, 2009
Ron, you were always one of my favorites. A great talent gone too soon! I can't wait to talk to you on the otherside! We have many stories to share I can tell. Blessings to your family as they mourn you. Congrats on a great and impactful life!
Kristy Fuller
March 23, 2009
I have been a fan of Ron Silver for years. Underrated actor, man of conviction, admirable American. God bless him and his family. You will be missed in many ways.
Jim Donkel
March 23, 2009
Thankyou for all the wonderful memories, prayers for you and your family and may you find peace.
Barbara Bohl
March 23, 2009
Life as you once knew it is no more because a family member has been called to glory. Remember the times you shared, those you deemed good and those you deemed not so good......embrace family still here while you can and keep Mr. Silver's legacy alive and well.
Beverly Herron-Watkins
March 23, 2009
To the family & friends of Ron Silver. My heart goes out to you at this time. I did not know Ron personally, but he was one of my favorite people. He will be missed.

March 23, 2009
So sorry you had to suffer. May you rest in peace. God Bless your family and friends.
Lisa Wells
March 23, 2009
You will be missed
Phyllis Adams-McGee
March 23, 2009
God bless you and your family
Rest well, my dear friend. Your suffering is no more. You lived your life in a good and positive way. You did not back down on what you believed in, and that said a lot about you as an actor and a person. I am sorry for your family, may their suffering be light and their hearts be comforted by the love of close friends.
Virginia Scott
March 23, 2009
Thanks for taking a road less traveled and making it meaningful and memorable. Peace.
Gene Ellefson
March 23, 2009
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.
Gladys Demson
March 23, 2009
He was a good man I love him in God has him home
Alya Davis
March 22, 2009
March 22, 2009
Dear Ron...
You made me laugh on the "Rhoda" show, as the handsome witty husband of Rhoda's goofy sister.
I'll miss you, voice and and sarcastic humor. You were a true Artist, in your craft. The world is going to me you.
I'm sure your cracking jokes in heaven, glad to know you went peacefully in your sleep. Goodbye..............Ron Silver
God Bless you,
~Karen Shaheen Kahoush~
San Jose, Ca
Karen Shaheen Kahoush
March 22, 2009
Dear Ron...
You made me laugh on the "Rhoda" show, as the handsome witty husband of Rhoda's goffy sister.
I'll miss you, voice and humor.

God Bless you,
~Karen Shaheen Kahoush~
San Jose, Ca
March 22, 2009
We need more Hollywood actors to stand up for what is right and not just what keeps them working for liberal directors. He will be missed. I am glad he passed peacefully and I am sure his family will have fond memories of him. He lived his life serving others.
Steve H
March 22, 2009
My deepest sympathy going out to Ron Sliver's Family.
I pray God will hold you and give you comfort.
Mary Smith
March 22, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
Netta Lang
March 22, 2009
Be Still

Be still like the grass on a melancholy summer day
Be still like desert shrub.

Be calm and you will hear your loved one speak, in the stillness, in the calm, their love resounds.

If you are still this promise I make, you will hear the voice of your loved one helping you along your way.

judy holden
March 22, 2009
I was shocked to hear Mr. Silver died at such a young age. I'm sure he had so much more to offer on the silver screen as well as tv. He will be sorely missed by me as well as many, many others. May God be with his family and close friends during this trying time.
Bobbie Cotton
Bobbie Cotton
March 22, 2009
I lost my father-in-law to Esophageal Cancer. It's a dreadful disease. I have enjoyed watching Mr. Silver on the screen over the years. A truly talented actor. My thoughts/prayers go out to the Silver Family. He is finally at peace and will be greatly missed by many.
Alicia Singleton
March 22, 2009
my thoughts and prayers are with you
March 22, 2009
My condolences to Mr. Silver's parents, children and close friends and family. I had a great deal of respect for Ron Silver both as an actor and a person. He was intelligent, outspoken in his political beliefs and from what the public knew of him, led a purposeful life.

He was a fine actor and I enjoyed him both in films and on TV. I was shocked to hear of his passing and he was taken way too soon.

May he rest in peace and I am certain he will be up there looking out for his family.

He was a true MENSCH in every sense of the word. I'll miss him.

