About Guam

Guam is a tiny nation located in the Pacific Ocean. First settled some 4,000 years ago, today the island is home to more than 160,000 people. Guam’s culture blends customs of the indigenous Chamarro people with those of the Spanish, Filipinos, Americans, and others who have inhabited the island in recent centuries. A territory of the United States since 1898, Guam was invaded by the Japanese during World War II. Today the island’s main industries are tourism and the U.S. military. Guam’s official languages are English and Chamorro.


In 2016, there were 748 obituaries reported in of Guam on Legacy.com. This is a 62% increase from 2015 when 463 obituaries were reported in Guam. You can browse through the full list of Guam obituaries to find life stories that may be of interest to you.