About Idaho

Idaho is called the “Gem State”, as nearly every known type of gemstone has been found in the state of Idaho. The origin of the name Idaho is disputed but is believed to be from the Shoshoni Indian phrase Idaho, which means Behold! The sun coming down the mountain.” Idaho features some of the most unspoiled natural areas in the United States. The beautiful geography includes the Rocky Mountains with the highest peak being Borah at over 12,000 feet and Hells Canyon which is the deepest gorge in the country. The Snake River Canyon was the site of Evel Knievel’s famous unsuccessful attempt to jump the canyon in 1974. Idaho is an important agricultural state producing one-third of the potatoes grown in the U.S. The state is a leader in renewable energy as the mountains have valuable resources for geothermal and wind power production. Idaho’s capitol building is the only one in the country heated by geothermal water.


In 2016, there were 8,626 obituaries reported in the state of Idaho on Legacy.com. This is a 7% increase from 2015 when 8,037 obituaries were reported in Idaho. You can browse through the full list of Idaho obituaries to find life stories that may be of interest to you.