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It was my privilege to serve as one of 13 graduate teaching assistants under the direction of Professor Mandelstamm during the 1975-76 academic year. He could explain economics like no other. Handsome Al, as he liked to be called, was simply amazing. He will be missed but his memory lives on in the lives of countless students.

Joe Franklin

Im sad to hear of Professor Mandelstamms passing even if it was years ago. he was a one of a kind unforgettable professor. I had him my sophomore year in 1985 at Va Tech. his stories of "Michischlect" were legendary as were his epic explanations of macroeconomics. I still think of them today all these years late. RIP Professor. Ut Prosim.

A nephew's road trip through the south got me remembering a road trip I took myself during the year there was an "energy world's fair" in Knoxville. Can't remember the year, but people with better memories might. What this has to do with "Handsome Al" or "the Handsome One" as he frequently referred to himself at MSU (where I took his Econ 101 and 102 courses), is that on the way back to DC on the return leg of the trip I stopped at Virginia Tech to try to visit...

Handsome Al was the one VT prof that me and my roommates still talk about. His stories are legendary. Every quarter in the late 70s his class would get streaked. He acted horrified, but he, and we, knew that is was part of the legend. RIP with Maruschka (!)....(which is what he called his wife in stories), and stay away from the gefilte fish!

With fondness I remember Professor Mandelstamm. His unique teaching style was as effective as it was entertaining. I also witnessed his more serious side. At the start of his Intro to Econ 200 class on a fall Friday in '63 he solemnly dismissed us saying that he had just become aware of a radio report about the assassination of JFK. The professor was a mensch.

After teaching business & marketing for 30 plus years, I was recently given the chance to teach my first economics class, one of my favorite subjects. I fondly recalled the memories of "Handsome Al" Mandelstamm from my VA Tech days in the '70's. In the classroom, I was able to use one my favorite Professor Mandelstamm lines during a discussion of economic decisions. With hands in the air, I screeched in a high and loud voice, "What to Do!? . . . What to Do!!?" and...

I see that there are still many even recently who share here about Allan! That is so wonderful to see. Allan had known me since my birth as he was received his PhD in Econ under my father Harold M. Levinson at the U-M. He had such a wonderful humor and wit and always had me laughing. I even remember him calling his classes at MSU 'Econoschletics' but I never knew exactly what he meant by that. Maybe some of you could enlighten me. My youngest son Richard had just texted me a picture of...

I took macro and micro economics from Professor Mandelstamm at Michigan State in 1966. He was the best and most memorable professor I had during my college years. He was entertaining to be sure, but very substantive. After 50 years, I still carry with me the lessons I learned in those courses, and I still have vivid memories of "Handsome Al" delivering those wild lectures from the classroom stage in Wells Hall at MSU. I was sorry to hear that he died. He was a world class teacher.

Dr. Mandelshtam is the one professor, at MSU, who stands out in my memory. I found this site today, after telling stories about him. Reading the condolences brings back even more memories that I had forgotten. A great man and a great teacher, I always had to be at the live lectures and not the closed circuit tv version. Not sure it was mentioned anywhere else, but his crazy ties were part of his shtick to keep our attention and interest. And yes, I was there when he had us all vacate the...


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