Tacoma, Washington

1950 - 2017


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Allan A. Hakola, Jr. Was born November 11, 1950 at Madigan Hospital, Tacoma, to an Air Force family. His life, until he left for college, was move after move. It was in Japan that Allan experienced dedicated teaching and its impact. He never aspired to any other career. He got his first job doing...

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This was my role model in high school. I enjoyed his classes more than any other and was really happy when he said I was like my drawing. I worked really hard on it and appreciated his comparison.

He was my biggest reason I ended up pursuing education and a passion for never giving up. You rarely ever find people like that in life. He left a huge footprint in my life.

My AP Physics teacher in the late 1990's. I appreciated his intelligence and insight very much. His reputation as one of the smartest teachers along with his unique personality created a certain aura about the class that was the subject of conversation years after the fact. I regret not having returned to pay my respects while he was alive. He will be missed.

In addition to teaching at Curtis, Mr. Hakola was the faculty advisor to the Boys Lacrosse Team in its early days. He made it possible for those early teams and over twenty years of teams after them to play lacrosse at Curtis, enriching so many lives. He was also a dedicated teacher, kind and patient to those (like me) for whom Calculus didn't come naturally. He made a difference.

Mr. Hakola was my teacher from 1999-2001 for AP Physics and AP Calculus. He was a great and effective teacher. I credit his lessons for preparing me for calculus and physics in college and my career as an engineer.

I was in his class during the Feb. 28, 2001 earthquake. His classroom had four brick walls--it was solid. He knew what was going on immediately and told us all to get under our desks. He helped us all remain calm. I remember him standing through it, and saying it felt...

Mr. Hokola is/ was a legend at Curtis. Without him, I would have never passed AP Calc. His energy and love for Math truly inspired us as students. Rest In Peace.

Allan at Kathy & Dale Wedding Reception Aug 1978

I have known Allan since 1969-70 when we both attended WSU. He was one of a group of friends who have stayed in touch, albeit not frequently, over the last 47 years. The last time I saw Allan was when he brought my wife Kathy home, to the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area, from the Seattle area in August 2009. He had been invited to my surprise 60th Birthday party, but missed it, so came for a visit at a later date that coincided with being able to give a ride to Kathy.
I considered Allan a true...