About Oregon

Oregon lies at the heart of the American Pacific Northwest, nestled between Washington and Northern California. Its geography is wildly diverse, spanning massive evergreen forests, volcanoes like Mount Hood, and high deserts. Its largest city, Portland, is noted for its environmentally conscious mindset, with an urban culture that emphasizes public transit, parkland, and sustainable food practices. Economic drivers in Oregon include the timber industry, an agricultural focus on wine and hazelnuts, and corporate presences such as Nike, Adidas, Intel, and Tektronix. Famous people from Oregon include author Beverly Cleary, Simpsons creator Matt Groening, actress Kaitlin Olson, and singer Courtney Love.


In 2016, there were 13,398 obituaries reported in the state of Oregon on Legacy.com. This is a 17% increase from 2015 when 11,449 obituaries were reported in Oregon. You can browse through the full list of Oregon obituaries to find life stories that may be of interest to you.