PAHLAVI--HIH Prince Ali Reza. Armao and Company mourns the sudden loss of our esteemed Vice Chairman and Counselor, His Imperial Highness Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi of Iran. Born in Tehran in 1966, He obtained a B.A. from Princeton University in 1984, a Masters Degree from Columbia in 1992 and...

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You do not know me. I do not know you. I do, however, sadly, know your grief, as my own handsome, talented 36 yr. old son killed himself, ending his mental anguish almost three years ago. Such a death--a death of promise--is timeless. It never goes away.

My hopes and prayers, my heartfelt thoughts I send to you, Dear Farah, from one heartbroken Mother to another. Peace be with you, and also with all the dear Departed.
Joy Patwardhan (Norman, Oklahoma

Norooz is on its way, happy Norooz to our beloved Prince, may Ahura Mazda be with you for ever.

We shall never forget and never let you to be forgotten

I did not know of your passing until just now. The internet. We were classmates at Mt Greylock. Your mom played tennis with my dad. My dad told me what a wonderful human being your mom was. I suppose that is how I remember you, as a human being, and it saddened me to learn of your passing today.

We can be certain that his background has carried him to a much better place than this.
Best wishes for the Royal Family

Iran need you, now!
Afsoon, Sweden

So much of sorrow and sadness as result of this shocking tragedy that I could not even write earlier . Peace and Glory be with you and Pahlavie Family

So much of sorrow and sadness of this tragedy that I could not even write eralier.
Peace and Glory be with you and pahlavie family

The pain of losing a parent is hard, but losing a child is unbearable
On behalf of my family and I, please accept our condolences.
No word can describe my sorrow and pain. I just hope that all the Pahlavi family, specially my Queen, as strong as she is already, would gather even more strength to provide happiness for not only for her own family, but also for the rest of the Iranian families who adore her and look up to her.
My beloved Queen, I hug you from afar and hope to see...