D T Kaufman
Lake Worth, FL
Dawn Kaufman
March 22, 2009
A man to be admired for the way he shared his views and used his voice, even when he knew it might not be the "popular" thing to do. I enjoyed his talent and always knew I was in for an electric performance when he was involved in a production. God bless.
Rene' McGill
March 22, 2009
Our revels are now ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air;
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.
- William Shakespeare
March 22, 2009
A great American, and fine actor. RIP Ron Silver....Jerry Ford Miami
Jerry Ford
March 21, 2009
Very sorry for your loss and ours-
Mr. Silver was a delight to watch on the big and small screen-
He didn't do the popular thing but what he felt was right-
Good for you Ron, you'll be missed-
March 21, 2009
great actor on any role he choose to do he was hollywood broadway all wraped in one they can try but ron silver will never be replaced
b gammill
March 21, 2009
My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Silver's family at this time. RIP. As someone else stated, Another gone too soon.
March 21, 2009
A top notch Actor; one of the best American Actors of the last few generations we are likey to see for a while.

James Randolph
March 21, 2009
Our sympathies to Ron's family and friends. May he rest in peace. Another gone too soon...
A fan
March 21, 2009
My heart goes out to you at this time and in the days ahead.
Carolyn Brodie
March 21, 2009
Mr Silver, may you rest in Peace. You will be greatly missed in the big screen. I enjoyed all your movies.
Isaias Eay
March 21, 2009
I would like to express my condolences to Ron's family and let you know how I admired him for his convictions and support of President Bush. There are not enough people like him in Hollywood and he was a great role model for the younger generation. God bless.
Mary Bury
March 21, 2009
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
Prisca Moreira
March 21, 2009
denise lara
March 20, 2009
I did not know Mr. Silver personally but my family enjoyed the many years of being entertained by his work as an actor and we look forward to rewatching the many movies we have that he starred in. Our hearts and prayers go to his family at this time and we wish you great comfort knowing that he is no longer in pain.
Joel Emerson
March 20, 2009
To The Family:
He is at peace now with Jesus. I just lost my Dad having services as we speak. He is sitting with Jesus at his throne. When times get tough call on Jesus and he will be there in the late night hour and he will never leave you. You have my prayers forever.
Sarah K. Ponder
March 20, 2009
Mr. Silver was a very good dramatic actor who I loved watching his intensity in the roles he played. His two year battle with cancer showed his courage and determination which set an example for us all. May he be at peace and free of pain now. Our sincerest sympathy.
The Robert's
March 20, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss and the sadness that it brings. I will continue to enjoy and appreciate the energy and talent that Mr. Silver brought into our lives as a gifted actor and powerful humanitarian. God Bless.
Lynne Munoz
March 20, 2009
March 20, 2009
RIP Ron. He was a fine actor and a real man for speaking his mind in such a liberal profession.
Allen Sanders
March 20, 2009
I may not have known Mr. Silver personally, but I thoroughly enjoyed his work. I send His entire family my deepest sympathies, prayers and condolences,
Victoria Ley
Victoria Ley
March 20, 2009
So very sorry for your loss. Mr. Silver was an outstanding actor and a man of true courage and conviction.
March 20, 2009
We have lost a great person. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
Carole Velasquez
March 20, 2009
I truly enjoyed Mr. Silva's acting. You don't have to know a person to appreciate who they are. Embrace the memories.
Dee Hervey
March 20, 2009
Ron will be missed by all of us who enjoyed his work. God Bless you.
J Nagy
March 20, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
Kathy Lamm
March 20, 2009
My thoughts and condolences to Mr. Silva's family. I greatly admired him and his body of work.
Linda Garry
March 20, 2009
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
March 20, 2009
I, too, was very shocked to hear of his death. I have enjoyed his wonderful acting since he was on Rhoda as Brenda's boyfriend! His presence on West Wing was fabulous. What a great guy he must have been (I've read his friends' and colleagues' tributes to him.) The world's lights are dimmer with him gone. I send my deepest sympathy to his family and other loved ones. I will miss him.
March 20, 2009
You will always live in our hearts and prayers.
Ellen Mcgrory
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