Dr. Alan Dan Orme

Athens, Georgia

1933 - 2015 (Age 82)


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he Reverend Dr. Alan Dan Orme died at home on Thursday, August 27, 2015. He was 82 years old and had been a citizen of Athens, Georgia, for 46 years. He was the minister of The University Church which he founded in 1970 on the campus of The University of Georgia. Dr. Orme had been a minister in...

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I knew the Rev. Dr. Orme for over 30 years. He knew the Scripture well and his ability to draw from the deep well of it's truth and apply it to every day life was and still is of great help to me on life's journey.
He was one who possessed a love for life & a great sense of humor, as well. His endearing directness & honesty, when it came to counseling believers, made "Dan" a mentor to many.

Dr. Orme was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. You could tell that he loved people. His caring manner, wit and wisdom drew me to his little home church community and I still think of him every time I attend services there.

I'd like to share five things that characterized Dan's life that meant a lot to those around him:

When Dan moved to Georgia in 1962 he served as Dean of Carver Bible College in Atlanta, a historically black school of training for men entering Christian ministry. Dan refused to attend any church that was not racially integrated, which for the time was an especially isolating stand for him to take.

Throughout his time as minister of University Church Dan never had much...

I've been thinking a lot about the void left in the world for over a week, now. I was lucky. I was a student at UGA at the time. I found in Dr. Orme a spiritual father, a mentor. A scholar who held many degrees and was of a reformed Presbyterian nuance. He pastored a small house church in Athens. I was hooked from day one. The church was informal, passionate about the Good News of Christ & intellectually responsible. 25 years of nurture. As I said, I was lucky. So many have to make it up,...

A humble man who served his church with love for Christ. I will forever be thankful for Dan and his ability to show me that God's sovereign grace and Christ's redeeming love are boundless.

University Church will always be in my heart as a refreshing bastion of loving friends, living Scripture, prayerful fellowship, caring people and a "home away from home".

Thank you Dan for being a shining light for Christ in Athens, and great example of love, compassion and...

Heaven's gain is our loss. He was a warm & wise man.

Dan set me on the path to Christ. I revere his gift to me.

Dan touched me deeply when I attended his church as a high school student in the 1970s. He created a wonderful community and set an example of a reflective life that has stayed with me. I am fortunate to have known him.

My husband JJ and I attended University Church for most of our college years. We were at UGA from '93 to '96. We got married our senior year of college and had Anna Grace, our daughter, ten short months later. Dan baptized her @ University Church. What stands out most about our time with Dan as our pastor is the warmth of his home, its physical warmth with the wood burning stove on chilly mornings and the warmth of fellowship there. I loved that people stood up and asked for prayer from...