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Thank you Dr Bose for all your personal support for a small company in Northern California.
It was a great privilege meeting you and for your encouragement at a time when our visions coelesced. Thanks also to Mr Greenblatt for your help and interest.
Most of all, thanks for producing such a wonderful product.

Michael S Barton
Retired president. California Builder Distributors.

Amar Bose, you changed the way I listen to music.
"Sound has a way to touch our feelings," You knew that long before anybody else. And 901 was born and the rest is history."

Thank you also for the wave radio technology and noise cancellation headsets. My life is free of cluttered noise. Thank you.

Therefore, I see you as a friend. Good-bye my friend, Good-bye."
Bipin Patel (Orlando,FL)

I am truly sorry about the loss of your father. My condolence go out to family and friends that he will be missed by many keep his memory alive and look toward God to help you through this time who comforts us in all our trials through Jesus Christ our Lord. Sincerely! In the Paradise earth. Mary j Wilson

I love radio I don't watch t.v. Thank You Mr.Bose for your life time commitment to radio, and it's transmissions & how you masterd the speaker for our enjoyment God Bless You Mr.Amar Bose I'll be listening to you for a long time coming Thank You!!!

"The scribe said to him: Teacher, you spoke well, in line with truth,' He is One, and there is no other besides him'; and to love him with one's whole heart, with one's whole understanding, and with one's whole strength and to love one's neighbor as oneself is worth far more than all the whole burnt offerings and sacrifices"...Mark 12:30-33
Amar must have had such a love of neighbor; why else would he have given so much time and self to teaching them otherwise. He left a...

My husband and I have two Bose systems and love them both. They have a fantastic sound. The family has my deepest sympathy but you also have the remembrance of listing to great music on the Bose and thinking about Mr. Bose. May he sleep in peace.

I only just found out about Dr Bose. I worked for him on The Mountain during some of the earlier days 1972-1977, so I got to know him more personally. A great man -passionate about his work and his young family :). I always saw him with a smile on his face and a big hello! A great legacy left behind. I so admired that man.

Dr. Amar Bose and the Bose Corporation have been supporters of the Museum of Science for many years, and on behalf of our entire community I wish to express our condolences in the loss of one of technologies champions and in the loss of a personal friend. Visiting the Museum often with his children, Dr. Bose observed, understood, and advocated for the value of STEM learning in shaping the future of our youth. We value Dr. Bose's legacy in the world of informal science and engineering...


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